America. Land of The Racist – Home of The Hateful

Ryan Patrick Sean Donovan

1950.04.07 – 2020.15.05

Rest In Peace Marine Recon Lt.

It Was An Honor Serving With You Marine. We Most Defiantly Got Our Selves Some.

Now Your Guarding Those Beautiful Glorious Gates Of Heaven With Your Brothers. Be Joining You There Shortly.

Sure Will Be Missing Your Eloquent Writing In Regards To America’s Orange Face Asshat Pretend Fake Wanna Be Draft Dodging Piece Of Shit Fake President. Putins Bitch If You Will.

Semper Fi.  OoRahhhh

With Respect and Love.

Marine Colonel T / 2D BN 4th Marines


Major Heart Felt Shout Out

From the Caribbean up thru to the Phillipines slamming it on over to the South American Continent from the Ecuador Desert up into Mexico.

When it comes to 5 Star Diamond Gold Customer Service. 

No one even comes close to Boost Mobile.

Kind Proffesional Intelligent and On Da Job.

You Dedicated Guys and Gals Rock.

Stay Up On It  Brothers  and Sisters.

Thanks Guys For Keeping This Ol Man Mobile.

As I begin to write this post I’m rocket thrusted back to the age of 5 years old growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Cali.

I am on the constant of hearing on the radio all about the Color People.

So there I am riding my bike around the hood looking for blue red purple green people.

My five siblings and parents oh so tired of me asking about the Colored People.

Then one day visiting my Aunt Gloria just outside of Century City.

On the constant regarding the whereabouts of all the Color People.

A 56 Dodge sedan parks on the opposite side of Santa Monica Blvd.

A Black man emerges from the sedan.

My mom gets down eye level with me.

She exclaims; “See that man? Because of the color of his skin this world will always strongly dislike him. And because your a Jew, a Mexican/Irish Jew, this world will always hate you”.

Looking on back down the road of a very long life while maintaining my grounded base Mantra;”Be Here Now”.

My nano focus as it is.

Zeroed in on the many lies presented before me.

Flying by me at multible mach speed, at a rate aerospace technology has yet been able to calculate.

Then abruptly screeching to a complete stop at the highest magnatude of the biggest biggy of all lies.

This humongous lie being; “The American Dream”.

A dream as far as I am concerned that for myself applies to a very few.

Mostly comprised of and integrated over time of Red White and Blue W.A.S.P. Bloodlines.

The American Caucasion Persuasion.

Especially during the time period in which I grew up in.

Then really right up into the 21st century.

Where I witnessed up close and personal while employed in an excutive capacity in both Corporate 100 America and as well Corporate 250 America.

Wherein behind the backs of my Executive Brothers of dark skin tone, racism spouted from the White Boy’s lips in the most descriptive of racist slurs.

Then upon discovering my actual Mexican Jewboy Heritage I was now one of the out cast herd.


That Ol American Dream.

Just hanging right there out in front of you.

Unless of course you hail from the wrong side of town.

The American Dream.

Right there before the struggling masses.

Just go get your self some.

Akin to the high school football coach screaming at sky high decibels to keep running, digging in deeper as both legs, broken and tattered leaves one hanging by their now jiggly throats in the lost jungle of material wealth.

Driving individuals to a place of Having To Work way into their 60s and beyond just to pay all the interest on their many slabs of plastic.

Never ever even coming close to the Priciple associated with their now way super depreciated material objects strewned thoughout their tattered lives.

Principle now just stacked galactic miles high that will only jettison further down the rabbit hole of credit score hell.

Then bragging of the their higher credit scores that will add more and more credit to their already inflated beyond all Eisensteinen credit calculus.

Driving them further up the vulture food chain of compounded interest.

Elevating their lower conscienceness whelm egos further down the pike of material hell.

Driving their narcissistic material appetites further into the lower whelm consciousness of look at me look look at me. 

For you see I’m better than you for all my financed to the hilt material world.

For myself a world I never understood.

Working since the age of twelve.

Actually holding three part time jobs at the point of graduating high school with honors at the age of sixteen.

Always forefront in my mind the wisdom emmiting like gold dust from my Granpa Charlie’s mouth as we criused South Central, Los Angeles in the old blue Pontiac.

“It’s Not What You Make. But It Is What You Save”.

“The One Thing Money Can Never Buy Is Your Health”.

In other word’s, for myself, Grandpa Charlie was laying out the precise road map to proceed forward on in regards to my life.

A road map that I have diligently followed up the road now just one door from seventy years old.

Paying cash for everything. $tacking those Benjamin’s sky da hell high.

Regarding health.

Multiple gunshots. Twenty nine broken bones.

When I am summoned to the doctor by my health insurance company for lack of doctor visits spanning over four year periods.

Without fail.

Doctor’s enter the exam room and exclaim;

“Mr. Donovan, we have been practicing medicine over a combined sixty years. You are by far the healthiest human we have ever come in contact with. You have the vitals of a seventeen year old and your going to live another sixty years”.

The frightening thought of walking this toxic rock another sixty years.

It is at this point where I raise my right arm high in the air, middle finger extended sky high and respond;

“Thanks for the fucking curse”.

My point being.

That Grandpa Charlie laid the ground work for me to be responsible for myself, never ever having to depend on another human for a thing.

The last part of the Three, referring to Granpa Charlie’s affirmations.

“The One Asset You Posses, and you guard it as if your life depended on it With Everything You Have, Is Your Name”.

I know for a fact Grandpa Charlie you are looking down on me from your galactic dimension with a big smile across your mustached face.

For myself over a lifetime fullfilling my dream in a fashion where my now long gone friends would always exclaim that I live a life wherein I have always done what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.

In the vain of my long ago decessed homie 2pac;

“Real Niggas Do What They Want. Bitch Niggas Do What They Can”.

Feel me?

So far?

Today in America.

I look around.

As well reading in excess of thirty newspapers a day, world wide.

In the land of ‘The American Dream’.

I hold witness to my Black Brothers and Sisters being picked off by gun fire as if targets at the shooting range.

Delivered from the many gun barrels country wide leaving my Black Brothers bleeding dead in the street from the murderous hands of the White Privileged for the crime of taking his daily jog thru his neighborhood and being black.

A horrific incident that took place back in February and now the McMicheal boys are finally brought to justice in the racist swine pit of Brunswick Georgia.

Just a kind hard working young American beginning his day with an early morning invigorating run.

Cut down in the street in the prime of his young life by sub intelligent hateful Geogia White Trash.

Then up the road in Florida.

A Young Black American working his three delivary jobs, driving his own vehicle.

Becomes the victim of some type of traffic altercation.

Wherein a mamas looking Short Blond Hair White Boy, pulls out a pistol and without any thought what so ever, with malice, not one spec of hesitatiion.

White Boy then hatefully fires his Weapon 7 Times into this Innocent Young Hard Working Black American whose only crime on this fateful day was Getting His Slice of The American Pie.

Then without any thought what so ever.

Chicken Shit Punk Ass White Trash claims his role in this cold blooded murder was for the fact that Little White Boy Bitch was in fear of his life, then going on to claim this just another example of stand his ground law.

Thank Lord God Almighty, Law Enforcement locked this evil perpetrator of racist death up.

Just one of many white on black murders daily across this torn broken racist joke of a country.

For myself.

All this country has ever meant to me was just a place I happened to be born in. Nothing more.

Some years back I researcheded a study that actually focused on Caucasians being a literal anomaly.

Then a few months back listening one night to one of my favorite all night radio stations.

The broadcaster, an actual College Professor of Human Development, spoke quite extensively in regards to subject matter tracing Caucasion development was rooted in the beginning of actual time.

Tracing all human makeup as taking presence from all known roots originating as it were, from Africa then tracing from there on throughout this world, wherein as he stated, Caucasians were in fact an anomaly.


Now in essence reducing it all down to the utmost lowest denominator.


As ignorant as can be.

Electing a Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy Looser to the highest posdible office.

One Who squandered a $10 Million inheritance, then proceeded to alter his father’s will eleviating all but his looser self.

A bragdosious neferious con man who brags of his stealth business acumen.

While realty points to the factual side of things wherein 2/3rds of Orange Face Asshats business ventures went bust in a year or less time.

A perverted sexual molester who with his homie Jeffery Epstien raped 12 and 13 year old females.

Guess Fox News forgot to fill Y’all in.

America just oh so ignorant.

Wherein 90% of you morons glean your information from television. Who’s only puepose is to sell you obese idiots products.

Breaking Y’all down to no more than ignorant demographics.

This countries so called Commander in Chief.

A certified draft dodger.

But don’t let his obese hateful minions hear you spout this written in granite fact.

Individuals Buried in oh so much sensless debt, actually leaving this dimension owing bukoo.

Ignorant loud mouth obese slobs to a one.

Who selfishly act out in the streets, touting weapons into government enclaves, without any regard what so ever in their non complience and selfish ignorant ways to not cover their fat grills so as not to spread an already out of control pandemic.

Complaining about everything and all.

Their small bought sold and pimped political minds enraged and laying blame to the world for their gross ineptitude regarding their shattered crushed sky high debt while they wave their broken plastic at more and more material wants.

Well, to be fair, the above loosers only represent a small segment of America’s populous.

Just a tiny 70% percent of this filthy dust broken joke of a country.


How the fuck stupid are you?

Standing by a tiny hung genitalia looser who has thrown this country into hyperbolic destruction in his lack of warning Y’all regarding a world pandemic that reared it’s ugly death grip five months prior to this day.

All in the name of giving his political hack minions, personal friends and the like, enough of a head start to liquidate their many assets so as not to loose a dime.

Putting his side man puppet boy, Mike Pence in charge of leading the rag tag team of loosers.


That Mike Pence.

Former Indiana govenor known throughout the state as H.I.V. Mike for the fact that when Indiana began it’s spiral downwards as the result of an H.I.V. pandemic, the result of herion junkies relagated to using the same hypodermic needles over and over and over again and again.

Mikey Boy’s resolve was to pray over the ever increasing deaths and lickety quick spread of the deadly H.I.V. decease.

While Lord God Almighty Mack Daddy looked down from His perch some where up in His Vortex two trillion plus galaxies muttering to His Lord God self.

You ignorant white trash goyum pig.

Indiana, one of the smallest populous of states in this country, by 2017 had an H.I.V. infected populous of close to 13000 thousand citizens.

An actual body count online with New York City which has a populous of close to nine times higher.

So President Orange Face Asshat.

This thankless clueless idiot is who you gave charge to in regards to fronting the battle against Covid19.

Wherein this administrations knew resolve is “Alot Of People Are Going To Die”.

No shit Sherlock.

Estimates are looking north by June to total 100,000 or more deaths.


If you are an American of dark skin persuasion residing in the Middle to Lower Class Financial Echelon.

Good luck qualifying for testing and any type of resolve regarding your continous guaranteed function of exhaling CO2.

So Trump’s America.

Regarding I.Q.

Hovering some where in the range of 78 on a collective basis are to a one, gonna be getting on board the broken down and filthy, Trump Da Ignorant Chumps Train.

I mean really.

All things considered, 78 I.Q. is hovering close to their Clown King Idiot leaders sky da fuck High 90 point Un Intelligent Quation.

Now add into to this Trumpian cluster fuck with a shit storm float.

The major Depresion that is looming off the polluted horizon.

The likes of one never even comprehended much less an actially realty.


Just keep printing that worthless paper.

About 7 months ago I wrote a piece wherin I outlined that the U.S. Treasury has been printing $60 Billion a month.

From 2019 October.

Then selling this worthless paper to the U.S. Federal Reserve to ignite this countries banks.

The beginning path leading to this upcoming monster of a whale depression.

In the mean time since back then this main line sewer explosion has grown out and off the wire.

Great Economy.

Great Economy.

Right Lying Clown Looser Fat Boy Donny T?

This upcoming Depression is gonna make 1933 look like a walk on Bali’s Nusa Dua Beech at sunset.

Feel me?

So far?

Old skinny man me.

Good to go.

Got my Precious. Metals.

Absolute Zero Debt.

Everything I Posses I Own.

