Da Swamp Gonna Tie It All Together For Ya

Vietnam War Jefferson Airplane Volunteers

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Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

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Yo Whad Up World?

Hope Your Lives Are As Soul And Spirit Happy As Mine.

Gonna Lay Down A Few Thangs Here Today.

First Of All, I Have To Say That I Have Never Witnessed This Country In The Divisive Hate That Is Permeating And Boiling As It Is Now.

As A Recon Marine 03, What I Am Witnessing Is A Country On The Brink Of Serious, Dangerous, Political Unrest.

To The Point Of People, Weaponizing Up And More Or Less Waiting On Orders. Not At All A Good Place To Be For A Free Republic.

Here In The Great State Of Arizona, Especially Here In Tucson, A Very Military Town And As Well A Town And State Where Cowboy’s, Ranchers And Militias Roam Free.

Loving Our Country And Regarding Mass Populous, Loving Our President.

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Our Southern Border, Sitting Approximately 70 Miles To Our South, Nothing New There.

Just A Major Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float.

On the Mexican Side, No More Than 20 Miles In, Everything From Plastic Wrapped Piles Of Cocaine To Caches Of Serious Weapons And Ammo.

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The Brave And Courageous Personnel Who On A Daily Basis Put Their Very Lives On The Line.

Image result for pics cache and weapons south of az border mexico

Just A Little Bit Of Cocaine Confiscated By Our Brave Border Patrol Agents.

The Above And Following Pictures Represent The Obama Years.

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The Above Picture Of Tucson Native, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Shot Dead By A Mexican Cartel Member With An Automatic Rifle That Was Distributed, Basically To Cartel Member’s By Obamas Attorney General Eric Holder In The Criminal Action Known As “Fast And Furious“.

Brian Terry’s Murderer Sits In An Arizona Prison Today For The Murder Of Brian Terry’s.

In An Interview A Year And A Half Ago, He Spoke On How All Of The “Fast And Furious Weapons Ended Up In The Hands Of The Mexican Cartel Known By The Name “Sinola Cartel“.

Here Are The Main Mexican Cartel Don’s.

No. Cartel Name Alias Reward (Mexican pesos) Status Date of status
1 Beltrán-Leyva Arturo Beltrán Leyva El Barbas $30M Killed 2009-12-16[21]
2 Beltrán-Leyva Héctor Beltrán Leyva El General $30M Captured 2014-10-01[23]
3 Beltrán-Leyva Sergio Villarreal Barragán El Grande $30M Captured 2010-09-13[24]
4 Beltrán-Leyva Edgar Valdez Villarreal La Barbie $30M Captured 2010-08-31[28][29]
5 Beltrán-Leyva Francisco Hernández García El 2000 $15M Captured 2011-11-04[76]
6 Beltrán-Leyva Alberto Pineda Villa El Borrado $15M Killed 2009-09-12[77][91]
7 Beltrán-Leyva Marco Antonio Pineda Villa El MP $15M Killed 2009-09-12[79]
8 Beltrán-Leyva Héctor Huerta Ríos La Burra $15M Captured 2009-03-25[80]
9 La Familia Michoacana Nazario Moreno González El Chayo $30M Killed 2014-03-09[32]
10 La Familia Michoacana Servando Gómez Martínez La Tuta $30M Captured 2015-02-27[34]
11 La Familia Michoacana José de Jesús Méndez Vargas El Chango $30M Captured 2011-06-21[10]
12 La Familia Michoacana Dionisio Loya Plancarte El Tío $30M Captured 2014-01-27[17]
13 Los Zetas Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano Z-3 $30M Killed 2012-10-07[15]
14 Gulf Cartel Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez El Coss $30M Captured 2012-09-12[92]
15 Gulf Cartel Ezequiel Cárdenas Guillén Tony Tormenta $30M Killed 2010-11-05[39][40]
16 Los Zetas Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales Z-40 $30M Captured 2013-07-15[16]
17 Los Zetas Omar Treviño Morales L-42 $30M Captured 2015-03-04[70]
18 Los Zetas Iván Velázquez Caballero L-50 $30M Captured 2012-09-26[93]
19 Los Zetas Gregorio Sauceda Gamboa El Goyo $30M Captured 2009-04-30[74]
20 Gulf Cartel Sigifredo Nájera Talamantes El Canicón $15M Captured 2009-03-23[81]
21 Los Zetas Ricardo Almanza Morales El Gori I $15M Killed 2009-12-04[86]
22 Los Zetas Eduardo Almanza Morales El Gori II $15M Fugitive
23 Los Zetas Raymundo Almanza Morales El Gori III $15M Captured 2009-05-22[87]
24 Los Zetas Flavio Méndez Santiago El Amarillo $15M Captured 2011-01-18[89]
25 Los Zetas Sergio Peña Solís El Concord $15M Captured 2009-03-14[90]
26 Los Zetas Raúl Lucio Hernández Lechuga El Lucky $15M Captured 2011-12-12[13]
27 Gulf Cartel Sergio Enrique Ruiz Tlapanco El Tlapa $15M Captured 2009-09-08[82][83][84]
28 Juárez Cartel Vicente Carrillo Fuentes El Viceroy $30M Captured 2014-10-09[42][43]
29 Juárez Cartel Vicente Carrillo Leyva El Ingeniero $30M Captured 2009-04-03[45]
30 Juárez Cartel Juan Pablo Ledesma El JL $15M Fugitive
31 Sinaloa Cartel Joaquín Guzmán Loera El Chapo $30M Recaptured 2016-01-08[8]
32 Sinaloa Cartel Ismael Zambada García El Mayo Zambada $30M Fugitive
33 Sinaloa Cartel Ignacio Coronel Villarreal El Nacho Coronel $30M Killed 2010-07-29[51]
34 Sinaloa Cartel Juan José Esparragoza Moreno El Azul $30M Allegedly dead
35 Sinaloa Cartel Vicente Zambada Niebla El Vicentillo $30M Captured 2009-03-19[55]
36 Tijuana Cartel Teodoro García Simental El Teo $30M Captured 2010-01-12[58][60]
37 Tijuana Cartel Fernando Sánchez Arellano El Ingeniero $30M Captured 2014-06-23[63]

I’m No Attorney.

That Stated.

As far As I Am Concerned, The Murder Of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Lies Directly In the Hands Of Obama And Holder.


I Published The Above Pictures Of Weapons Back In the Blogger Days Exactly 29 Hours After these Pictures Were Snapped And Forwarded To Me By Former Swamp Roaming Reporter Ms. Tish.

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Money And Cocaine That Is More Or Less A Daily Occurrence On My Arizona/Mexican Border.

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Dad, Are Those Michelin’s?

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That Poor Poor Mexican Child.

Young Ladd Caught Smuggling Black Tar Heroin Over The Arizona Border. \

Ohhhh My.

Those Poor Little Mexican Immigrant Children.  Paleeze.


Ya All So Ignorant.


I’m Talking To To You, Left Side Commie Democrats.

As Far As I Am Concerned.

Ya All The Real Immigrants In My Country.

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Maxine Waters Paid Daughter Nearly $650k from Campaign Funds …

Last Time I Checked, That Is Very Illegal. If All Those Piled High $tack$ Were Not Enough For Maxie’s Baby Girl.

See the source image

Maxine Waters Under Ethical Scrutiny, Transferring $100K to …

Oh My.


The Rest Of America’s Immigrant Left Side Commie Democrat Bitches.

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Backed Up And Marching Behind America’s Number One Anti American Terrorist, Cop Killer And Bomber Of 19 Federal Buildings And Armories, Barry/Barack Hussein Soetoro/Obamas Number One Main Dawg And Homie, Non Other Than The Pussy Ass Punk Faggot And His Fat Ass, Pig Face, Cunt Wife, Bill Ayers And Bernadine Dohrn.

The Two Responsible Individuals For The Bloody Horrific Death Of San Fransisco Police Sargent Brian McDonnell.

Image result for pics san fransico police sargent Brian mcdonnel  Image result for pics san fransico police sargent Brian mcdonnel Image result for pics san fransico police sargent Brian mcdonnel

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Cop Killing Is A O Fuckin K, If Ones Father Is The Wealthy CEO Of Con Ed And Has The Resources To Buy His Faggot Commie Cop Killing Son A Reprieve From Proper Justice.

Image result for pics faggot pussy bill ayers

Tell Em Prez T.

Love Ya Prez T.

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https://cdn0.thetruthaboutguns.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Screen-Shot-2017-06-26-at-10.03.27-AM.png See the source image

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Protected And Watched Over By The Very Corrupt Chicago Police.

Yo. Billy Boy.

Reliable’s In Chi Town Tell Me, Scope On Ya Faggot.

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Surprise. Surprise.

Check Out The Following YouTube.


I Break It Down.

You Decide.

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Make No Mistake About It America, This Is Who The Communist Left Side Democrats Are.

Living Free And Happy, Millionaires To A One In The Country They Hate And Want To Destroy.

So, I Say To You Commie Pieces Of Shit, Bring It Bitches.

Cuz Me And Mine, We Waiting On Ya.

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The Above Pictures Represent Real American Patriots.

American Patriots Ready To Rock And Roll.

I Look Around My America.

The Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave.

A Country Where Seemingly, A Baker, Who For Personal Reasons And Deep Beliefs, Upon His Refusal To Bake A Cake For A Gay Couple, Is Dragged Into Court And Ordered To Bake That Gay Cake Or, Off To Prison He Goes.

2018 27 06 / Update

Said Baker According To Supreme Court Decision DOES NOT Have To Bake The Gay Boy’s Cake. Another One For The Good Guys.

Yet It Is A O.K.

For Hollywood Stars And Others To Literally Threaten The Life Of An American Sitting President.

To Kick His Staff Members Out Of Restaurants Or Harass Them In Public Venues.


You Muthu Fuckin Shittin Me.

Image result for pics red hen rest lexington va

When I Think About ‘Greasy Spoons’ A Clearer Visual Does Not Come To Mind.

My Main Number One Dog, ‘Binny Da Pit’ Told Me Yesterday;

“Boss, I Wouldn’t Wanna Eat There. That Place Is Filthy Nasty”.

See the source image

So Cute.

There Ya Have It.

As Much As I Detest Obama, It Would Never, Ever, Even Cross My Mind To Even Think Of Threatening That Man For The Fact, That For Better Or Worse, He Wa, Unfortunately,  My Commander In Chief.

I Guess President Trump Doesn’t Get That Benefit.

Un Fuckin Real.

See the source image

Just Another Day On The Arizona Border.


To All You Pussy Ass Faggot Left Side Commie Democrats Here’s Whats Up.

Image result for pics faggot pussy bill ayers


Your Pig Face Fat Ass Ugly Hoe Cunt Mamas.

Yeah I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for ryanindadesert

Ryan. Out.

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2018 Aston Martin V12 Vantage  Sittin On Chrome

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:


To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics peace sign my homies

Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14


May 13, 2014Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …

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Suicide A Veterans Last Round In The Chamber

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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Everything Is Changeable, Everything Appears And Disappears; There Is No Blissful Peace Until One Passes Beyond The Agony Of Life And Death. Buhhda

Tracking Here And There. Boots On The Ground. Cocked Locked Ready To Rock.

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In Our Environment, Minds On Super Hyper Nano Mission Tick To Tock. Our Purpose Defined, Hard Stamped In Granite.

Then It Happens.

Mission Complete. Back To The World. Our Beloved Country And Home.

Image result for pics marines arriving from vietnam american airports

Image result for pics american airportsmarines arriving home from vietnam

We Look Around.

Baffled And Lost.

The Very Civilians We Put It All On The Line For. 

Steeped In The Comfortable Slant Of Fat And Happy.

Needle Buried All The Way To The Right In The Constant Whine And Complaints.

Lost In The Division And Hate Of Their Thankless Existence, Spouting Forth Hate, Blame And Regression At Our Country.

Clueless As Clueless Can Be To The Very Freedoms Afforded To Them. Opportunities Abound. But Oh The Hell No.

Lost In The Divisive Political Unrest And Oh So Buried In The Fog Of Propaganda Aimed From This Side Or That.

That Which Only Accomplishes The End Of The Road, Leading To The Path That Leads To The Freeway Of Self Implosion, While Our Enemies Watch In Delight Waiting For The Ax To Fall.

A Free Republic Brought Down Like An F16 Fighter Jet Catching A Surface To Air.

Nothing But Hate And Disrespect For Each Other.

For Us.

Those Who Have Stood Tall And Served Without One Single Question Asked.

Proud And Honored To Keep It All Safe For Those Back Home. Commanding The Utmost Respect From Our Fallen Enemies.

Not At All Looking Anywhere, For Any Kind Of Acknowledgement, Recognition Or Benediction. Just Doing Our God Directed Jobs.

For Us.

Our Up Close Personal Is That Of Walking Around The Zoo, Witnessing Spieces Who For The Most Part Appear Alien.

Our Government Fucking Us Over At Every Curve And Straight A Way.

Unable To Perform The Very Jobs They Were Hired To Do.

Instead Lost In The Greed And Irresponsibly Of Moving Up The Chain. Dereliction Of Duty A Cyclopean Upgrade.

People Whose Lives Have Been Spent In The Comforts Of Freedoms That A Mass Global Populous Can Only Dream About.

American Civilians Who Never Stepped Out Of Their Comfort Zone Of Their God Given Freedoms, While Around The Globe, In The Most Horrid And Desolate This Planet Has To Offer, 12 And 13 Year Old Children.

Wielding AK-47’s Just To Make It Through Another Day.

See the source image  See the source image  See the source image

Feel Me? So Far?

Humans Living In Such Abject Poverty, That Daily Sustenance Is A Far Lost Forgotten Dream.

Following Dictum And Decree, That If One Utters A Sliver Of A Syllable Of Complaint And Disagreement, They Straight Up Smoke.

While Americans Sit Around Their 60 Inch Flat Screens Digesting Pizza, Hagen Daaz And Dolly Madison Pies, Complaining And Hating.

Having Served Our Country.

Now Ready To Virtually Start Over From Scratch To Build Ourselves A New Life.

Lied To. Scammed, Shamed To The Point Where Nothing Makes Any Logical Sense.

Honored And Proud Individuals To A One. Driven To A Level Of Dis Connection Beyond All Earthly Human Words. WTF!!!

Stranded At The Corner Of Disillusion Avenue And Whats The Point Boulevard, Our Only Solution.

A Kill Round To Our Heads. ShhhhhWham.

See the source image

I Am Distressed, Sickened And Besides Myself. The Texts. The Calls.

“LT., Max Is Gone Sir. He Fragged Himself”.

“Jimmy Went And Did It LT. 45 Round Through His Head. Found Him In His Car”.


“Damn LT., James Leaped Off A 400 Foot Cliff”.

On And On And And Muthu Fuckin On.


Just Like Every Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float, There Is That Thin Peek Thru Of A Single Light Of Sun-shines Bright White Light.



