Ramble On Friday

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Welcome To The Desert Y’All

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santana ft. everlast — put your lights on (lyrics)

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” – Sun Tzu


Some Shout Outs.

My Man.

Stephen A. Smith.

Hope Ya Had A Great Vacation My Man.

Back On The Mike.

Telling It Like It Is.

Thanks Stephen A.

For Bringing It On Da Real.

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Second Shout Out Goes To My Other Favorite Radio Show.

Coast To Coast A.M. With George Noory.

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Last, But Never Least.

Bringing It.

Jim Rome.

Tearing It Up.

Laying it Down.

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Thanks Guys.

For Lighting Up My Day.


On With The Show.

The World Is Full Flame On Fire.

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Our Man Sitting In The White House, Daily. Pouring Gasoline All Over The Flames.

Not A Break Or A Water Hose In Sight.

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The Tweeting Loud Mouth Fool President

Great Job Mr. President.

You Have Single Handily Driven America Into The Flaming Desert Cactus Brush.

To The Point Of Driving Kim J. Over To Russia For A Sit Down With Vladdy P.

Never A Good Thing.

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Gotta Tell Yeah Mr. President.

When it Comes To Fucking Up A Wet Dream.

No One Is More Accomplished Than You.

From Your Failure Of Turning  The Veterans Administration Around.

Wherein My Inside Seat Tells The Complete Story.

My Oldest Niece Works As A Nurse At the V.A. In The Pacific Northwest.

Her Stories Are Frighteningly Horrible.

Last Week She Texted Me That Seven Nurses Walked Off Their Shift. Never To Return.

The Time Clock To Punch In, Has Been Broken, Now Going On Two Years.

Not To Mention Veterans Dying Waiting For Treatment.

Or, Waiting For Periods From Five To Ten Weeks Just To See A Doctor Outside The V.A. System.

To Date.

Four Veteran Brothers Of Mine Have Died Waiting For Treatment.

Two In Just The Last Year.

To Your Failure Of A Tax Plan. A Plan That Benefits Americas Top 10 Percent.

Driving The Middle Class To The Basement And Out The Door.

Leaving  Millennials Broken Down And Dirty On The Side Of The Road. Working Their Butts Off Just To Get A View Of The Middle Class American Dream.

Binoculars Pointing Bidirectionally Upwards, The Unfortunate Realty Is That Their Dream Is No Where Close On The Horizon.

Lost In The Haze Of Serious Student Debt That Will Not Only Bring Them Down To The Ground In A Frightening Hard Financial Crash Leaving Them Breathless, Broke And Emaciated.

Your Tax Breaks To The Corporate Giants Has Lead These Greed Seeking Monsters In The Last Two Years To Lay Off Tens Of Thousands Of Workers.

General Motors Alone, Has Laid Off 14,700 American Employees Or 15% Of Their Work Force.

The New Corporate Direction. Great Job Mr. President.

Then The Broken Calamity Over At H.U.D.

Overseen By Pretend Black American, Benny Boy Carson.

H.U.D. Disasters Have Spiked 30%.

Americas Most Vulnerable Living in Conditions Less Fit For Animals.

Rats, Mice, Lice, Cockroaches, Bedbugs, Fleas, Black Mold Present And Accounted For On A Daily Hell Bent Basis.

H.U.D. Has Fallen Victim To Americas Broken Joke Of A President.

Unless Of Course If One Is The Presidents Personal Lap Dog.

Then Said Individual Receives A 90 Million Dollar H.U.D. Loan While He Screams On And On And On Regarding Americas Food Stamp Victims.

Ain’t That Right Seany Boy Hannity.

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I’ll Stop Right Here For A Sec.

To State That When It Has Come To You Sir, Saying What You Do And Doing What You Say.

In Typical Donny Boy Carnival Clown Barker Fashion, You Have Not Delivered On One Single Promise To ‘We The People‘ .

