The Shyster, Self Serving Lies Of Donald Trump & The Propagandist Talking Heads Who Push Trumps Greedy Dangerous Agenda

Welcome To The Desert Y’all.

Whad up world.

Hope your life is as soul & spirit happy as mine.


As I have stated many upon many times throughout the close to eight years authoring this blog.

I am not, nor have I ever Been associated with any political party.


As I have always stated, politics serve only one category of people.

Those people, identified, are the lying, Self serving, greedy, nefarious, individual’s who identify as politicians.

These individuals on a daily basis, lie & cheat to their own benefit.

Pimped out by what ever lobbyist backing is greasing their filthy palms.

As well, to a one.

These corrupt players Are Millionares.

They in no way what so ever represent ‘We The People’.

At best, they represent 20% of the American populuas.

More or less a pay for play regarding us, ‘We The People’.

Money, Greed, Corruption & High Crimes are the norm regarding this American Government.

In the realty that these individuals Y’all elect into office to take care of the business of running this country, has literally reached beyond their protocal & honest forthright responsilities by stealing from both Social Security and Medicare for the past 5 decades to finance the greedy demands of lobbyists, campaign contributers and some of their base to finance special interests that absolutely do not at all have a thing to do with ‘We The People’.

Social Security by Law was put in to effect to guarantee workers money upon their retirement.

Money, that was Never to be touched or appropriated for any other purpose.

A literal crime perpetrated by the nefarious representatives that ‘We The People’ hire to make sure that these criminal actions do not take place.

The fox guarding the hen house.

The main problem and issue regarding this American Political Government, is exactly what pluages this country.

As well, on a Global basis Governments that play the role of favoritism and Money, leaving the mass populuas to fend for themselves.

Literally leaving The Mass Populuas of inhabinants starving & suffering.

In essence, Government is the Self Serving Corrupt Criminal actors on a Global scene.

For myself, Government, has never played a positive role in my life.


In America, I am witnessing for the first time in my entire life walking this toxic rock.

People in America are literally starving.

From Senior Citizens.

Dis Ababled Senior Citizens.


Dis Ababled Veterans.

Mentally Dis Ababled Individuals.

Poor People.

Dis Ababled Poor People.

Literally STARVING.

Not to mention, that every day in America, over 1 Million Children go to bed hungry.

Un Fucking Believable.

All this depravity considering the fact that Food on this Planet, in this space of time, is abundant.

The Clown Idiot Carnival Barker who occupies the Oval Office in My White House has cut E.B.T (Food Stamps) 200 Million Dollars

Leaving the effected people literally scrambling for sustenance already living on a skin tight budget, some below the poverty level.

If all that was not enough.

Self Serving President Clown Idiot has completely dis mantled America’s Food Bank.

To the point of cutting provisions such as Meat, Fish, Chicken and Produce.

Replacing these sustanence items with canned provisions.

From a program where these sustanence products, eggs, dairy, meat and chicken are in great abundance.

Hows that canned food diet going for you Mr. Fat Obese President?

This dis mantling of the American Food Bank.

Producing a great lose in food subply that is the ground basis for the various organizations that provide for the disadvantaged.

These organazations are non profit entities such as Churches, The Jewish Federation and other Private Non Profits.

But to listen to the Bought and Sold pundits pushing lying, nefarious, politically driven angenda, blasting on the crooked spin to drive the point of a lie in the context of pushing Trump’s accomplishments over the media air waves.

Oh, you mean Trumps accomplishments such as driving China And Russia to declare war on the United  States Dollar.

While hitting China with his ridiculous tarriffs, driving up prices to galactic levels, literally leaving every day hard working Americans buying power relagated to the point where shopping at WalMart has now become more or less of a shopping excursion to Macys.

The Chinese Tarriff cluster fuck.


The Mass American public pays for this corruption on a daily basis.

What Donny Boy failed to mention while driving up this China Tarriff crime is The Fact that China loaned Donny Boy 5 Hundred Million Dollas to build a Trump Theme Park in Indonesia.


Imagine that.

“Look at all the people off of food stamps”

Yeah Idiot.

These people are starving.

Sean Hannity.

But than again, Mr. Scream and Yell Talking Head, we already know that you will perpatrate a horrible lie to push a nefarious Conspiracy to drive home a crooked political point that will push your dangerous destructive political agenda.

Two words.

Seth Rich.

But than again Sean Hannity, with a Net Worth of 80 Million Dollars, what would you know regarding any thing on the galactic remote side of Starving?

Not to mention Sean boy, that your 90 Million Dollars of HUD money, defines you as the absolute largest of all Welfare Queens walking this planet.

Clown Idiot Carnival Barker Trump, has now cut Medicade and Medicare 554 Billion Dollars.

Leaving Senior Citizens, Veterans, The Mentally Dis Ababled and the Poor to suffer the consequences of zero relevant treatment that promotes and continues their much needed medical resolve.

Case in point.

Myself, now into the beginning of the 10th month waiting for Cataract Surgery.

I am now legally blind according to the current Othemalogist.

Left on the side of the dusty desert road.

Waiting for corrective surgery that at this point in time I sincerly feel will never happen.

As the Twitter Queen President sitting in my White House spouts idiot logic to the masses.

All in the vain attempt to full fill his egotistical, narcistic promises to a base that does not or will not question his corrupt self serving agenda.

A base that bought into his agenda and forward mission based on his hate of Obama.

Hate that at the foundation is based on a deep rooted, documented, family racism going back to the turn of the 20th century.


Fred Trump was arrested in Brooklyn, New York for his participation in a Klu Klux Klan riot who’s purpose was to KILL New York Policemen.

Fred Trump was cleared  of charges due to his paid defense provided by the Klu Klux Klan”s legal team.

Quite possibly Freddie Boy was just an observer. Right.


Trump real estate agents reported to the Village Voice that they, Trump agents were given direct orders to;

A) Evict all Black and Hispanic Tenants from Trump properties.


B) To never, ever rent to American Blacks and Hispanics.

President Carnival Barker in his first month of office signed a bill to improve the Veterans Administration in regards to services initiated for medical treatments for Veterans.

This bill, ‘Mission Act’, costs 52 Billion Dollars.

The money to initiate and fund this bill is no where in sight.

So Trumps forward resolve is to appropriate money from other programs.

The money needed is in the amount of 10 Billion Dollars.

So Mr. Clown Idiots resolve is to appropriate 19 Billion Dollars from existing Veteran Programs.

In the realty of, I haven’t any money in my right pocket, so let me extract money from my empty left pocket.

Feel me?

So far?

Oh yeah.

That measly One Million Dollars Donny Boy’s Daddy gave him to begin his business life.

Was actually 10 Million Dollars.

Which he immediately lost half of.

On my Arizona Mexico Border, on both sides.

Citizen Militias battle both the Cartel and Corrupt Governments.

In one of the most embattled, bloodiest Arizona Border Towns, where American Citizens, as well Mexican Citizens are in literal daily battle with the Mexican Cartel named ‘Templer Cartel’.

To state that the Mexican Goverment is directly in bed with the Templer Cartel is a massive understatement.

Placing law abiding Mexican Citizens at deaths door on a daily basis.

To the point of these innocent citizens arming themselves with automatic rifles, forming Citizen Militias.

Literally driving the Mexican Police & Army out of their town, fully understanding that they, the Mexican Police and Army are their enemy for the fact that the Mexican Goverment is in bed with the Cartels.

Murder and Beheadings are the daily norm.

On the American side it is the ‘Arizona Border Recon’ that patrols, hunts down and kills the various Cartels that terrorize their small town.

The closet 911 call is one hour and a half away in Tucson, Arizona.

Leaving this small American Border Town Defenseless .

Great security. Yeah. Right.

So when I hear the likes of both Conservative and Democratic news media and pundits rave on and on and on about my Southern Border, I  can only laugh to cover my anger.

Yes. Absolutely.

A wall needs to be erected.

Good luck with all that.

Let me know how that works out for you.

Get back to me on that.

To really understand the cluster fuck with a shit storm float that is happening on the Arizona Border, check out this Documentary;

“Cartel Land”

If you are in possesion of an Android phone, Hit up the ‘Pluto’ app.

Go to Documentaries.


You are so very fucked.

Lost in the lies of your many pimped out politicians, pundits and bought and sold media.

America, we are on the very thin precipice of mass implosion.

Wake da fuck up.


I’m done.

That’s all I got.

Ryan. Out.



















Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

Image result for pics rainbow sunset desert

Welcome To The Desert Ya All

Image result for pics desert bobcats in cactus tree


What Up World?

The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best.

I Hope Ya All’s World Is As Soul And Spirit Beautiful And Content As Mine.

Pull Up A Chair.

Cop A Squat.

Strap Yourselves In.

Gonna Be A Long One.

Image result for pics indian warrior chief on white horse

The Indian Warrior Chief Sits Calmly Upon His White Stallion Steed, Up On The Cliff Overlooking The Valley.

His White Stallion Steed Faithfully Calm Before The Ensuing Storm. For Sure Not His First Rodeo.

The Warrior Chief Lost In The Meditation Of His Fathers, Reflects On The Many Battles Waged Over A Lifetime.

Instinctively He Knows That The Ensuing Battle Off The Short Horizon Will Most Certainly Be His last.

As This Calm Nano Flash Frame Races Through The Grey Matter Channels Of His Mind, His White Stallion Steed Lowers His Massive White Head, Shaking His Long White Mane, Thumping The Ground With His Right Hoof And Blows A Hurricane Force Blast Of CO2 Out Of His Massive Nostrils.

Image result for pics big white stallion head lowered

It Has Come To Pass.

Great Warrior Chief, Fully Aware Of His Destiny Path, Understands That He Will Soon Be Joining The Spirits Of His Great Warrior Chief Fathers Who Came Before Him In That Calm, Peaceful Meadow, Butterflies And Brave Beautiful Spirits Abound.

It Has Now Surely Come To Pass…

Blissfulness… Then Darkness…

Image result for pics blissfulness then darkness

The Freedom, From The Burden Of The Flesh.

The Relevancy Of Time Reduced In less Than A Nano Flash Click To Less Than Dust Floating Down The Tranquil Waters.

Everything And All Of A Tortured Realty No More.