Before You Squeeze.

Find That Nano Click Of Reason.

Call This Number.


Veteran Crisis Suicide Hotline.

These Beautiful, Courageous, Dedicated Individuals Will Stay On The Line With You For How Ever Long It Takes For Total Resolve. They Will set You Up With Many V.A. Services On The Spot, Send Someone To Check On You Or Transport You To The Hospital And They Will Call You Back To Check On You.

You Can Tell Them Anything In Any Way You Feel You Want To Express Yourself. Cuss Words Not One Damn Muthu Fuckin Problem.

Let It Rip Soldier.

See the source imageThe

Lt. Begging Ya All.

I Get It.

Strung Out On Severe PTSD.

Un Earthly Night Terrors.

The Pitch Black Deep Deep Dark Dreams.

I Get It!!!

Been There.

Done That.

Own The Fuckin T-Shirt Factory.


One Corner I Just Can’t Stray Far Da Fuck Away From.

See the source image

At Least, Just Give These Guys A Call.

Cause ‘I’m Gonna Tell Ya All One Thing For Sure.

I Know This To Be The Truth.

You Smoke Yourself.

You Coming Back To This Lower Earth Whelm Of Insanity In A Much Worse Off Life.

Trust Me On This.

In The All Of It,

This Ain’t Nothing But A Thang.

See the source image

Feel Me? So Far? Soldier.

Image result for pics  smily face

Cause I Gotta Tell Ya All, Lt. At His Very Thin Last Strand Regarding Any More Texts And Phone Calls Alerting Me To A Lost Man And Another Brother Down In The Senseless Mess Of It All.

And Marines, Now I’m Specifically Talking To You For The Fact That I Know Who WE Are.

See the source image

Follow This Vapor Trail If You Will.

Image result for pics  vapor trails

Several Years Ago I Was Down In Yuma, Arizona Visiting A Friend Who Worked At Marine Air Base Yuma.

My Friend, Ms. Abagayle Worked On Base In The Capacity Of A Psychotherapist. Now Retired.

We Were Walking, Talking And Chilling In The Desert. Quite Possibly She Saw Something In My Eyes.

She States To Me;

You Marines Are Not Right, In The Way Of How You Think, Perceive And Analyze Situations. Ill Extrapolate. You Could Be In A Ferocious Fire Fight. Your Rifle Jams, You Run Out Of Ammo. Your Assault Knife Broken. You Find A Stick On the Ground, Your Good To Go. Un Stoppable. Then At Some Point In Your Life, For What Ever Reason, You Decide You Have Had Enough.”

At This Point In The Conversation, Abagayle Thrusts Her Arms Up In The Air, Fashions Her Hands Into The Shape Of Pistols. She Then States;

Then You Get To This Point Where You Are Saying, Watch This, Fuck You. Bammm“.


Your Overwhelming Pride And Chiseled In Stone Attitudes OfI Got ThisAnd Hard Headed Reluctance Fueled By Your Immense Pride Forbids You Guys To Reach Out And Ask For Help, That Jarhead Attitude Of Invincibility. Damn Stubborn Jarheads.

So, My Brothers, Reach The Hell Out And Dial This Number;


Veteran Crisis Suicide Hotline.

That’s A Direct Gentlemen.

See the source image

Cuz I Gotta Tell Ya All.

LT. Running Out Of Tears And Sorrow.


Just Damn Tired Of Attending Senseless Funerals.

Feel Me? So Far? Jarheads?

See the source image


Ya All Killing Me.

One Last Thing.

LaBron LaBron LaBron.

Left To Right. Up To Down. All Da Hell Around.

LaBron This. LaBron That.

What LaBron Do?

What Cha All Want from LaBron???

LaBron Is Great.

He Steps Out On The Wood, Ready To Play.

The Very Absolute Best That He Got.

Playing Hard 1st To Last.

Basically On His Own, Alone.

So Damn Alone.

His Team Mates No Where To Be Found.

Laid back.


A Real Gentleman.

As Humble As It Get’s.

Just Out There Doing His Thing.


Broadcasters All Up In The Comparison Slant. Michael Jordan. Coby Byrant. Scotty Pippin. Just On And On And On. WTF???

Are You All So Bored You Just Can’t For The Lives Of Yourself Find Something Else To Run Yak About.

Game Number Three, Celtics.

Fourth Quarter.

LaBron Is Pulled Off From The Paint.

Playing So Damn Hard All By Himself.

He Is So Damn Dehydrated, Transcending Electrolytes And Wanting Still To Go Back In.

Ya All Leave LaBron The Hell Alone.

Just Give This Great Athlete His So Deserved Props And Creds.

See the source image


If All Of The Above Was Not Enough.

LeBron James Walks Out Of Press Conference After Repeated J.R. Smith Questions.

Brought To You Bythebiglead.com

LeBron James was unbelievable during Game 1 of the NBA Finals, but it wasn’t enough. Despite scoring 51 points, grabbing eight rebounds and dishing out eight assists, James’ Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors in overtime. After the game, LeBron didn’t have time for your stupid questions.

During his post-game press conference, James had to answer questions about J.R. Smith’s incredibly bone-headed play at the end of regulation. He claimed he didn’t know what Smith was thinking. Then, he was asked again, this time from ESPN’s Mark Schwartz and here’s the exchange:

Schwartz repeatedly asked the same question James had already answered. I would have walked out too. Some are saying that on the way out James said, “be better Mark,” or, “be better tomorrow,” though there have been several interpretations.

LeBron gave what was already a decent press conference and answered every question, but a reporter kept trying to get him to say something about his teammate’s mental state during a key play. James just wasn’t going to go there, and he shouldn’t have to.

Schwartz didn’t get the answer he wanted, so he kept needling. It was an unprofessional move by him. The fact that he works for a league partner in ESPN and LeBron James walked out because of his questions will almost certainly be an issue for him. Someone is going to give him a talking to.

The Last Thing.

If You DO NOT Want To Get Hacked.

Read The Following. The Safest Way To Access This Sight Is FireFox.

My Search Engines Of Choice;

DuckDuckGo / StartPage / FireFox / Ghost

Find out if your Google account has been hacked – CNET

Android lockscreen can be hacked using a simple text password …

How to Tell if Your Android Has Been Hacked (& What You Can ..

Android phones can be hacked with a text, security firm says …


I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for ryanindadesert

Ryan. Out.

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2019 Mercedes Benz 560 Coupe   Sittin On Chrome

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:


To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics peace sign my homies

Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14


May 13, 2014Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …

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Prez ‘T’ Up On It

Today’s Song Dedicated To The ‘B‘s’ Of The DNC

If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are Unexpected. Master Sun Tzu

Image result for pics obama kim jung un

Image result for pics obama kim jung un

Just For Gigglez And Shitz Image result for pics arror pointing up  

See the source image

That Bad Bad Prez T.

What He Do?

Unemployment At An All Time Low.

U.SUnemployment Rate Lowest It’s Been This Century | Fortune

Here In Tucson, Arizona.

Where At One Time Finding A Decent Job Was Akin To Launching Into Space Flight From One’s Backyard.

Geico Insurance Has Been Calling Tucson Home For The Past 15 Years. Not Much Turn Around Regarding Employee Departure.

Geico Is Now On A Hiring Blitz Looking To Hire 1500 New Employees. Starting Pay, $15.39 An Hour.

Raytheon Company Established Here In Tucson In 1997. That Was End Result Of Hughes Missiles Merging With Raytheon Company Of Massachusetts In A $9.5 Billion Merger.

Today Raytheon Missiles Is Expanding It’s Missile Facility Looking To Add 2000 More New Jobs.

Both AT&T And Verizon Are Expanding Their Call Center Staff By An Additional Combined 3700 Employees.

My Neighbor, A Young-man Who Works As Assistant Manager At Blake’s Burgers Pulls Down $17.00 An Hour. Up From $12.00 An Hour One Year Ago.

Amazon Has Chosen Tucson For A New Fulfillment Center With Plans To Hire More Than 1,500 Full-Time Employees. Not Bad.

The Iran Nuclear Deal Has Been Scrapped.

A Deal That Served Absolutely No One Except The Iranian Murdering Mullahs.

See the source image

These Three Stooges Way Da Hell Past Deaths Door. Time To Hit Da Road Fat Boy Mullahs.

I Have Many Iranian Friends Here In Town. My Dentist Is Iranian.

Great People To A One. Who Hold Only Detestable Hate For The Iranian Regime.

Clock Ticking Down Bashar Assad You Murdering Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy Piece Of Shit. No More Innocent Blood For You To Spill.

Looks Like Your People Have Had Enough. Time To Hit The Road Faggot.

As Well, Prez T, Let You Know First Hand That He Is Cocked Locked & Ready To Rock.

Image result for pics cartoon trump missiles syria

Make Not One Mistake About It. Prez T’s Actions In Syria Has One Vladdy Boy P. On His Heel’s.

Image result for pics cartoon putin scared


О Дерьмо

Israel About To Draw The Ultimate Right Conclusion In It’s Quest To Finally Unleash The Hounds On Iran And Syria, Bring Down Both Of These Murdering Regimes While Securing Their Fought And Earned Space In The Middle East. As Well, Know For A Solid Fact Prez T Has Israels 6.

See the source image

Israeli Jet Ascends After Unloading On Syria.

See the source image


Word Up If You Will.

Punk Ass Faggot Left Side Slant Commie American Media.

Ya All Crying For Nazi Emblem-ed Kites On Fire Flown By Palestinians Over The Israeli Boarder Wall.

See the source image

Like Dis Faggot Bitches.

Fuck Palestine. Fuck Palestinians. And Their Deceased Ass Hoe Mamas.

See the source imageSee the source image

The Above Is Just A Very Finite Few Of Visuals Regarding The Realty Israel Deals With On A Daily Basis.

Quite Frankly.

I Do Not Give 2 Shitz Or 3 Fast Flyin Fuckz One Muthu Fuckin Way Or Another Regarding Rag Head Palestinians.

Dead Palestinians Make Me Very Happy.

A Real Blended Aged Whiskey Sipping Moment.

See the source image

Feel Me? So Far?

I Surely Digress.

Let Me Get This Rig Back On The Road.

See the source image

Daddy’s PeterBuilt Blowing Coal

Thank You So Very Much Prez T For Funding Our Military And Getting Them Up And Above Spec.

No longer Will I View David-Monthan Airmen Scrounging For Parts In Tucson’s Military Aircraft Graveyard As I Drive By.

Talking About Tucson’s David-Monthan Airbase. They Really Went And Done It This Time.

Davis-Monthan Won The  2018 Commander-in-Chief’s Installation Excellence Award It Was Announced Monday. The Award Recognizes Outstanding Efforts In Operating U.S. Military Installations.

Great Job Guys And Gals. FlyBoys Lighting It Up. Congratulations.

See the source image

Military Aircraft Graveyard. Tucson, Arizona.

When One Ventures Into The Whelm Of The Never Been Done Before.

Nothing Stands Out Clearer Than The Ensuing Treaty Talks With North Korea.

At No Other Time In History Has America And North Korea Been This Close To Working It Out.

That Said.

American Drip Lip Media Is Going Into A High Sideway Slant, Yak Face Run Down On Prez T.

Spewing Forth The Likes Of The China Tariff Deal A No Go.

Idiots, Like This.

China Is The Very Middle Of This Rubic Cube Diplomacy.

In Other Words, To Push Tariff Trash Down China’s Throat At This Time Is Not Only Irrelevant In A Suicidal Kind Of Way In Regards To Bringing Young Kim Jung Un To The Table And Trash His Nukes, But Just Plain Flat Out Bad Business Acumen.

China Will Play Their Hand Just As They Have Been So Doing As An Ancient Civilization On this planet Since At Least 1250 BC.

As Well, Prez T Needs China.

He Knows This All To Well.

I Would Say Without Hesitation That Prez T And His Staff, Got This.

If Anything Blows This Deal It Will Be The Far Left Commie Drip Lip Grease Butt Monkeys Of The American Media.

See the source image

Up Close Visual Of American Grease Butt Monkey Media


Image result for pics screaming angry news anchors characters

Their Drip Lip Talking Heads Counterparts.

One Also Has To Consider Kim Jung Un’s Position In The Sense That He Is In Charge If You Will Of Not Only His Fathers Dream, But As Well He Is Surrounded By The Old Guard That Served Under His Father.

Where Nuclear Power Takes Precedent Over Feeding The People.

Make No Mistake About It America, Young Kim Looking Out For His Own, As In His Very Life.

At Best This Is A Very Delicate Proposition On Every Level.

Henceforth American Drip Lip, Grease Butt Monkey Media, Step Da Hell On Back And Shut Da Fuck Up. Let Prez T And His Peeps Do Their Jobs.

If All Of The Above Great Actions Deployed By Prez T Were Not Enough.

Forced To Make A Move.

Prez T Has Ordered A Look See Into The Politically Driven, Criminal And Very Corrupt American F.B.I.

Prez T Has Picked A Great Man To Lead This Much Needed Crusade.

Non Other Than 4 Star Marine Corps General John Francis Kelly.

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Semper Fi    OohRahhh!!!   Get Some General

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Nothing Like Home. Ain’t Dat Right General.

One Last Thing Mr. President.

DO NOT Sit Down With F.B.I.’s R. Mueller The Mooch. Tell Him To Lick Your Butt Sir.


That’s All I Got.

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Desert Love Ya All

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Ryan. Out.

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1965 Chevrolet Corvette / Split Window Coupe / 427 Under Da Hood / Factory Side Pipes   Sittin On Chrome

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The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:


To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

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Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14


May 13, 2014 Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …

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Actively Seeking Escape From ‘Da Swamp’.

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Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

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See the source image   See the source image

Realizing it is my choice and my choice alone to be a Reconnaissance Marine, I accept all challenges involved with this profession. Forever shall I strive to maintain the tremendous reputation of those who went before me.

Exceeding beyond the limitations set down by others shall be my goal. Sacrificing personal comforts and dedicating myself to the completion of the reconnaissance mission shall be my life. Physical fitness, mental attitude, and high ethics —

The title of Recon Marine is my honor.

Conquering all obstacles, both large and small, I shall never quit. To quit, to surrender, to give up is to fail. To be a Recon Marine is to surpass failure; To overcome, to adapt and to do whatever it takes to complete the mission.

On the battlefield, as in all areas of life, I shall stand tall above the competition. Through professional pride, integrity, and teamwork, I shall be the example for all Marines to emulate.

Never shall I forget the principles I accepted to become a Recon Marine. Honor, Perseverance, Spirit and Heart.

A Recon Marine can speak without saying a word and achieve what others can only imagine.

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First Force Recon / Cambodia


Can Ya all Pick Me Out From The Above?


The Above. Means A Great Deal Me.

A Big Fuckin Gigantourus Great Deal.


35% To 40%.