Out Right.

Straight Up.

On Da 100.

For myself.

I totally get Elon Musks forward mission on selling all of His Material Possesions.

Smart man.

One of this countries founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton so eloquently put things. Wherein he stated;

“Two things will bring this country down. War & Debt”.

You there America.


Your debt is approaching $25 Trillion.

No suprise to me.

Your sitting president built a failing empire on Debt.

Back in the day.

Fat Donny Boy T borrowed $211 Million from China to purchase a 30% interest in a building located in Manhattan on The Avenue of The Americas.

A month later China sold that debt to The Bond Market.

Then further on up the road china Gave Orange Face Asshat Trump $500 Million.

Again GAVE Donny Boy that Half of Billion Dollars.

Allocated to Trump Clown for the construction of The Trump World Golf Course in Dubia.

Constructed from the ground up by a Red Chinese construction company.

Then Giving all Trade Mark Money to Ivanka Trump.

Word on the street is that Fat Boy Donny T looks just tantalizing in Shear Chinese Silk Komonos.

Picture that scenerio if you will for a second.

Then in the 1990s when Trump’s Real estate company began it’s major move in the U.S. regarding construction of his name sake hotels, than rode that tide on up into the construction of Trump Towers landing Fat Donny in debt to the tune of close to $4 Billion.

$1 Billion of that debt was Trump’s own personal debt.

While Trump did his best to convert that debt to the bond market, unsuccessfully, he was already in hundreds of millions of dollars of debt to German banks.

Fat Boy T could not secure a loan on this planet.

Then it happened.

In 1999 one countries leader opened his arms to D. Trump.

That individual being Vladimir Vladimorovich Putin.

Henceforth began the now running for decades love affair.

Putting Donny Boy in the saddle as Putin’s Bitch.

This is your President America.

Get back to me on all that.

Let me know how it all works out.


You oh so very fucked.

At least those of you who do not meet your maker as a direct result Covid19.


All of you sorry ass Trump backers.

Angry hateful and racist as it gets.

Occuppying a dwelling for close to 40 years.

Re morgtaged

On top of Re morgtaged

On top of Re Morgtaged.

Paying so very much interest on those falling apart dwellings that you will never ever own.

Just paying and paying interest.

So the fuck upside down actually owing hundreds of thousands of dollars more than any current sale price that dwelling would bring.

Bragging about your outstanding line of credit that is now taking you well into your sixties working your quite sizable asses off till you exit this dimension in serious upside down debt.

Looking down and criticizing other’s for their simple paid for lives.


Hate to be Y’all.

Standing tall for your bullshit, foul mouth feckless looser man wanna be Donny Boy T.

There ya have it America.

Have a nice day.


I’m done.

That’s all I got.

Ryan. Out.

Lord God Almighty Has Long Ago Turned His Head – Closed His Eyes – Now Crying A Torential Down Pour Throughout The Known Two Trillion Plus Galaxies

I want to take this brief moment to thank the beautiful Peeps who have so graciously left positive kind likes and comments regarding some posts. My old stupid self just discovered all your love. Thanks Guys and Gals.

Today’s post is the result of every single episode of Naked City, Mr. Luckey, Dragnet, Combat, The Saint, 12:00 High, Peter Gunn, Mike Hammer, One Step Beyond, Wise Guy, Dark Alibi and City Homicide has played out.


As well a plethora of books from H.G. Wells / Time Machine all the way up and through to the Human Christ ending with the last of the books of a gigantourous edition titled Secret Soldiers 580 pages.

Then cresting further upwards to five years of National Geographics begining in 1959. Man o man how life has changed from those seemingly calm and tranquil days of prosperity and growth.

Now throw into this insane Self Quarantine mix.

The stone cold fact that the Oh So Lovely, Vivacious, Sexually Gorgeous, Sweet Ms. Angel Puss is at the brink of homicide wherein I will die slow, hard and most assuradly sceaming by her fine manicured pink nail polished hands.

Leaving me Begging for mercy and my skinny old life.

At this particilar point in time and space I have been more or less relegated, some what permanently to the mountain high elevation rear deck of this dwelling.

Facing west to an amazing mountain ridge scene and the most awesome, beautiful sunsets where for the past two months with the aid of a high tech camara I have actually recorded every single sunset over this past 60 days of confinement.

So here I sit up in the atmosphere, one with nature composing this post.

Listening to KXCI / Tucson, AZ.

Marty Kool Blowing It Up With Four Hours Of Commercial Free Hard Line Kick Ass Blues.

Temperature / 84 Degrees.

Humidity / 09%

Wind / 10 MPH Out Of The West

Dew Point / 13

Skys Clear / Excellent For Star Gazing And Is It Lit Up

Regarding my present realty. State of mind if you will.

This blog post at this particular time & space is my only guarentee for an ongoing existence of a smooth continuous function of exhaling CO2.

To be clear.

I want to post on this blog site as much as I want to slam my some what sizable genitalia in the front steel door.

All That Stated.

The following post came to me during my usual wake up routine from the previous evenings sleep.

A practice going back easily a lifetime. At first of course minus the coffee.

A large pot of Bustello coffee with various flavors of green tea waiting for my hot brew delight to awaken their flavors.

Automatically. Not even conscious.

I begin sucking thru my left nostril Lord God Almighties crisp clean pure mountain fresh devine air.

Holding in this heavenly oxygen for 10 seconds.

Then without even thinking.

Blowing thick dark black smoke out of my right nostril.

This technique was taught to me one Sunday morning while working one of my part time jobs cleaning the Dojo. I was fourteen years old.

This particular morning Sensei walked in with a man adourned in bright silk robes and beads of a nature I had never seen before.

Sensi introduced me to the man.

An ordained Nepalese Buhhdist Priest.

His aura so very bright. I needed shades.

It was at one point where he sat before me in a full lotus position. Then instructed me to do the same.

With the palms of my hands facing up on my knees, thump tip on each hand touching each squeeze finger. He instructed me to breath in pure clean crisp mountain fresh air thru my left nostril. Holding it in for ten seconds.

Then blowing thick dark black smoke out of my right nostril.

After what seemed like at least one hour.

The Buhhdist Priest began chanting; ‘ Ohm Manie Paime Ohm’.

Over the many past years the crisp clean moutain top devine air has morphed into Lord God thru my left nostril.

We sat in this position for what seemed to me a matter of minutes, but was actually several hours.

I was literally floating.

This has become part of my wakeup rountine ever since.

So this particular morning, today.

Lord God’s presence was ever so very strong.

A messege was brewing.

Afterwards I with unaware speed and diligence began writing this messege in one of the many black notebooks surounding my bed.

What is following.

That being today’s post, is the true story as outlined in the Sinai Bible.

The absolute oldest bible by far writen by Jewish Scribes in the Forth Century.

Only one copy exists today and that copy sits in a climate controlled vault in London, England.

The remaining Sinai Bibles were confiscated and burned by King James. Known as the illiterate King.

And Away We Go.

In their usual manner of hateful conquering vainity.

Their evil eyes focused on my dark skin Jewish Brother Rabbi Jesus.

Wherein the Roman rulers now stationed in a land they most certainly hadn’t any claim too.

They, the Roman rulers summoned on four seperate occasions the Jewish Elders.

Ordering them to tell Rabbi Jesus to stop his parade of many followers throughout the city streets.

To which Rabbi Jesus respounded that he hadn’t any control of this daily parade of his followers. That this had been going on for decades.

The elders warned Rabbi Jesus on the fourth time that if he did not obey the Roman rulers that they, the Romans would kill him.

To which Rabbi Jesus responded, then so be it.

Then it happened.

While in the garden of Olive. Rabbi Jesus, communicating with Father Lord God. The Roman soldier’s approached to apprehend him.

At a distance of twenty feet before they apprehended Rabbi Jesus. The Roman soldier’s hit the ground on their knees and bent in a prayer position.

Rabbi Jesus was captured. Taken to the collosium. Stripped of his robes. Then secured to a wooden stump.

Where upon he was whipped with thick leather whips spiked with sharp tiny stones for hours by five large Roman Catholic soldiers.

Rabbi Jesus was then beaten, then swords drawn upon him slashing his beaten skin.

Then still breathing, hoisted up onto a tall wooden cross.

Where upon Roman soldier’s drove nails thru the palm of his hands and the top of his feet.

Literally left hanging in the hot sun as the horrified crowd of towns people looked on in shear horror

At one point, the Roman soldier who caught the detail of guarding Rabbi Jesus’ cross.

Looked up and began crying hysterically.

The soldier then looked out at the crowd and tearfully exclaimed; “We just killed the Son of God”.

It was at this point that the guilt and shame brought upon the Roman occupiers, in a far away land they hadn’t any claim to realized the horrible cruel event that they had perpetrated.

The utter sin of their actions brought about guilt at galactic heights.

To be clear. Translucent.

Walking this toxic rock one door down from 70 years now.

My witness has been clear.

White Christians.

Absolutely no doubt what so ever about it.

Are the angiest, most violent, greedy individuals walking this toxic rock.

Racism runs clear as bright day light thru their veins.

The Christiian Religion.

A Religion, tethered upon the premise of Forgiveness.

From a Crooked perception based on God, developed upon the criminal bent crooked theory that the Blood Curtling Horrific Violent Murder of Rabbi Jesus was God commanded.

A Religion, Formulated on Sin and Guilt.

The Sin Of The Horrible Vile Bloody Detestable Murder and Nailing to a cross an Innocent Kind Man.

Whose only crime was His daily walks through His land followed by His adoring minions and Jesus’s dark skin color.

Guilt for the fact that when the Blood Thirsty Invaders Realized what they had done and the ensuring maxium guilt.

They decided to right this dispicle wrong connecting it to a false story and a false God.

For you see.

The simple brief in all of this.

Is that God does not Forgive.

God does not relagate. Not one single thing.

God creates us in His image and forward actions.

Strongly knitting throughout our human souls.

The distinct difference between right and wrong.

It is Man who wrongs the right.

Who murders based on Power and Ego.

Lord God Does Not Even pontificate, nor does He for even one nano fraction of a second deal in any criminal action.

Surely not the dispicle hainous Murder of One of His.

It is at this point.

Where Lord God Almighty.

Turns His Head.

Closes His Eyes


Cries a torrential down pour of tears soaking thru the Two Trillion plus known Galaxies.

Drenching His Angels Wings.

Rabbi Jesus.

Occupying a land so very far from the Caucasian War Mongers of Rome.

Then to be Butchered at The Hands of Power Hungry Greed Seeking Barbaric Tyrants.

For the one and only fact.

This of course being their bruised power and greed possessed egos.

It was just not enough, to with a lethal leather, entwined with tiny sharp stones throughout the strands of these horrible whips.

Striking down, time and time and time again with Brutus Force throughout a blazing sun drenched day over many upon many hours.

Then their signiture act of slashing with drawn razor sharp swords down onto Rabbi Jesus’s whipped torn to the bones remaing skin.

The Heathen Violent White Boys then hoisted the still breathing Rabbi high on up to the cross bar of a wooden cross.

Where upon the violent killers drove spikes thru the palms of Rabbi Jesus’s hands then the top of feet.

Leaving Jesus, still alive to hang in the burning desert sun literally rotting on the cross.

The immense crowd of His dark skinned Jewish Brother’s and Sister’s looking on in absolute complete horror and frightening dismay.

So began the somewhat reoccurring slaughter of those of the Jewish Faith all the way up into 21st Century.

Six Million, at least.

Of mine hoarded into boxcars then shoveled into inferno blazing ovens.

As well, a practice up into today’s world.

Where upon Christian White Boys take pride in murdering those of color.

This past week.

In the state of Illinois.

Donald Trump’s people.

White Christian protesters.

Breaking the law of this governments policy of quarantine.

Marching in selfish protest.

Not one concern over spreading a killer pandemic to everyone and all.

Carrying signs exhiting Nazi Symbolism.

All one can hope is that Trump’s very low intelligent hate filled White Trash Greedy minions will die off in mortal pain from the Implementation of Covid19s rath.