Set In Motion Over Years And Years Of Sworn Of Faithful Duty.

The Job Now Complete.

Retirement, All That Is Left On The Bright, Fading Horizon.

Then. Finally.

Fade To Black.

Poof. Gone.

Image result for pics fade to black

Mr. Donovan. Can You Hear Me”?

“He’s None Responsive”.

“I’m Picking Up A Beat, Faint, But There”.

“Mr. Donovan, Mr. Donovan, Hang In There Mr. Donovan. Hang In There…”.

“Shit. Gotta Pulse, Barely. Shit.

“Mr. Donovan, Mr. Donovan…”

Image result for pics EMS saving A Life

“Shittt… Were Loosing Him. Come On Mr. Donovan… Hang In There. Shittt!!!…”

Image result for pics flat lining

“My, My My. The Beautiful FBI Special Agent (Retired), Ms. Veronica Lake And The Lovely And Shapely Queen Of Flagstaff, Ms. Sweet Sweet Loraine”.

Image result for pics veronica lake

FBI Special Agent (Retired) Ms. Veronica Lake

“Well, Well, Well. If It Isn’t The All Elusive Mr. Ryan Sean Donovan In The Sexy Flesh. How’s It Hanging Recon Marine”?

Image result for pics 1950's beautiful women

Queen Of Flagstaff, Arizona  Ms. Sweet Sweet Loraine

“Just Fine, Ms. Sweet sweet Loraine. Nice To See You Too. Looking As Luscious As Ever.

“I’ll Take That As A Wink And A Nod. Play Your Cards Right Big Boy, We Just Might Be Riding Off Into The Sunset Together”.

“Well Damn. I’ll Just Hold My Breath”.

“Go Right On Ahead Handsome”.

“Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm. My My My, How You Lay It On”.

“Only Know One Way Cowboy, Hot And Thick”.


“You Best Slow It On Down Ryan. You Gotta Lot Splaining To Do. You Ain’t Sweet Talking Your Way Out Of This One”.

“Always The Serious Temptress Special Agent Lake”.

“Where The Hell Have You Been? All Your Numbers Have Been Disconnected. Without A Damn Trace Ryan”

“Phew. Whoa. Miss You Too Girl”.

“I’m Gonna Knock You Out On to The Ground Marine”.

“Damn V. So Damn Serious”.

“Been A Lifelong Knuckle Head. I Worry About You Ryan. All The Damn Time. You Have To Stop All This Elusive Crap. Always Up In Your Own Little World, As If No Other Whelm Even Exists. So… Where Have You Been”?

“Uhhhh. Ummm. A Retreat”.

“Yeah. Makes Sense. It Has Been About 2-3 Years Since Your Last Retreat. I Assume You Are Good To Go Now Mr. Donovan”?

“Yes Mamm. Straight Up On The 100. Good To Go. Are You Back With Doc Blaisedale”?

“To Paraphrase Your Hood Lingo. Hell Naw. Fuck Dat Bitch. Me And My Glock 40 Chased

Image result for pics glock 40

That Two Timing Faggot Bastard Out Of My House Up In The Sedona Hills. Now My House, Along With The Range Rover, 3 Million Cash, And, As Well, A Brand New Mercedes White C63 Convertible Sittin On Chrome”.

Image result for pics white mercedes c63 convertable

“Damn Girl! You Fleeced That Woolly Lamb”.

“Lying, Cheating, Double Timing Bastard”.

“Danm V, Don’t Hold Nothin Back Now. Moving Right Along”.

“As Well Ryan, I’m In The Process Of Moving A Roommate Into The Upstairs Bedroom Over Looking The Sedona Mountains”.

Image result for pics 2 story home sedona az overlooking mountains

“Wow. How Cool. Balcony Over Looking The Majestic Mountains. Who’s The Lucky Individual”?

“A Very Old Dear Friend Of Mine I Met Surfing On Santa Monica Beech When We Were Both 13 Years Old”.

“Say What”?

“Your Moving In Ryan. Rent Free, My Dearest, Oldest, Handsome Friend”.

“Well, We’ll Talk About That”.

“Nothing To Talk About Ryan. It’s A Done Deal. Time For You To Hang Up Your Saddle And Settle Down”.

“Look V, I Have things To Do. As Well, For The Time Being I’m Cribbing Up Here In Flag”.

“Really. Where”?

“Well… If You Need Know…”

“I Need To Know Cowboy. Pronto”.

“Damn V. You In A Narley Ass Mood”.

“And… As You Always Say, Where You Cribbing”?

“Shit Veronica, Need To Know Basis”.

“Guess What Cowboy, I Need To Know”.

“Shit V”.

“Give It Up Ryan. Now”.

“Awaight. If You Must Know. I’m Staying With Tula”.

“TULA! TULA! Fuck That Hoe”.

“Damn Loraine. That’s Not Nice”.

“I Second That Ryan. Fuck That Hoe”!

“Damn Girls, What’s All The Hate Down On Ms. Tula”?

Image result for pics beautiful 1950's brunettes

The Lovely Ms. Tula.

“Ryan. This Is Not Right. I Introduced You To Tula. This Is Wrong Ryan”.

“Look Veronica. This Thang Just Happened Out Of The Wild Blue. Besides, There Is Nothing Going On. I Am Happy To Say That I Am Still Celibate, Now Going On 10 Years. Tula And I Have Much In Common As We Are Both Writers And She Is Assisting Me With A Book Deal. That’s It. Nothing Else. She Is As Well Celibate A Lifetime Too”.

“Ryan. Ryan. Ryan. What Am I Going To Do With You”?

“Look Veronica. This Is Just Short Term With Tula. Until She Helps Me Finalize A Book Deal. As Well, Sharing Your Sedona Home Is Long Term. Just A Little More Time. O.K”?

“Always Your Way Ryan”.

“Damn V. Don’t Look At It Like That. We Have The Rest Of Our Lives. Awaight”?

“Yes Ryan. Alright. Let Me Have Your New Number. I’ll Contact You Later. Loraine And I Are Driving Up To Jerome For The Day. I’ll Contact You When i Get Back”.

Veronica Hands Me Her IPhone. I Punch In My New Number.

“Sounds Good Veronica. Here’s My Number. You Girls Have Fun Up In Jerome”.

Image result for pics jerome az

Jerome, Arizona.

“Later Ladies”.

“Later Ryan”.

That’s All  I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindadesert

Image result for pics 1963 yellow chey low rider convertable

1963 Chevrolet Low Rider Convertable  

Sittin On Chrome

2Pac – To live and die in LA (Dirty Version) [HD].

Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

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America. Love It. Or Leave It.

Volunteers Of America- Jefferson Airplane

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

See the source image

“Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.” 

Master Sun Tzu The Art of War

Shout Out Tuesday.

My First Shout Out Goes To The Dedicated Loyal Men And Women Of The Tucson Police Department.


When It Comes To Accomplishing A Whole Lot More.

With A Whole Lot Less.

T.P.D. Epitomizes And Represents The Absolute Best.

Undermanned 400 To 800 Street Patrol Officers On Any Given Day.

Patrol Officers In This Red Hot Desert Environment Answer The Call In The Number One Most Dangerous City In The State Of Arizona.

Not To Mention The 4th Most Dangerous City In The United States.

T.P.D. You Guys And Gals Rock.

Doing Your Utmost Best To Keep Citizens Safe Here In ‘The Alley‘.

For You See America.

Of The 100% Of Illegal Drugs Manufactured In This World.

America Consumes 80% Of Those Illegal Manufactured Drugs.

75% Of That 80% Of Illegal Manufactured Drugs That America Consumes, Makes It’s Way Through ‘The Alley‘ To Be Distributed Throughout The United States.

For You See, Tucson, Arizon, Is What Tucson Law Enforcement Refers To As ‘The Alley’.

While T.P.D. Battles Cartel And Their Distribution Of Illegal Drugs Here In Tucson, Their Mission Forward Is Keeping The Citizens Of Tucson Safe.

Not To Mention The Various Gangs That Reek Havoc On This Quaint Desert Mayberry.

If All That Was Not Enough.

Now Throw Into This Criminal Mix, Tucson Is The Drop Off Destination For Convicted Felons From Prosons Spread Across This Free Republic.

Playing Into The 52% Factor.

The 52% Factor Represents The Statistic, Regarding The Realty That 52% Of These Released Felons Into This Quaint Desrt Mayberry, Will Commit The Same Crime That Landed Them Behind Bars Or A More Serious Crime Within A Two Year Period.

To State That Under Manned T.P.D. Has Their Hands Full Is Cyclopean Understtement.

And Yes.

911 Calls Into T.P.D. Are Most Defiantly Prioritized Due To The Severe Problem Regarding This Under Manned Police Force.

Now, Take Into Consideration The Mass Amount Of Illegal Drugs And Serious Criminals Breaching Our Border.

Why Is This Even A Question, Much Less A Cry For All The Poor Imigrants From 3rd World Impoverished Countries Wanting A Better Life?


Every Night In This Great Country, Over 1 Million American Children Go To Bed Hungry.

Throughout America’s Hoods And Ghettos, On A Daily Basis, Innocent People Are Cut Down In The Street Like Rabid Dogs By Assorted Gangs.

Chicago Leading This Blood Bath Insanity, Where Just Several Months Ago, A 2 Year Old Childs Life Was Cut Short By The ‘Maniac Latin Kings’ Street Gang.

Who Basically, To A One Crossed Over, Breaching My Southern Arizona Border.

To Date.

2018 October.

Without Mentioning Any Names Of These Arizona Border Towns.

3 Of These Small Towns Have Absolutely Zero Border Protection, Providing Free Entrence To Any And All Criminals And Drugs.




Hear The Damn Pop.

That Most Descernable Sound One Hears When Their Head Exits Their Anal Cavaty.

I Mean Really.

American Suburban Democrats.

Do You Want These Border Breaches In Your Up Scale Hoods.

Didn’t Think So.

This Latest Caravan Of Free Loaders Are Heading For The Tijuana Border To Cross Into Cali.

Trust Me On This.

As Well.

There Are Most Definantly Mid Eastern Terrorists Along In This Illegal Ride Across My Southern Border.