The Above Numbers Represent The United States Marine Corps Boot Camp Dropout Rate. I Am Very Proud To Say That I Was Not Among Those Above Numbers.

I Served My Country In The Capacity Of A United States Maine For 16 Years.

Eleven Of Those Years I Spent As A United States Marine Corps First Force Recon 03 & 04 / 8441 T.R.A.P. M.E.U.


See the source image   See the source image

I Do Not, Nor Have I Ever, Made Any Excuses For Myself In Regards To Who I Am.

I Know Who I Am.

An Irish/Mexican Jew-boy From The Hood.

That Hood Being South Central, Los Angeles, Crenshaw District.

My Family, On My Mothers Side, Being Of Mexican Jewish Heritage, Settled In that Neighborhood Way, Long, Before There Ever Was A United States Of America.

My Father’s Family, Irish/Jewish Heritage, Settled In That Neighborhood In The 1870’s.

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

All That Said.

Every Time I Walk Away From This Blog. They Pull Me Back In.

See the source image

I Just Haven’t The Time For This Anymore.

As Well, One Will Not Find Any Descriptive Pictures Of Myself That Give A Clear I.D. Of Me Today.

This Blog Is Not About Me.

This Blog Is About The Truth. The Entire Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth.

I Haven’t Any Political Slant What So Ever.

That Said.

As Far As I Am Concerned, The American Democratic Party Is No More Than A Communist Front.

I Detest And Hate With My Heart And Soul.


As Far As I Am Concerned, Socialist/Communist Individuals Residing In MY COUNTRY.

Ya All Ain’t Nothin But Frag Meat.

Straight Da Fuck Up On The Supreme 100.

I Do Not Generate One Thin American Dime From This Blog Site.

Going Back Several Blogs, One Will See At The Very Bottom Of Each Blog, Advertisement For V.I.P. Taxi Here In Town And The Chequered Flag Automobile Showroom In Los Angeles.

https://i1.wp.com/media.merchantcircle.com/30145098/Back-Seat-Ads-006_medium.jpeg                See the source image

V.I.P. Taxi Is The Only Taxi I Call In Tucson.

The Chequered Flag Were The People I Sold Inventory To When I Sold My Vintage Sport And Race-car Showroom, Mille Miglia In Los Angeles At The End Of The 1980’s. One Of Two Very Successful Business’s I Owned At That Time.

Neither Of These Business’s Paid Me A Dime For Space On Any Of My Blogs.

This Past Saturday Evening, Myself, Along With My Gorgeous Neighbor, Ms. Angelina, Were Listening To The Diamond Back’s Baseball Game On The Stereo Radio, While We  Played Gin Rummy For Garbanzo Beans.

See the source image

Damnnnnnn D’Backs.

Ya All In Your House And Your Down Two Games.

Whad Da Fuck.

It’s Those Washington Nationals.

They All Up In Your D’Back Heads.

Same Thing When Ya All Won The Series Back In Their House.

As Of Today You Are 0 And 5 In Your House.

C’mon Guyz, Step Da Fuck Up On It. I Surely Digress.


My Stereo Radio Is Programmed To Switch From ESPN In The Evening To Another Station Down The Dial. KNST.

At That Time In The Evening This Station Has The Tail End Of The Glenn Beck Show Programmed In Only For The Fact That Following The Beck Radio Show Is One Of My Very Favorite Of All Radio Shows, Coast To Coast With George Noory.

I Have Been A Big Fan Of This Show Since The Art Bell Day’s.

See the source image

And, I Ain’t Gonna Lie, I Like The Beck Radio Show For It’s Intelligent Broadcast Entertainment And Not All The Political Hokus Pokus.

So, Beck Is Coming To A Closing This Past Saturday Evening.

Angelina, Having Won Her Third Straight Gin Rummy That Evening, Garbanzo Beans Are Flying Across My Living Room At Multiple Mach Speed.

Right Before Sign Off, Beck Plays A Clip Of A Los Angeles California ‘Crip’ Putting Hate Out To Kanye West.

It Was Angelina Who Pointed Out To Me Glenn Becks ‘Snarky’ Tone Of Voice. Like He Was Actually Addressing Someone.

Daz Calling On Crips to “Fuck Kanye Up”

Yo. Whad Up Faggot?

Fake Crip

The Above, Some Very Serious Ass Shit.

First Of All DazD‘.

You A Fat Face Phony Bitch.

If Not For Your Cousin, Snoop Dawg, You Ain’t Shit Bitch.

As Well, Your Cousin Snoop A Punk Ass Faggot Bitch For His Hate And Dis Respect For My Man, Tupac Shakur.

‘Pac’ A Very Close Friend, Who YouSnoop FaggotSold Down Deaths River And Who You Ran Down A Bunch Of Punk Ass Bitch Hate On.

Faggot Snoopy Dog.

See the source image

My Question DazD‘.

So… You Are Now All Up Into The Political Slant. Backing TheCommie Democratic Party‘.

Last Time I Checked,The Real Crip’sWere Not All Up Into The Bought And Sold Punk Ass Pussy Political Side Of It All. 

So My WoMan, Ms. Daz Dillinger. 

Fuck You, Bought And Sold Political Punk Ass Faggot Bitch.

See the source image



Got Dat Faggot.

My Advise Bitch.

Watch Your Punk Ass Pussy Faggot Bitch 6, Back In MY HOOD. Faggot.

Kenye Has More Intelligence And Ball’s In His Left Pinky Toe Than You Will Ever Possess. Bitch.

Bring Your Punk Ass Faggot Self Down Here To The Desert Bitch.

Looking At You. 

I See A Female Faggot Ass Bitch Wanna Be, Shit For Brains.

Ya Ain’t Nothin ButFrag Meat‘. Bitch.

See the source image

Feel Me? So Far?

I Can Accurately State That The Crip’s I Grew Up With And Attended School With, Are Not The Crip’s Of Today.

The Crip Street Gang Has Been An L.A. South Central Fixture Since 1948.

During That Period Of Time, Myself A Wild Child Who Loved To Run The Streets On My Bike. Swim, Run Track, Play Baseball And Football, Climb Tree’s And Build Forts, My family Put The Word Out For People To Watch After Me.

Myself, 12 Years Younger Than My Closet Sibling, My Oldest Sibling 18 Years My Senior And His Friends Put The Word Out To Look Out After Me.

Henceforth The Man, Who Was A Crip, Telling Me That Day, I Wrote About In The Previous Blog To This, That If I Was Going To Be Hangin In Da Streets, I Needed My School Books At All Times.

Reading Since The Age Of 4 Years Old, Conducting Word Definition Searches In Dictionaries Since The Age Of 6 Years Old, Studying And Maintaining An 4.3 Average At Least, Throughout School Was Not At All Difficult.

The Difficulty In My Upbringing Was Keeping Me Out Of Trouble. Henceforth My Family Reaching Out In The Community To The People Who Operated In The Street. Including The L.A.P.D. Many Of My Relatives Served On The Force.

So, It Was A Mass Effort Of Street Operatives Keeping My Lil Butt Clean.

Myself, Not A Gang Member, Never Have Been A Gang Member.

That Said, I Have The Respect Of MANY Gang Members. As Well, Law Enforcement.

Just The Way I Roll.

I Have The Utmost Respect From ‘Poe’ (Police). They Make Fun Of How Clean My Background Is.

Something I Never Discuss, My Pet Project As It Were.

A Reach Out Program Of Sorts, Employing My Own Resources.

Today, As A Result Of My Little Reach-out.

One Former Crip Gang Member Is Successfully Employed With A CPA Firm In Town, Who Is Now Paying For His U of A Bachelor’s Degree In Accounting.

One Former Blood Gang Member Holds An Associates In Master Mechanics And Is Working On His Bachelors In Mechanical Engineering.

One Former Latin King Gang Member, Will Receiving His Bachelor’s In Journalism. He Has Already Completed His Associates In Journalism.  

One Former Latin Eagle Gang Member Has Completed His Associates Degree And Half Way To His Bachelor’s Degree In Psychology.

The Common Thread Connecting All These Young Men Started With A Conversation In The Barrio Hood’s On My Way Here And There Around And About.

“Yo O.G. Whad Up”?

“You Tell Me Young Man. Whad Up”?

“Just Got Out Of Prison. My Second Term. One More O.G. And I’m Going Away For Life”.

In Each Of These Many Conversations With These Young Men, I Asked One Question; “What Was Your Dream When You Were A Shorty”.

That Terminology Simply Meaning, ‘What Did You Dream About Regarding What You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up’?

Young Men, Out Here Looking For Job’s.

Can’t Find Any Due To Their Felon Records.

O.K. Simple Young Man, Google; ‘Tucson Companies That Hire Felons‘.

Simple. Right?

Yet Some How, In All These Young Men’s Cases, Their P.O’s (Probation Officers) Failed To Inform Them Of ‘The Felon List‘ Of Job Opportunities Available To Them Here In Tucson..

Yet For Some Reason, That Reason Being Money And The Fact That Arizona Is A Prison State And Tucson Is The Drop Off Zone For Felons Released Here In Tucson From Around The  United States.

For Every Felon Re-incarcerated In Arizona, The U.S. Federal Government Pays Arizona $45,000.00 Per Head A Year To House These Repeat Felons.

The Actual Cost To Arizona To House Each Of These Individuals Per Year Is $11,000.00 To $13,000.00 A Year.

Not A Bad Profit.

Ya All Following Me?

Myself, Raised In The Streets, I Possess A Spotless Background. Never Even Have Had A Moving Violation.

Law Enforcement Friends Joke With Me About My Background Being Cleaner Than Some Of Them.

I Have Never Had A Problem With Alcohol Or Drugs, For The Simple Fact That I Do Not Consume Alcohol Or Drugs.

As Well, I Hold 3 Bachelors Degrees And University Of Chicago Law School For 2 Years. An Honor Student.

Thang Of It Is, Just No Shyster Blood Flowing Thru My Veins. To Be Attorney Qualified, One Must Possess Some Shyster Blood.

The Way I Was Raised Out In The Street, Drugs And Alcohol Are ForDa Trickz‘.


I Feel For You Glenn Beck.

Your Seemingly Large Problem With Alcohol Addiction.

This Must Be Very Hard On Your Family.

That Said, I Still Find Your Radio Show Entertaining.

Thanks For The Read Mr. Beck. I Only Assume Of Course.

As Well, Thank You Mr. Beck For Your Supposed Love To My People. Jews.

I Appreciated, With Some What Grief, Your Program Dealing With An Anti-Semitic Texas White Boy And A Jewish Congregation In His Neighborhood. And His Very Apparent Hate Of Jews.

As Far I Am Concerned, Fuck Dat White Boy Piece Of Nazi Shit.

He Is Very Lucky, Cuz I Gotta Tell Ya.

If That Was My Hood, Fat Ass Jew Hatting White Boyz Earth Privileges Immediately Suspended.

See the source image

Marine Recon 8441. Drawing Down Conclusions.

See the source image

Nothing Sayz Loving Like A Bunch Of Dead Ass Nazi Faggot Bitches.

Gotta Tell Ya Mr. Beck.

You Had Angelina And Myself Rollin With Laughter When you Started Talking About ‘White Trash’.

“Ryan, el hombre hablando de White Trash, suena como white trash”.

“Angilina chica, le golpeó contra da 100”.

Cuz Me And Girl, Well, Kinda Look At You And Yours As, Well…, Kinda Like ‘White Trash’. Jus Sayin. Jus Kiddin.

No Foul. No Harm. Love Your Show Dude.

See the source image

Thanks Glenn For Your Intelligent And Insightful Commentary.


See the source image

Mr. Beck’s Message To The Commie Left Side Dem’s. Bring It Bitches.


I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

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Image result for ryanindadesert

Ryan. Out.

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1975 Ferrai 275 GTB    Sitting On Chrome

Heading Up Coast 101 To Big Sur California

See the source image


Talk Bout Being Home Sick

I Can Only Hope, This Ol Jarhead Catches His Detail Guarding The Gates Of Heaven On The Cali Side Of It All.

Jus sayin.

See the source image

Semper Fi !!!



































































































Fly-by Friday Phew!!! Talk About A Way To Begin The Day

Rolling Stones Mix – Gimme Shelter – Vietnam

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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“Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.” 
Master Sun Tzu / The Art Of War 

See the source image


What A Way To Start A Day.

I Exit My Crib At 13:43 Hours. Usual Departure Time. My Day Begins Around 11:30.

Lock And Secure The Door And The Cast Iron Steel Frame Screen Door. Make My Way East Along The Balcony, Second Floor Walkway.

Looking Down At The Pool And All The Kid’s Engaging In Wild Fun, As Teachers In Arizona Are On Strike. I Catch Out Of My Peripheral, One Of The Maintenance Guys Running North On The Ground In A Frantic Stepping Manner.

Maintenance Dude Stops, Pulls A Wrench From His Back Pocket, Smash Slam, Breaking The Plastic Enclosure On One Of The Fire Extinguishers. 

Marine Thang Kicks In.

I Run To The End Of The Balcony Walkway To The Stairs. I See Smoke Billowing Out Of A Familiar Apartment. My first Visual Is Of The Wheel Chair Parked Outside On The Left Side Of The Entrance Door.

I High Speed Dash West Back On The Balcony Walk Way.

Stop In Front Of The Enclosed Fire Extinguisher And With A Direct Straight Right Punch I Break Open The Enclosure And Grab The Extinguisher, Hit The Steep Stairs, Literally Flying Down Them. Blood From My Hand Spraying All Over The Place.

There Is Only One Visual Racing Through My Mind At An L.A. Quick Lickety Nano Progression.

The 80+ Year Old Man Who Occupies That Dwelling, As The Sight Of His Wheel Chair Is Setting Off Code 3 In High Rev Degree In My Head.

Another Neighbor Has Secured A Third Fire Extinguisher For Maintenance Man. Dude Bravely Inside The Doorway About 2 Feet, Aiming The Extinguisher To The Immediate Left. The Couch.

My First Sensory Perception Is The Cigarette Smell Mixed In With The Billowing Smoke.

I Cover My Mouth And Nose With The Top Of My T-shirt, Sunglasses Engaged, Attempt Entrance Into The Apartment. I Can’t See A Damn Thing. Three Attempts. No Fuckin Go.

Then Fire Rescue Pulls Up Sirens Blazing.

I Inform First On Scene Rescue Station Officer Of The Old Man Who Inhabits The Dwelling & The Fact That His Wheel Chair Is Outside. He Initiates A Search.

I Hang For Awhile. In That Time I Do Not See Anyone Being Extracted From The Scene. One Can Only Hope.

So Major Shout Out.

Tucson Fire Department Engines Number 7 And 11.

Thank You Guys Oh So So Very Much For What All Ya All Do.

Every Minute Of Every Day Putting Your Lives On The Line To Save And Rescue Us. Bless Ya All So Much.