Image result for pics trump the clown carnival barker

President Donald J. Trump

Image result for pics trump the clown carnival barker

Oh. Did I Mention.

Donald J. Trumps Out Standing Contribution From Communist China For $500.000.000.00  (Five Hundred Million Dollars).

China to Contribute $500 Million to Trump-Linked Construction Project

I’m Sure Fox News Will Fill America In On This Innocent Act.


Image result for pics fox news fair and unbalanced

Image result for pics clownseanhannity

Image result for Sean Hannity Cartoon

Send In the Clowns.

Image result for pics clown mark levin

Then Your Man John Bolton.

A Screaming Burnt Out Hawk On His Very Best Day.

A Best Day That this Loud Mouth Idiot Has Not Seen In A Half Of A Life Time.

Moron Idiot Bolton mAbout To Get Our Butts Blown The Hell Up.

Opinion | Yes, John Bolton Really Is That Dangerous – The New York …

A Short Guide to John Bolton’s Government Career – The Atlantic

You Get The Drift America.
Good Men And Women To A One Have Abandoned This President Only To Be Replaced With Morons Hell Bent On Destroying This Country.
Now The Idiot President Wants To Do AWAY With Our Current Health Care.
Idiot Clowns Plan Would Leave Approximately 23 Million Americans, Veterans, Senior Citizens, With Both Existing And Non Existing Health Care Crisis Without Any Medical Insurance.
For The Simple And Only Reason Being That It Was Obama’s Health Care Plan.
A Plan That Gave Close To 23 Million Americans Health Care They Never Received Before And Would Not Have Ever Received.
Not To Mention That This Countries Sitting Presidential Idiot Has Created Anger And Hostility In This Country Never Ever Seen Before.
You Are So Very Screwed. In The Vain Of You Haven’t Seen Nothing Yet.
And The Band Plays On.
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If you Have Been A Follower Of This Blog Site As Well As My ‘Blogger’ Sites.
You Know That President Obama Was Not My Favorite President. A Dedicated Loyal Reader Of My Written Word, But Not My Best Choice In Presidents. Thanks for The Read ‘Prez’. Greatly Appreciated Sir.
The Point Is.
That Obama Said What He Was Going To Do.
He Did What He Said.
That Being To “Fundamentally Change America“.
Like It Or Not. For Better Or Worse. The Man Said What He Does And Did What He Said.
Not Like The Current Loud Mouth Unhinged Tweeting Idiot Now Occupying Our White House.

So America.

There Yeah Have It.

Good Luck America.

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Your President.

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Now. World News.

If All The Above Wasn’t Enough.

In Zimbabwe, Africa.

A Big Game Trophy Hunter Fatally Shot And Killed A Son Of ‘Cecil’ The Lion.

In Fact, This Hunter, Is The Same Big Game Trophy Hunter That Smoked ‘Cecil’ In 2015.

Talk About Coming Full Circle.

Mr. Big Guns Returned To Zimbabwe This week And Took Out ‘Xanda’, One Of ‘Cecil’ The Lions Son. Oy Vey.

‘Xanda’s’ Only Crime In All This Was Wandering A Few Yards Out Of Hwange National Park In Zimbabwe. Bad Bad ‘Xanda’ The Lion.

Image result for pics hwange national park zimbabawe africa

Hwange National Park   Zimbabawe, Africa

Mr. Squeeze Finger, The Lion Killer, Was On An African Hunting Expedition Led By A Professional Hunter, Is Most Definitely The Perpetrator Who Smoked ‘Xanda’ The Lion Son Of ‘Cecil’ The Lion.

Oxford University Researcher, Andrew Loveridge, Who Fits Collars On The Hwange National Park Lions For Monitoring Purposes, Stated That The Leader Of The Hunting Expedition, R.C. Safaris, Richard Cooke Did The Right Thing By Turning ‘Xanda’s’ Monitoring Collar Over To Oxford Researcher Andrew Loveridge.