I State This As Fact For The Reason That Over My Many Years Here In The Desert I Have Personally Met Individuals From Various Mid East Countries Who Told Me, How With Their Phony Documents They Easily Passed Into Arizona Across The Mexican Border.

One Of These Individuals, A Former Pakistan Amry Officer, As Well Former ISA Information Officer, Offered To Me For The Low Price Of $250.00 American, He Would Happily Procure Those Exact Document’s For Me.

Now Add Into The Caravan Heading North For Cali, Financed By Commie Venezuela.

Collectively, Individuals To A One.

Who Will Be Granted Entitlements The Rest Of Us Americans Never Even Knew Existed.

All For One Reason.


One Reason Only.

That Reason, To Be Piled Sky High Onto The Cali Democratic Voting Block.

Nothing More Than Political Pawns.

Bought And Paid For By We The People.

Shameless Doesn’t Even Come Close.

Then You Have The Pundits.

Myself Never Identifying With Any American Political Party.

If I Was To Be Politically Labeled.

My Lean As It Were, Is Conservative.

That Stated.

I Listen To Conservative Radio.

Glenn Beck. Garret Lewis. Rush Limbaugh. Sean Hannity. Mark Levin. Joe Pags. Lars Larson.

My Favorites Being George Norry And Bill Cunningham. A Great American.

Then It Happens.

Sean Hannity.

I Haven’t Any Problem With Irish.

Except When He Rants On About People On Welfare, Food Stamps, And Other Entitlements.

My Problem With All This Is That Mr. Sean Hannity Is An Individual Who’s Hands Are Glued To The American Welfare Ropes.

How So You Ask?

Sean Hannity, Currently, Is The Recipient Of 90 Million Dollars Of HUD Money. Last Time I Looked Irish.

HUD Is Welfare.

Welfare Used To Purchase Apartment Complexes In Georgia, Where Upon Taking Over, Mr. Hannity’s Represntives Served 400 Eviction Notices.

I Get It. No Rent. No Stay.

My Point.

If One Is Residing In A Glass House.

One Surely Needs To Hold Back On Throwing Any Stones.


There Is An Individual Mr. Hannity Just Loves To Guest Feature On His Shows.

An Individual, Who Was Handed His Walking Papers Off The Sets Of Fox News And The White House.

Understandingly So.

Sabastian Gorka.

A Man Who Epitomizes And Defines Nazi Jew Hating Dictum.

Who Has Absolutely Zero Knowledge Regarding The American Southern Border And As Well  The Middle East.

But Don’t Take My Word For It.

Following Is What REAL MIDDLE EAST EXPERTS Think About The White House Fired Gorka.

In conversations with Business Insider, several national-security experts questioned Gorka’s credibility in their field, saying he is often dismissed as an outspoken conservative pundit who lacks the chops to serve in the highest levels of the White House advising on national-security policy. [Business Insider, 2/22/17]

Sebastian Gorka, President Trump’s top counter-terrorism adviser, is a formal member of a Hungarian far-right group that is listed by the U.S. State Department as having been “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany” during World War II, leaders of the organization have told the Forward. [The Forward3/16/17]

Terrorism experts, however, told CNN that Gorka’s experience in their field is limited. They point out Gorka does not speak Arabic, has done very little traveling in Muslim countries and has never worked in any official leadership or management role in foreign policy, intelligence or the military. While resumes have varied among White House national security and counterterrorism aides, Gorka lacks some of the typical experience for such a position.

More On Gorka The Nazi  And The Unqualified Non Expert Regarding The Middle East.

Sebastian Gorka May Be a Far-Right Nativist, but for Sure He …

My Point Sean Hannity.

We Are In A Battle For Our Literal Lives.

We Can Not Mis Step With False Facts And Information That Will Come Back And Bite Us.


Other Than Those Slight Over Sights.

Keep On Throwing Those Kicks And Punches Irish. We’re Counting On You.


Wake The Hell On Up.


That’s All I Got.

Ryan. Out.


Setting It Straight On Da Real 100

Vietnam War – The Rolling Stones -Sympathy for the Devil

See the source image

Welcome To The Desert Ya All

See the source image

Anger Will Never Disappear So Long As Thoughts Of Resentment Are Cherished In The Mind. Anger Will Disappear Just As Soon As Thoughts Of Resentment Are Forgotten. Buddha

The double standard is truly astounding,” Gresham told TheDC. “Time and again the Trump family and members of this Administration are subjected to false reporting, hateful rhetoric and outrageous lies all in the name of freedom of speech or comedy, yet the mainstream media stays silent.”

How Very True.

What Is Also Very True, Is That The Person Who Issued This Statement In Defense Of Ivanka Trump, Is A Person That One Would Think Would Never Come To This First Ladies Defense.

This Individual Crossed All Political Boundaries And Stuck Up For One Of Hers. Another Woman.

A Real Class Act. So, Who Is This Individual?

Michelle Obama.

How Cool Is That.

Class Act All The Way Mrs. Obama. Thank You For Trail Blazing.

I Personally have Never Understood The Hate One Individual Has For Another Of The Human Race.

Over This Very Long Lifetime, I Have Seen Hate Coming And Going.

Based On Ignorance And Strong Feelings Of Superiority Over Another Human Being. I Have Also Witnessed This Hate Thrown Down In The Name Of God.

But I have to tell you.

In close to 70 years walking this toxic rock, I have never witnessed such hate & anger.

In my wildest dreams & hell bent night terrors have I ever witnessed such divisive hate between American’s over political beliefs.

I am witnessing a Democrat party, based on communist dictum and protocal directed word for word and actions taken verbatum, directly from Maos handbook.

Guess what angry commie mob morons. In Maos China, Y’all nothing but hog slop.

This is America. As such, hit the road Jack.

Don’t cha come back no more. Simple.

I am witnessing a Mob Caravan wheeling their way north out of Honduras up the South American shit hole alley into Mexico.

A caravan now numbering, I am told over 10 thousand people, threatening our country with entrence across border.

A major Crime.


Democrat Idiots.

These are foreign nationals threating invasion across our border.

Don’t know about cha all. For myself, that’s an act of serious aggression.

In the sense of who the fuck are you.


Of course corrupt Mexico stands down.

All this in the name of American politics.

I can only conclude at this point in time, that todays entire Democrat party, at birth, rolled off the delivery table and plummeted, at rocket speed, 5 feet down onto the cement tile delivery room floor, landing squarely on their soft heads.

From my seat in the street, what America needs now more than anything, is their own style caravan, jam packed with today’s Democratic Party, lead by Criminal Bill and Hill along side their water boy Barack.

Making their way across the Arizona border, down through South America to some commie shit hole to spend the rest of their criminal lives.

They will be escorted by the self displaced Hondurans.

It will only be at this point where America Will Be Great Again.

Y’all don’t like capitalism?

No problemo hombres.

See ya. Don’t let the door hit cha all in your obese deriers.

Feel me?

So far?

Going on one week now.

News up and down the dial.

Kashoogi, the Washington Posts part time opinon journalist, Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson, murdered, sliced and diced, then most likely stuffed into a dirty nastey maggot laced suitcase.

Yeah. And?

A very big fat non of ours.

Except for the fact that Turkey and Saudi Arabia  are our allies.

One would think that would be that.

But oh the hell no.

Just another pawn for the Democrat driven, lying, corrupt American bought, sold and pimped media.

But not one word from these idiots regarding the many multible murders this past week of American Law Enforcement Personell, American Military Personell or one name of the multible murders in Rob Emanuals commie directed Chicago.

No Mr. President.

The American media is not this countries number one in main state enemy.

The true enemy is the Democrat party.

The good news in all of this, is shyster lying con attorney Avanatti is getting evicted from his office for non payment of 4 months rent and as well hit up by his former law partner for close to 5 million dollars.

Another Dem bites the maggot infested dust.

All I can tell you America.

Speaking to Real Americans.

Get Out And Vote.

There ya have it.

“So Mr. Donovan, where have you been for the last going on five months now?”

“Glad you asked lovely Ms. Tula. For the most part up here in this crib, except for trips to the store for groceries & such on the bus”.

“Hmmmmm. Don’t you have a driver?”

“I fired her. Don’t do ignorant and condescending. As well, due to her incompetence, I am just about legally blind as a result from cataracts. For what ever reason, this device is the clearest vision regarding any type of reading and writing”.

“Ryan. Why didn’t you say anything to anyone. Veronica, myself, Loraine”?

“Well, this was no big biggy until my driver decided to take things into her own hands by some kind of rescheduling hokus pokus resulting in me now waiting until December to have the surgery. So here I sit.”

“You are so hard headed and stubburn.”

“Yeah. And?”

“I swear Ryan, you drive me to a place of where I want to loveingly hug and hold you and then bash your brains in with a bat.”

“Hmmmm. Wow. Talk about dycodomey. How do you think I feel. Brand new sleek Apple Keyboard Tablet standing tall and pretty, and I can’t even use it.”

“Ohhhhhh. You poor sweet thang. How about we take a drive over to the Orange Smoothie place and jump in.”

“Sounds like a plan Gorgeous. Got the new sleak sexy white rocket powered Mercedes coupe.”

“Roger that stud”.

“Yippee! Can I drive. Huh. Can I”.

“Come on knuckle head. Lets hit it. And no blind man. You may not drive”.

“Tehhhh. Damn.”

That’s all I got.

Ryan. Out.































Suicide A Veterans Last Round In The Chamber

See the source image

Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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Everything Is Changeable, Everything Appears And Disappears; There Is No Blissful Peace Until One Passes Beyond The Agony Of Life And Death. Buhhda

Tracking Here And There. Boots On The Ground. Cocked Locked Ready To Rock.

See the source image

In Our Environment, Minds On Super Hyper Nano Mission Tick To Tock. Our Purpose Defined, Hard Stamped In Granite.

Then It Happens.

Mission Complete. Back To The World. Our Beloved Country And Home.

Image result for pics marines arriving from vietnam american airports

Image result for pics american airportsmarines arriving home from vietnam

We Look Around.

Baffled And Lost.

The Very Civilians We Put It All On The Line For. 

Steeped In The Comfortable Slant Of Fat And Happy.

Needle Buried All The Way To The Right In The Constant Whine And Complaints.

Lost In The Division And Hate Of Their Thankless Existence, Spouting Forth Hate, Blame And Regression At Our Country.