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

Thanks Guys.

Second Shout Out.

Tucson Police Department.

See the source image

Thanks Guys For Keeping My Old Ass Safe Up Here In ‘The Alley’.

When One Thinks Of A Profession In A Very Precarious Position In Regards To What They Actually Do. All Acroos An Entire Nation.

American Poe (Police) There. At The Very Center Of Attention.

For Myself. Growing Up In What Today Is Known As One Of The Tuffest, Bloodiest Hoods In America, I Received A Real Heads Up Regarding Poe.

Growing Up In South Central, Los Angeles, California’s Crenshaw District, I Was Exposed To Many Scenarios.

My Mother, A Mexican/Jew. Her Family Settling In What Today Is Known As Southern California, Way, Way Before There Was Ever An Inkling Of The Thought Of The United States Of America.

My Father, An Irish/Jew. His Family Just A Small Part Of Irish And Irish/Jews, Apprehended By England And Thrown Into Slavery Into The British Colonies. His Family Ending Up In The British Colony That Became Known As America In The Late 17th Century.

As Well, On My Fathers Side, Marines Going Back To Tun Tavern.

See the source image

Back To The ‘Crenshaw Hood’.

Henceforth, Growing Up In ‘Crenshaw’, My Neighbors Were Of Diversity. Dark Skin Color.

Myself, Separated By Twelve Years From My Closet Sibling, I Was More Or Less On My Own.

My Friends Were Of All Makes And Models. Never A Problem.

In The Second Grade. I Was Pulled from Class Three Times A Week And Escorted Into A Tiny Room, Where For Four Hours I Was Tested From All Of What I Thought Were Very Strange Books, Compared To The Standard, Regular Second Grade School Books.

These Sessions, Were At Best Embarrassing In The Way That it Separated Me from My Friends And Classmates.

Then At Home, My Folks Were Constantly All Up In The; ‘You Have So Much Potential“.

To Say That I Felt Like A Freak Is A Gigantorous Understatement.

At The Age Of Four, The Closet Sibling To Me, My Sister Taught Me How To Read. Then At The Age Of Six, My Five Siblings Grew Very Tired Of Me Asking Them Word Definitions. Henceforth, I Was Taught How To Use A Dictionary At Six Years Old. Which I Thought Was The Coolest Fucking Thing In The World. All Those Words At My Disposal.

Being A Kid I Never Put Much Into All Of This. For You See, All I Wanted To Do Was Run The Streets, Climb Trees, Play Baseball, Football, Swim And Ride My Bike.

I Graduated High School At The Age Of 16 With Honors. Actually In The Top Three In The Entire School History.

I Also Has The Very Worst Attendance Record In The Entire School History. Always Showing Up For Sports Though.

All Teachers Required From Me Was To Hand In All Assignments On Time And To Show Up For All Tests. Which I Most Certainly Accommodated.

If You Have Been Following This Blog For A Minute. You Notice That I Mention ‘Blue’, From Time To Time. Here And There.

Better Know The Dress Code. The B’s And The C’s.

I Grew Up With The C’s. Blue.

They Made My South Central L.A. Neighborhood Their Home.

See the source image

Been In That South Central Hood Since 1948.

So. What Dat Gotta Do With Me.

One Day, On My Bike. Chilling On A Corner, A Member Of This Gang Approached Me. He Turned Out To Be The Second In Command If You Will. He Began Talking With Me. We Crossed The Street, Talking.

What He Made Very Clear To Me Was That From There On Out, I HAD To Have My School Books With Me At All Times, Studying As It Were.

So There Began Another Part Of My Education.

I Would Hang Out At The Corner Where The Number One Drug Dealer Claimed His Turf. Sitting There On My Bike, One Of Five School Books Opened To Whatever Chapter And Page.

People, One After The Other Would Approach, Purchasing Their Package Of Heroin.

After Every Purchase, The Man Would Point With His Left Hand. Give Me What I Refer To As A Listen Up, Attention Getting, Sleight Slap In The Head And State; “See Dem, Dats Da Trickz, Don’t You Ever Be Da Trickz. You Just Study Dem Books.”

Hanging With The Main Pimp In His Giant Cadillac, Sitting Up In The Front Seat, Waiting On His Whores To Bring Him His Money, School Books Open, He Would State To Me; “What I Do For Money And How I Treat These Women, Is Wrong. Don’t You Ever Let Me Hear Of You Doing This Shit, You Just Study Them Books“. Then The ‘You Got That’ Slap Up Side My Head.

His Whores Would State To Me; “We Going To Hell For What We Do. Don’t You Ever Treat A Woman Bad, Lay Your Hands On Them. You Treat Women With Respect“.

And, To A One.

These GThug Instructors, Instilling In Me, What I Consider To Be The Forefront Of My Evolved Education.

These Giants Of Street Industry Would State To Me In A Very Serious Manner; “We Da Baddest Of Da Bad. As Bad As We Are, The Baddest And Toughest Gang In Da Street, In Da City, Is Poe. You Fuck With Poe, You Going Down Hard.”

So Very True. Let Me Extrapolate On That Profound Bit Of Street Wisdom.

If You Are A Black American, You Seriously Need To Be On Your Best, Most Polite, Obeying Behavior. As Wrong As This Is. A Vital Survival Necessity. Just The Real.


My Man.

Stephen A. Smith.

See the source image

I Most Defiantly Feel You My Brother.

I Feel Your Anger.

I Feel Your Frustration.

I Feel Your Aggravation.

I Feel Your Pain And Tears.

The Other Day Stephen A., You Were Talking About A Football Player, Who As Well Is A Rapper. Sent to Prison For Basically Not That Much.

In The Vain Of; “In America, You Have Money, You Ain’t Never Doing Time“. Unless Of Course You Are A Black Man.

Black American’s Are Detained By Law Enforcement 8 Out Of 10 Times More Than Caucasians.

Friends Of Mine. Black Doctors, Attorneys, Business People And Such. Tell Me The Same Story.

For Myself, It All Comes Down To Skin Color. This Same Scenario Holds True With My Mexican Friends.


I’m Five Years Old. Growing Up In A Very Racially Diverse Environment.

I Keep Hearing On The Radio, Daily, Regarding ‘All The Color People’.

I Am And Have Always Been A Very Literal Individual.

So, Here’s Lil Me. Walking Around, Doing My Utmost Best To Locate These ‘Color People‘. For The Life Of Me I Can Not Find One Purple, Blue, Orange, Yellow Person.

Both My Siblings And Parents Are At The Breaking Point From My Ongoing, Continuous Question; “Where Are All ‘The Color People‘.

One Day My Mom Takes My Five Year Old Butt With Her To Visit My Aunt Gloria In Century City.

Momz Parks The ’53’ Blue And White Four Door, Chevy Belair On Santa Monica Just Down From Comstock.

I’m All Up In The, I Know They Have ‘Color People‘ On This Side. Right. I Will Not Give My Mom A Break; “Mom, Mom, Are The ‘Color People’ By Aunt Gloria“.

Momz Can’t Light Her Chesterfield Kings Quick Enough.

Then It Happens.

A Black ’56’ Dodge Sedan Pulls Up And Parks On The Other Side Of Santa Monica Blvd. A Black Man Exits The Driver’s Door.

Momz Stops. Gets Down Eye Level With Me And States, Very Seriously To Me;

Ryan. You See That Man. This Is Who The World Calls A ‘Color Person’. Because Of The Color Of His Skin, This World Will Never Like Him. And Ryan, Because You Are A Jew, This World Will Always Hate You“.

I Am Shaking From The Inside, Tears Welling Up As I Write This.

I Get It Stephen A.

On Da Straight Up Muthu Fuckin 100.

The American Prison Industries Humongous, Profitable Bottom-line, Is Literally Maintained From The Spoils Of  Incarcerated Young Black American Men And Black American’s In General. 

Conservative Talk Hosts Will Tell You That Stats Show Young Black American Men Commit The Maximum Amount Of Crime In America. Keeping In Mind That These Conservative Hosts Talking Points, As It Were, Are Comprised From The Hood’s Throughout America.

With Public Education, In America, The Best Of Public Education, If You Will, Going To White Suburban Enclaves And The Upper Social Economic Part Of The Cities, Leaving The American Hood’s With Graduation Rates Anywhere From 9% To At best 11%. 

Now Add Into This Racially Divided Hell Bent Mix. No Jobs. People Need Money In America. I Hope Ya All Getting The Point.

So Yeah, Stephen A.

I Feel Ya.

Your People. My People. It Does Not Get Any More Racially Hateful And Horrible In ‘The Land Of The Free‘.

The Above Picture Represents 900 German Jew’s Seeking Asylum From Sure Death On The MS St. Louis In  1939. The Ship Planned To Stop In Cuba, Then Make It’s Way To America.

The Ship Was Turned Down Entry Into The U.S. And Made It’s Way Back To Europe Where Several Countries Accepted Them. Even So. 254 Jews Were Put To Horrible Death By The German Nazis.

Damn Ass Right I Feel You Stephen A.

There Is No Logical Explanation, That After Almost 70 Years Walking This Toxic Rock, I Will Never Understand Hate And Outright Negative Judgement Of One Human Against Another.

That Said. This Horrible Realty, From What I Can See, Is Nothing New.

Somewhere In The King James Bible I Read Years Ago A Passage That Went Like This;

The Day Will Come When MY People Will Walk To The Top Of That Mountain In Jerusalem. When MY People Descend That Mountain. No Man Will Judge Another Man Because Of His Difference’s. No Man Will Look At Another With Hate Because Of That Man’s Differences. All Weapons Of War Will Drop To The Ground And Turn Into Plowshares“.

Stephen A.

We Are A Far Way At Best, That I Can See From This Beautiful Transformation.

But You My Man Have The Pulpit.

I Can Only Advise That You To Use Your Pulpit To Instruct Your People, As Unfortunate As It Is, To Proper Protocol In Dealing With Poe.

Yeah It’s A Fuckin Shame That An Entire Race Of People, Do To Skin Color, Have To Act In A Way Different Manner Than Other American’s When Detained By Poe.

Truth, Unfortunately, Is A Giant Bad Ass, Horrible Muthu Fucker.

Even For A young Black Man,When In His Backyard, Holding His Cell Phone And Then, For What Ever Sensless Fucking Reason Is Shot In The Back, 7 Times, By Police. Yeah. It Sucks.

Thing Of It Is, I Practice The Following. Too A ‘T’.

When You As A Black Man Are  Detained By Poe.

Immediately, Put Your Hands High In The Air. If You Have Weapons. Immediately Inform Poe And Point To Location Of Said Weapons With Your Head, While Hands Still High In The Air.

DO NOT MOVE. Unless Poe Directs You To Move.

Calm Yourself As Best As You Can. Keeping Your Anger Contained. DO NOT SAY A WORD, Until You Are Asked A Question. Do Not Inquire Why All Of This Is Going Down.

Keep Your Responses To A Minimum, In The Fashion Of Yes Sir, No Sir.

If You Are Asked An Incriminating Question, That Could Possibly, By Answering, Put You In Jeopardy, Calmly, Quietly, Respond; “I Respectfully Decline To Respond To Your Question Without The Presence Of An Attorney”. Period. 

Still. No Guarantees That All Will Go Well.

The Unfortunate Realty Of Being A Black Man In America. Just The Way It is.

One Of The Best Lessons Stated In A Quote I Read At 14 Years Old Goes Like This.

Image result for pics lenny bruce dont look at what should be

Something Else From My Most Persecuted Jewish Brother. A ‘Sephardi JewBoy’ Jus Like Me.

See the source image

Word Up On Da 100.

See the source image

The Real Rabbi Jesus.

Cuz I Gotta Tell Ya.

No Blond Hair Blue Eyed Peep’s In That Part Of The World At That Time In Space.


Ya All Tortured, Drew Swords On, Than Nailed To A Cross. My Dark Skin Jew Boy Brother, Rabbi Jesus.

Then Made Up Some Hokus Pokus Religion Based On Sin And Guilt.



FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

Ya All Guilty Of Murdering A Dark Skin JewBoy In The Crulest Of All Ways Possible.


FUCK YEAH. Ya All Sinned.

So Stephen A.

Dey Been Killing Yours And Mine From Jump My Man. I Do Not See This Changing Any Time Soon. Just A Big Muthu Fuckin Oy Gavalt.

I’m Laughing My Ass Off. What Da Hell. I’m On A Roll.

One More For The Road.

See the source image

One More Thing.

Yes. Donald Trump’s Family Has A Very Dark Racist Past. I Get That. I Back His Presidency For One Major Reason. 

That Is That The Unfortunate Realty On This Toxic Rock Called Earth, Is That The Game Board On The Table Is ‘World Domination’.

America, At This Point In Time Is 3rd In Line. I Speak As A United States Of America First Force Reconnaissance 03.

One Thing I Know For Sure.

Prez T., Ain’t Afraid To Squeeze The Trigger. Kim Jung Un Most Certainly Gets That.

Feel Me? So Far?

One More Thang.

End Game Preface Of Sorts

I Noticed Things.


Cursed With A Photo Graphic Mind And Total Recall. Internal And External Radar On 24/7 – 365 High Rez – Code 3.

Then It Happens.

All Information Processed.

The Internal Start Button Engages Up In The Wee Hours, Printing Out Information Assessment. This Information As It Is, Is Never Wrong. In The Aura Of ‘Gut Feeling’ Feedback.

So, Four Days Ago I Come On Up On This Site To Write A Blog.

I Notice There Is Not Any Access What So Ever In Regards To Accessing Different Colors Regarding Type.

Hmmmmm. I’m Thinking, WordPress,com Ain’t Playing.

It’s Upgrade Or Else.

O.K. I’ll Throw Some $$$ At This.

Then It Happens.

The Middle Of The Night Wee Hour Epiphany Kicks In While Listening To Jazz And Blues.

In The Two Previous Blogs, I Began With A Salute To President Trump.

It Was Following The Second Blog Saluting The President When All Access To Color Type Had Completely Disappeared From This Blogs Administrative Dash Board.

So Then, Me Being Me.

In The Search On My Administrator To Locate Other WordPress Bloggers Sharing The Same Interests, I Type In, “People Who Like President Trump”

A Plethora Of Blogs Appeared.

To A One, Every Blog That Appeared, Was Directing Hate At The President. Hmmmmm.

WordPress, Seemingly, All Pimped Out Up In Da Political Trump Hate Thang. Oh My.

I Most Certainly Hope I Am Wrong.

Then I’m Thinking.

Without Any Assistance At All. From WordPress.

This Blog Site And My Blooger.Com Blog Sites Come Up Number On Any Search.

Pages Upon Pages.

Links Upon Links That To A One, Somewhere In Their Heading State; “Ryanindaswamp” Says.

In fact All One Needs To Do To Conduct A Search Looking For This Site Is; “Ryanindaswamp’. Period.