It is Draft Dodger Trump and his sub intelligent Nazi minions.

That bring myself, my Military Brothers to embarrassed shame and guilt to admit that we once served this complete broken and fragmented joke of a country.

Now sheading oceans of tears for our Brothers who left it all behind on those many fields of battle.

These law defying hate filled morons in Illinois.

Only to be commended as “Good People”by their White Christian Nazi President.

If all of the above was not enough.

My Dark Skin Jewish Brother, Rabbi Jesus is portrayed as a White Skin, Blond Hair, Blue Eyed entity.

Guess what ignorant Racist White Trash.

No human even close to your made up lies in depicting Rabbi Jesus as a white boy in the deserts of the middle east during that time frame.


A literal White Supremacist occupies this countries White House.

A spoiled boy man wanna be.

Fixated on tearing down everything and all put into place that has bettered this now destroyed and racially devided country.

In the vain of and sole purpose for the fact that his predecessor, a black man put in place safety nets and security’s that enabled the masses of this country the ability to facilitate a better life.

Thank you President Obama.


Now a country in tatters dirt and a killer Pandemic for The Fact of an ignorant, very low infused person of minuscule Intelligent Quation.

A straight up Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy failure and straight up Racist Pig.

At one point leading a Real Estate Company with strict stamp in granite Protocal To Never Ever Rent To Black or Latino Individuals.

A looser on every level and scale.

Who with criminal malice.

Left this country in the throws of this planets absolute Pandemic to protect his interests and as well the financial interests of his political party friends and others giving them the neccesary time to liquidate their asssets so as not to experience any financial loss.

America’s greed seeking monsters.

Throwing Billions upon Billions in Stimulous Money to His Favorite Corporate Friends and Allies.

While Every Day Americans Starve In The Streets and Die.

Just Another of Many Criminal Act’s perpatraited by Orange Face Asshat Fat Donny Boy T.

As the Covid19 Death Rate spirals out of control here in America.


A country of five million people has a much better control of the Covid19 than America can even come close to. Under 500 deaths.

As America’s Covid19 Death Count closes in on 70,000.

Waiting on a cure from one of Trump’s financial entities.


While this countries sexual child raping Orange Face Asshat sits and tweets away Maniacal Psychotic Hate and Blame on all.

Myself. A Sephardic Jew. Simply meaning that I am not of white skin tone due to my Mother’s Mexican Heritage.

My major problem with those of my faith, they being of lilly white skin color.

Askanazi Jews.

Are the votes you cast for the unhinged hateful German failure, Donald John Trump..

As well.

My Black and Latino Brothers and Sister’s who as well cast a vote for the White Racist Donald John Trump.



Wake The Hell Up.

Before it’s too late.


I’m done.

That’s all I got.

Ryan. Out.

Mitch McConnell – China Russia Cocaine And Slaves. Oh My

Welcome To The Desert Y’all

See the source image

There are three ways in which a ruler can bring misfortune upon his army: By commanding the army to advance or to retreat, being ignorant of the fact that it cannot obey; This is called hobbling the army. By attempting to govern an army in the same way as he administers a kingdom, being ignorant of the conditions which obtain in an army; This causes restlessness in the soldier’s minds. By employing the officers of his army without discrimination, through ignorance of the military principle of adaptation to circumstances. This shakes the confidence of the soldiers.
Sun Tzu The Art of War

Regarding ‘On The Stump Trump Da Chump’s‘ State of The Union Address.

I Hear My Mother’s Word’s Echoing Loudly From The Distant 4th Dimension.

You Can Walk That Right Out The Door. Up The Block. Last House On The Corner. Knock On The Door And Tell It To Sweeney“.

Subject Matter Involving Today’s Post Is An Ugly Story About Straight Up Bought Sold And Pimped Treason All In The Name Of Greed.

One Literally Has To Dig Deep To Locate This Information.

Information That One Would Think That Some News Media Organization Would Want To Bring To The Surface Informing The American People.

I Won’t Be Holding My Breath Waiting For That To Occur.

No Problemo Hombre.

Leave It To Da Swamp.

We Up On It Like Eliot Ness.

See the source image

FBI Agent Eliot Ness

An American Senator Who Has Served In The United States Senate For 36 Years.

Talk About A Great Argument Regarding Term Limits.

Who Time And Time And Time Again Voted Down Sanctions On Both Russia And China. › story › 2019/07/31 › mcconnell-staffers-lobbied-..

Ex-McConnell staffers lobbied on Russian-backed Kentucky …

A United States Senator Who Through Mass Out Pourings Of  Large Political Campaign Dollars From A Red Chinese National Businessman Who Is The Sole Proprietor Of The Largest Ship Building Entity In The Red Chinese Communist Country.

Talk About Family Connections.

http://www.vanityfair.com2019/06 › elaine-chao-china-trip-foremost

Oops: Elaine Chao Caught Pimping Her Family Business with … › story › 2018/05/06 › elaine-chao-father-james-tr…
Did Elaine Chao’s DOT interviews help her family’s business …

Then It Happened.

One Of This Companies Ships While In The Colombian Port Of Santa Marta Was Boarded By The Colombian Coast Guard.

Upon Inspection The Colombian Coast Guard Discovered 90 Pounds of Cocaine Hidden In The Ships Chain Locker Among The Load Of Coal Heading To Europe.


See the source image

The Female Positioned In The Middle Of This Photo Is Elaine Chao The Wife Of Senator Mitch McConnell Standing With Her Family ‘The Chaos‘.

To Be Fair.

The Ship In Question, The Ping MayIs Owned And Operated By The Senator’s Father In Law.

This Same Senator Stands Against Anything And All That Has To Do With This Countries Vote Involving Slave Reparations.

Then Again Why Would This Senator Vote For A Slave Reparation Act.

Being That His Great Great Grand Father On Up Throughout Family History Always Made Sure That There Were 14 Slaves In Servitude To The McConnell Family On Their Alabama Plantations.

http://www.courier-journal.compolitics › mitch-mcconnell › 2019/07/13
McConnell family benefited from slavery for generations … › story › mitch-mcconnell-ancestors-slave-owners

Of Course Mitch McConnell’s Ancestors Were Slave Owners …

As Well, Shyster Senator Voted 6 Times In Favor Of A Pay Raise For Him And His Cronies And Voted Against Raising The Minimum Wage Pay Raise On Every Single Vote.

See the source image

Talk About A Wobbly Jiggly Turtle Face Shyster

Presenting Your American Senator Ladies And Gentleman.

Mitch McConnell

The Following Picture Is Senator McConnell’ Wife.

United States Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

See the source image

Hmmmmm. Coincidence. Ya Think?

The United States Transportation Secretary’s Family Owns The Absolute Largest Ship Building Entity In Communist Red China.

Said Company Constructs China’s War Ships From The Ground On Up.

And The Hit’s Just Keep On Coming.


Is It Just Me.

As I Witness A Sitting United States President Daily Who Proceeds Quickly Forward, Time And Time And Time Again.

Initiating Statements, Claims And Decisions For The Sole Purpose Of Satisfying His Base.

A Base That Is Comprised Of Only Part Of The American Populous. No Where Close To The Entire American Populous Regarding Over All Numbers.

Looking Back At Hitlers Germany.

The People Who In The Beginning That Were On The Hitler Band Wagon Comprised Just Under A Third Of The German Populous.

In Numbers. Somewhat Similar To The Trump Followers Numbers.

I Can Only Conclude.

That The Individual Occupying We The Peoples Oval Office Is Fostering And Blowing Strong Winds Of Dictatorship.

See the source image

An Administration Heavily Plagued With Deep Deep Nepotism.

In Essence Employing Unqualified Individuals To Carry Out The Serious Tasks Of Foreign Policy.

Individuals, Who To A One, Are As Clueless As Can Be Regarding What Their Forward Mission Is.

To The Point Of If It Was Any Other Person, They Would Surely Never Qualify For A Security Clarence.

Yet, Their Boss, In This Case Is The United States Sitting President Who Has Given The Over Ride Regarding Jared Kushners Denial Of A Security Clearance.

A Very Bad Thing.

On The Scale Of A Cyclopean Big Biggy us-news › feb › jared-kushner-white-house-s…
Why can’t Jared Kushner get security clearance at the White …

Then The Is The Shear Criminal Corruption Involved.

http://www.politico.com2018/08/06 › kushners-666-bailout-095855
Kushner’s 666 bailout – Politico jared-kushner-real-estate-qatar-blockade
Jared Kushner’s Real-Estate Firm Sought Money Directly … › World › Middle East
Qatar admits it unwittingly helped bail out Jared KushnerI

I Mean Real America.

When Are Y’all Gonna Hear The Pop.

That Unmistakably Most Discernible Loud Sound One Hears When Their Heads Exit Their Sizable Ass.

Really America.

Wake The Hell Up.


I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

For Today.

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All


See the source image

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Sitting On Chrome /  Cruising Up Coast Hi – Way 101 Towards Big Sir Cali

That’s What I’m Talking About

I Know Dat’s Right

See the source image

Talk About Being Home Sick

Image result for pics swamp

Please Feel Free To Communicate With Me.

It Would Transcend An Honor

As Well

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Image result for pics peace sign my homies


Following Are Some Of My Favorites From Down In Da Swamp

See the source image


Standing On A Corner In Winslow Arizona / What A Strange …

Da Ghetto – ryanindaswamp –

Street Story – ryanindaswamp –

A Russian Story – ryanindaswamp –











Much Less Having A Clue On How To Carry Out Their Assigned Mission Once they Find Their Way To Said Foreign Land.



















































State Of The Union

See the source image

Welcome To Da Desert Y’All

See the source image

symphony for the devil.Vietnam

See the source image

The Above.

What Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy – Fat Donny T Bought His Punk Ass Out Of.

That Being Serving His Country When Called To Arms.

Once A Lying Nefarious Shyster Asshat Looser.

Always A Lying Nefarious Shyster Asshat Looser.

See the source image

The State Of The Union.

Ladies And Gentlemen.

The President Of The United States.

Donald John Trump.

See the source image

Damnnnnnnnnnn, Mr. President.

You For Sure Packing On The LB’s.

Gotta Be Pushing 300 On The White House Scale.


White House Scale Doesn’t Ascend That High. My Bad.

I Personally Can’t Wait To Hear The Orange Face Lies That Will Be Emitting From The Mouth Of POTUS This Evening.

I’m Sure He Will Talk About The Great American Economy.

I’m Sure What He Won’t Tell You Is How The Treasury Is Currently And Has Been Printing $60 Billion Dollars A Month Since October 11, 2019.

Essentially What the Federal Reserve Is Doing Is Buying This $60 Billion Dollars A Month From The Treasury.

Why President Orange Face Asshat Trump Will Not Mention This Tonight Is Because When The Treasury Prints This Much Money To Hand Over To The Federal Reserve, This Forward Procedure Produces Inflation.

This Action, Inflation Increase, Causes The Bond Market To Greatly Devalue. People Will No Longer Want To Hold Bonds.

Why Is This Bad?

The Simple Brief Is That Bonds Are Issued By Governments And Corporations To Raise Money.

Say your The One Buying The Bond. What you Are Buying Is In Effect Giving The Issuer Of That Bond A Loan.

Now Through Inflation Into This Mix.

Again, Inflation Being That Action That Both Devalues Currency And As Well Products. Thus Creating Less Production Of Said Products Wherein Creating A Stagnant Economy.

What Fake Wanna Be President Trump Will Tell You Is That Unemployment Is At The Lowest It’s Been In More Than Close To A Century.

What He Will Not Tell You Is That The Tax Breaks He Gave To The Wealthy And The Top Corporations Caused  Layoffs Like This Country Has Never Seen Before.

The Way That Worked Is That When These Corporate Greed Monsters Received These Astronomical Tax Breaks. This Action Did Not Cover The Workers. It Covered The Corporations In The Way Of Increasing Their Bottom Lines.

Then In Typical Corporate Greed Fashion These Monsters Of Greed Began Laying Off Hundreds Of Thousands Of People.


Like This.