Clueless As Clueless Can Be To The Very Freedoms Afforded To Them. Opportunities Abound. But Oh The Hell No.

Lost In The Divisive Political Unrest And Oh So Buried In The Fog Of Propaganda Aimed From This Side Or That.

That Which Only Accomplishes The End Of The Road, Leading To The Path That Leads To The Freeway Of Self Implosion, While Our Enemies Watch In Delight Waiting For The Ax To Fall.

A Free Republic Brought Down Like An F16 Fighter Jet Catching A Surface To Air.

Nothing But Hate And Disrespect For Each Other.

For Us.

Those Who Have Stood Tall And Served Without One Single Question Asked.

Proud And Honored To Keep It All Safe For Those Back Home. Commanding The Utmost Respect From Our Fallen Enemies.

Not At All Looking Anywhere, For Any Kind Of Acknowledgement, Recognition Or Benediction. Just Doing Our God Directed Jobs.

For Us.

Our Up Close Personal Is That Of Walking Around The Zoo, Witnessing Spieces Who For The Most Part Appear Alien.

Our Government Fucking Us Over At Every Curve And Straight A Way.

Unable To Perform The Very Jobs They Were Hired To Do.

Instead Lost In The Greed And Irresponsibly Of Moving Up The Chain. Dereliction Of Duty A Cyclopean Upgrade.

People Whose Lives Have Been Spent In The Comforts Of Freedoms That A Mass Global Populous Can Only Dream About.

American Civilians Who Never Stepped Out Of Their Comfort Zone Of Their God Given Freedoms, While Around The Globe, In The Most Horrid And Desolate This Planet Has To Offer, 12 And 13 Year Old Children.

Wielding AK-47’s Just To Make It Through Another Day.

See the source image  See the source image  See the source image

Feel Me? So Far?

Humans Living In Such Abject Poverty, That Daily Sustenance Is A Far Lost Forgotten Dream.

Following Dictum And Decree, That If One Utters A Sliver Of A Syllable Of Complaint And Disagreement, They Straight Up Smoke.

While Americans Sit Around Their 60 Inch Flat Screens Digesting Pizza, Hagen Daaz And Dolly Madison Pies, Complaining And Hating.

Having Served Our Country.

Now Ready To Virtually Start Over From Scratch To Build Ourselves A New Life.

Lied To. Scammed, Shamed To The Point Where Nothing Makes Any Logical Sense.

Honored And Proud Individuals To A One. Driven To A Level Of Dis Connection Beyond All Earthly Human Words. WTF!!!

Stranded At The Corner Of Disillusion Avenue And Whats The Point Boulevard, Our Only Solution.

A Kill Round To Our Heads. ShhhhhWham.

See the source image

I Am Distressed, Sickened And Besides Myself. The Texts. The Calls.

“LT., Max Is Gone Sir. He Fragged Himself”.

“Jimmy Went And Did It LT. 45 Round Through His Head. Found Him In His Car”.


“Damn LT., James Leaped Off A 400 Foot Cliff”.

On And On And And Muthu Fuckin On.


Just Like Every Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float, There Is That Thin Peek Thru Of A Single Light Of Sun-shines Bright White Light.



Before You Squeeze.

Find That Nano Click Of Reason.

Call This Number.


Veteran Crisis Suicide Hotline.

These Beautiful, Courageous, Dedicated Individuals Will Stay On The Line With You For How Ever Long It Takes For Total Resolve. They Will set You Up With Many V.A. Services On The Spot, Send Someone To Check On You Or Transport You To The Hospital And They Will Call You Back To Check On You.

You Can Tell Them Anything In Any Way You Feel You Want To Express Yourself. Cuss Words Not One Damn Muthu Fuckin Problem.

Let It Rip Soldier.

See the source imageThe

Lt. Begging Ya All.

I Get It.

Strung Out On Severe PTSD.

Un Earthly Night Terrors.

The Pitch Black Deep Deep Dark Dreams.

I Get It!!!

Been There.

Done That.

Own The Fuckin T-Shirt Factory.


One Corner I Just Can’t Stray Far Da Fuck Away From.

See the source image

At Least, Just Give These Guys A Call.

Cause ‘I’m Gonna Tell Ya All One Thing For Sure.

I Know This To Be The Truth.

You Smoke Yourself.

You Coming Back To This Lower Earth Whelm Of Insanity In A Much Worse Off Life.

Trust Me On This.

In The All Of It,

This Ain’t Nothing But A Thang.

See the source image

Feel Me? So Far? Soldier.

Image result for pics  smily face

Cause I Gotta Tell Ya All, Lt. At His Very Thin Last Strand Regarding Any More Texts And Phone Calls Alerting Me To A Lost Man And Another Brother Down In The Senseless Mess Of It All.

And Marines, Now I’m Specifically Talking To You For The Fact That I Know Who WE Are.

See the source image

Follow This Vapor Trail If You Will.

Image result for pics  vapor trails

Several Years Ago I Was Down In Yuma, Arizona Visiting A Friend Who Worked At Marine Air Base Yuma.

My Friend, Ms. Abagayle Worked On Base In The Capacity Of A Psychotherapist. Now Retired.

We Were Walking, Talking And Chilling In The Desert. Quite Possibly She Saw Something In My Eyes.

She States To Me;

You Marines Are Not Right, In The Way Of How You Think, Perceive And Analyze Situations. Ill Extrapolate. You Could Be In A Ferocious Fire Fight. Your Rifle Jams, You Run Out Of Ammo. Your Assault Knife Broken. You Find A Stick On the Ground, Your Good To Go. Un Stoppable. Then At Some Point In Your Life, For What Ever Reason, You Decide You Have Had Enough.”

At This Point In The Conversation, Abagayle Thrusts Her Arms Up In The Air, Fashions Her Hands Into The Shape Of Pistols. She Then States;

Then You Get To This Point Where You Are Saying, Watch This, Fuck You. Bammm“.


Your Overwhelming Pride And Chiseled In Stone Attitudes OfI Got ThisAnd Hard Headed Reluctance Fueled By Your Immense Pride Forbids You Guys To Reach Out And Ask For Help, That Jarhead Attitude Of Invincibility. Damn Stubborn Jarheads.

So, My Brothers, Reach The Hell Out And Dial This Number;


Veteran Crisis Suicide Hotline.

That’s A Direct Gentlemen.

See the source image

Cuz I Gotta Tell Ya All.

LT. Running Out Of Tears And Sorrow.


Just Damn Tired Of Attending Senseless Funerals.

Feel Me? So Far? Jarheads?

See the source image


Ya All Killing Me.

One Last Thing.

LaBron LaBron LaBron.

Left To Right. Up To Down. All Da Hell Around.

LaBron This. LaBron That.

What LaBron Do?

What Cha All Want from LaBron???

LaBron Is Great.

He Steps Out On The Wood, Ready To Play.

The Very Absolute Best That He Got.

Playing Hard 1st To Last.

Basically On His Own, Alone.

So Damn Alone.

His Team Mates No Where To Be Found.

Laid back.


A Real Gentleman.

As Humble As It Get’s.

Just Out There Doing His Thing.


Broadcasters All Up In The Comparison Slant. Michael Jordan. Coby Byrant. Scotty Pippin. Just On And On And On. WTF???

Are You All So Bored You Just Can’t For The Lives Of Yourself Find Something Else To Run Yak About.

Game Number Three, Celtics.

Fourth Quarter.

LaBron Is Pulled Off From The Paint.

Playing So Damn Hard All By Himself.

He Is So Damn Dehydrated, Transcending Electrolytes And Wanting Still To Go Back In.

Ya All Leave LaBron The Hell Alone.

Just Give This Great Athlete His So Deserved Props And Creds.

See the source image


If All Of The Above Was Not Enough.

LeBron James Walks Out Of Press Conference After Repeated J.R. Smith Questions.

Brought To You

LeBron James was unbelievable during Game 1 of the NBA Finals, but it wasn’t enough. Despite scoring 51 points, grabbing eight rebounds and dishing out eight assists, James’ Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors in overtime. After the game, LeBron didn’t have time for your stupid questions.

During his post-game press conference, James had to answer questions about J.R. Smith’s incredibly bone-headed play at the end of regulation. He claimed he didn’t know what Smith was thinking. Then, he was asked again, this time from ESPN’s Mark Schwartz and here’s the exchange:

Schwartz repeatedly asked the same question James had already answered. I would have walked out too. Some are saying that on the way out James said, “be better Mark,” or, “be better tomorrow,” though there have been several interpretations.

LeBron gave what was already a decent press conference and answered every question, but a reporter kept trying to get him to say something about his teammate’s mental state during a key play. James just wasn’t going to go there, and he shouldn’t have to.

Schwartz didn’t get the answer he wanted, so he kept needling. It was an unprofessional move by him. The fact that he works for a league partner in ESPN and LeBron James walked out because of his questions will almost certainly be an issue for him. Someone is going to give him a talking to.

The Last Thing.

If You DO NOT Want To Get Hacked.

Read The Following. The Safest Way To Access This Sight Is FireFox.

My Search Engines Of Choice;

DuckDuckGo / StartPage / FireFox / Ghost

Find out if your Google account has been hacked – CNET

Android lockscreen can be hacked using a simple text password …

How to Tell if Your Android Has Been Hacked (& What You Can ..

Android phones can be hacked with a text, security firm says …


I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for ryanindadesert

Ryan. Out.

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2019 Mercedes Benz 560 Coupe   Sittin On Chrome

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics peace sign my homies

Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14

May 13, 2014Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …

Image result for pics desert sunset

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Fly-by Friday Phew!!! Talk About A Way To Begin The Day

Rolling Stones Mix – Gimme Shelter – Vietnam

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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“Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.” 
Master Sun Tzu / The Art Of War 

See the source image


What A Way To Start A Day.

I Exit My Crib At 13:43 Hours. Usual Departure Time. My Day Begins Around 11:30.

Lock And Secure The Door And The Cast Iron Steel Frame Screen Door. Make My Way East Along The Balcony, Second Floor Walkway.

Looking Down At The Pool And All The Kid’s Engaging In Wild Fun, As Teachers In Arizona Are On Strike. I Catch Out Of My Peripheral, One Of The Maintenance Guys Running North On The Ground In A Frantic Stepping Manner.