Companies And Individuals, Pay S.E.O. Companies, Fat Boss Hog $tack$ For This Kind Of Exposure.

I Do Not Pay A Dime.

This S.E.O. Dream, Has happened Naturally From Day One Jump.

Talk About Thru Da Fuckin Roof S.E.O.

Here In Town, A Friend Of Mine Who Owns A Successful S.E.O Company Exclaimed To Me One Day Over Coffee;

“Damn Ryan, S.E.O. Just Follows You Around”.

The Real Thang In All This Is.

As Best As WordPress Hides Stats From Me, They Getting The Hits.

Dey Ain’t Bout To Let Dat Revenue Go.

Feel Me? So Far?

Jus Keepin It All Real On Da Straight Up 100.

Yeah. I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindadesert

1966 Ferrari 250 / GTO    Sitting On Chrome

Just Right Outside One Of My Most Favorite Places Big Sur Cali Fornia

Ya All Enjoy A Beautiful Weekend

































































































































































America. Love It Or Leave It

All Along The Watchtower-Stonefree Experience

See the source image

Welcome To The Desert Ya All

See the source image

What Up World?

Hope Ya All’s World Is As Sunny And Beautiful As Mine.

Damn. Somewhere It’s Cold.

Beginning Next Week.

This Blog Will Be Brought To You By WordPress.org.

As Well Ya All Will Be Able To Access This Site At “Ryanindaswamp.com.

Old Man Gonna Spend Some $tack$.

Trust Me. Not Easy Getting Money Out From My Hands.

Momz Used To Tell People; “By The Time You Get A Quarter Out Of Ryan’s Hand, The Eagle Be Scraped Off The Back”.

It Is Well Worth It Though.

WordPress Is The Best Medium Going, As Well They Have Hung In There With My Cheap Ass Going On Seven Years Now.

I Am Very Much Looking Forward To This New Endeavor.


Who Knows.

Might Even Purchase A Mac LapTop.

For Over The Past 7 Years This Blog Has Been Composed On Public Computers.

At Any Rate.


I’m Jumping For Joy.

See the source image

And Away We Go.

See the source image

Gonna Blast Right On Thru This.

See the source image

Good Afternoon Mr. President.

Semper Fi Sir.

Chillin With My Homies Yesterday Evening. My Military Brothers As It Were.

To A One.

Love Your Style ‘Prez  T’. You Just Stay Up On It Sir.

A Few Missile Toss’s Over At Assad Da Faggot And His Bitch Boy Vladdy P.

See the source image

Has Kim Jung Un Taking Some Serious Notice Sir.

See the source image

오 너 역시 마찬가지였지 똥 백인 muthu 녀석의 오리 chow 이제 우리는 체구와 수려한 용모 그립 찾아보려고 했죠.

Talking With A ‘FlyBoy” (Air Force) Neighbor Of Mine Yesterday Evening, We Both Appreciated How Nikki Haley Appeared On Talk Shows And Said One-thing Regarding Your Missile Surge That Took Out Assad’s Chemical Weapon Caches And You Were Saying Something Completely Different.

We Were Both Laughing How The Talking Heads Were Slinging Hate At You, Claiming Your Administration Was In Disarray.

No Idiot Media.

That Is How You Keep Your Enemies Off Balance. As In Never Show Your Hand.

Speaking Of The Commie Left Media Yak Heads.

Image result for pics screaming angry news anchors characters

For Real Idiots.

This The Best You Can Come Up With?

Stormy Daniels.

On Dis Hoe’s Best Day.

Girl A Number One, Stamped In Granite, Certified, 5 Star, Died In Da Wool, 100% Filthy, Nasty Ass, Sleaze Bag Hoe.

This Tramp Supreme, Has Been Ridden More Than Seattle Slew.

Image result for pics tired seattle slew



Dis Bitch.

Made Her Living, Being Filmed.

Multiple Camera Angles.

Multiple Men.

Inserting Multiple Genitalia In Every Orifice Of Her Body Known To Medical Science, And Then Some.

My Main Number One Dawg, ‘Binney Da Pit‘, Runs For Cover When This Hoe Bitch Is Being Interviewed On Some Loosing Left Side News Channel, Dawg Yelp Yelling Back At Me; “Not With Your Dick Boss”.


Ya All Muthu Fuckin Shittin Me.

Bring Dis Hoe Bitch Home To Mama.

She Like My Mama.

She Gonna Walk Your Dumb Ass Into The Kitchen And Tell You;

“I’m Only Gonna Tell You This Once”


“Don’t You Back Talk Me! Sit Yourself Down. Get Rid Of That Bitch!”


“I’m Not Gonna Tell You Again. Get Rid Of That Bitch”!

For Real America. Stormy Daniels?

Dis A Nasty Ass Filthy Hoe. Brought To You By A Looser Media Steeped In Political Agenda.

And You Stupid Ass, Bought And Sold American Public, Lap This Shit Up By The Bucket Full.

Loosing Commie Left Media First Parades Before Your Eyes The Likes Of ‘Cum Face Comey’, Monkey Mouth Mueller, and Punk Faggot McCabe.


Dat Didn’t Work.

Bring In Da Hoe.

And Ya All America, Glued To The Moron Machine.

g-od Forbid Your Fat Ass’s Pick Up A Book.

See the source image See the source image See the source image See the source image


Having A Bachelors In Mass Communications, I Will Never Forget The First Day Of Television Production.

Professor Sullivan Stood Up In Front Of The Class And Stated;

“Class, You Will Be Tested. Televisions Only Purpose Is To Sell Products”

The Late Great Author, Hunter S. Thompson, Wrote Regarding Television;

“Pimps, Thieves And Whores, Roam The Halls Freely While Good Men Die Like Dogs”.

America Is Glued And Subdued To ‘The Idiot Box’.

Only, At Least 80% Of Ya All Americans, Are OBESE.

Your Answer To This Is; “Doctors Will Prescribe Me Med’s And Everything Else I Need”

Yeah Right.

Then My Almost 70 Year Old, 153 Lean Pounds Of Working Out Every Day Butt Is Paying Higher Taxes To Finance Health Care For Your Fat Cellulite Dripping Ass’s.

Cuz I Gotta Tell Ya All.

If I Was Hauling You In My Rig, Across My Cab Bumper Would Be The Sign.

See the source image

If  All That Was Not Enough.

I See Women.

Tipping The Scale At 250 – 300 LBs. And Up.

Dressed In Skin Tight Short Shorts And Tiny Little Tops Parading Around Town.


Dude’s Be Banging Those Rhinos. 

I Mean.

I Ain’t Gonna Lie.

I Like A Big Legged Woman.

But C’mon Now.

I’m Thinking Back To A Conversation I Had With My Homie ‘Big Man’.

‘Big Man’ 6 Feet, 4 Inches.

A Marine.

When He Was In The Corps He Weighed 190 Lbs. Dude Ballooned Up To 347 LBs.

We Come Out Of A Coffee Place Here In Town. A Real Coffee Place. Not Starbucks.

Walking Up The Block.

Gunny Says To Me;

“LT, I’m So Fucking Big Now, I’m On All This Medication. The Worse Part About It Is When I’m On The Toilet, I Can’t Even Wipe My Ass Cause I’m So Fat. I Have To Use A Towel Or A Sock”.

The Good News Is I Wrote Down What Gunny Needed To Do To Shed The Fat. My Man Back Down To 190 LBs Today.

The Point Is.

I Think Of These Big Girls On The John Performing The Gunny Ass Wipe Thing.

Feel Me? So Far?

Remembering Back In The Day, Riding With My Grandpa Charlie In The Pontiac, Telling Me; “The One Thing Money Can Never Buy Is Your Health”.

For Gosh Sake’s America. Take Responsibility For Your Own Selves.

Moving On

80% Of Americans Are In Debt.

Debt So Serious That They Will Never See The Light Of Day Regarding Any Way Out.

To The Point Of Taking Your Car TITLES And Handing Them Over To Some Shyster For A Loan That Starts To Fly At 30%.

See the source image

All To Pay Off Other Debt Your Dumb Ass’s Have In-cured Purchasing THINGS You Could Not Afford To Impress Other Fat Assholes You Do Not Even Know.

What Part Are Ya All Not Clear On In Regards To Purchasing Things, That From The Minute You Buy Them, They Begin DEPRECIATING.

If All That Was Not Enough.

You Own Your Home.

Now Your Going To Take That Deed.

Turn It Over To Some Shyster Mortgage Company For Money To Pay Off Your Credit Cards And Other Real Dumb Shit.

See the source image

Again Riding With Grandpa Charlie In That 57 Pontiac.

See the source image

Gramp’s Telling Me; ” It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Save”.

For Real America. Ya All Some Dumb Ass Idiots.

Myself, Working From The Age Of 12 Years Old And Thank g-od Reading Since 4 Years Old. At 14 Years Old I Read Albert Einsteins Quote Regarding Compounded Interest.

“Compounded Interest Is The Greatest Invention Known To Mankind”

I Said To Myself, I Ain’t Ever Paying That. Collect It. Yeah.

Feel Me? So Far?


Look At The Time.


Stephen A. Smith. Gotta Hook Up Ear Buds.

Never Miss Stephen A.

There Is Your Epitome Of Broadcasters.

See the source image

Tell Em Stephen A.

Yesterday On The Stephen A. Smith Show.

Stephen A. Running It Down Regarding Jake Feely In A Picture With His Daughter On One Side, Her Boyfriend On The Other And Jake Holding A 45.

Image result for pic jake feely standing between daughter and boyfriend

So Jake, From Pressure Of A Candy Ass Bought And Sold Punk Ass Media Felt He Had to Apologize.

Stephen A. Runnin It Down.

I’m In My Kitchen. Screaming!!!

See the source image

“Damn Ass Muthu Fuckin Right. You Rollin With My Baby Girl. You Damn Ass Better Know, You On Your Best Muthu Fuckin Behavior Son! You Want To Hold My Baby Girls Hand. You Ask Her Permission! You Hold Doors Open For Her. You Treat Her Like A Princess. Cuz I Hear Any Fuckin Different, Your Damn Ass Mama Gonna Know It”.

I’m Laughing My Ass Off, Cuz, That Is Basically What I Told Baby Girl’s Boy 8 Years Ago. Their Still Together Today. I’m A Happy Daddy.

Baby Girl Called Me A Few Days Later, Told Me When They Got In The Car, Just Down The Road, Boy Was Shaking And Crying. Daddy Did His Job.

But Oh Da Fuck No.

This Bought And Sold Candy Ass Society, Wants To Condemn The REAL. Paleezee!!!

Then It Happens.

The Third Call To Stephen A. Is From Some Candy Ass Punk Going On About How Our Attitude Regarding All This Is Wrong And Just Not P.C. Punk Boy Was Not On the Phone Long. Got Da Stephen A. Long Wire Drop Kick Into P.C. Oblivion.

And Yeah.

You Following This Sight For Awhile.

Ya All Know What I Think Of The Bought And Sold Shyster, Lying, Self Serving, Piece Of Shit Politicians ‘We The People‘ Pay To Take Care Of The Business Of Running OUR Country.

Worthless As Can Be.

To A One.

Then, Yesterday Evening. 21:00 Hours.

I’m Listening To Glenn Beck.

See the source image

I Like Glenn Beck Because He Is Not All Up Into The Political Slant Side Of Things And Actually Presents Intelligent,Entertaining And At Times Hilarious Content. Real Radio.

Plus the Fact That Fox Could Not Deal With His Style. That Is A Good Thang.

Then It Happens.

Glenn Hits On The The Jake Feely Fiasco. I’m All Like Yeah. Dat’s What I’m Talking About.

Then Glenn B. Starts Reading Off From G.Q., Books Not To Read.

Glenn Hit’s On the First Book. Lonesome Dove

1. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

Instead: The Mountain Lion by Jean Stafford

I actually love Lonesome Dove, but I’m convinced that the cowboy mythos, with its rigid masculine emotional landscape, glorification of guns and destruction, and misogynistic gender roles, is a major factor in the degradation of America. Rather than perpetuate this myth, I’d love for everyone, but particularly American men, to read The Mountain Lion by Jean Stafford. It’s a wicked, brilliant, dark book set largely on a ranch in Colorado, but it acts in many ways as a strong rebuttal to all the old toxic western stereotypes we all need to explode. —Lauren Groff, ‘Florida’


Lauren Groff.

Not sure How To Address You.

Cuz Today, In America, g-od Only Knows What Gender You Identify With And You From Florida. Tehhhhhhh.

I Am A Cowboy.

South Central, L.A., Crenshaw Cowboy.

I As Well Reside In Tucson, Arizona.

Don’t Get No More Cowboy Than This. So. I’m Picking Up A Copy Of Lonesome Dove.

So Mr. Beck. Stay up On It Sir.

Then After Glenn Beck Comes Coast To Coast With George Noory. Love That Show.


See the source image   See the source image

Cuz I Gotta Tell Ya America.

I Am So The Fuck Sick Of Writing About The American Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float, Worthless Politics.

Talk About A Waist Of Time And Ink.

A Coast to Coast Show Last Week Had Me Glued.

TransHumanism. I’m Telling Ya All. Can Not Get Enough.

Transhumanism & Biohacking/ Stem Cell Therapy – Coast to Coast AM

Yeah. I’m Done.

Gotta Run Now.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindadesert

See the source image

1966 Shelby Cobra    Sitting On Chrome

Just Outside One Of My Favorite Places On This Toxic Rock  The Monterrey Peninsula








































Keepin It Real Thursday. Strap Yourself In. Muthu Fuckin Tight. Let The Truth Set You Free. One Can only Hope.

Image result for jimi hendrix 101st airborne
Lay It On Down MyScreaming Eagle Brother”
Nothin But Love And Respect From This Old Beat Up Recon Marine. Thanks Brother.

Jimi Hendrix & B. B. King-Blues Jam – part 2

See the source image

Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

See the source image

What Up World?

Hope Your World And Life Is As Soul And Spirit Beautiful As Mine.

Watch For This Blog Back On Blogger.com. Coming Soon To A Screen Near You.

Wanna Start Out With A Shout Out Of Sorts.

To, Well, An Individual Who I Hold In The Absolute Lowest Possible Esteem.

An Actual Gay, Pedophile, Murdering Piece Of Faggot Punk Ass Shit.

Vladdy Putin.

Ё. Vladdy П. Вы педика педофилов Punk Ass убийство самкой. Fuck Вы Педика, Fuck Ваше анкерными Ass Pig Face Кусок дерьма мама. Fuck Ваших детей. Fuck вашей жене. Меня и моего Niggas Gonna сутенера Ваш Пак лицо жены кажется, на южной стороне Педика. Если бы я был у руля страны Педика, ваша страна будет ядерной пыли, Тараканы и муравьи Punk Ass педика сука. FUCK ВЫ Путина. Чувствую я? До сих пор? Педика. Ах, да сука. Have A Nice Day.