Paul Ryan, Just Another Shyster Republican Asshat Sold The Benefit Of Their Tax Cuts As Having Great Potential For The Every Day Average American People.

Also Lying On How These Tax Break To The Corporations Would Create Jobs, Increase Wages And Level The Playing Field.


The Only Problem Was The GOP Tax Cuts Gave Zero Guarantees To The Workers.

In Fact What Corporations Did Was Lay Off Mass Amounts Of Workers, Thus Enabling Said Corporations To Either Pocket The Money Or Boost their Stock Prices.

In Either Case.

The Fact Of This Corporate Greed Monster Was Now That The Every Day Joe Blow Worker Was Out The Door Looking For Employment To Cover His Lost Job.

The Thing About All That Was That Mr. Now Out Of A Corporate Job Joe Blow, Had to Take On 2 To 3 Jobs Just To Keep His Head Above Water Enabling Him To Produce The Same Income He Generated With His One Corporate Job.

If All The Above Was Not Enough.

The GOP/Trump Tax Breaks Put America In The Hole.

On A Gargantuan Cyclopean Level By Seriously Reducing Income Into The Treasury Thus Increasing The American Deficit Greatly.

Not Only Creating Havoc Across World Markets, But As Well Taking Finances Away From America’s Most Vulnerable.

The Elderly, The Sick, The Veterans, Retiree’s On And On And On.

Typical GOP Mantra.

Follow This Vapor Trail.

See the source image

The U.S. Federal Budget Deficit For Fiscal Year 2020 Is $1.10 Trillion. …

The deficit Occurs Because The U.S. Government Spending Of $4.75 Trillion Is Higher Than Its Revenue Of $3.65 Trillion. … A Budget Deficit Occurs When Government Spending Is Greater Than The Revenue Collected.

The Simple Brief.

Just More Trump GOP Lies And Bullshit In The Vain Of Watch This Hand While The Other GOP Hand Slips Silently Up Your Ass And Extracts Every Lil Bit Of Whatever You Have Left.

I’m Sure Man Wanna Be, Fox News Propagandist Punk Faggot Sean Hannity Will Lay It All Out For You.

See the source image

Under Trump.

Homelessness Has Risen Above Crisis Level.

This Is Not Near The Norm.

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

This Is Crisis Level.


I Could Go On And On And On.

What’s The Point.



Your President Is A Nefarious Lying Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy Punk Who Will Say And Do Anything To Further His Self Absorb Position.

See the source image

But the Simple Brief In All Of This Is.

Oh Dios mío. ¿Cuándo vas a terminar ya? Quiero ir. Hace mucho calor aquí. Estoy aburrido. Por favor, te lo ruego. Termina esto. Oh Dios mío. Me estás matando. Odio esto. Por favor, chico amante, vámonos. Llévame a casa. Oh Dios mío

Ok gorgous hermosa niña. Eso es todo. solo déjame terminar muy rápido y nos vamos de aquí amante. Como werll, ¿te dije lo caliente y hermosa que te ves hoy?

Ayyyyyyy Sr. dulce conversador. Solo cállate y escribe. te quiero.

See the source image

What I Don’t Do For Love.

One Last Thing.


Pfizer / Eliminates 300 Jobs In New England.

AT&T / 5000 Thousand Jobs Eliminated

General Motors / Close To 10’0000 Jobs. Gone

Kimberly Clark / 5500 Hundred Workers. Poof. Gone.

Comcast / 500 Employee’s. Out Da Door.

Harley Davidson / 800 Workers / Opened A Factory In Thailand

Walmart / 10,000 Employee’s On Down The Road.

Hewletyt-Packard / 7000 Workers. Poof. Be Gone.

Citi Bank / 10,0000 Peeps. Out Da Door.

Tenet Healthcare / 2000 Employees Down The Road.

Carrier / 250 People Now Sucking Wind / Their Jobs Now In Mexico Paying $3.00 An Hour

This Is Just A Partial List.

If All The Above Was Not Enough.

Under Trump, U.S. Jobs Are Being Shipped Over Seas At Unseen Before High Numbers. us-news › jul › trump-workers-jobs-overseas…
workers blame Trump for moving jobs overseas – The Guardian outsourcing-trump-administration
Surveys: Outsourcing Continues to Grow under Trump …

I’m Not Even Scratching The Surface In Regards To The Serious Damage The Trump Administration Is Bringing Down On America.

I Would Extrapolate On The Dangerous, Volatile And Corrupt Wheel Pushing These Treasonous Actions That Are Taking Place At Rocket Thrust Speed.

Unfortunately Due To A Current Tight Scheduling Situation I Have To Conclude Today’s Post.

Sí cariño, estoy en mi camino. Ya he terminado Angel Puss.


I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

For Today.

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All

Ryan. Out.

See the source image

1966 Chevrolet Corvette / 427 Screaming Under The Hood / Factory Side Pipes / Sitting On Chrome

That’s What I’m Talking About

I Know Dat’s Right

Image result for pics swamp

Please Feel Free To Communicate With Me.

It Would Transcend An Honor

As Well

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Image result for pics peace sign my homies


Following Are Some Of My Favorites From Down In Da Swamp

See the source image

Standing On A Corner In Winslow Arizona / What A Strange …

Da Ghetto – ryanindaswamp –

Street Story – ryanindaswamp –

A Russian Story – ryanindaswamp –
































Two Things That Can Never Be Denied – History and Truth / Not One Scintilla Of An Iota Of A Nano Fraction Of Fake News Here

2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up

See the source image

Welcome To The Desert Y’all

See the source image

If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, then the general is to blame. But, if orders are clear and the soldiers nevertheless disobey, then it is the fault of their officers.”

For Myself.

What I Am Witnessing Daily.

Emitting Like Deep Dark Vomit And Slime From The Bottomless Depth Of The Nastiest Sewers Regarding This Planet.

An Elected Government As Derelict Of Duty On A Level Of Incompetence And Literal Criminal Action Regarding Their Sworn Oath Of Duty To We The People.

Only Concerned With Their Own Personal Pursuits Of Power And Money To the Point Of Backing A Criminal Lying Incompetent Thief Who’s Only Interest Is Himself.

Myself Never At All Interested In Any Political Party Speaks Forth As An American Citizen Who Has Paid Bukoo Taxes And Served My Country.

Image result for pics marine recon swft silent deadly gif

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

Damn Ass Right I’m Proud

Never Ever Taking One Thin Sliver Of Any Thing Back In Return.

I Witness Criminal Shyster Nefarious Asshats Of The Republican Party, A Party Who Has Stolen Trillions Upon Trillions Of American Tax Dollars To Benefit Their Piece Of Shit Lobbyists And Backers.

Now Standing Up For The Biggest Piece Of Human Waist Walking This Vast Planet.

A Piece Of Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy Bitch That Has The Actual Good To Go From The Murderous Criminal Leader Of  The  Most Oppressive Country On This Planet And As Well Americas Mortal Enemy.

So What I’m Walking Up The Canyon Trail With Republican Party, Is That You Back Vladimir Putin.

Because That Is Exactly What You Are Doing By Backing Your Boy Criminal Trump.

See the source image

Like This Vladimir Putin.

You Pedophile Faggot Bitch.

If I Want Any Of Your Lip Regarding My Country I Will Wiggle My Zipper.

In The Vain of I Do Not Give Two Shits Or Three Fast Flying Fucks One Way Or the Other Regarding Any Muthu Fucking Thing You Have To Say Pedophile Faggot Bitch.

Feel Me?

So Far?

See the source image

Владимир Путин
Вы Сука Вязанки Педофила Дика Ликинга
Трахните Вас
Вы Фальсифицируете, Хочет Быть Человек
Вы – Талия Раунда Вашей Главной Суке
Ваша Жена – Шлюха Лица Влагалища
Ваши Дети – Крысы
Я И Мой Niggas Траханье Вашей Мамы Задницы Крысы Жира Лица Свиньи
И Жалкий Ее Бомжам
В основном
Трахните Вас Сука
О Да
Всего хорошего

I Certainly Hope I Have Been Clear.

As Well, Regarding Trumps Bought Sold And Pimped Out Out Wealthy Pundits.

When It Comes To Lying Shysters No One Does It Better Than These Individuals.

According to Media Analysis.

Fox News Tells The Truth 22% Of The Time.

Their Biggest Offender Is Shyster Slant Mouth Man Wanna Be Sean Hannity.

When It Comes To Slant Head Crap Face Losers.

No One Does It Better Than Seany Boy Hannity.

Ranting On And On And On Regarding Americas Poor Starving And Hungry Receiving Food Assistance In The Form Of E.B.T.

While Mr. Hannity, Generating A Yearly Income Of $36 Million Receives A H.U.D. LOAN In The Amount Of $17.9 Million Plus Another $5 Million Dollars From H.U.D. Approximately A Year And A Half Ago.

H.U.D. Qualifications Clearly Stipulate That An Individual Must Live At Or Below The Poverty Level.

Stupid Fucking Me For Not Knowing  $ Is At Or Below The Poverty Level.


Seany Boy Purchased Over A Period Of Four Years $90 Million Dollars Of Foreclosures Across America During Obama’s Watch While At The Same Time Criticizing Obama For All Of Americas Foreclosures On A Some What Daily Basis On His Propaganda Radio And Television Shows.

His  Attorney Throughout All This Swindling Was Micheal Cohen Who Set Up Hannity’s Shell Companies.

Shell Companies Being That Business Practice Employed By The Likes Of Mafia And Other Criminal Enterprise Entities.

No One Does It Better Than Micheal Cohen.


Isn’t Micheal Cohen In Prison?


When It Comes To Talking Out Of Both Sides Of The Mouth No One Does It Better Than Low Life Snake Oil Salesman Punk Ass Bitch Hannity.

See the source image

Heard This Fat Belly Man Wanna Be Faggot Hannity Sucks At Martial Arts As Well.

I Surely Digress.

In Essence.

Sean Hannity Is Nothing More Than Just Another Bought Sold And Pimped Out Greedy Nefarious Shyster Republican Bitch.

See the source image

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning To Breathe Free

Class. Take Notes. You Will Be Tested. What Type Of Individual Literally Takes Food From The Hungry The Starving The Poor The Veterans The Children The Sick The Mentally Ill“?

See the source image

Oooooh. Oooooh. Oooooh. Call On Me. Call On Me Mr. Swamp. No. Call On Me Mr. Swamp. No. Me. Please Please“.

Ok. Lonny Ray. Go Ahead. Whats The Answer.

Well Of Course Mr. Swamp. Just One Person Would Do Those Horrible Horrible Things. That Would Be Mr. President Orange Face Asshat Trump‘”.

Well There Ya Have It.

Right Out The Mouth Of Babes.


See the source image

Whad Up American Criminal Fake Ass President Wanna Be.

The Last American Presidential Election Gave Americans The Choice Between Two Criminal Elements.

Both Disgusting Criminal Asshats On Their Very Best Of Days.

I’ll Let the Numbers Speak For Them-self.

Clinton / 65,844,610

Trump / 62,979,636

Pretty Simple.

One Would Think.

Breaking It All Down To The Win And Loss Column.

Kinda Like Yesterdays NFL Scores.

Oakland Raiders / 24

Go Raiders

San Diego Chargers / 17

But The Simple. The Truth. The Forthright Path.

Does Not Even Come Close To Anything Resembling The American Political Government.

A Government That Represents WE THE WEALTHY.

A Government Where Shysters Criminals Despots Grease Butt Monkeys And Asshats Roam Freely.

And Good Citizens Die Like Dogs.

See the source image

Your American Government Representatives Hard At Work

See the source image

See the source image


No Propagandist Ashkenazi JewBoy Stephen Miller.

There Is No Anti-Semitic Plot Initiated By Those Of Jewish Faith And Heritage Regarding You.

The Only Nazi Plot Here Is Your Nazi Plot Mr. Sell Out Nazi Faggot Punk Ass Bitch.

Along The Lines Of George Soros.

You Little Sell Out JewBoy Punk Ass Bitch And Your Ugly Pork Face Fake Fat Ass Jewish Mama.

Like Pizza Punk.

Step Over Here.

Got Some In The Oven.