Maintenance Dude Stops, Pulls A Wrench From His Back Pocket, Smash Slam, Breaking The Plastic Enclosure On One Of The Fire Extinguishers. 

Marine Thang Kicks In.

I Run To The End Of The Balcony Walkway To The Stairs. I See Smoke Billowing Out Of A Familiar Apartment. My first Visual Is Of The Wheel Chair Parked Outside On The Left Side Of The Entrance Door.

I High Speed Dash West Back On The Balcony Walk Way.

Stop In Front Of The Enclosed Fire Extinguisher And With A Direct Straight Right Punch I Break Open The Enclosure And Grab The Extinguisher, Hit The Steep Stairs, Literally Flying Down Them. Blood From My Hand Spraying All Over The Place.

There Is Only One Visual Racing Through My Mind At An L.A. Quick Lickety Nano Progression.

The 80+ Year Old Man Who Occupies That Dwelling, As The Sight Of His Wheel Chair Is Setting Off Code 3 In High Rev Degree In My Head.

Another Neighbor Has Secured A Third Fire Extinguisher For Maintenance Man. Dude Bravely Inside The Doorway About 2 Feet, Aiming The Extinguisher To The Immediate Left. The Couch.

My First Sensory Perception Is The Cigarette Smell Mixed In With The Billowing Smoke.

I Cover My Mouth And Nose With The Top Of My T-shirt, Sunglasses Engaged, Attempt Entrance Into The Apartment. I Can’t See A Damn Thing. Three Attempts. No Fuckin Go.

Then Fire Rescue Pulls Up Sirens Blazing.

I Inform First On Scene Rescue Station Officer Of The Old Man Who Inhabits The Dwelling & The Fact That His Wheel Chair Is Outside. He Initiates A Search.

I Hang For Awhile. In That Time I Do Not See Anyone Being Extracted From The Scene. One Can Only Hope.

So Major Shout Out.

Tucson Fire Department Engines Number 7 And 11.

Thank You Guys Oh So So Very Much For What All Ya All Do.

Every Minute Of Every Day Putting Your Lives On The Line To Save And Rescue Us. Bless Ya All So Much.

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

Thanks Guys.

Second Shout Out.

Tucson Police Department.

See the source image

Thanks Guys For Keeping My Old Ass Safe Up Here In ‘The Alley’.

When One Thinks Of A Profession In A Very Precarious Position In Regards To What They Actually Do. All Acroos An Entire Nation.

American Poe (Police) There. At The Very Center Of Attention.

For Myself. Growing Up In What Today Is Known As One Of The Tuffest, Bloodiest Hoods In America, I Received A Real Heads Up Regarding Poe.

Growing Up In South Central, Los Angeles, California’s Crenshaw District, I Was Exposed To Many Scenarios.

My Mother, A Mexican/Jew. Her Family Settling In What Today Is Known As Southern California, Way, Way Before There Was Ever An Inkling Of The Thought Of The United States Of America.

My Father, An Irish/Jew. His Family Just A Small Part Of Irish And Irish/Jews, Apprehended By England And Thrown Into Slavery Into The British Colonies. His Family Ending Up In The British Colony That Became Known As America In The Late 17th Century.

As Well, On My Fathers Side, Marines Going Back To Tun Tavern.

See the source image

Back To The ‘Crenshaw Hood’.

Henceforth, Growing Up In ‘Crenshaw’, My Neighbors Were Of Diversity. Dark Skin Color.

Myself, Separated By Twelve Years From My Closet Sibling, I Was More Or Less On My Own.

My Friends Were Of All Makes And Models. Never A Problem.

In The Second Grade. I Was Pulled from Class Three Times A Week And Escorted Into A Tiny Room, Where For Four Hours I Was Tested From All Of What I Thought Were Very Strange Books, Compared To The Standard, Regular Second Grade School Books.

These Sessions, Were At Best Embarrassing In The Way That it Separated Me from My Friends And Classmates.

Then At Home, My Folks Were Constantly All Up In The; ‘You Have So Much Potential“.

To Say That I Felt Like A Freak Is A Gigantorous Understatement.

At The Age Of Four, The Closet Sibling To Me, My Sister Taught Me How To Read. Then At The Age Of Six, My Five Siblings Grew Very Tired Of Me Asking Them Word Definitions. Henceforth, I Was Taught How To Use A Dictionary At Six Years Old. Which I Thought Was The Coolest Fucking Thing In The World. All Those Words At My Disposal.

Being A Kid I Never Put Much Into All Of This. For You See, All I Wanted To Do Was Run The Streets, Climb Trees, Play Baseball, Football, Swim And Ride My Bike.

I Graduated High School At The Age Of 16 With Honors. Actually In The Top Three In The Entire School History.

I Also Has The Very Worst Attendance Record In The Entire School History. Always Showing Up For Sports Though.

All Teachers Required From Me Was To Hand In All Assignments On Time And To Show Up For All Tests. Which I Most Certainly Accommodated.

If You Have Been Following This Blog For A Minute. You Notice That I Mention ‘Blue’, From Time To Time. Here And There.

Better Know The Dress Code. The B’s And The C’s.

I Grew Up With The C’s. Blue.

They Made My South Central L.A. Neighborhood Their Home.

See the source image

Been In That South Central Hood Since 1948.

So. What Dat Gotta Do With Me.

One Day, On My Bike. Chilling On A Corner, A Member Of This Gang Approached Me. He Turned Out To Be The Second In Command If You Will. He Began Talking With Me. We Crossed The Street, Talking.

What He Made Very Clear To Me Was That From There On Out, I HAD To Have My School Books With Me At All Times, Studying As It Were.

So There Began Another Part Of My Education.

I Would Hang Out At The Corner Where The Number One Drug Dealer Claimed His Turf. Sitting There On My Bike, One Of Five School Books Opened To Whatever Chapter And Page.

People, One After The Other Would Approach, Purchasing Their Package Of Heroin.

After Every Purchase, The Man Would Point With His Left Hand. Give Me What I Refer To As A Listen Up, Attention Getting, Sleight Slap In The Head And State; “See Dem, Dats Da Trickz, Don’t You Ever Be Da Trickz. You Just Study Dem Books.”

Hanging With The Main Pimp In His Giant Cadillac, Sitting Up In The Front Seat, Waiting On His Whores To Bring Him His Money, School Books Open, He Would State To Me; “What I Do For Money And How I Treat These Women, Is Wrong. Don’t You Ever Let Me Hear Of You Doing This Shit, You Just Study Them Books“. Then The ‘You Got That’ Slap Up Side My Head.

His Whores Would State To Me; “We Going To Hell For What We Do. Don’t You Ever Treat A Woman Bad, Lay Your Hands On Them. You Treat Women With Respect“.

And, To A One.

These GThug Instructors, Instilling In Me, What I Consider To Be The Forefront Of My Evolved Education.

These Giants Of Street Industry Would State To Me In A Very Serious Manner; “We Da Baddest Of Da Bad. As Bad As We Are, The Baddest And Toughest Gang In Da Street, In Da City, Is Poe. You Fuck With Poe, You Going Down Hard.”

So Very True. Let Me Extrapolate On That Profound Bit Of Street Wisdom.

If You Are A Black American, You Seriously Need To Be On Your Best, Most Polite, Obeying Behavior. As Wrong As This Is. A Vital Survival Necessity. Just The Real.


My Man.

Stephen A. Smith.

See the source image

I Most Defiantly Feel You My Brother.

I Feel Your Anger.

I Feel Your Frustration.

I Feel Your Aggravation.

I Feel Your Pain And Tears.

The Other Day Stephen A., You Were Talking About A Football Player, Who As Well Is A Rapper. Sent to Prison For Basically Not That Much.

In The Vain Of; “In America, You Have Money, You Ain’t Never Doing Time“. Unless Of Course You Are A Black Man.

Black American’s Are Detained By Law Enforcement 8 Out Of 10 Times More Than Caucasians.

Friends Of Mine. Black Doctors, Attorneys, Business People And Such. Tell Me The Same Story.

For Myself, It All Comes Down To Skin Color. This Same Scenario Holds True With My Mexican Friends.


I’m Five Years Old. Growing Up In A Very Racially Diverse Environment.

I Keep Hearing On The Radio, Daily, Regarding ‘All The Color People’.

I Am And Have Always Been A Very Literal Individual.

So, Here’s Lil Me. Walking Around, Doing My Utmost Best To Locate These ‘Color People‘. For The Life Of Me I Can Not Find One Purple, Blue, Orange, Yellow Person.

Both My Siblings And Parents Are At The Breaking Point From My Ongoing, Continuous Question; “Where Are All ‘The Color People‘.

One Day My Mom Takes My Five Year Old Butt With Her To Visit My Aunt Gloria In Century City.

Momz Parks The ’53’ Blue And White Four Door, Chevy Belair On Santa Monica Just Down From Comstock.

I’m All Up In The, I Know They Have ‘Color People‘ On This Side. Right. I Will Not Give My Mom A Break; “Mom, Mom, Are The ‘Color People’ By Aunt Gloria“.

Momz Can’t Light Her Chesterfield Kings Quick Enough.

Then It Happens.

A Black ’56’ Dodge Sedan Pulls Up And Parks On The Other Side Of Santa Monica Blvd. A Black Man Exits The Driver’s Door.

Momz Stops. Gets Down Eye Level With Me And States, Very Seriously To Me;

Ryan. You See That Man. This Is Who The World Calls A ‘Color Person’. Because Of The Color Of His Skin, This World Will Never Like Him. And Ryan, Because You Are A Jew, This World Will Always Hate You“.

I Am Shaking From The Inside, Tears Welling Up As I Write This.

I Get It Stephen A.

On Da Straight Up Muthu Fuckin 100.

The American Prison Industries Humongous, Profitable Bottom-line, Is Literally Maintained From The Spoils Of  Incarcerated Young Black American Men And Black American’s In General. 

Conservative Talk Hosts Will Tell You That Stats Show Young Black American Men Commit The Maximum Amount Of Crime In America. Keeping In Mind That These Conservative Hosts Talking Points, As It Were, Are Comprised From The Hood’s Throughout America.