Loveridge Went On To Say That The Smoking Of ‘Xanda’ Was In Fact, No Big Biggy.

That ‘Xanda’ Was Outside Of Her Border And He Was Over 6 Years Old, So The Killing Was All Within Stipulated Regulations.

Bad Bad ‘Xanda’. That Will Teach That Pesky Old Lion A Thing Our Two. Wander Out Of Your Border. Not On Trophy Hunter Richard Cooke’s Watch.

There Will Be No Funeral For ‘Xanda’ The Lion Son Of ‘Cecil’.

Image result for pics xanda the lion

The Former ‘Xanda’ The Lion.

‘Swamp’ Advice.

Stay Far Da Fuck Away From Borders Of All Kinds.


I’m Done.

That’s All I Got

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Desert Love Ya All

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2019 Mercedes Benz 560 Coupe   Sittin On Chrome


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To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

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Truth. The Simple Brief

CIA Kills Tupac.

For years conspiracy theories surfaced in relation to Tupac Shakurs death.

In a recently published book by author John Potash, he pins down Tupac’s murder as a coordinated effort perpetrated by the CIA and Law Enforcement.

From my own in depth research over the years, in regards to both my research and conversations with Tupac back in the late 80’s in Los, Angeles.

Mr. Potash’s theory and conclusion makes perfect sense to me.

For the fact that Tupac was on a mission to actually unite the street gangs, The Bloods and The Crips in an effort to halt the turf wars in South Central Los Angeles that were the result of a tidal wave of drugs pouring into the hood.

Drugs that were the by product of the CIA’s influence in the hood to create these deadly turf wars, where by eliminating a mass population of people through division.

The U.S. sitting President at that time was George H.W. Bush.

In Tupac’ mission forward, the second part of his initiative was to politically unite said street gangs and every day populous in the South Central hoods towards Democratic left side politics.

Tupac spoke at length as to the fact that the mountrous tidal wave of drugs into specifically South Central Los Angeles, was orchestrated by the CIA.

Tupac was by far not the only individual that concluded these facts.

For myself, born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, I was fully aware that the unprecedented amount of drugs pouring into the area were most defiantly supplied by U.S. Government forces for the shear amount of Illegal Substances that made its way into the various neighborhoods.

For the simple fact that private enterprise could in no possible way create the mass influx of Illegal drugs that was taking place during that time period.

As well, in fact boosting the bottom line of the fledgling private prison industry with an immense amount of Black citizens being incarcerated, who in many situations were innocent.

Without funding for attorneys, many of these Black Americans ended up doing serious time.

In the vain of.

In America, if one has money, one ain’t never doing time.

Now add into this insane equation.

Tupac’s Mother was not only instrumental in her massive movement in uniting the Bloods & Crips, but as well very instrumental in bringing The Black Panthers into the mix. All in ths effort to stop the massive flow of drugs into the hood. And again move the hood inhabitants progressively foward to the Democratic political left.

When Tupac, traveling with Def Records CEO Suge Knight on that evening in Las Vegas after the Mike Tyson fight at the Mirage Hotel, wherein Tupac was shot and killed. Local law enforcment, in their report, stated that there were no witnesses to Tupac’s murder.

Shortly afterwards in a live stage petformence, Chris Rock so eloquently stated in regards to the huge crowds that gathered after the Mike Tyson fight outside the Mirage Hotel to catch all the celebrities exiting the venue. That it was virtually impossible that no witnesses were present during the murder of Tupac.

For myself, what stands out is a conversation I had with Tupac inside the confines of my Vintage Sport and Race Car dealership just outside of Century City in Los Angeles in the late 1980s, wherein ‘Pac’ expressed his intense fear of law enforcement, both Local and Federal in what he called their intense actions to kill him.

Now add into this insane political triangle. Law Enforcement arrested Tupac 12 seperate times in row on less than nefarious charges.

As well, from 1987 through 1996, The FBI compiled a 4000 page report targeting Tupac and various Blood & Crip gang members.