Just A Warm Hello To The Russian Leader. Best Wishes If You Will.

See the source image

Whad Up Vladdy Boy?

The Above Bitch, Up In Flagstaff, Arizona, Back In 2014, Through One Of His Spatznats

See the source image

Officers Recruited Me To Actually Leave America And Reside In The Kremlin. You Can Read The Story On This Site; Titled” A Russian Story” I Can’t Even Make Dis Shit Up.

Moving On.

See the source image

Daddys Peterbuilt Blowin Coal

See the source image

Good Afternoon Mr. President

Thank You For Your Service. Without Pay.

See the source image

“Your Pushing It Lieutenant”

“Yes Sir”

“Carry On Lieutenant”

“Aye Aye Sir”

First Off.

The Complete Dereliction Of Duty In Regards To The Conservative Media Regarding Barrack Obama’s Two Consecutive Terms As Commander In Chief.

As Far As I Am Concerned, Their Complete Lack Of Pertinent And Relative Information Regarding President Obama Actually Transcends Dereliction Of Duty On Every Level.

I’m Talking To You.

Mark Levin. Sean Hannity. Bill O’Reilly. Rush Limbaugh

Just On And On And On.

The Information Was Most Certainly There.

Well Hidden For Sure. Obama’s Handlers Did A Supreme Job In Hiding Who Obama Was.

Great Job Idiots. Conservative Media.

But No Worries.

I Count Your Incredible Dereliction Of Duty To Your ImmenseWhite Guilt

Information That Was Confirmed By People Who Knew Obama.

Image result for pics young obama and bill ayers together

Obama And Ayers Back In The 1970’s Just Palling AroundThe Early Days.

Not To Mention, Chicago Residents Who Claimed They Could Not Believe That Obama Got Away With It Twice. Two Terms In The White House.

The Fact That Barry Satoro / A.K.A. Barack Obama. Sat In The American White House, Under A Damn Ass Alias And Conservative Media, Fox News, Did Not Jump On this Fact. I Guess The Sin Does Stop There.

Barry / Barack Was Sent By His Mother In Hawaii, To Live With A Wealthy Chicago Suburban Family Named Ayers, When Barry / Barack Was 17 Years Old And Was To Attend The University Of Chicago.


I Mean Really. A United States Of America President Sporting An Alias. Tehhhhhh.

One Would Think.

That An Opposition Media, Would Surely Grasp On To The Fact That A Sitting  U.S. President Was Sporting A Fucking Alias.

But Oh The Fuck No.

The Best The Fox News Talking Head Idiots Could And Still Do Come Up With Is Shit Like;

“That Bad Bad Red State Media”.


“That Far Left Media”

I Digress.

At The Time That Barry Satoro / A.K.A. Barack Obama Resided In The Ayers Home, People Refereed To Obama And Ayers As Brothers.

As Well, At This Time In Space, Bill Ayers Was A Top Dog In The Anti American Terrorist Organization Known AsThe Weathermen Underground‘.

Another Fact Of The Matter Is That Today, 2018, Ayers And His Bomb Building Wife, Bernadine Dorhn, Still Hold High Ranking Positions In This Anti American Terrorist Organization.

An Organization That Another Anti American Group Of Cop Killers, ‘The Black Panther Party‘, Refer To As “A Bunch Of Rich Suburban White Boys

The Weathermen Underground‘ The Anti American Terrorist Group Responsible For The Bombing Of 19 Federal Buildings, Including Armories And As Well, The Cold Blooded Murderers Of San Francisco Police Sargent Brian McDonnell.

Who’s Only Crime On That September 16th Morning Was Walking Up The Steps To His Precinct Where He Found A Package.

Sargent McDonnell, Placed The Package On A Window Ledge At The San Francisco Upper Haight Precinct.

As A result Of This Simple Action, Sargent McDonnell’ Head Was Just About Blown The Fuck Off,  While Seriously Injuring Eight Other Patrol Officers.

Of Those Eight Patrol Officers, One Robert Fogarty, Patrol Officer, Suffered Severe Wounds To his Face And Legs And Was Left Partially Blind.

Yet These Hypocritical, Lying Shysters, Mark Levin. Sean Hannity. Bill O’Reilly. Rush Limbaugh. Glenn Beck.

Paid MILLIONS of Dollars A Year Have The Fuckin Nerve To Thank Law Enforcement For Their Service.


In Fact Over A Period Of 8 Years, I Had Friends Of Mine Contact These Various, Worthless Talking Heads, Asking Them About Bill Ayers.

To A One, They Blew It Off.

Then, Obama Granted Bill Ayers And Bernadine Dorhn, Who Till This Day Remain Top  Dogs In ‘The Weathermen Underground‘ A Presidential Pardon Regarding Not Only The Bombing Of 19 Federal Buildings, But As Well The Cold Blooded Murder Of San Francisco Police Sargent Brian McDonnell.

Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell | San Francisco Police Department, California

San Francisco Police Department, California

Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell

San Francisco Police Department, California End of Watch Wednesday, February 18, 1970

And Yet.

The Lying, Shyster, Bought And Sold Conservative Talking Heads Will Not Acknowledge The Death Of A Dedicated Police Officer And The Severe Wounding Of Eight Other Police Officers.

I Will Give President Trump Credit for At Least Pursing The Birther Issue That Related To Obama.

For Myself, I Just Could Not Find In My Research Regarding Obama, Any Pertinent Facts One Way Or The Other To Nail Down The Birther Theory.

To Be Clear.

I Will Only Publish Information That I Can Verify Pertinent To Any And All Facts I Publish On This Blog Site

Yet These Phony, Bought And Sold Talking Heads Go On Daily Dividing This Country With Hate.

Based On Information Derived And Approved By The Slant Face Producers Of These Lying Idiots Shows.

Not One Of These Talking Head Idiots Have Ever Served This Country.

I Do Not Count Mark Levins Job In The Reagan Administration As Serving This Country.

He Was A CIVILIAN, Working In The Capacity Of Associate Director of Presidential Personnel and Ultimately Chief of Staff To Attorney General Edwin Meese.

For Me And Mine.

Military And Military Special Force Veterans And Active Service Military Members.

People Such As Mark Levin To Us, Are Nothing More Than Pencil Pushers Controlled By What Ever POLITICAL Sided Administration They Are Working For.

Nothing More Than Civil Public Servants.

NOT, United States Of American Military Representatives.

Who Daily, Along Side Law Enforcement, PUT THEIR VERY LIVES ON THE LINE.

Image result for pics screaming angry news anchors characters

The Conservative Talking Head Idiots Over At The Fox News Channel.

Not Self Serving Bought And Sold Political Talking Heads Who Pull Their Sidearm On A Coworker On A Television Set.

Subject Matter That For What Ever Reason, I Can Not Get Out Of My Mind Nor Can I  For Sure Verify.

I Am Sincerely Hoping That This Incident Is Not True In The Fashion Of Nothing More Than An Introduction To Firearms. Even Then, This Action Should Only Take Place On A Gun Range.

Myself, Strapping Firearms Since The Age Of 18 Years Old. On A Daily Basis.

Today, I Never Leave My Home Without My Girl Veronica. My 1911 A Semi Auto Colt 45, Along With Other Various Weapons. Weapon-ed Up Is How I Roll.

Been A Life Long.

That Said.

Pulling A Gun Or Any Other Weapon, Is The Absolute, Very Last Option.

When I Pull My Gun From My Holster, Within The Next Nano Of A Fraction Of A Second, Said Individual On The End Of That Barrel, Is Smoke. Straight Up.

Something I Never Look Forward To.

Guns, Are Not Toys Or Objects Of Interest To Engage In Show And Tell. Firearms Serve One Purpose And One Purpose Only. That Purpose Is To Kill.

Unless One Has Ever Engaged In This Practice, One Real Needs To Consider Seriously, The Responsibility In Strapping A Gun.

Feel Me? So Far?

So Mr. Hannity. I Am Hoping Said Incident Involving You Drawing Down Your Firearm On Juan Williams In The Television Studio Is Nothing But Conjecture Based On False Information.

I Am A Writer.

I Am Paid To Write. Throughout The Worldwide Business Community.

A Whole Lotta $tack$.

In Regards To this Blog.

I Do Not Generate One Thin American Dime.

This Blog Is My Bucket List. Just One Part Of My Bucket List.

The Second Part Of My Bucket List Is Learning How To Play The Guitar. Blues Guitar Specifically.

Just thought I Would Throw That In.

Now. Back To The Show.

Here In Tucson, We Have A Relatively New Bought And Sold Conservative Radio Talking Head.

See the source image

I Love Tucson, Arizona. The Wild Wild West.

See the source image

Calling This Wild Wild West Community My Home For Quite Awhile Now.

I Do Not Watch Television. I Love Radio. Been A Lifelong.

A Radio Station That Is On My Dial Upon Waking Every Day Is KNST From The Previous Evening While Listening To Coast To Coast Radio With George Noory.

Love Coast To Coast And George Noory.

I Will Now Take The Time To Honor In Praise Mr. Noory’s Predecessor, Art Bell, Who Just Recently Passed Away.

See the source image

Kaddish Sir.

I Tune In Every Evening Up The Dial From ESPN Radio After An Arizona Diamond Back Baseball Broadcast. Go D’Backs. Gotha Another One Last Night. Stay Up On It Guys.

See the source image

Love ESPN Radio.


Whad Up My Man.

Stephen A. Smith.

See the source image

My Usual Day Does Not Start Until My First Cup Of Bustello Arabic Espresso, Black With Vanilla Extract And A Haberno Float Between The Time Of 12:00 And 13:00 Hours.

My Home Is Under Going An Extensive Remodeling. As Such, On Some Days Recently I Am Awake At 08:00 To Let The Guy’s In Who Are Performing The Remodeling.

On One Particular Early Morning Day, Letting In The Construction Dudes, I Hit The Remote To Increase Radio Volume.

Radio Still On KNST.

The On Air Host Was One Garret Lewis.

Not Familiar With The Young-man, As Well I Find His Style Of Broadcast Somewhat Loud. In My Assessment I’m Coming From A Place Of A Bachelor Degree In Mass Communications. Just Saying.

What I Found Obnoxious In Regards To Mr. Lewis’ Broadcast Subject Matter Was His Denigration Of The Tucson Police Department.

If You Have Been Following This Blog Site Or My Other Blog Sites On Blogger.com, You Know My Appreciation And Respect For T.P.D. As Well I Have Friends On the Force Active And Retired. (Watch For My New Upcoming Ryanindaswamp Back On Blogger. Soon.)

I Do Not At All Take Kindly To Someone Running Yak Down On T.P.D.

One Would Think That As A Broadcaster On A Major City Radio Station, One Would Possess The Facts Of Any Subject Matter They Are Talking About. Seemingly, This Is Not The Case For Garret Lewis.

In This Instance, Mr. Garret Was Yakking On And On And On Regarding A Church Break In And How Long It Had Taken For T.P.D. To Show Up.

So, Let Me Clue You In Mr, Lewis. Cuz My Man You In Da Complete Dark.

Here In Tucson, Local Law Enforcement Refers To Tucson As The ‘The Alley‘. 

Did You Know That Mr. Lewis, You Load Mouth Fucking Punk Ass Bitch Bought And Sold Broadcaster.

Of the 100% Of Illegal Drugs Manufactured In The World.

80% Of Those Illegal Drugs Are Consumed By Americans.

75% Of That Consumed 80% Passes Right Thru Tucson Or Again, As Local Law Enforcement Call’s Tucson, ‘The Alley

I Mean You Only Broadcast On One Of Tucson’s Most Listened To Stations.

Why Would I Expect You To Know This? Stupid Fuckin Me.


Now Keep In Mind Mr. Lewis.

Tucson, Arizona Is The Most Dangerous City In The State Of Arizona.

Tucson, Arizona Is The 4th Most Dangerous State In America.

From Cartel To Bloods To Crips To Latin Kings To Latin Eagles To MS13.


Undermanned On Any Given Day, 400 To 900 Street Patrol Officers. Up Until Two And A Half Years Ago, T.P.D.’s Bullet Proof Vests Were Donated.

The Patrol Vehicles That T.P.D Cruise Their Watch In Fall 60% Below The National Police Cruiser Safety And Maintenance Average.

Now Throw Into This Insane Mix.

Tucson Police Patrol Officers Leave Their Jobs Every Month Due To Low Pay. Sometimes As Many As 8 Per Month Resign Their Posts.

Tucson, Arizona Police Are In The Top Five Lowest Paid In The U.S.

But Then Again.

Why Would I Expect A Radio Broadcaster On One Of The Most Listened To Stations In This Market To Know All Of The Above.


You Sir, Epitomize Bought And Sold Punk Ass Bitch.

I’m Gonna Chart Up Here For You Mr. Lewis.

Crime Rates In Tucson by the Year

















(per 100,000)
(per 100,000)
(per 100,000)
(per 100,000)
(per 100,000)
(per 100,000)
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 27,440
Auto thefts
(per 100,000)
(per 100,000)
City-data.com crime index(higher means more crime, U.S. average = 283.8) 694.4 713.4 716.9 598.9 576.6 550.4 542.9 446.6 450.0 449.8 461.1 496.3 510.5 517.2

City-data.com crime rate counts serious crimes and violent crime more heavily. It adjusts for the number of visitors and daily workers commuting into cities.


According to our research of Arizona and other state lists there were 1,113 registered sex offenders living in Tucson, Arizona as of April 20, 2018.
The ratio of number of residents in Tucson to the number of sex offenders is 477 to 1.

City-Data.com crime index in Tucson, AZ compared to other U.S. cities:

Higher than in94.2 % U.S. cities05101520253035404550556065707580859095100
See how dangerous Tucson, AZ is compared to nearest cities:
(Note: Higher means more crime)
Tucson: 517.2
South Tucson: 1,204.7
Oro Valley: 86.7
Marana: 142.4
Sahuarita: 346.0

When are crimes committed in Tucson, AZ?