With Public Education, In America, The Best Of Public Education, If You Will, Going To White Suburban Enclaves And The Upper Social Economic Part Of The Cities, Leaving The American Hood’s With Graduation Rates Anywhere From 9% To At best 11%. 

Now Add Into This Racially Divided Hell Bent Mix. No Jobs. People Need Money In America. I Hope Ya All Getting The Point.

So Yeah, Stephen A.

I Feel Ya.

Your People. My People. It Does Not Get Any More Racially Hateful And Horrible In ‘The Land Of The Free‘.

The Above Picture Represents 900 German Jew’s Seeking Asylum From Sure Death On The MS St. Louis In  1939. The Ship Planned To Stop In Cuba, Then Make It’s Way To America.

The Ship Was Turned Down Entry Into The U.S. And Made It’s Way Back To Europe Where Several Countries Accepted Them. Even So. 254 Jews Were Put To Horrible Death By The German Nazis.

Damn Ass Right I Feel You Stephen A.

There Is No Logical Explanation, That After Almost 70 Years Walking This Toxic Rock, I Will Never Understand Hate And Outright Negative Judgement Of One Human Against Another.

That Said. This Horrible Realty, From What I Can See, Is Nothing New.

Somewhere In The King James Bible I Read Years Ago A Passage That Went Like This;

The Day Will Come When MY People Will Walk To The Top Of That Mountain In Jerusalem. When MY People Descend That Mountain. No Man Will Judge Another Man Because Of His Difference’s. No Man Will Look At Another With Hate Because Of That Man’s Differences. All Weapons Of War Will Drop To The Ground And Turn Into Plowshares“.

Stephen A.

We Are A Far Way At Best, That I Can See From This Beautiful Transformation.

But You My Man Have The Pulpit.

I Can Only Advise That You To Use Your Pulpit To Instruct Your People, As Unfortunate As It Is, To Proper Protocol In Dealing With Poe.

Yeah It’s A Fuckin Shame That An Entire Race Of People, Do To Skin Color, Have To Act In A Way Different Manner Than Other American’s When Detained By Poe.

Truth, Unfortunately, Is A Giant Bad Ass, Horrible Muthu Fucker.

Even For A young Black Man,When In His Backyard, Holding His Cell Phone And Then, For What Ever Sensless Fucking Reason Is Shot In The Back, 7 Times, By Police. Yeah. It Sucks.

Thing Of It Is, I Practice The Following. Too A ‘T’.

When You As A Black Man Are  Detained By Poe.

Immediately, Put Your Hands High In The Air. If You Have Weapons. Immediately Inform Poe And Point To Location Of Said Weapons With Your Head, While Hands Still High In The Air.

DO NOT MOVE. Unless Poe Directs You To Move.

Calm Yourself As Best As You Can. Keeping Your Anger Contained. DO NOT SAY A WORD, Until You Are Asked A Question. Do Not Inquire Why All Of This Is Going Down.

Keep Your Responses To A Minimum, In The Fashion Of Yes Sir, No Sir.

If You Are Asked An Incriminating Question, That Could Possibly, By Answering, Put You In Jeopardy, Calmly, Quietly, Respond; “I Respectfully Decline To Respond To Your Question Without The Presence Of An Attorney”. Period. 

Still. No Guarantees That All Will Go Well.

The Unfortunate Realty Of Being A Black Man In America. Just The Way It is.

One Of The Best Lessons Stated In A Quote I Read At 14 Years Old Goes Like This.

Image result for pics lenny bruce dont look at what should be

Something Else From My Most Persecuted Jewish Brother. A ‘Sephardi JewBoy’ Jus Like Me.

See the source image

Word Up On Da 100.

See the source image

The Real Rabbi Jesus.

Cuz I Gotta Tell Ya.

No Blond Hair Blue Eyed Peep’s In That Part Of The World At That Time In Space.


Ya All Tortured, Drew Swords On, Than Nailed To A Cross. My Dark Skin Jew Boy Brother, Rabbi Jesus.

Then Made Up Some Hokus Pokus Religion Based On Sin And Guilt.



FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

Ya All Guilty Of Murdering A Dark Skin JewBoy In The Crulest Of All Ways Possible.


FUCK YEAH. Ya All Sinned.

So Stephen A.

Dey Been Killing Yours And Mine From Jump My Man. I Do Not See This Changing Any Time Soon. Just A Big Muthu Fuckin Oy Gavalt.

I’m Laughing My Ass Off. What Da Hell. I’m On A Roll.

One More For The Road.

See the source image

One More Thing.

Yes. Donald Trump’s Family Has A Very Dark Racist Past. I Get That. I Back His Presidency For One Major Reason. 

That Is That The Unfortunate Realty On This Toxic Rock Called Earth, Is That The Game Board On The Table Is ‘World Domination’.

America, At This Point In Time Is 3rd In Line. I Speak As A United States Of America First Force Reconnaissance 03.

One Thing I Know For Sure.

Prez T., Ain’t Afraid To Squeeze The Trigger. Kim Jung Un Most Certainly Gets That.

Feel Me? So Far?

One More Thang.

End Game Preface Of Sorts

I Noticed Things.


Cursed With A Photo Graphic Mind And Total Recall. Internal And External Radar On 24/7 – 365 High Rez – Code 3.

Then It Happens.

All Information Processed.

The Internal Start Button Engages Up In The Wee Hours, Printing Out Information Assessment. This Information As It Is, Is Never Wrong. In The Aura Of ‘Gut Feeling’ Feedback.

So, Four Days Ago I Come On Up On This Site To Write A Blog.

I Notice There Is Not Any Access What So Ever In Regards To Accessing Different Colors Regarding Type.

Hmmmmm. I’m Thinking, WordPress,com Ain’t Playing.

It’s Upgrade Or Else.

O.K. I’ll Throw Some $$$ At This.

Then It Happens.

The Middle Of The Night Wee Hour Epiphany Kicks In While Listening To Jazz And Blues.

In The Two Previous Blogs, I Began With A Salute To President Trump.

It Was Following The Second Blog Saluting The President When All Access To Color Type Had Completely Disappeared From This Blogs Administrative Dash Board.

So Then, Me Being Me.

In The Search On My Administrator To Locate Other WordPress Bloggers Sharing The Same Interests, I Type In, “People Who Like President Trump”

A Plethora Of Blogs Appeared.

To A One, Every Blog That Appeared, Was Directing Hate At The President. Hmmmmm.

WordPress, Seemingly, All Pimped Out Up In Da Political Trump Hate Thang. Oh My.

I Most Certainly Hope I Am Wrong.

Then I’m Thinking.

Without Any Assistance At All. From WordPress.

This Blog Site And My Blooger.Com Blog Sites Come Up Number On Any Search.

Pages Upon Pages.

Links Upon Links That To A One, Somewhere In Their Heading State; “Ryanindaswamp” Says.

In fact All One Needs To Do To Conduct A Search Looking For This Site Is; “Ryanindaswamp’. Period.

Companies And Individuals, Pay S.E.O. Companies, Fat Boss Hog $tack$ For This Kind Of Exposure.

I Do Not Pay A Dime.

This S.E.O. Dream, Has happened Naturally From Day One Jump.

Talk About Thru Da Fuckin Roof S.E.O.

Here In Town, A Friend Of Mine Who Owns A Successful S.E.O Company Exclaimed To Me One Day Over Coffee;

“Damn Ryan, S.E.O. Just Follows You Around”.

The Real Thang In All This Is.

As Best As WordPress Hides Stats From Me, They Getting The Hits.

Dey Ain’t Bout To Let Dat Revenue Go.

Feel Me? So Far?

Jus Keepin It All Real On Da Straight Up 100.

Yeah. I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

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Ryan. Out.

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1966 Ferrari 250 / GTO    Sitting On Chrome

Just Right Outside One Of My Most Favorite Places Big Sur Cali Fornia

Ya All Enjoy A Beautiful Weekend

































































































































































Slow Steppin Thru The Mine Fields In Leather FlipFlops

Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

See the source image

Psalm 91 King James Version (KJV)

91 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

 Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;

 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

 Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.

 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.


See the source image

Hue City / Central South Vietnam / 1968

All I Knew Was That Myself, A 19 Year Old Marine 2cd. Lieutenant And 2499 Other Marines Were Deployed To Hue City, Central South Vietnam On That Fateful Day,  In February, 1968.

The PAVN (People’s Army Of Vietnam) And The VC (Viet Cong) Initiated ‘The Tet Offensive‘ On January 30, 1968, Which Also Coincided With The Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

To State, That, On That Day In February, 1968, All Hell Broke Loose, Is A Gigantorous Understatement.

Hue Was Important In The Way That Highway 1 Ran Thru The Middle Of The City And Was An Important Supply Route For ARVN (Army Of The Republic Vietnam) And U.S. Military Allied Forces.

The ‘Perfume River‘ Ran Through Hue City Actually Dividing The City Straight Down The Center.

Situated 50 Klicks (Kilometers) From The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), One Would Think That Hue City Would Have Been Well Defended. The Very Unfortunate Realty Was The Exact Opposite. Even Considering That Hue Was Home Base For The U.S. Navy’s Supply Boats.

Hue Was The Cultural Center Of South Vietnam.

PAVN Rapidly Occupied And Overran Hue City.

For The Next Month And A Week, U.S. Forces Lead By U.S. Marines, In What Is Now Called The Longest And Ugliest Battle Of The Vietnam Campaign. Defeated The PAVN.

Three Under Strength U.S. Marine Corps Battalions, Four U.S.Army Battalions And 11 Battalions Of AVRN, Totaling 18 Battalions, Defeated 10 Battalions Of PAVN Forces.

Hue City Was Completely Destroyed.

U.S. Marines Defeated The PAVN In Literal Door To Door Fighting. We Were Actually Told Months Later That We, Marines, Had Invented Door To Door Fighting In That Month And One Week Time Period.

Victory Is A Hard Fought Word.

At Times Coming With So Many Causalities And Death On Both Sides That One Asks Themselves, For Real, Right?

The Cost Of Hue City?

More Than 5000 Civilians, Dead. Out Of That Number, 2800 Of These Civilians Were Executed By The PAVN And The VC.

The Communists Role In This Combat Theater Cost Them An Estimated 2400 To 8000 Killed.