Again, keeping in mind that Tupac’s mission forward was to unite The Bloods, The Crips and The Black Panthers, wherein this union would subrogate to eliminate the tidal wave of drugs into the hood and as well push these entities towards a Left side political lean.

Keep in mind, that these facts played on through the George H.W. Bush presidency.

Knowing what I know and doing what I have done in my service to this country, John Potash’ theory is factually right on the money.

Taking all this further up the road.

Consider this.

George H.W. Bush, it was revealed in November 1963 in an FBI memo by an FBI official that stated “George Bush of The Central ‘Intelligence Agency’ was orally advised of Miami Cuban reaction to the JFK assination”. Referencing JFK’s infamous Bay Of Pigs fiasco.

When questioned by The Warren Commision, George H.W. Bush could not remember where he in fact was on September 22, 1963. The day JFK was assinated in Dallas, Texas.

The facts regarding the whereabouts of George H.W. Bush on that fateful day of September 22, 1963 place Mr. Bush in Dallas, Texas at the precise time of JFK’s murder and as well in Dallas a week prior to JFK’s assisnation.

Now enter an FBI Informant, an overseas CIA Operative stationed in Russia and a former U.S. Marine Sharpshooter, Lee Harvey Oswald. Who was also present in Dallas on and before that fateful day when JFK was gunned down in the street lije a dog.

The Fact of this matter was that Oswald had informed the FBI of the ensuing assisnation plot of JFK before this crime was to unfold on September 22, 1963.

This information was passed up on to The CIA. A CIA where George Bush occupied a position.

Also keep in mind that JFK was, on all accounts, firmly against the U.S. playing any role in the Vietnam War at any cost. Thus infuriating The American Industrial Military Complex. A complex whole heartingly was supported by Bush.

The weapon that killed JFK was a 6.5x52mm Carcano Model Infantry Rifle equipped with a Telescopic Sight.

The FBI’s report stated that Oswald rapid fired 3 rounds from that rifle. Now keep in mind that that particular rifle is not capable of ‘Rapid Fire’ operation and as well all Parafin Tests performed on Oswald turned up negative. The Simple Brief in all of that, is if one fires any gun, there will surely result parifin residue on the body of the shooter. The bottom line in this cover up was that Lee Harvey Oswald was the perfect fall guy.

Jack Ruby, another operative made sure that Oswalds testimony would never be heard.

Many many years after this atrocious crime, a former U.S. Intel Agent re-inacted Oswalds supposed role in JFK’S murder. Himself a Marine Sharpshooter as well.

He deemed it virtually impossible to fire that rifle as per the FBI’s stated report.

The point that I am concluding is that when real facts are presented regarding American operations implemented and carried out by specific U.S. Agencies, these facts are subrogate into the books as no more than Conspiracy Theory.

Feel me? So far?

In the vain of American Politics, our govetnment takes down another player.

Rest in peace Tupac.

Kaddish Brother.

One last thing.

Many friends of this sight have notified me regarding emails that they are receiving from an online publication named; ‘The Right Way Pundit’.

An online publication, that at best is a regurgitation of daily news on the alt-right side of the political spectrum.

And as well, a Trump genitalia licking lovefest.

The problem with this garbage rag is that it does not allow people to unsubscribe, no matter how many times an individual hits the UNSUBSCRIBE feature.

The adress listed for this garbage rag is a UPS Store located in Delrey Beach, Florida.

Seemingly, just another ignorant, alt-right, fat white boy stationed on a tattered old stool in fat mama’s basement.

Avoid at all costs.

There ya have it.


I’m done.

That’s all I got.

Desert Love Y’all.