See the source image

Damnnn Stephen.

Didn’t Your Mama Tell Ya To Keep Your Hands Out The Oven.


Damn Ass Right I Can Most Defiantly State That.

I Speak As Sephardi Jew.

A Real Jew.

Image result for pics anger flames

Excuse Me.

I Need To Step Away For A Sec.

See the source image

So Republican Party And Mindless Ignorant Trump Followers.

This Is Who’s 6 You Have.

Shame And Disgrace On Every Single One Of You Bloated Ignorant Nazi Pieces Of Shit.

See the source image

Good Morning Mr. President.

Certainly Hope Your Day Is Going Just Swell Sir.

See the source image

I Find The Following Interesting In A Vile Sickening Detestable Way.

But Than Again.

Just look At The Forefront Players Involved.

The Following Story Is About An Every Day American Citizen Who At The Age Of 13 Years Old Was Sexually Brutalized By Epstein And Trump, Allegedly,

Due To Lower Economic Standing, This Young Lady Will Never Have Her Day In Court.

While Pimps Thieves And Whores Roam The Halls Freely.

Donald Trump Accused of Rape and Human Trafficking

Trump’s Lil Cheer Leader

Yeah Hannity.

You Piece Of Shyster Shit.

See the source image

The Above Is Your Boy.

Who Knows.
Maybe Some Day You’ll Find The Balls To Unwrap Your Punk Lips From His Tiny White Boy Dick.
Bought Sold And Pimped Out Mick.
You Got A Problem With That Punk.
Hit Up A Flight.
Destination Tucson.
Hit Up My Email.
Be A Pleasure To Meet Ya.
Keeping It On The 100 Real.
Cuz I Gotta Tell Ya .
Sitting Here This Very Second Composing This post.
I Am Shaking From The Inside Out.
On The Verge Of Vomiting And I Haven’t Even Eaten Today.
Thinking Of A Conversation I Had Yesterday Over At my Marine Brothers House While Watching Football.
The Both Of Us Could Not Even Fathom One Scintilla Of An Iota Of Comprehension Regarding The Sickness Of Even Remotely Thinking About Partaking In The Act Of Performing Sex On A Child.
At The Risk Of Secret Service Snatching My Ass Up.
My Marine Brother And I Looked At Each Other And Proclaimed Regarding These Sick Perverted Individuals.
Earth Privileges Immediately Suspended Asshats.
Just Saying.
What I Am About to Present To You.
While Researching Today Post.
I Literally Texted My Daughter To Ask Her If I Was Just An Old Fashioned Stick In The Mud Old Man Father.
For The Fact That What I Am About To Present Brought Me To A Dimension That I Hadn’t A Clue Even Pops.
Strap Yourselves In.
Maybe Its Just Old Fart Me.
But I Gotta Tell Ya.
Having Raised A Highly Intelligent, Very Hard Working , Sweet, Successful, Beautiful Soul And Spirit Young Lady.
For The Life Of Me.
I Never Even Imagined The Above Type Of Relationship Existed Between A Father And Daughter.
I Don’t Know Bout Cha All.
You Tell Me That My Daughter Is A Piece Of Ass.
Quicker Than An L.A. Snap Slam Fucking Lickety. 
You On Da Ground.
Bleeding Profusely.
That’s Just Me.
At This Point Into This Post.
My Thoughts Wander To All The Republican Pieces Of Shit That Back This Criminal Perverted Asshat Excuse Of A Human Being.
Image result for pics  the bought sold criminal republican
So, Taking It Up The Road To The Lighter Side Of Things.
In Conclusion.
See the source image
That’s One Fat Ass White Boy.
To The Point Of U.S. Navy URC (Undersea Rescue Command) Has Abandoned Mission Regarding Search Location And Rescue Of President Trumps Itty Bitty Tiny Missile.
Mission Commander Stated That There Was Just Way Too Much Unstable Mushy Tushy Jiggly Area To Cover.
Just Another Aborted Trump Mission.
There Ya Have It.
One Last Thing.
You Gotta Check Out My Man.
First Time I Heard Him The Other Night Dude Had Me Was Rolling.


I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

For Today.

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All

Ryan. Out.

See the source image

That’s What I’m Talking About

I Know Dat’s Right

Dis How We Do It On Da WestSide  Da Best Side

See the source image

Image result for pics swamp

Please Feel Free To Communicate With Me.

It Would Transcend An Honor

As Well

You May Feel Free To Post Comments To This Site


Hit Me Up At:


Image result for pics peace sign my homies


Following Are Some Of My Favorites From Down In Da Swamp

See the source image


Standing On A Corner In Winslow Arizona / What A Strange …

Da Ghetto – ryanindaswamp –

Street Story – ryanindaswamp –

A Russian Story – ryanindaswamp –























Nazis In Our White House

See the source image

What Fox News Will Never Report.

See the source image

For The Fact That Fox News Has Morphed Into The Trump Opinion Fake News Network.

See the source image

Talk About A Pinch Face Mamas Lil Punk Ass Hating White Boy Faggot Bitch.

See the source image

President Orange Face Asshats Lil Lover Boy

Don’t Know About You America.

I Find The Above To Be As Anti American As It Gets.

Let Me Remind Y’all.

We Fought A War Against The Above Oppressors.

Now They Occupy Our White House?

Lock Em Up.

See the source image


Jared Boy.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree. tag › charles-kushner
Charles Kushner – The Forward
Jared Kushner’s Father, Charles: Ethics Watchdogs Are ‘Jerks
http://www.softpanorama.orgSkeptics › Political_skeptic › Corruption › c…

Charles Kushner – Softpanorama

A Story About A Greedy Nefarious Shyster Criminal Bitch.

Company part-owned by Jared Kushner got $90m from …

Jared Kushner: Blackmail and Witness Tampering Are “Family …

Uh Huh

Dats Rights J Boy

You Gonna Be Following In The Footsteps Of Your Criminal Convicted Felon Shyster Daddy.

Image result for Charles Kushner Prison

Taking This Further Up The Road.

See the source image

Daddy’s Peterbuilt Blowing Coal

The Fact Of This Matter.

Is That The Republican Party Is Done For.

Going To Be An Eternity Before Any Republican Ever Again Holds An Office Of Prominence Within The American Government.

I State This Evolutionary Fact As An Individual Who Has Never Possessed Any Political Affiliation.

Just Don’t Participate In The Game Of Rats.

That Stated.

A Conservative Republican Group Here In America Certainly Gets This Fact.

Seemingly, A Very Influential Faction Of The Republican Party Agrees With Me.

The Group.

Republicans For The Rule Of LawHave Taken Matters Regarding The Criminal Fake President Trump Into Their Own Hands.

The HillPublished An Article, Authored By Writer Marina Pitofsky (2019-12-12)

Ms. Pitofski Outlines The Intentions And Actions Of Republicans For The Rule Of Law

See the source image

Republican Party.

You Are Backing An Incompetent, Shyster, Criminal Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy Looser.

As Well, A Male Individual Who Possesses Tiny Tiny Small Little Hands.

See the source image

Talk About Sad And Bizarre.

A United States Sitting President Degrades A 16 Year Old Girl For Her Outspoken Belief In A Cause That Is So Important To This Brave Young Lady, That She Puts Her Life At Odds In A Dangerous World Just To Alert As Many People As She Can To Her Cause.

See the source image

In So Doing.

Without Any Regard Towards Notoriety, Young Lady Is Awarded The All Coveted Title Of  Person Of The Year.

You Go Girl.

Straight Up Props And Creds Young Lady.

See the source image


President Orange Face Asshat.

See the source image

You Got Your Sub Intelligent, Twitter Whining,  Joker Ass Self Beat Out By A 16 Year Old Girl From A Foreign Land.


You Got Beat By A Little Girl Fat Boy Donny T.

Rising To The Epithet Of Trump Da Chump.

Image result for pics fat looser trump


You Republican Politicians Back This Orange Face Looser Asshat?

See the source image


Then There Are The Trump Lover Followers.

See the source image See the source image

See the source image

Phew. I Can Surely See Why Health Care Is An Important Issue For Y’all.

Who To A One Compare President Orange Face Asshat To General/President George Washington.

See the source image

Talk About Mindless Followers.

Let Me Remind You Clueless Extremely Low Intelligent Quotient Minded Individuals In Regards To General/President George Washington.

Washington Unselfishly Served His Country While On A Constant Mission To Pave The Way For The Future Of His Country Men And Patriots.

Leading His Rag Tag Team Of Brave Soldiers, Against All Odds, Following Him Without One Single Nano Of Hesitation On To The Various Battle Fields, Where The Outcome Was Certainly Not In His favor.

Time And Time Again. Beating The Odds. Defeating A Superior And Better Equipped Force On Nearly Every Occasion.

His Troops Following Him To The End.

In Vain Of ; “General, We Will Follow You On To Any Field Of Battle Anywhere At Any Time Sir“.

While Fat Boy Donny T.

Squandered His Inheritance To The Point Of Trying To Cut Out His Siblings And Other Family Members From His Fathers Will.

Talk About A Crap Face Looser.

Trump tried to change father’s will, prompting family …

Then When The Time Came For Looser Donny Boy To Serve His Country.

Chicken Shit Trump Ran Like The Bitch He Is.

See the source image

Paying For 5 Deferments To Get Out Of Serving His Country During the Vietnam Conflict.

See the source image

Then Literally Bragging In Regards For All The Hoes He Paid To Have Sex With Him.

Then Bragging About All The STDs He Contracted From Said Paid Hoes.

Literally Buying His Way Out Of A Call To Arms.

While Me And Mine Stood Tall And Answered The Call.

Bone Spurs?

Some How Fat Boy Donny T Manages 18 Holes Of Golf On A Somewhat Daily Basis Bone Spurs And All.

See the source image

Trump Supporters.

As Ignorant And Racist As They Come.

See the source image

Y’all Assuredly Not My Country Men.

As Well, Fat Donny Boy T An Actual Foreign Asset.

See the source image See the source image

Another Story For Another Day.


I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

For Today.

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All


See the source image

Daddy’s Rocket

That’s What I’m Talking About

I Know Dat’s Right

Image result for pics swamp

Please Feel Free To Communicate With Me.

It Would Transcend An Honor

As Well

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Following Are Some Of My Favorites From Down In Da Swamp

See the source image


Standing On A Corner In Winslow Arizona / What A Strange …

Da Ghetto – ryanindaswamp –

Street Story – ryanindaswamp –

A Russian Story – ryanindaswamp –

































Whad Up O.G.

2Pac – Starin’ Through My Rear view

See the source image

Welcome To The Desert Y’all

See the source image

“Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.” MasterSun Tzu

See the source image

The Roots Regarding Today’s Post Do Not Run Real Deep.

Fact Of This Matter Is That Today’s Written Word Is On The Galactic Far Side Of What I Had Planned To Write.

In The Sense Of We Strictly On The Fly.

Walking Up The Block From My Home To Catch The Bus Over Here To The University.

As I Began To Pass By This Casita On My Left, Four Young Men Of Mexican Heritage Were Standing Outside Smoking.

Now I’m Sun-glassed Up, As Always Eyes Forward In A Mild, Laid Back, Thousand Mile Stare.

As I Was Directly In Front Of These Young Men, They Call Out;

“Yo. Whad Up O.G.”?

I Of Course Acknowledge Back To The Young Men.

“It’s All Good Young Men. How Bout You”?

“We Good O.G. Now You Let Us Know If You Anything Awaight. We Here. You Be Safe O.G.”.

“Appreciate That Young Man”.

As I Continue Walking I Break Out Into A Laugh Smile All The Way To The Bus Stop. More Or Less Reminiscing Back 13 Years Ago When I Entered The Sphere Of O.G.

Image result for pics tucson barrio south 6th & 44th st Image result for pics tucson barrio south 6th & 44th st  Image result for pics tucson barrio south 6th & 44th st

So There I Was.

Walking To The Bus Stop While Simultaneously Being 5th Dimensional Slammed Into An Alternate Realty Taking Me Back To 2006 Tucson Barrio Viejo.