On The Allied Side.

668 Dead.

3707 So Seriously Wounded They Required Being Airlifted Out Off The Field Of Battle.

My Very First Deployment.

A  United States Marine Second Lieutenant. Just A Surfer Kid From The Hood.

Crenshaw District, South Central Los Angeles, California.

See the source image

1968 / The Crenshaw Hood

See the source image

Talk About A Life Changer.

It Wasn’t Until They Air Lifted Our Beat Up Ass’s Out Of That Hell Bent Fire Storm That It All Hit Me.

Back At Base Camp, 127 Klicks North Of Saigon.

Out Of The Wild Blue, My Steel Trap Mind, Word For Word, Began Screaming Pslam 91.

Over And Over And Over Again And Again.

Then Followed By A Constant Tape That Runs Through My Mind Till This Very Day. Nano Click To Click. Tick To Tock.


For You See, Outside Of G.O.D. 

I’m The Last Man Standing.

And Pslam 91.

As The Huey Helicopter I Was About To Deploy Out Of, Was 2 Minutes Outside Of The LZ (Landing Zone), Captain Handed Me A Pocket Bible. I Looked At Captain;


“Here You Go 2cd Lieutenant. Good Luck Today. Your Life Expentency On The Field Of Battle Is 18 Minutes”.

With That, The Huey Helicopter I Occupied Along With My Marines, Landed On That Ridge, Rotter Blades Spinning High Rev’s. Myself, Along With My Marines Disembarked And Made Our Way Into Battle.

See the source image

I Stuck The Pocket Bible Into My All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment, Other Wise Known To Us Marines As AnAlice Vest‘.

It Wasn’t Until The Conclusion Of The Battle Of Hue City, Stated To This Day, As The Longest And Bloodiest Battle Of the Entire Vietnam Campaign.

I Reached Into My ‘Alice Vest‘ And Retrieved The Pocket Bible Captain Handed Me Almost A Month And A Half Prior To Battle.

I Opened The Sweat And Blood Stained Pocket Bible.

It Opened To Pslam 91

To This Very Day I Carry A Copy Of That All Amazing Powerful Pslam In My Wallet.


Ohhhhhhhh My.

Tears Hitting The Whores Expansive Keyboard In Torrential Driven Drops.

Every Night At Some Point In My Astral Dreams, Way Too Many Angels Come Before Me With GODS All Encompassing Love.

In A Nano Flash Of Face’s And Places, I See All My Marines. Standing Tall. Saluting. Guarding Those Most Beautiful Gates Of Heaven.

See the source image

Semper Fi Gentlemen. Lt. Be Seeing You Soon.



Yeah. I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

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Ryan. Out.

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1968 Chevrolet Camaro S.S. 427    Sittin On Chrome

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics peace sign my homies

Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14

May 13, 2014 – Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …


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Da Ghetto

See the source image

Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

Image result for pics desert bobcat

Have Compassion For All Beings, Rich And Poor Alike; Each Has Their Suffering. Some Suffer Too Much, Others Too Little. Buddha

The SouthSide

Ryanindadesert / Man In Da Sand

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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Back Tracking Through The ‘Da Swamp

Yo.Vietnam.What Up My Homies?Thanks For The Read Guys.LORD GOD Bless Each And Everyone Of You.Những gì lên Homies của tôi. Là một phút. Đánh giá cao thời gian của bạn trong việc đọc. Cho biết cô Lin Yang tôi gửi tất cả các tình yêu của tôi. Giữ an toàn. Hoa hậu Ya Girl. Sa mạc tình yêu. Điên Cowboy, RyanDesert Love Ya All.

Image result for pics vietnam

The South Side

Originally Composed / Late Spring 2012

Image result for pics food city tucson az

Image result for pics sonoran desert cactus flowers

Image result for El Barrio Tucson

The South Side


The Journey From The South Side North Was Always Interesting.

Then On Some Days The Journey Was Completely Off The Wire.
Today Was One Of Those.

I Decided To Cut Over From 44th And South 6th Avenue West Past The Pawn Shop.From There I Proceeded North Behind ‘Food City‘ Grocery Store.

Image result for pics food city tucson az

I Proceeded Into The Neighborhood, Then Up Through To South 33rd And Cut Over To South 6th Avenue.

Thing Of It Was, I Enjoyed The Barrio Neighborhoods For Not Only The History, But As Well The 1930’s And 1940’s Car’s In Their Original Condition, Without A Speck Of Rust Anywhere On Their Frames Or Bodies.

I As Well Fully Understood That I Was In Territory That I Did Not Belong In.

I Remember The First Week I Decided To Walk Most Of The Way Downtown To My Job As A Writer For A Small Publication.

Less Than A Quarter Of The Way Into The Barrio Neighborhood I Passed Some Of The Residents Who Were Actually More Or Less The Gatekeepers.

Knowing I Was In No Man’s Land As Far As Who I Was And Where I Was, I Put My Head Down In Respect And Flashed Somewhat Simultaneously Both The Piece Sign And The Love Sign.Image result for pics hand signs peace and love

This Went On For About Four Day’s Until My Presence Was Accepted, Then It Was A Daily Thing Of, Cómo estás jefe? Or Whad Up O.G.

On The Day That This Story Unfolded I Was About Four Blocks Into The Neighborhood Heading North.

As I Approached The Last Block Before Actually Cutting Over To South 6th I Felt A Vibe.


Vibes Are An Integral Part Of My Life On A Nano To Nano Basis. And For Sure I Never Doubt The Vibes.

Nor Due I Second Guess Gut Feelings.For You See Vibes And Gut Feelings Have Been The Entire Main Ingredients Regarding My Continuous Daily Occurrence Of Exhaling CO/2 On This Treacherous Planet.

I Casually Glance 25 Degrees Over My Left Shoulder.

Thank You Vibe.The Boy’s In Da Hood As It Were.

There Standing Over Waist High, Thick And Built, Stood Four Pit Bull Dog’s. All About A Year Old, Still Showing That Puppy Pose.

This Wild Doggy Pack Was Comprised Of An All White Male.

A Tan Male.

A Black Male


A White Male With A Black Spot Over His Left Eye, Right Thigh And Butt.

Adding Doggy Character As It Were.I Proceeded With My Walk, Not Changing Pace.

Still Calm, Laid Backed And Chill.Seemingly, The Doggy Ensemble Was Approaching In My Direction.Tongues Hanging.

Tails Wagging.

As Well Their Determination In Their Pursuit To Check Me Out Was Relentless.Upon Their Approach, They All Took Up Their Positions Around Me And Calmly Fit Into My Slow Cadence.

‘Whitey’ Took His Place At Front Flank.

‘Tan Boy’ Positioned Himself At My Right Flank.

‘Blacky’ Covered My Left Flank


‘Spot’ Took Up The Rear.

So Here We All Were In This South Side Barrio Walking, Talking And Chillin In The Early Morning 90 Degree Plus Heat.

We Proceed On.

Myself Talking Softly, Quietly  To My Newly Acquired Escorts.My Pace Unchanged.

Speaking To My Escorts In My Typical Laid Back South Cali Drawl.

We Seemingly Had Some Kind Of Rapport Because At One Point I Told Them How Big And Beautiful They All Were.

Before I Could Place A Period On That Vocal Sentence They All Licked Me.

I Then Proceeded To Tell Them As Well That They Were For Sure Some Giant Ass Pit Bull Doggies.

In Fact Some Of The Biggest Dogs I Had Ever Seen.

At That Claim They All Looked At Me And Winked.

So Here We Were, Just Hanging And A Banging Down This South Side Barrio Hood Street Walking In The Middle Of The Road.

Image result for pics tucson az barrio neighborhood  streets

I Said To Them That Their Doggy Mama And Daddy Had To Be Some Really Big Dawgs.

Just As The Period Hit My Verbal Sentence, Ms. Vibe Flashed Me A Fleeting Nano Subliminal Message.Thank You Again Vibe.

That’s When I Caught It.I Turn My Head Less Than 20 Degrees To My Left.

Standing Loud And Proud On A Desert Dirt Front Lawn Tilting Up At About 2 Feet High There Stood Mom.

Image result for pics giant female pit bull

Mom Figured. What The Hell.

She Joined In On This Rag Tag March Through The Barrio.Their We Were.

Myself And The Entire Dog Famdamily.

Mama Made Sure To Make Herself Noticed.

She Walked Up To My Left Leg, Gave Me A Love Nudge.

As If To Tell Me, She Was The Boss.

We Continue On Walking And Talking.

I Say To Mama, Damn Girl, You Certainly Are Big.

I Can Only Imagine How Big Daddy Dog Is.

Then It Happened.

As We Pass This Dirt Ally, Popz Makes His Entrance Out Of The Ally.For Sure.

Popz Big Dawg.

Image result for pics giant  pit bull

Popz Da Pit, Took His Position Beside’s Mamma.

We All Walked On For Another Block.

Me And The Entire Dog Famdamily.Then, Straight Out Of The Wild Blue.

Big Pup In Front Hit The Deck.

Rolled Over And Started Licking My Legs.

Then The Other 3 Pit Pup’s Joined In This Mad Crazy Street Love While Momz And Popz Looked On.

After A Few Minutes Of All This Street Puppy Love, They All Stood Up And Took Their Place In Front Of Me For Some Serious Behind The Dog Ear Petting And Scratching.

 Then, Just As They Approached Me They All Disbanded And Went Their Way Up The Street.About 10 Feet Away They All Turned Their Heads And Threw Me A Wink In A Type Of Doggy Choreographed Move As If To Say, “Later Homie”.

I Looked Up.I Exclaimed To HIM.Uh Huh.

Walking Through Da Hood With Giant Wild Street Pit Bulls.

You Surely Trippin LORD GOD.

Then In A Quicker Than L.A. Quick Lickety A Strong Desert Breeze Brushed It’s Sweetness Over Me While Butter Flies Engulfed Me.

Image result for pics many   desert butter flies


Image result for Black Bird Flying Animated GIFs

Just To Make Sure I Was Clear On This Spiritual Intervention.

A Screeching Black Bird Descended Before Me.

Hovering As It Were Right Before My Face As If To Say:Hope Ya Cop Da Drift Boy. Have A Nice Day.