Ryan. Out.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 In Da Street / On Da Ground / Facebook Down Da Desert Has Morphed Into An On Da Fly Entity, Brought To You By ‘Whitey’ Da Android. Henceforth, Until I Have This New Input Down To A ‘T’, No Graphics For Ya All. And Away We Go. Yo. What Up World? The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best. Facebook. Has Dis Abled My Account. No Worries. Seemingly, There Were Some Nasty Ass Peep’s Up On My FaceBook Page. 4 To Be Exact Out Of Literally 10’s Of Thousands Of People World Wide. Some Real P.A.B’s (Punk Ass Bitch) To A One. Like Dis Faggots. Ya All Gonna E-mail Me Hate & Volgarity. Strap Yourselves In Punks. Cuz Ya All Gonna Feel The Los Angeles, California, South Central Hood Heat. Then Ya All Complain To ‘Zuckey’ Boy. No Problemo Faggitas. I Now Have A New FaceBook Page. Though At This Point In Time Not Set Up. Through Out This Minor Online Drama, FaceBook & ‘Zuckey’ Boy Down On Da Ground. Yo. FaceBook Idiots. It Only Took You Numb Skulls 3 Hours To Figure Out How To Take Down A Literal Murderer From Your Phony Site. For Sure Einsteins, Ya All Muthu Fuckin Shittin Me. That Said. When Ya All Dis Abled My FaceBook Account, You Requested That I Upload My U. S. Government I.D’s, With Pictures. I Replied Back, No Problem Idiots. Ya All Will Have My Upload Containing My United States Government Identification When You Send Me Live Video Of Pigs In Flight. Still Waiting On That Video ‘Zuckey’ Boy. Oh. Pigs Don’t Fly? My Bad. Ya All Get The Drift. The Particular Drift In Question Is The World’s Secure Browsing While Up On FaceBook. Oh. No Such Thang As Safe Browsing Up On FaceBook? Roger Dat. The Only Time FaceBook Invested Any Money On Real Security Was The Time ‘Zuckey’ Boy’s E-Mail Was Hacked. Period. As Greatly Appreciated By Us All. Google. To Date. Has Invested Just A Small Bit Of $tack$ In Regards To Our Security. 11 Billion Dollar$ To Be Exact. Thank You Google. 😎😎😎😎😎 FaceBooks Total Investment To Date In Regards To Our Security. 11 Million Dollar$. 😱 That Money Was Only Allocated Towards Security Only For The Fact That ‘Zuckey’ Boy’s Personal E-Mail Was Hacked. Feel Me? So Far? Great Job ‘Zuckie’ Boy. Cheap Fuck. 😰 Tehhhh. Thank You Again Google For Having Our 6. 😎😎😎😎😎 In Fact When The Boy’s Over At Google Get Just A Tiny Nanos Whiff Of A Security Breach, Google Immediately Contracts An Outside Contractor To Immediately Squash Any Security Mis Deed. For Whatever It Costs. Again. Thank You Google!!! Security In Today’s Cut Throat World Is At A All Time High Premium. Here Are Some Serious Desert Tips. In Regards To All Your Hand Held Devices. 1) Go Into Your Devices Settings. Turn On ‘Encrypt’. 2) Download/Install’ ‘CM VPN’. 3) Download/Install ‘Incognito Security’. 4) Download/Install ‘Cheetah Clean Sweep’. Follow The Instructions. You Good To Go. Anywhere. Anytime. Especially In Regards To Public WiFi. Public WiFi Is A Most Definite Resource For Hackers. Even Sub Par Hacking Faggots. How This Works Without Going Into A Technical Tail Spin Is A Simple Technique Called ‘Router Hacking’. Once This Chicken Shit Crime Is Perpetrated, There Is No Turning Back. If You Have Followed The Above Security Instructions Regarding Hand Held Devices. No Problemo Amigos . By The Time One Realizes They Have Been Hacked. Way Too Late My Friends. Another Clue Your Being Hacked Is When You Are Typing In Your Password, That You Know Is Correct & You Receive An Error Message: ‘Password Does Not Match’. Especially After The 2cd Time Password Has Been Engaged. Chances Are You Are Being Hacked. Gonna School Ya All In Password Creation. Never Ever Incorporate Personal Information In Any Password. Like Dis. In Regards To Password Creation. Ur?!!!)) (&$#MAmmA&$/%77158!!%)@20 Ya All Copping Da Drift? This Long Known To Me Information Is Courtesy Of My Long Time Dawg & Number One Homie ‘Black Dawg’ A University Of Arizona Computer Science PHD/Doctorate Degreed Dude. The Absolute Only Way For All Of You Beautiful Peep’s Worldwide To Communicate With Me Is Through The Comment Area Of This Blog & This Blogs Corospondinding E-Mail: ‘Ryanindadesert@gmail.com. Desert Love Ya All. Ryan. Out.