There I Was Tracking up South 6th Avenue.

The Significance Of The Above Pictures And Map Is That I Walked By Them Every Day For Just About Two Years On My Way To Work In Downtown Tucson. Close To An Hour Walk From My Crib Located In Barrio Viejo.

I’ll Interject At This Point That I Love To Walk. Been A Lifelong.

But The Major Draw Regarding This Particular Walk Was The Allure And Straight Up Cool History Represented Throughout The Four Different Barrios I Would Pass Through On My Walk To Work.

For You See In That Part Of Town In Tucson.

Neighborhoods Leaning All The Way Back To The 18th Century. Even Before Tucson Was Incorporated In 1775.

Basically One Actually Finds Themselves For All Practical Purposes In Mexico, For This City Was Part Of  The Mexican Territory.

So As Well, The Old Charm Is Still Very Much Alive.

For Myself.

The Major Attraction.

The Allure If You Will.

Were The 1930s, 1940s And On Up Through The 1960 Car’s Parked In Front Of The Yards In These Historic Desert Neighborhoods.

Standing Tall Loud And Proud, Basically In Original Condition For The Fact That Here In The Quaint Desert Mayberry Of Tucson, Cars Do Not Rust.

I Love Cars.

Back In The Middle 80s I Owned A Vintage Sports And Race Car Dealership For Just Under Four Years Right Outside Of Century City, On the Corner Of Santa Monica And Comstock. In 1989 I Sold The Business To Chequered Flag International.

So Cool.

Three Mornings A Week Jay Leno Would Drop By With Some Coffee And We Would Yak Cars For A Few.

Fact Of The Matter Is, That Is How I Met And Became Homies With 2Pac.

For Myself, Cars Have Been An Integral Part Of My Life Since Childhood.

See the source image

Driving Around South Central, L.A. With My Mom During My Childhood.

On The Constant.

Pointing And Calling Out Of The Window Of The ’53’ Blue And White Four Door Chevy Belair To My Mom As She Drove Here And There Sucking Down On Her Chesterfield King Cigarettes.

See the source image

‘Mom Mom A Pontiac. Look Mom An Oldsmobile, Wow Mom Look At That Cadillac Coupe Deville”. On And On And On.

Back to The Barrio Walk.

So. Whad Up O.G.?

So The First Day Walking On Through The First Of Four Various Barrios On My Way to Work.

I Do Realize That I Am In A Place And An Environment That Let’s Just Say, I Wasn’t Any Where Close To A Regular.

So Of Course, As Always, I’m Walking With Respect.

Keeping My Head And Eyes Forward.

Not At All Looking Up On The Desert Floor Front Yards Or Any People Hanging Out Here And There.

In The Vain Of Don’t Speak Unless Spoken To.

No Worries.

Everything Chill.


See the source image  See the source image

Then On The Third Day It Happens.

As I Approach A Corner, Standing On The Opposite Corner, Checking Me Out And Slowly Approaching.

The Gate Keepers If You Will.

See the source image

Tucson South Side Bloods.


With Respect.

I Lower My Head In A Bowing Respectful Type Nature And Simultaneously Flash The Peace Sign Followed Up With The Love Sign.

See the source image See the source image

Then The Crew Chief To Me, If You Will.

“Como Este Jiefe”.

“Muy Bien”.

Then Another Young Man With His Shout Out.

“Whad Up O.G.”

“I’m Good Young Man. How Bout You”?

“Hanging Tight O.G. Hanging Tight”.

Everything Everything.


Me And My New Pose Kept On With The Walk And Talk.

This Scenario Played Out Daily Over The Next Two Years With A Twist Towards A Therapeutic Angle.

In The Way That These Young Men Would Openly Relate Their Life Stories To Me On These Daily Jaunts Through The The Various Barrio Hoods.

In The Fashion Of.

“Damn O.G. I’m 21. Been Locked Up Two Times. Next Time It Will Be For Life. Out Here Looking For A Job. Over Twos Month. Can’t Find One. Baby Mama At Home With My One Year Old. Old Gang Starting To Come Around Wanting Me To Do This And That For A Dollar”.

“Damn Young Man. Your P.O. (Parole Officer) Hasn’t Told You About The Of Companies In Tucson That Hire Felons”?

“Say What O.G.. What List”?


It Was At That Point That I Pulled My Pen Out Off Of My T.Shirt Collar, Then Extracted The Flip Note Book From My Right Rear Jean Pocket.

Then, Seemingly Right Out Of The Wild Blue I Stated To The Young Man.

“Young Man. What Was Your Dream That You Had When You Were A Shorty”.

“I Love Numbers O.G. Always Wanted To Work With Numbers. You Know Like Physics. You Know, Drafting Space Flights. Shit Like Dat.”


Talk About Profound.

“Oh. Ok. School Background Young Man”?

“Graduated High School 17th In My Class”.


I Wrote Down Information For Him. Gave Him The Pages Then Explained To Him What Was Up.

“First, This Is The Name Of What You Need To Google For The List, Actually Quite Extensive, Of All The Companies In Tucson That Hire Felons. Now This Is The Name Of My Friend Mike Lopez. He Is The Director Of Admissions Over At Downtown PCC Campus. Just Tell Him Ryan Sent You”.

“Damn O.G. Thank You So Much”.

“Don’t Thank Me Young Man. Thank Yourself When You Accomplish The Dreams You Had When You Were A Shorty. Cuz Your The Only One That Can Make Those Dreams A Realty. As Well, Dis Gonna Be Da Hardest Muthu Fuckin Thang You Ever Did”.

“Straight Up Cool On The 100 O.G.”.

Now These Types Of Interaction Had Been Taking Place On A Pretty Regular Basis.

We Shook Hands.

I Began To Continue On My Way To Work. Then Something Hit Me. O.G.?

For Myself At That Point Regarding Space And Time.

I Always Connected O.G. To Old Geezer, Old Guy. Like That. Right?

Then It Happened.

“Yo. Young Man. Let Me Ask You Something”.

Young Man Turns Around, Heads Back Towards Me.

“What Cha Need O.G.”?

“Que es O.G.”.

With That.

Young Man Puts His Arms Up, Chest High.

Running His Hands By Each Other In A Lateral Direction.

Looks Up At Me Matter Of Factually And Represents.

“Dats Original Gangster O.G.”.

Slow Shaking His head In That GThug Kinda Way.

See the source image

Yep. O.G.

Thing Of It Is Regarding My Daily Walks To Work Through The Barrio Over That Two Year Time Frame.

Five Former Gang Members Are Now Living To The Fullest Extent Of Their Dreams They Had When They Were Shorties. 

For Over The Course Of many Years Now. I Will Bump Into One Of These Courageous Young Men And They Tell Me All About.

Regarding The Young Blood GThug Representing In Today’s Story.

Four years Ago Crossing Speedway Blvd. At Stone, Walking In The Opposite Direction, I Hear, Yo. Whad Up O.G.?

I Look Up, It’s The Young Man From Today’s Story.

He Relates To Me That The Very Next Day After Our Conversation He Printed Out The List Of Companies Here In Town Hiring Felons.

He Proudly Relates To Me That He Began Calling Around And Within Two Days A C.P.A. Firm Here In Town Hired Him On The Spot.

They Told Him That If He Nails His Associate Degree In Accounting, That They, The C.P.A. Firm, Will Pay His full Tuition To University of Arizona Enabling Him To Receive His Bachelor Of C.P.A. Degree.

That He In Fact Was Now Two Months Out Of Relieving His Associates In Accounting And Looking Forward To Starting Classes Next Semester At the U of A.

See the source image

Go Cats

For Myself.

Three Bachelor Degrees. Year of Law School. United States Marine Reconnaissance 03.

Don’t Mean A Damn Ass Thang.


I Mean Really.

Come On Now.

Dis O.G.

See the source image

See the source image

There Ya Have It.


I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

For Today.

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All


See the source image

That’s What I’m Talking About

I Know Dat’s Right

Stay Blue  Cuz Ya Aint  Blue  Ya Ain’t True

Tupac – Picture Me Rollin VIDEO [HD] [Official] (Uncensored)

See the source image

Whad Up O.G.?????????????

Miss Ya Dawg


Image result for pics swamp

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As Well

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Following Are Some Of My Favorites From Down In Da Swamp

See the source image

Da Ghetto – ryanindaswamp – › 2018/02/24 › da-ghetto-2

Street Story – ryanindaswamp – › 2017/05/30











































Slip Sliding Away

See the source image

Image result for buddha truth

Some Shout Outs

See the source image

First Shout Out Goes To The Absolute Way Most Beautiful Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Best Peeps.



What Up My Homies.

See the source image   See the source image

Second Shout.

See the source image


Y’all Love Music.

Nothing Even Comes Close To KXCI For Uninterrupted Absolute Best Commercial Free Music On This Planet.

Every Saturday 5p.m. To 9p.m. Tucson Time.

The King Of Blues Presenter  Extraordinaire. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.  Mr. Marty Kool.

Spinning It Like It Ain’t No Ones Damn Bidnizz

Last But Never Least Shout Out.

Best Sports Announcers In Da Game.

See the source image

Tearing it Up. Laying It Down.

Desert Style.

Thanks Gentlemen For Staying Up On It.

See the source image

As I Sit Back In My Comfy Chair After A Long Day At This Or That.

Munching On Homemade Roasted Habaneros And Roasted Garlic Cloves, Sipping On Some Hot Bustello Coffee With Vanilla Twist Tea.

My Kitty Babies On My Lap Playing Away.

ESPN Radio Goes To Break.

I Hit the Radio Remote And Land On NPR News.

Through The Speaker Come The Exited Worked The Way Hell Up Broadcasters Just About Climaxing In Their Jeans Over That Days Impeachment Hearings.

It Is At This Point That I Am 5th Dimensional Slammed Into The Alternate Realty Of A Re Issued, Right Off The Cutting Room Floor, 4th Rate New York Mafia Movie.

All The Obese, Bloated Spaghetti Bellied Players Present And Accounted For.

The Self Exalted Leader Of This Sub Intelligent Group Of  Degenerate GThug Wanna Be’s, Phat Don T.

See the source image

Directs His Cappo D’ Cappo.

Rat Face Rudy ‘Big Jiggles’ Giuliani As To The Days Forward Mission.

See the source image

As Phat Don T Directs Rat Face G As To The Gooey Stank Mission Of The Day, He Stops Mid Sentence To Inquire Regarding Rat Faces Level Of Loyalty.

Keeping Forefront In Ones Mind That Phat Boy Donny T Has Never Ever Been Loyal To A One Except For Himself.

In The Mean While.

Don T’s World Is Out Of Control On Code 3 Fire.

The Fed’s All The Way Up His Jiggly Fat Mushy Ass.

And The Band Plays On.

Image result for insane tweeted out donald trump

In the Mean Time.

Across America.

Coast To Coast.

Pick A State.

Pick A City.

Pick A Town.

See the source image

See the source image


See the source image


See the source image


Down On The Ground Starving Hungry In The Dams Ass Muthu Fuckin Street.

Who’s Only Crime Was Being Born Into This Now Vile Disgusting Broken Joke Of A Country Controlled And Overseen By Greedy Corrupt Criminal Asshats.

Who To A One Haven’t Any Compassion Or Sense Of Duty To Their Nefarious Shyster Greedy Actions Of Their Derelict Obscene Leadership.


Where Mass Shootings Are Now The Daily Lead In Up And Down The Dial Channel To Channel.

Pinched Face Derelict Good For Nothing Hate Filled Mamas Little White Trash Boys.

Entering Places Of Worship With Automatic Weapons And Opening Fire In GOD’s Very Own House.

Killing Without One Scintilla Of A Nano Spec Of Mercy For GOD’s Very Own Children.

In GOD’s Very Own House.

For The Crime Of Their Dark Skin Or Jewish Heritage.

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

Here’s A News Flash.

Fat Ignorant Sub Creaton Nasty Stank Ass White Boys


Your White Ignorant Fat Ass Ugly Pig face Mamas.

Bring It Bitches.

Cuz You In Our Country Now.