I Proceed On Up To 32nd Street And Cut Back Over To South 6th Avenue.

As I Make My Way North Up South 6th Avenue Approaching 31st Street I Notice On The Eastside Corner Of 6th And 31st Three Young Mexican Men Between The Ages Of 16 And 18 Years Old.

The Way They Were Hanging Out, It Was More Of A Claim Of Territory They Have Secured On That Particular Part Of The Hot Near 100 Degree Tarmac.

These Teenagers Were Dressed In New Red Nike Air Jordan’s.

Red Bandanna’s.

Black Baseball Caps With Red Letters Indicating Their Choice In Regard’s To The Dress Code.The B‘s And The C‘s As It Were.Can Ya Spell Bloods‘.

Hanging With These Young Men Were Two Beautiful Young Mexican Girl’s.

I Would Say Around 16 Years Old.

I Continue North On South 6th Avenue On The Opposite Side Of The Street.

Walking Against The Flow Of People And Traffic.

Hard To Come Up On Me. Been A Lifelong.

As I Approach 30th Street One Of The Young Mexican Girls Crosses South 6th Avenue To My Side.

As She Grows Closer To What I Call My ‘Meet And Greet Space I Say:Pido perdón la señorita Iam lamentable no soy una perspectiva buena“.

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ I’m Sorry Young Lady I Am Not A Good Prospect.)

Without A Word The Beautiful Young Woman Takes Her Position On My Right Flank And Falls In Lock Step With Me.

The Time Was 08:45, Sunday Morning.

We Walked In This Quite, Not A Word Spoken Manner For A Couple Of Blocks.

Without Any Props, Completely Out Of The Vast Wild Blue, Girl Says To Me:Haga usted tiene cualquier licor“?

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ Do You Have Any Liquor?)

No, Seguro no Hago. Son Usted No Demasiado Jóven Para Beber el Licor. También Es Tan Muy Temprano “?

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ No, I Sure Dont Young Lady Are You Not Too Young To Be Drinking Liquor, As Well It Is Very Early Sunday Morning.)

Esto lo hace ir más rápido“.

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ It Makes It Go Faster.)

¿Usted significa(piensa) a todos los hombres todo el día y toda la repetición

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ You Mean All The Men All Day And All Of The Repetition?)


(For My Single Lingual Readers/ Yes)

We Continued On For A Bit.

Silent As We Walked.

After A Few Blocks The Young Lady Turns To Me And Says:Va a Usted Rezar Para Mí?

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ Will You Pray For Me?)

. Absolutamente. Rezaré por usted. ¿Cómo te llamas

(For My Single Lingual Readers  /Yes. Absolutely. I Will Pray For You. What Is Your Name.)

Mi nombre es Monique“.

(For My Single Lingual Readers  /My Name Is Monique.)

Seguro que Monique. Señor Dios te bendiga muy muy Much.My nombre es Monique“.

(For My Single Lingual Readers  /For Sure Monique. LORD GOD Bless You So Very Very Much.)

With That Monique Trailed Off Back To The East Side Of South 6th Avenue.

I Walked About A Block And A Half North Up South 6th Avenue To 29th Street.

I Turned Left Up The Steep Grade Of West 29th Street And Walked About 18 Steps And Stopped In Front Of An Abandon 19th Century Old Church.

See the source image

I Looked Up.


PLEASE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Find This Young Lady And Intercede LORD GOD. Save Her From The Ravages Of War.

Please Save Her Oh LORD GOD. I’m Begging You LORD. I’m Begging You”.

My Tears In A Torrential Onslaught Hit The Hot Tarmac Like Exploding Mortars Ripping Through The Desert Floor.Silently Crying Like The Proverbial ‘B’.

I Can Not Say How Long I Stood There Begging LORD GOD To Save This Victim Of Family Turf War Engaged For The Simple Non Payment Of A Street Debt.

Even Right Now.

My Tears Cascading Down Onto The Whores Ever Expansive Keyboard As I Drop These Last Peckz.

The Treacherous Wicked Hell Bent World For Now Safely At Bay.

Ryan. Out.

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Image result for pics  bugatti    

Image result for pics bugatti logo      Sitting On Fire

See the source image

Jimi Hendrix – Red House – Santa Clara 1969

Image result for pics  animated spinning galaxies

United States





United Kingdom









Costa Rica











Hong Kong














Image result for pics african animals running wild





Image result for pics   desert lizard monsters

Ya All 
Bout Da Desert

Image result for pics the 7 stars

LORD GOD’S 7 Stars



That Rockin Thang

Image result for pics sunset desert rainbow

Welcome To The Desert Ya All

Image result for pics giant desert iguanas

The Whole Secret Of Existence Is To Have No Fear. Never fear What Will Become Of You, Depend On No One. Only The Moment You Reject All Help You Are Freed. Buddha

“Hey Kid. Ya Like Music”?

I Looked Behind Me Up The Long Foyer From The Front Of The Restaurant/Bar Where I Sat On My 20 Inch Schwinn Back To The Entrance Leading Into The Restaurant/Bar Of The South Park Hotel.



The Man Speaking To Me Looked To Be No More Than Thirty Years Old. He Was 6 Feet 4 Inches Tall. Very Thin. He Was Black And Very Well Dressed From His Peach Colored Paton Leather Loafers, Light Peach Gaberdine Slacks, Black Silk Shirt And Two Very Thick, Long Gold Chains, One With Jesus On A Cross.

For At Least A Year Now This Foyer Was My Chill Zone Until The Weather Warmed Up Enough For Me To Ride Down To The Beach.

Thing Of It Was I Never Came By Here This Late In The Morning. It Was Now Going On Ten A.M.

Date: Sunday, June 11, 1961.

Temperature: 61 Degrees.

I Slow Road My Bike Up The Giant Foyer To Where The Man Stood. I Hopped Off The Schwinn. The Man Took Hold Of The Handle Bars And Rolled It Towards The Front Door Leading Into The Restaurant/Bar.

He Turned His Head Back Towards Me And Said:

“My Name Is Slim, What’s Your Name Young Man”?


“Hey Ryan, Nice To Meet You”.

“Nice Meeting You Slim”.

With That We Were Inside The Establishment. Slim Walked My Bike Into A Small Office In A Hall Leading To The Entrance Of The Club.

Slim Then Walked Me Into To Club, Grabbed A High Back Stool, Carried It To The Front Of The Room And Sat The Chair Down About Five Feet From The Stage.

The Place was Already Packed. Music Was Flowing. On Stage Was Roland Kirk, Four Saxophones Strapped Around His Neck, Blasting Out His Version Of “Fly Me To The Moon”.

Image result for pics 1960's roland kirk 6 saxaphones playing

Roy Haynes Quartet featuring Roland Kirk – Fly Me to the Moon

Slim Walked Up And Handed Me A Tall Glass Of 7-Up With An Umbrella And Three Cherries Floating On The Top.

“Enjoy The Soda Ryan, I’ll Check On You Later”.

“Thanks Slim”.

As I Was Sitting There, Blown Away By The Music, A Slight Man, Maybe Five Feet Six Inches Tall, Walked Up To Me, In A Deep, Melodious Voice Said:

“You Like The Music Kid”?

“Yes Sir”.

“My Name Is Miles Davis, Whats Your Name Kid”?

Image result for pics 1960's Miles davis

“My Name Is Ryan”.

“How You Doing Ryan”?

“I’m Doing Fine Mr. Davis”.

“Just Call Me Miles”.

“O.K. Miles”.

“Nice Meeting You Ryan”.

With That Miles Davis Walked Away Towards The Back Of The Stage.

Roland Kirk Finished His Set. The Crowd Went Wild. The Crowd, As It Was, Consisted Of The Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Burbank And Beach Residents Who Flocked To The South Park Hotel Every Sunday Morning To Listen To Great Jazz. Slumming If You Will.

Slim Took The Stage To Announce The Next Musician.

“It Is With Great Pleasure And Honor Ladies And Gentlemen To Present To You, All The Way From New York City, The Great John Coltrane.

The Crowd Went Crazy.

John Coltrane Took The Stage And Opened Up With: ‘My Favorite Things’.

Image result for pics 1960's john coltrane

The John Coltrane Quartet My Favorite Things Belgium, 1965

I Was The Ripe Old Age Of Eleven. It Was As If I Had Been 4th Dimensional Dumped Into An Alternate Realty That Forever Changed My Life. I Was Forever Hooked On Music.

John Coltrane Completed His Amazing Rendition Of ‘My Favorite Things’, Then Announced:

“I Want To Welcome Onto The Stage My Dear Friend Who Blows Magic Through His Horn, Mr. Miles Davis”.

The Crowd Went Insane.

Miles Davis Took To The Stage, Then Along With John Coltrane Went Into ‘Kinda Blue’.

Miles Davis & John Coltrane – Kind Of Blue

They Blew Up The House.

The One Thing For Sure, Was That Sunday, My Mind Was Forever Blown.

After All The Sets, Three Hours Later, Sitting There, Slim, Miles, John Coltrane, Roland Kirk  Joined Me In The Empty Restaurant/Bar And We All Just Hung Out Chewing The Fat As It Were.

For The Next Three Years, Every Sunday, I Parked My Little Butt On That Stool And Listened To The Greatest Music In The World. Actually Shaping My Life In The Sense That Without Even Knowing It, I Witnessed Up Close And Personal A Time That Was Actually Part Of American History That Will Never Be Repeated.

A Couple Of Years Down The Road, On One Of Those Sundays, Slim Asked Me If I Could Give A Hand Helping One Of The Feature Artists Performing That Day A Hand Unloading His Equipment. Slim Advanced Me $20.00 For My Effort And Introduced Me To John Lee Hooker.

See the source image

John Lee Hooker: Boom boom

Little Did I Know That On That Particular Sunday I Landed My Own Gig As A Roadie In The Los Angeles Area For The John Lee Hooker Band. As Well, That Sunday, John Lee Paid Me An Additional $30.00 For As He Stated, Doing A Bang Up Job. That Began An Entire Phase In My Young Life.

I Love Music.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindadesert

Image result for 1967 Shelby Cobra

1967 Shelby Cobra   Sittin On Chrome

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics peace sign my homies

Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14

May 13, 2014 – Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …

Image result for pics desert sunset

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