(Crimes per weekday per hour based on 908,629 crime reports from years 1911 to 2017)

Violent crime rate in 2016

Tucson: 450.1
U.S. Average: 216.0

Violent crime rate in 2015

Tucson: 376.4
U.S. Average: 208.5

Violent crime rate in 2013

Tucson: 354.4
U.S. Average: 204.3

Violent crime rate in 2012

Tucson: 396.4
U.S. Average: 214.5

Violent crime rate in 2011

Tucson: 359.9
U.S. Average: 214.1

Violent crime rate in 2010

Tucson: 345.5
U.S. Average: 223.2

Violent crime rate in 2009

Tucson: 353.0
U.S. Average: 238.0

Violent crime rate in 2008

Tucson: 443.6
U.S. Average: 252.4

Violent crime rate in 2007

Tucson: 432.5
U.S. Average: 259.7

Violent crime rate in 2006

Tucson: 469.6
U.S. Average: 264.1

Violent crime rate in 2005

Tucson: 528.0
U.S. Average: 258.9

Violent crime rate in 2004

Tucson: 513.7
U.S. Average: 256.0

Violent crime rate in 2003

Tucson: 498.0
U.S. Average: 262.6

Violent crime rate in 2002

Tucson: 495.9
U.S. Average: 272.2

Property crime rate in 2016

Tucson: 445.6
U.S. Average: 216.6

Property crime rate in 2015

Tucson: 472.3
U.S. Average: 221.5

Property crime rate in 2013

Tucson: 512.3
U.S. Average: 250.4

Property crime rate in 2005

Tucson: 564.2
U.S. Average: 322.3

Property crime rate in 2004

Tucson: 744.5
U.S. Average: 327.4

Property crime rate in 2003

Tucson: 761.5
U.S. Average: 334.1

Property crime rate in 2002

Tucson: 745.8
U.S. Average: 336.9
Full-time law enforcement employees in 2016, including police officers: 1,168 (870 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.63
Arizona average: 1.61

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2015, including police officers: 1,222 (932 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.76
Arizona average: 1.88

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2014, including police officers: 1,219 (934 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.77
Arizona average: 1.88

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2013, including police officers: 1,268 (983 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.87
Arizona average: 1.85

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2012, including police officers: 1,242 (955 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.80
Arizona average: 1.99

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2011, including police officers: 1,240 (949 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.80
Arizona average: 1.97

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2010, including police officers: 1,295 (974 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.85
Arizona average: 2.00

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2009, including police officers: 1,365 (1,012 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.85
Arizona average: 2.00

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2008, including police officers: 1,406 (1,037 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.96
Arizona average: 2.02

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2007, including police officers: 1,452 (1,056 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 2.02
Arizona average: 2.04

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2006, including police officers: 1,376 (994 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 2.04
Arizona average: 1.94

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2005, including police officers: 1,369 (1,008 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 2.07
Arizona average: 1.99

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2004, including police officers: 1,276 (951 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.95
Arizona average: 2.01

Full-time law enforcement employees in 2003, including police officers: 1,285 (941 officers).

Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.93
Arizona average: 2.00

Moving On.

See the source image

Daddy’s Peterbuilt Blowing Coal

Laws of War

A kohen is appointed to the task of preparing the people for war. “Hear, O Israel,”  “today you are approaching the battle against your enemies. Let your hearts not be faint; you shall not be afraid, you shall not be alarmed, and you shall not be terrified because of them. For the L‑rd your G‑d is the One who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.”

When you come to the land the L‑rd, your G‑d, is giving you, and you possess it and live therein, and you say, “I will set a kingover myself, like all the nations around me”:

You shall set a king over you, one whom the L‑rd your G‑d chooses; from among your brothers you shall set a king over yourself . . .

Only, he may not acquire many horses for himself, so that he will not bring the people back to Egypt in order to acquire many horses, for G‑d said to you: “You shall not return that way any more.”

He shall not take many wives for himself, lest his heart turn away; and he shall not acquire much silver and gold for himself.

Parshat Shoftim / In Essence  The Jewish Battle Cry 


I Speak As A ‘Sephardi Jew‘.

” A ‘Sephardi Jew‘? Que es Mr. Swamp “?

” Glad You Asked Slappy My Man “

The Short Brief. Simply Stated.

We ‘Sephardi Jews‘ Are Of The Darker Skin Color Variety.

You Know,


Got His Self Beat, Tortured, Swords Drawn On And Nailed To A Cross By The White Boy Goyim Pigs.

See the source image

As Well, Israeli People, Are Of The ‘Sephardi Jew‘ Family.

See the source image

Carry On My Brothers.

Sephardi Jews‘, As Warriors, Have Nailed Down And Secured G-ds Very Own Land Since The Beginning Of Man.

We Are The Warrior Jews.

For Many Years I Owned A Very Profitable Company Back In The 305.

Generating Ten’s Of Millions Of Dollars Annually.

In 2004, I For The Lack Of Better Words, Became Very Bored With The Day To Day Routine And Decided To Sell The Business.

One Of My Employees, Actually, My Very Best Employee, Who On A Daily Basis Went Above And Beyond In Her Duties.

She As Well Was Someone I Trusted And Respected.

For Me, Trust And Respect Goes A Far Way And Is Earned.

She Asked If she Could Buy My Company. I Agreed.

We Both Had A Lot In Common. We Are Both ‘Sephardi Jews‘.

Herself Coming From A Long Line Of Israeli Jews And As Well Served In Both The Israeli Military In The Capacity Of  Officer And The Israeli ‘Mossad‘.

See the source image

See the source image

Phew. Talk About Gorgeous. My Kinda Gal.

As Far As I Am Concerned.

The Very Most Beautiful Women In The World.

As Well, Some Very Tough Ass Females. Semper Fi Girls.

I Digress.

Then You Have The ‘Askenazi Jews‘.

Askenazi Jews‘ Represent The Eastern European Yiddish Speaking Jews.


As Us ‘Sephardi Jews‘ Refer To The ‘Askenazi Jews‘, The White Boys.

Hmmmm. That’s Kinda Of Harsh One Would Say, Isn’t It. Why So Direct?

The Short Brief.

If Eastern Europe Was Populated By ‘Sephardi Jews‘.

The Small Dick Piece Of Nazi Punk Ass Cross Dressing Bitch, Hitler. 

Would Have Lasted, At Best, A Week.

See the source image

As Well, ‘Askenazis‘ , Are All About The Greed And The Money And As Well Represent Careers In Fields Such As Stock Brokers, Business, Doctors, Attorneys. Like That.

All Bout Da $tack$.

Nothing Wrong There. Upstanding Is Upstanding.

And, As Well, Have A Soft Spot For The ‘Goyim‘.

And Who Are The ‘Goyim‘ You Ask?

We, ‘Sephardi Jews‘ Translate ‘Goyim‘ As ‘Filthy Pigs’.


As Most People Refer to Them, ‘Christians‘.

Now back To ‘Askenazi Jews‘.

Glenn Beck, I Hope Your Taking Notes. I’m Quite Sure You Are.

Askenazis‘, Will For The Most Part As It Were, On A Progressive, Continuous Basis, Make The Sale.

Slanting The Truth And Saying Whatever It Takes To Ring The Bell.

See the source image.

Feel Me? So Far?

For What I Am About To Say, Actually Pains Me, Very Deeply.

For I Had Nothing But The Utmost Respect For This Man.

For Myself.

Utmost Respect Comes Very, Very Hard For This 1st Force Recon Marine 03.

This Individual.

Who I Considered, And Still Consider Brilliant And As Well A ‘Brother‘.

An Individual Who As Far As I Am Concerned, Is The Absolute, Most Brilliant Mind When It Comes To ‘Constitutional Law‘.

Ain’t Nobody, That Even Comes Close.

Not In This Galaxy.

Jus  Sayin.

Seemingly, Fame And Fortune Has A Way, Along With $tack$ Of Money, In Changing A Person.

Ain’t Dat Right Mark Levin?

Shame On You My Man.

Taking Sides, While Playing It Down The Middle To Appease And Ingratiate One Particular Political Party.

Knowing What You Know My Man. Shame On You.

Because I Know For A Fact Mark, That You Did Not Miss, Nor Pass Over That SaturdaySeptember 19, 1796, General/President George Washingtons Farewell Speech.

However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

Stupid Fuckin Literal Me.

Shame On You Mark. Just to Sell A Few Fuckin Books And Trinkets.

This Country Is Divided As NEVER EVER Before.

See the source image

For Me And Mine.

Marines Specifically.

We Are Sickened By This.

Especially My Recon Brothers.

For We Have Seen And More or Less, On Some Degree, Been, Somewhat, Directly Involved, I’ve Heard, If I May Suggest, In Such Tactics.

America Is On The Precipice Of Implosion.


As Every Military Strategist And Leader Knows, A Country Divided Falls From Within.

This Country Must Put Away ALL Political Agenda, Real Da Fuck Fast And Unite.

I Know Mark, I’m Preaching To The Choir.


Sean Hannity.

You My Man, Have Taken Political Slant And Profit To An Entire New Lowest Of Low Levels For Profit And Gain.

To Take The Death Of A Young Man, And For Political And Personal Profit And Gain, Run His Name Through The Dirt And And Mud.

Then To Sit There With Some Other Political Punk Ass Faggot Bitch And Cry That Your Punk Faggot Lives Have Been Threaten.

Like Dis Bitch.

Here In This Quaint Desert Mayberry Known As Tucson, Arizona.

As A Direct Result Of This Blog.

I Have Had 3 ATTEMPTS On MY Life.

Up Until Today.

I Have Never Ever Mentioned This.

In Fact.

A Retired T.P.D. Lieutenant Friend Of Mine Caught All 3 Calls.

Neither Here Nor There.


Fact Of This Matter.

3 Faggot Punk Ass Bitches Are Doing A Whole Lot Of Muthu fuckin Time, In Some Real Fuckin Bad Shape. For The Rest Of Their Lives.

Feel Me?  So Far? Faggot Hannity


What The Muthu Fuck Have You EVER DONE FOR MY COUNTRY, You Fat Bloated Piece Of Irish White Trash Lying Money Grubbing BITCH.


This, Mr. Lying Piece Of Punk Ass Faggot White Trash Irish Bitch, Is The Picture Of One, United States Of America, First Force Reconnaissance Marine 03 / 8441 T.R.A.P. M.E.U.

That’s What I Have Done For My Country. Faggot.

I Have The 5 Bullet Holes, 1 Stab Wound And 29 broken Bones To Prove It. Bitch.

Rumor Has It Faggot. That You Unholstered Your Side Arm On The Set And Pointed It At Juan Williams.

If This Is True Faggot Idiot.

Your Weapon Need’s To Be Immediately Relinquished.

Tell Ya What Bitch.

Come On Down Here To The Desert.

Pull Your Side Arm On Me.

Within A 10th Of A Second, That Weapon Will Be Lodged So Da Fuck Far Up Your Fat Stank Hole Ass, You’ll Be Having Your Hoe Cunt Wife Dressing You In Heels And Lipstick. Faggot.

Martial Arts.

I’m Practicing Since 13 Years Old.

Kick Boxed In A Ring For 2 Years. Never Had My Nose Broken.

Bring It To The Desert Faggot Bitch.

I’ll Give You A Free Lesson.


You In A Wheel Chair Drooling For The Rest Of Your White Punk Ass Irish Trash Life In Less Than A 10th Of A Second Faggot.


See the source image

Heard You Suckin On Askenazi JewbBoy Attorney Cohen’s Kosher Roll For A Minute.

See the source image

Yeah, Punk Ass Lying Faggot Bitch.

You Goin Down Faggot.

Oh Yeah.

Regarding My Facebook Page Back One Year.

Couple Of Your Fuck Face Faggot Bitch Boy Followers Sent Me Some Candy Ass Aggressive E-Mails.

First Of All, What Da Fuck You And Your Cunt Bitch Faggot Followers Up on My Page?


Ya All Wanna Bring It.

Bring It Faggots.

But Oh Da Fuck No.

I Respond.

Get All South Central On Their Faggot Bitch Asss.

See the source image

My Hood Of Origin And Colors.

See the source image

Dis Who Raised This Recon Marine 03, 3 University Degree’s And Law School White Ghetto Rat.

So, Faggot Hannity.

To You And Your Faggot Punk Ass Bitch Followers

Any Time Ya All Feel Like Jumping.

Jus Hit Up This Blogs Corresponding E-Mail.

Me And Mine Be More Than Happy To Pick Up You And Your Faggot Clown Princess Pussy Bitch Asss. Punk.

Wanna Bring It. Bring It Bitches.

Cuz I Gotta Tell Ya White Trash Irish Goyim Pig.

I Would Just Love To

GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

You Get The Drift.

Phony Punk Ass Faggot Goyim White Trash Irish Boy.

On A Lighter Side.

See the source image

I Do Very Much Enjoy Listening To Glenn Beck.

Very Intelligent In His Presentation.

As Well, I Like His Spirit In Doing His Part To Bring This Country Together Again.

See the source image

You Awaight Beck.

See the source image


Catch Ya Every Nite After The D’backs Game. 

See the source image

Just Curious My Man.

You Always Up In The Jew Thang. 

Somethang Ya Not Telling Us All?

אתה בסדר אחי. אנו מברכים אותך בזרועות 

פתוחות. להפיץ את האהבה

Feel Me? So Far?


Gotta Go.

Before A Put A 1911 A Round Thru This Damn Screen.

Da White Trash Punk Ass Faggot Irish Bitch Hannity Got Me Wound up Like A Texas Rolex.

Yeah. I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindadesert

See the source image

2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat    Rollin On Fire

Daddy’s New Toy



Gorgeous Driver And Companion

See the source image

Nothing Sayz Loving Like A Belt Fed 50 Cal


A Beautiful Israeli Female Soldier Squeezing.


I’m In Love


I’m All Shook Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:


To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics peace sign my homies

Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14


May 13, 2014 – Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …



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Slow Steppin Thru The Mine Fields In Leather FlipFlops

Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

See the source image

Psalm 91 King James Version (KJV)

91 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

 Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;

 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

 Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.

 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.


See the source image

Hue City / Central South Vietnam / 1968

All I Knew Was That Myself, A 19 Year Old Marine 2cd. Lieutenant And 2499 Other Marines Were Deployed To Hue City, Central South Vietnam On That Fateful Day,  In February, 1968.

The PAVN (People’s Army Of Vietnam) And The VC (Viet Cong) Initiated ‘The Tet Offensive‘ On January 30, 1968, Which Also Coincided With The Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

To State, That, On That Day In February, 1968, All Hell Broke Loose, Is A Gigantorous Understatement.

Hue Was Important In The Way That Highway 1 Ran Thru The Middle Of The City And Was An Important Supply Route For ARVN (Army Of The Republic Vietnam) And U.S. Military Allied Forces.

The ‘Perfume River‘ Ran Through Hue City Actually Dividing The City Straight Down The Center.

Situated 50 Klicks (Kilometers) From The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), One Would Think That Hue City Would Have Been Well Defended. The Very Unfortunate Realty Was The Exact Opposite. Even Considering That Hue Was Home Base For The U.S. Navy’s Supply Boats.

Hue Was The Cultural Center Of South Vietnam.

PAVN Rapidly Occupied And Overran Hue City.

For The Next Month And A Week, U.S. Forces Lead By U.S. Marines, In What Is Now Called The Longest And Ugliest Battle Of The Vietnam Campaign. Defeated The PAVN.

Three Under Strength U.S. Marine Corps Battalions, Four U.S.Army Battalions And 11 Battalions Of AVRN, Totaling 18 Battalions, Defeated 10 Battalions Of PAVN Forces.

Hue City Was Completely Destroyed.