A Whole Lot More Of Us Than You Now Inhabiting Our Country.

As Well White Trash Shit Heads.

We All Were Here Way Da Fuck Before Your White Trash Ass’s Arrived.

See the source image


My Point.

The World Is Truly On Fire.

See the source image

Divided Corner To Corner.

Look Around World.

Country To Country.


Coast To Coast.

See the source image

France. Yellow Jackets Still Up On It.

See the source image

Hong Kong.

See the source image


See the source image


See the source image


See the source image


See the source image


See the source image


Stay Up On It Homies.

Who The Hell Would Have Ever Thunk Iran.

Rain Hell Down On those Chicken Shit Moolas.

See the source image

Everything All Said And Done.

I Truly Do Get It.

Kind Of A Two Fold Issue.

First Off.

World Wide.

We The People.

Have Had The Fuck Enough Of The Vile Ugly Greed And Obnoxious Dis Respect Of Every Day God’s Hard Working Children Being Controlled By Greedy Blood Thirsty Monsters.

Denying Lord Gods Very Babies The Dignified Beautiful All Love Encompassing Right Of Life.

At The Hands Of Despots Murderers Thieves And Sub Creaton Scum Bags.


A Mind Opener If You Will.

Follow This Vapor Trail.

See the source image

November 11 Is A Vibrationally Powerful Day Due To The Fact That It Is The 11th Day Of The 11 Month.

1111 or 11/11 Holds Special Spiritual Significance As It Is Believed To Be the Number Of Spiritual Awakening And Powerful New Beginnings.

When You Frequently See 11:11 On The Clock Or When You Are Drawn To The Number 1111, It Often Indicates An Upcoming Change Or Awakening That Is On The Horizon For You.

Angels, Spirit Guides And The Universe Also Use Numbers As A Way To Connect And Communicate With You.

1111 Is Commonly Used By Divine Beings To Help Point You In The Right Direction And To illuminate the path ahead for you.

In numerology, the number one indicates new beginnings but when there is a series of ones, like on November 11 (11/11) it creates a powerful energy for the day that allows us to all awaken to a new potential.

November 11 is therefore a powerful time to make changes in your life, set intentions or to dig deeper in order to uncover the truth.

New awakenings, new information and new levels of enlightenment are all possible on this day due to this energy.

2016 is a number 9 year, which means that this year November 11 is going to fall under the vibration of number 9.

Number 9 is all about endings, which means that November 11 is likely to bring new information to light that will allow one door to close and another To Open.


November 11 May Also Help inspire You To Think Bigger And To Start

Thinking Of New Approaches To Life.

Now Add Into This Spiritual Awakening.

A Lesson In Chinese Astrology.

2019 Is The Year Of The Pig.

A Year Of Intense Change.


The Simple Brief.

This Is The Year Of Accession.

Put A Big Fat Giant Smile On your Face.


Go And Get yours.

Your true Meaning For Being here In The Spirit Of Who You Are And Your True Role In Gods Ever Loving Whelm.

There Ya Have It.


I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

For Today.

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All


See the source image

That’s What I’m Talking About

I Know Dat’s Right

Dis What Up Klan – Nazi Punk Ass White Boys
Stay Blue  Cuz Ya Aint  Blue  Ya Ain’t True


Image result for pics swamp

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It Would Transcend An Honor

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ryanindaswamp – Man In The Street/Politics/Life Stories …

Page 2 – Man In The Street/Politics/Life … – ryanindaswamp

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: Ryanindaswamp / Man In … › 2015/06 › ryanindaswamp-man-in-da-street

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: Ryanindaswamp / Man In … › 2016/01 › ryanindaswamp-man-in-da-stre.


Image result for pics desert sunset

























































Now You See It. Now You Don’t

See the source image

Welcome To The Desert Y’all

See the source image

The art of war is of vital importance to the State. The Commander stands for the virtues of wisdom, sincerely, benevolence, courage and strictness. … It is by attention to this point that I can foresee who is likely to win or lose. Master Sun Tzu

See the source image

“Your Pushing It Lieutenant”.

“Yes Sir”.

“I Mean Your Really Pushing It Lieutenant”

“Yes Sir”.

“You Are About At That Line Lieutenant”.

“Yes Sir”

“Carry On Lieutenant”

“AYE AYE Sir”.

First Off.

What I Am Witnessing Regarding My Country And The Elected Idiots From The White House On Down Is A Vile, Treasonous, On Going Masquerade Perpetrated By Self Interests Both Political And Personal.

Carried Out By Nefarious, Corrupt Political Asshats You Seriously Misinformed Americans Continue To Elect Based On Ideology That Serves Absolutely Not One Individual Of We The People.

Let Me Be Clear. Translucent.

Regarding Politicians On Both Sides Of The Shit Stained Isle.

I Would Much Rather Prefer French Kissing A Large, Fat, Defecated Covered, Flea Infested, Rabid Sewer Rat. Then Have Said Rodent Perform Anal Sex On Me.

Than To Meet, Greet, Shake Hands With And Converse With Any And All Politicians.

Image result for pics corrupt lying politicians

Image result for pics corrupt lying politicians

They All Need To Go.

September 19, 1796.

George Washington Advised American Citizens To View Themselves As A Cohesive Unit And Avoid Political Parties And Issued A Special Warning To Be Wary Of Attachments And Entanglements With Other Nations.

George Washington

“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” George Washington

Sound Familiar America.

Cuz I Gotta Tell Ya.

We Right Exactly There.

Myself, Completely Aware Of This Fact At The Age Of 13 Years Old When I First Read This Statement.


I Have Never Been A Part Of Any Political Party And As Well Have Never Voted.

Just Do Not Participate In The Game Of Rats.

A Game Where Truth And Fact Are Abra Cadabra Lickety Quick Changed Into The Lies Of The Campaign Trail.

Ultimately Winding Down The Crooked Road On Through Intensive, Massive Out Pouring Of Cash Money.

Relegating What A Specific Candidates Need’s To Say And How To Say It To The Proper Demographics.

A Big Fat Nothing To Do With Me On Every Conceivable Level. Perceived And Other Wise.

So There You Are America.

Buried Neck Deep In Division And Hate.

While Our Mortal Enemies Sit Back, Drooling.

Waiting For The Ultimate Crash.

See the source image

The Real Sad Equation In All Of This.

Is That You, America.

Glean Your Information From Your Television And Various Devises.

The Actual Stat Regarding This Fact States That 97 Percent Of Y’all Fall Into This Category.

Wherein I Am 5th Dimensional Slammed Into An Up Close And Personal Dump Back In Time To Television Production Class Wherein Professor Sullivan Stands Before Us And States On The First Day Of Class: “Take Notes Class. You Will Be Tested. Television Is A Giant Fat Lie Who’s Only Purpose Of Existence Is To Sell Products“.

Very Sad.

See the source image

62,979,879 Of You Americans Voted For President Trump Or As I Refer To Him. President Orange Face Asshat.

See the source image

Ten Percent Of This Number Paid For The Election Of President Orange Face Asshat.

They Are.


The Question Is.

What Do Any Of The Above Business Entities Have To Do With You?

Did You Receive The Tax Cuts That They Did?

Does Your Personal Or Family Income Total Above $300.000 A Year?

If Not.

No Tax Cuts For You.


See the source image

Feel Me? So Far?

So Who Is The Real Donald Trump?

That Depends On What Day And Time You Ask Mr. Trump This Question.

Along The Line Of Lets Say, The Trump Family Heritage.

Frederich Trump Immigrated to America In 1898 At The Age Of 16 Leaving His Home In  Kallstadt, Germany In The Kingdom of Bavaria Where Upon Entering The United States He Worked As A Barber.

Then In 1891 Fredrich Trump Relocated To The American North West Where He Established Restaurants And Brothels In Seattle And Monte Cristo Catering To The Klondike Gold Prospectors. Establishing The Trump Fortune And His American Citizenship In 1892.

The Importance Of These Facts Are That In the 1930s, His Son, Fred Trump Began The Sales Pitch That The Trump Family Was In Fact Of Scandinavian Heritage And Not German Heritage.

Donny Boy Carried This Lie Up Through The 20th Century And As Well Promoted This Family Heritage Fantasy In His Book Publication; ‘The Art Of The Deal’.

Relevancy Mr. Swamp?

Glad Ya Asked Slappy My Man.

The Relevancy In All Of This Is, That Lies, Deceit And Extreme Exaggeration Are The Stamped In Granite M.O. Regarding Donald J Trump.


Psychological Break Down.

Pathological Liar To The Point Of Actually Believing His Own Lies And As Well A Somewhat Sociopathic Mindset.

Pretending He Is Something He Is Most Certainly Not.

Henceforth Just Another Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy.

Who As Far As I Am Concerned, On His Very Best Day Is A Major Looser.

I’ll Interject At This Point In Regards To Mr. Trumps Continuous Tirades Regarding Latin And Other Immigrants Of Color.

The Fact Of This Matter Is That Donny Boy T Is The Son Of An Immigrant.

That Would Be His Mother, Mary Anne MacLeod – Trump.

Mary Anne Immigrated To The United States From Glasgow, Scotland.

She Was Issued Immigration Visa number 26698 In Glasgow On February 17, 1930.

She Departed Glasgow Aboard The RMS  Translyvania On The Second Of May. 

Henceforth, Donny Boy T Ain’t Nothing More Than The Child Of An Immigrant.

Unlike Myself, Who’s Mothers Family Settled In What Is Now Referred To As Southern California In The Late 17th Century After Escaping The Spanish Inquisition.

Lil Ol Mexican JewBoy Me.

Welcome To My Country White Boy Along With All You Other White Boys.

See the source image

See the source image

Damnnnnnn. You Know Melania Ain’t Going Any Where Near That.

I Know Dats Right.

Oh My.

I Surely Digress.

I Will Though State That Regarding Donal J Trump.

I Hear My Mother Telling Us Kids That The Worst Thing You Can Feel For A Person Is Sorry For Them.

I Feel Extremely Sorry For You Mr. Trump.

The Tale Of The Tape Regarding Donald J Trump.

The Actual True Story Of A Looser In The American Business Sense Of It All. 

For The Fact Of This Matter Is That Of All Of Donny Boy’s Business Start Ups.

Only One Third Actually Succeeded.

Follow This Vapor Trail If You Will.

Image result for Vapour Trail

Donny Boy T’s Business Failures

Trump Airlines / 1988 – 1992 / Never Turned A Profit / Defaulted On Loans

Trump Vodka / 2006 – 2011 / Never Turned A Profit

Trump Casinos / Filed Four Time For Bankruptcy / Today Trump Owns 28% Of Its Stock

Trump: The Game / 1989 – Discontinued A Year Later

Trump Steaks / 2007 – 2012 / Trump Steak House Closed Down 2012 Due To 51 Health Code Violations Including Serving A Five Month Old Duck / 2006 – 2007

Trump University / 2005 – 2010 Changed Name Due To Lost Law Suit / Closed 2013

Trump Mortgage / 2006 – 2007

Donald Trump As A Business Man, As Far As I Am Concerned, Is Not A Success Story.

He Is The Story Of A Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy With An Unending Stream Of Cash. Daddy’s Cash.

To The Point Of Illegally Altering His Deceased Fathers Will, Cutting Out His Siblings And Other Various Relatives.

Who Does This Type Of Shit.

I’ll Tell You Who.

A 100 Percent Certified Asshat.

See the source image

That Is Up Until The Early 1990’s When The Trump Organization Found Itself $3.4 Billion Dollars In Debt.

Close To One Billion Dollars Of That Debt, Was Donny Boy’s Own Personal Debt. $832.5 Million To Be Exact.

If All This Was Not Enough.

Welcome In 1998.

Trump Was Renegotiating $1.8 Billion In Junk Bonds Regarding Atlantic City Resorts While At The Same Time Owning Hundred’s Of Millions Of Dollar’s To German Banks For Construction On The Trump World Tower.

The Simple Brief In All Of This Was Trump Could Not Secure Any More Loans. At Least On This Planet.

Then It Happened.

Arm’s And Cash Became Open To Donny Boy. Happy Day’s Were Here Again.

One Countries Leader Could Not Wait For Trump To Except His Billions.

Enter One Vladdimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Henceforth Began The Now Decades Running Love Fest.

See the source image

Putin’s Bitch.

Nothing New Here World.

I Wrote About This Back in 2015.

And No.

I Am Not, Nor Have I Ever  Been A Never Trumper.

I Threw My Hat Into His Corner After He Was Elected.

Hit Up ‘Ryanindadesert’. The Words Speak For Themselves.

For Myself.

You Tell Me Something. We Good.

Until You Do Not Deliver.

Then, At This Point. You No Longer Exist.

So Here We Are, Just Down The Block From 2020.

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming.

The Fact Of This Entire Matter Is When The Dust Settles And The Janitors Begin Their Task Of Cleaning Up The Gross Vile Mess Left By Trump And His Peep’s, The Bought And Sold Conservative Pimped Pundits And Whores.

See the source image

Ratings Will Negatively Ignite, Exploding Across The Dead Conservative Media Airwaves Leaving The Players In The Shit Stained Toilets Of Has-Beens And Whores.

The Lies.

The Spin.

The Propaganda Spewed Forth from The Mouths Of Clowns.

An American President Who With Anger And Malice.

Calls Out Americas Career Military Personal Heroes And Career Civil Service Patriots?

An American President Who Has Never Ever Served Anyone Other Than His Self.

Who The Fuck Are You. Bitch?

Fuck You Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy Punk Ass Faggot.


There Is Only So Much Of Clowns I Take On Given Day.

I’m Outta Here.

Image result for pics trump the clown carnival barker


I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

For Today.

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All


Image result for pics shelby mustang gt

That’s What I’m Talking About

I Know Dat’s Right

Image result for pics swamp

Please Feel Free To Communicate With Me.

It Would Transcend An Honor

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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Everything Is Changeable, Everything Appears And Disappears; There Is No Blissful Peace Until One Passes Beyond The Agony Of Life And Death. Buhhda

My Reason For Today’s Rewrite Comes Down To The Number 20.

20 Represents The Number Of My Brothers And Sisters, Who Daily, Here In America.

Take Their Lives.

Numbers Are Up Considerably Since I First Published This Post 2018/05/30.

As Well, Myself Fell Victim To The Squeeze Several Weeks Ago.

As Drill Sergeant McGrady Screamed Into My Entire Being; “Do Not Damn ass Squeeze That Weapon Marine. Your Tougher Than That. DO YOU HEAR ME?

It Was At That Point I Dialed

800.273.8255 Veterans Suicide Crisis Hotline.

A Young Lady Came On The Line, Asked What Was Going On.

I Spilled The Beans.

This Beautiful Soul Stayed On The Line With Me For As Long As It Took To Get Two Beautiful Young Crisis Response Individuals To My Home.

They Stayed With Me, Wrote A Plan For Me.

Then For The Next 3 Days Called Me To Make Sure Everything Was Alright.

Thank Guys.

Cuz I Gotta Tell Ya, Thinking Back.

I Am Damn Ass Muthu Fuckin Glad I Called.


Tears Hitting The Whores Expansive Keyboard.

If This Old Shot Up Beat Up Crusty Old Jarhead Can Dial This Number.

So Can You Young Warriors.

Cuz Y’all Worth A Whole Lot More Than Me.

Feel Me? So Far?

There Ya Have It.

Carry On Soldiers.

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Lt. Gets It.

Y’all Miss Your Homies.

Just Remember Those Smiles.

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And Yes.

Most Defiantly.

We Still Matter.

Think About This.

Not Everyone Can Do What We Do.

There Ya Have It.

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Tracking Here And There.

Boots On The Ground.

Cocked Locked Ready To Rock.

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In Our Environment, Minds On Super Hyper Nano Mission Tick To Tock.

Our Purpose Defined.

Hard Stamped In Granite.

Then It Happens.

Mission Complete.

Back To The World.

Our Beloved Country And Home.

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We Look Around.

Baffled And Lost.

The Very Civilians We Put It All On The Line For. 

Steeped In The Comfortable Slant Of Fat And Happy.

Needle Buried All The Way To The Right In The Constant Whine And Complaints.

Lost In The Division And Hate Of Their Thankless Existence, Spouting Forth Hate, Blame And Regression At Our Country And Country Men.

Clueless As Clueless Can Be To The Very Freedoms Afforded To Them.

Opportunities Abound. On The Bukoo.

But Oh The Hell No.

Lost In The Divisive Political Unrest And Oh So Buried In The Fog Of Propaganda Aimed From This Side Or That.

That Which Only Accomplishes The End Of The Road, Leading To The Path That Leads To The Freeway Of Self Implosion, While Our Enemies Watch In Delight Waiting For The Ax To Fall.

A Free Republic Brought Down Like An F16 Fighter Jet Catching A Surface To Air.

Nothing But Hate And Disrespect For Each Other.

For Us.

Those Who Have Stood Tall And Served Without One Single Question Asked.

Proud And Honored To Keep It All Safe For Those Back Home.

Commanding The Utmost Respect From Our Fallen Enemies.

Not At All Looking Anywhere, For Any Kind Of Acknowledgement, Recognition Or Benediction. Just Doing Our God Directed Jobs.

For Us.

Our Up Close Personal Is That Of Walking Around The Zoo.

Witnessing Species Who For The Most Part Appear Alien.

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Our Government Fucking Us Over At Every Curve And Straight A Way.

Unable To Perform The Very Jobs They Were Hired To Do.

Instead Lost In The Greed And Irresponsibly Of Moving Up The Chain. 

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Dereliction Of Duty A Cyclopeon Upgrade.

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People Whose Lives Have Been Spent In The Comforts Of Freedoms That A Mass Global Populous Can Only Dream About.

American Civilians Who Never Stepped Out Of Their Comfort Zone Of Their God Given Freedoms.

Just Reaping In Endless Benefits.

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Fat And Happy To A One.

While Around The Globe.

In The Most Horrid And Desolate This Planet Has To Offer.

12 And 13 Year Old Children.

Wielding AK-47’s.

Just To Make It Through Another Day.

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Feel Me? So Far?

Humans Living In Such Abject Poverty, That Daily Sustenance Is A Far Lost Forgotten Dream.

Following Dictum And Decree.

That If One Utters A Sliver Of A Syllable Of Complaint And Disagreement, They Straight Up Smoke.

While Americans Sit Around Their 60 Inch Flat Screens Digesting Pizza, Hagen Daaz And Dolly Madison Pies, Complaining And Hating.

Having Served Our Country.

Now Ready To Virtually Start Over From Scratch To Build Ourselves A New Life.

Lied To.


Shamed To The Point Where Nothing Makes Any Logical Sense.

Honored And Proud Individuals To A One.

Driven To A Level Of Dis Connection Beyond All Earthly Human Words.


Stranded At The Corner Of Disillusion Avenue And Whats The Point Boulevard, Our Only Solution.

A Kill Round To Our Heads. ShhhhhWham.

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I Am Distressed.

Sickened And Besides Myself.

The Texts.

The Calls.

“LT., Max Is Gone Sir. He Fragged Himself”.

“Jimmy Went And Did It LT. 45 Round Through His Head. They Found Him In His Car”.


“Damn LT., James Leaped Off A 400 Foot Cliff”.

On And On And And Muthu Fuckin On.


Just Like Every Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float.

There Is That Thin Peek Thru Of A Single Light Of Sun-shines Bright Light.

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Before You Squeeze.

Find That Nano Click Of Reason.

Call This Number.


Veteran Crisis Suicide Hotline.

These Beautiful, Courageous, Dedicated Individuals Will Stay On The Line With You For How Ever Long It Takes For Total Resolve.

They Will Set You Up With Many V.A. Services On The Spot.

Send Someone To Check On You Or Transport You To The Hospital And They Will Call You Back To Check On You.

You Can Tell Them Anything.

Any Way You Want. No Need To Chose Word’s Here.

Express Yourself Any Damn Way Need To.

Cuss Words Not One Damn Muthu Fuckin Problem.

Let It Rip Soldier.


Veteran Crisis Suicide Hotline.

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Lt. Begging Ya All.

I Get It.

Strung Out On Severe PTSD.

Un Earthly Night Terrors.

The Pitch Black Deep Deep Dark Dreams.

I Get It!!!

Been There.

Done That.

Own The Fuckin T-Shirt Factory.


One Corner I Just Can’t Stray Far Da Fuck Away From.

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At Least, Just Give These Guys A Call.

Cause ‘I’m Gonna Tell Ya All One Thing For Sure.

I Know This To Be The Truth.

You Smoke Yourself.

You Coming Back To This Lower Earth Whelm Of Insanity In A Much Worse Off Life.

In A much Worse Off Place.

Trust Me On This.

In The All Of It,

This Ain’t Nothing But A Thang Soldier

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Feel Me? So Far? Soldier.

Image result for pics  smily face

Cause I Gotta Tell Ya All.

Lt. At His Very Thin Last Strand Regarding Any More Texts And Phone Calls Alerting Me To A Lost Man And Another Brother Down In The Senseless Mess Of It All.

Cuz I Gotta Tell Ya.

All My Tears Have Over Flowed Into The Vast Desert Wasteland Regarding All Of My Lost Brothers.

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Lt. Just Can’t Take Anymore Losses.

And Marines.

Now I’m Specifically Talking To You For The Fact That I Know Who WE Are.

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Follow This Vapor Trail If You Will.

Image result for pics  vapor trails

Several Years Ago I Was Down In Yuma, Arizona Visiting A Friend Who Worked At Marine Air Base Yuma.

Image result for pics marineair base yuma

My Friend, Ms. Abagayle Worked On Base In The Capacity Of A Psychotherapist. Now Retired.

We Were Walking, Talking And Chilling In The Desert.

Quite Possibly She Saw Something In My Eyes.

She States To Me;

“You Marines Are Not Right, In The Way Of How You Think, Perceive And Analyze Situations. I‘ll Extrapolate. You Could Be In A Ferocious Fire Fight. Your Rifle Jams, You Run Out Of Ammo. Your Assault Knife Broken. You Find A Stick On the Ground, Your Good To Go. Un Stoppable. Then At Some Point In Your Life, For What Ever Reason, You Decide You Have Had Enough.”

At This Point In The Conversation, Abagayle Thrusts Her Arms Up In The Air, Fashions Her Hands Into The Shape Of Pistols.

Then Lowers Her Pistol Shaped Hands To Each Side Of her Head, Then Squeezing.

She Then States;

“Then You Get To This Point Where You Are Saying, Watch This, Fuck You. Bammm“.


“Your Overwhelming Pride And Chiseled In Stone Attitudes Of ‘I Got This‘ And Hard Headed Reluctance Fueled By Your Immense Pride Forbids You Guys To Reach Out And Ask For Help, That Jarhead Attitude Of Invincibility. Damn Stubborn Jarhead‘s.

So, My Brothers, Reach The Hell Out And Dial This Number;


Veteran Crisis Suicide Hotline.

That’s A Direct Gentlemen.

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Just Damn Tired Of Attending Senseless Funerals.

Feel Me? So Far?


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Please Brothers And Sisters.

I Get It.

This Civilian Society Is Completely Off The Wire.

Asshats Abound.

Not One Damn Thing We Can Do About It.

We Already Gave It Our Best. Service Well Beyond The Inth Degree.

Now It’s Our Time.

We Are Offered Absolutely Free Counseling.

Dial Up The V.A. In Your City Or Town.

Give It A Shot.

Even Hard Headed Stubborn Old Jarhead Me Has Finally Wised Up.

What Keeps Me From Squeezing Is The Loud And Proud Shouting Up My Ass From Drill Sergeant McGrady.

Even Then I’m On Shaky Ground.

Thank You Gentlemen And Ladies.

Have A Wonderful Life.

Give These Outstanding People A Call.


I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

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Desert Love Ya All


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2019 Mercedes Benz 560 Coupe   Sittin On Chrome

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Please Feel Free To Communicate With Me.

You May Feel Free To Post Comments To This Site


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