U.S. Marines Defeated The PAVN In Literal Door To Door Fighting. We Were Actually Told Months Later That We, Marines, Had Invented Door To Door Fighting In That Month And One Week Time Period.

Victory Is A Hard Fought Word.

At Times Coming With So Many Causalities And Death On Both Sides That One Asks Themselves, For Real, Right?

The Cost Of Hue City?

More Than 5000 Civilians, Dead. Out Of That Number, 2800 Of These Civilians Were Executed By The PAVN And The VC.

The Communists Role In This Combat Theater Cost Them An Estimated 2400 To 8000 Killed.

On The Allied Side.

668 Dead.

3707 So Seriously Wounded They Required Being Airlifted Out Off The Field Of Battle.

My Very First Deployment.

A  United States Marine Second Lieutenant. Just A Surfer Kid From The Hood.

Crenshaw District, South Central Los Angeles, California.

See the source image

1968 / The Crenshaw Hood

See the source image

Talk About A Life Changer.

It Wasn’t Until They Air Lifted Our Beat Up Ass’s Out Of That Hell Bent Fire Storm That It All Hit Me.

Back At Base Camp, 127 Klicks North Of Saigon.

Out Of The Wild Blue, My Steel Trap Mind, Word For Word, Began Screaming Pslam 91.

Over And Over And Over Again And Again.

Then Followed By A Constant Tape That Runs Through My Mind Till This Very Day. Nano Click To Click. Tick To Tock.


For You See, Outside Of G.O.D. 

I’m The Last Man Standing.

And Pslam 91.

As The Huey Helicopter I Was About To Deploy Out Of, Was 2 Minutes Outside Of The LZ (Landing Zone), Captain Handed Me A Pocket Bible. I Looked At Captain;


“Here You Go 2cd Lieutenant. Good Luck Today. Your Life Expentency On The Field Of Battle Is 18 Minutes”.

With That, The Huey Helicopter I Occupied Along With My Marines, Landed On That Ridge, Rotter Blades Spinning High Rev’s. Myself, Along With My Marines Disembarked And Made Our Way Into Battle.

See the source image

I Stuck The Pocket Bible Into My All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment, Other Wise Known To Us Marines As AnAlice Vest‘.

It Wasn’t Until The Conclusion Of The Battle Of Hue City, Stated To This Day, As The Longest And Bloodiest Battle Of the Entire Vietnam Campaign.

I Reached Into My ‘Alice Vest‘ And Retrieved The Pocket Bible Captain Handed Me Almost A Month And A Half Prior To Battle.

I Opened The Sweat And Blood Stained Pocket Bible.

It Opened To Pslam 91

To This Very Day I Carry A Copy Of That All Amazing Powerful Pslam In My Wallet.


Ohhhhhhhh My.

Tears Hitting The Whores Expansive Keyboard In Torrential Driven Drops.

Every Night At Some Point In My Astral Dreams, Way Too Many Angels Come Before Me With GODS All Encompassing Love.

In A Nano Flash Of Face’s And Places, I See All My Marines. Standing Tall. Saluting. Guarding Those Most Beautiful Gates Of Heaven.

See the source image

Semper Fi Gentlemen. Lt. Be Seeing You Soon.



Yeah. I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

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Ryan. Out.

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1968 Chevrolet Camaro S.S. 427    Sittin On Chrome

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:


To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics peace sign my homies

Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14


May 13, 2014 – Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …



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Da Ghetto

See the source image

Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

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Have Compassion For All Beings, Rich And Poor Alike; Each Has Their Suffering. Some Suffer Too Much, Others Too Little. Buddha

The SouthSide

Ryanindadesert / Man In Da Sand

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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Back Tracking Through The ‘Da Swamp

Yo.Vietnam.What Up My Homies?Thanks For The Read Guys.LORD GOD Bless Each And Everyone Of You.Những gì lên Homies của tôi. Là một phút. Đánh giá cao thời gian của bạn trong việc đọc. Cho biết cô Lin Yang tôi gửi tất cả các tình yêu của tôi. Giữ an toàn. Hoa hậu Ya Girl. Sa mạc tình yêu. Điên Cowboy, RyanDesert Love Ya All.

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The South Side

Originally Composed / Late Spring 2012

Image result for pics food city tucson az

Image result for pics sonoran desert cactus flowers

Image result for El Barrio Tucson

The South Side


The Journey From The South Side North Was Always Interesting.

Then On Some Days The Journey Was Completely Off The Wire.
Today Was One Of Those.

I Decided To Cut Over From 44th And South 6th Avenue West Past The Pawn Shop.From There I Proceeded North Behind ‘Food City‘ Grocery Store.

Image result for pics food city tucson az

I Proceeded Into The Neighborhood, Then Up Through To South 33rd And Cut Over To South 6th Avenue.

Thing Of It Was, I Enjoyed The Barrio Neighborhoods For Not Only The History, But As Well The 1930’s And 1940’s Car’s In Their Original Condition, Without A Speck Of Rust Anywhere On Their Frames Or Bodies.

I As Well Fully Understood That I Was In Territory That I Did Not Belong In.

I Remember The First Week I Decided To Walk Most Of The Way Downtown To My Job As A Writer For A Small Publication.

Less Than A Quarter Of The Way Into The Barrio Neighborhood I Passed Some Of The Residents Who Were Actually More Or Less The Gatekeepers.

Knowing I Was In No Man’s Land As Far As Who I Was And Where I Was, I Put My Head Down In Respect And Flashed Somewhat Simultaneously Both The Piece Sign And The Love Sign.Image result for pics hand signs peace and love

This Went On For About Four Day’s Until My Presence Was Accepted, Then It Was A Daily Thing Of, Cómo estás jefe? Or Whad Up O.G.

On The Day That This Story Unfolded I Was About Four Blocks Into The Neighborhood Heading North.

As I Approached The Last Block Before Actually Cutting Over To South 6th I Felt A Vibe.


Vibes Are An Integral Part Of My Life On A Nano To Nano Basis. And For Sure I Never Doubt The Vibes.

Nor Due I Second Guess Gut Feelings.For You See Vibes And Gut Feelings Have Been The Entire Main Ingredients Regarding My Continuous Daily Occurrence Of Exhaling CO/2 On This Treacherous Planet.

I Casually Glance 25 Degrees Over My Left Shoulder.

Thank You Vibe.The Boy’s In Da Hood As It Were.

There Standing Over Waist High, Thick And Built, Stood Four Pit Bull Dog’s. All About A Year Old, Still Showing That Puppy Pose.

This Wild Doggy Pack Was Comprised Of An All White Male.

A Tan Male.

A Black Male


A White Male With A Black Spot Over His Left Eye, Right Thigh And Butt.

Adding Doggy Character As It Were.I Proceeded With My Walk, Not Changing Pace.

Still Calm, Laid Backed And Chill.Seemingly, The Doggy Ensemble Was Approaching In My Direction.Tongues Hanging.

Tails Wagging.

As Well Their Determination In Their Pursuit To Check Me Out Was Relentless.Upon Their Approach, They All Took Up Their Positions Around Me And Calmly Fit Into My Slow Cadence.

‘Whitey’ Took His Place At Front Flank.

‘Tan Boy’ Positioned Himself At My Right Flank.

‘Blacky’ Covered My Left Flank


‘Spot’ Took Up The Rear.

So Here We All Were In This South Side Barrio Walking, Talking And Chillin In The Early Morning 90 Degree Plus Heat.

We Proceed On.

Myself Talking Softly, Quietly  To My Newly Acquired Escorts.My Pace Unchanged.

Speaking To My Escorts In My Typical Laid Back South Cali Drawl.

We Seemingly Had Some Kind Of Rapport Because At One Point I Told Them How Big And Beautiful They All Were.

Before I Could Place A Period On That Vocal Sentence They All Licked Me.

I Then Proceeded To Tell Them As Well That They Were For Sure Some Giant Ass Pit Bull Doggies.

In Fact Some Of The Biggest Dogs I Had Ever Seen.

At That Claim They All Looked At Me And Winked.

So Here We Were, Just Hanging And A Banging Down This South Side Barrio Hood Street Walking In The Middle Of The Road.

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I Said To Them That Their Doggy Mama And Daddy Had To Be Some Really Big Dawgs.

Just As The Period Hit My Verbal Sentence, Ms. Vibe Flashed Me A Fleeting Nano Subliminal Message.Thank You Again Vibe.

That’s When I Caught It.I Turn My Head Less Than 20 Degrees To My Left.

Standing Loud And Proud On A Desert Dirt Front Lawn Tilting Up At About 2 Feet High There Stood Mom.

Image result for pics giant female pit bull

Mom Figured. What The Hell.

She Joined In On This Rag Tag March Through The Barrio.Their We Were.

Myself And The Entire Dog Famdamily.

Mama Made Sure To Make Herself Noticed.

She Walked Up To My Left Leg, Gave Me A Love Nudge.

As If To Tell Me, She Was The Boss.

We Continue On Walking And Talking.

I Say To Mama, Damn Girl, You Certainly Are Big.

I Can Only Imagine How Big Daddy Dog Is.

Then It Happened.

As We Pass This Dirt Ally, Popz Makes His Entrance Out Of The Ally.For Sure.

Popz Big Dawg.

Image result for pics giant  pit bull

Popz Da Pit, Took His Position Beside’s Mamma.

We All Walked On For Another Block.

Me And The Entire Dog Famdamily.Then, Straight Out Of The Wild Blue.

Big Pup In Front Hit The Deck.

Rolled Over And Started Licking My Legs.

Then The Other 3 Pit Pup’s Joined In This Mad Crazy Street Love While Momz And Popz Looked On.

After A Few Minutes Of All This Street Puppy Love, They All Stood Up And Took Their Place In Front Of Me For Some Serious Behind The Dog Ear Petting And Scratching.

 Then, Just As They Approached Me They All Disbanded And Went Their Way Up The Street.About 10 Feet Away They All Turned Their Heads And Threw Me A Wink In A Type Of Doggy Choreographed Move As If To Say, “Later Homie”.

I Looked Up.I Exclaimed To HIM.Uh Huh.

Walking Through Da Hood With Giant Wild Street Pit Bulls.

You Surely Trippin LORD GOD.

Then In A Quicker Than L.A. Quick Lickety A Strong Desert Breeze Brushed It’s Sweetness Over Me While Butter Flies Engulfed Me.

Image result for pics many   desert butter flies


Image result for Black Bird Flying Animated GIFs

Just To Make Sure I Was Clear On This Spiritual Intervention.

A Screeching Black Bird Descended Before Me.

Hovering As It Were Right Before My Face As If To Say:Hope Ya Cop Da Drift Boy. Have A Nice Day.

I Proceed On Up To 32nd Street And Cut Back Over To South 6th Avenue.

As I Make My Way North Up South 6th Avenue Approaching 31st Street I Notice On The Eastside Corner Of 6th And 31st Three Young Mexican Men Between The Ages Of 16 And 18 Years Old.

The Way They Were Hanging Out, It Was More Of A Claim Of Territory They Have Secured On That Particular Part Of The Hot Near 100 Degree Tarmac.

These Teenagers Were Dressed In New Red Nike Air Jordan’s.

Red Bandanna’s.

Black Baseball Caps With Red Letters Indicating Their Choice In Regard’s To The Dress Code.The B‘s And The C‘s As It Were.Can Ya Spell Bloods‘.

Hanging With These Young Men Were Two Beautiful Young Mexican Girl’s.

I Would Say Around 16 Years Old.

I Continue North On South 6th Avenue On The Opposite Side Of The Street.

Walking Against The Flow Of People And Traffic.

Hard To Come Up On Me. Been A Lifelong.

As I Approach 30th Street One Of The Young Mexican Girls Crosses South 6th Avenue To My Side.

As She Grows Closer To What I Call My ‘Meet And Greet Space I Say:Pido perdón la señorita Iam lamentable no soy una perspectiva buena“.

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ I’m Sorry Young Lady I Am Not A Good Prospect.)

Without A Word The Beautiful Young Woman Takes Her Position On My Right Flank And Falls In Lock Step With Me.

The Time Was 08:45, Sunday Morning.

We Walked In This Quite, Not A Word Spoken Manner For A Couple Of Blocks.

Without Any Props, Completely Out Of The Vast Wild Blue, Girl Says To Me:Haga usted tiene cualquier licor“?

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ Do You Have Any Liquor?)

No, Seguro no Hago. Son Usted No Demasiado Jóven Para Beber el Licor. También Es Tan Muy Temprano “?

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ No, I Sure Dont Young Lady Are You Not Too Young To Be Drinking Liquor, As Well It Is Very Early Sunday Morning.)

Esto lo hace ir más rápido“.

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ It Makes It Go Faster.)

¿Usted significa(piensa) a todos los hombres todo el día y toda la repetición

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ You Mean All The Men All Day And All Of The Repetition?)


(For My Single Lingual Readers/ Yes)

We Continued On For A Bit.

Silent As We Walked.

After A Few Blocks The Young Lady Turns To Me And Says:Va a Usted Rezar Para Mí?

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ Will You Pray For Me?)

. Absolutamente. Rezaré por usted. ¿Cómo te llamas

(For My Single Lingual Readers  /Yes. Absolutely. I Will Pray For You. What Is Your Name.)

Mi nombre es Monique“.

(For My Single Lingual Readers  /My Name Is Monique.)

Seguro que Monique. Señor Dios te bendiga muy muy Much.My nombre es Monique“.

(For My Single Lingual Readers  /For Sure Monique. LORD GOD Bless You So Very Very Much.)

With That Monique Trailed Off Back To The East Side Of South 6th Avenue.

I Walked About A Block And A Half North Up South 6th Avenue To 29th Street.

I Turned Left Up The Steep Grade Of West 29th Street And Walked About 18 Steps And Stopped In Front Of An Abandon 19th Century Old Church.

See the source image

I Looked Up.


PLEASE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Find This Young Lady And Intercede LORD GOD. Save Her From The Ravages Of War.

Please Save Her Oh LORD GOD. I’m Begging You LORD. I’m Begging You”.

My Tears In A Torrential Onslaught Hit The Hot Tarmac Like Exploding Mortars Ripping Through The Desert Floor.Silently Crying Like The Proverbial ‘B’.

I Can Not Say How Long I Stood There Begging LORD GOD To Save This Victim Of Family Turf War Engaged For The Simple Non Payment Of A Street Debt.

Even Right Now.

My Tears Cascading Down Onto The Whores Ever Expansive Keyboard As I Drop These Last Peckz.

The Treacherous Wicked Hell Bent World For Now Safely At Bay.

Ryan. Out.

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Image result for pics bugatti logo      Sitting On Fire

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Jimi Hendrix – Red House – Santa Clara 1969

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United States





United Kingdom









Costa Rica











Hong Kong














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Ya All 
Bout Da Desert

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LORD GOD’S 7 Stars



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