That Rockin Thang

Got Dat Rockin Thang

Just Luv ‘Retha’.

That would of course be the one and only

‘Aretha Franklin’ .

God Bless This Beautiful Lady.

And I know He do.

I remember like yesterday when out of the Wild Blue

This Beautiful Lady Gave Me A “Hey Honey You Seen Johnny”?

That would be John Lee Hooker.

I was 14 years old.

I had on the real been riding my bike

Just on the outskirts of Da Hood I was raised in.

As I slow rode by this short bed cargo truck

Parked in front of a night club a man had asked

If I would help unloading the truck as one of his

Helpers had not shown up.

All the job involved was unloading some music

Equipment from the truck and bring it into

The club.

Man said he would pay me $30.00.

I ain’t gonna lie.

Back then.

The beginning of the 1960’s

$30.00 was on the far large side.

I was in like Flynn.

The man was so very kind and straight up Cool.

Turned out.

This Cool Dude’s name was John Lee Hooker.

The outright major cool of cools was that John Lee

Not only paid me the 30 large but as well tipped me $10.00.

If all that was not a enough.

John Lee gave me a roady job for All of His L.A. Gigs.

I was in straight up Cool Kidd Heaven.

My Folk’s allowed me to work on the weekends.

Then when I turned 16 years old and graduated

High School I became a full time employee as

Well John Lee’s new driver.

Just of course in the State of California.


Dat Rockin Thang.

Bless you so so much “Retha’.

The Alley




Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

The 52% Factor.

Otherwise Known As ‘The Criminal Dump‘.

Tucson, Arizona Is The Official Garbage Dump For The United StatesOf America‘s Corrections Department.

Lucky Us.

What This Means, Is When Prisons Throughout America Release Felons After Completing Their Sentences, They Are Dropped Off In The Wild Wild West Of Tucson, Arizona.


They Are Scattered Throughout The City In Various Halfway Houses. Enrolled In Various Programs Designed To Change Their Lives, Resulting In Their Transformation Back Into Society.

It Is Within These Boundaries That The Number Delineation, 52%Comes Into Play.

52% Defines ‘Rescind Rate‘.

Rescind Rate‘ Represents, Simply Stated, The Number Of Released Convicted Felons That Within A Two Year Period, Will Commit The Same Crime Or Worse, That Sent Them Up  The Road To The Gansta Hilton.

Image result for pics arizonA STATE PRISN FLORENCE

The Chance Of Repented Survival Here In The Quaint Desert May Berry Of Tucson, Arizona Is At Best,  Dismal.

Not So Much In The Employment Arena, As There Are many Companies In Tucson That Hire Felons And Are Compensated For Their Efforts.

As Well Many Programs Exist In Tucson For The Sole Purpose Of Rehabilitating Felons.

So It Is Simple To Ascertain That Chances Of Rehabilitation Are More Than Abundant.

Non Of These Factors Are The Problem.

The Problem Exists Within The Culture Structure Of Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson Is The Number One Most Dangerous City In The State Of Arizona.

The Fifth Most Dangerous City In The United States.

Tucson Is The Fifth Poorest City In The United States.

We’ve Recently Graduated Up A Notch From The Fourth Poorest City In The Country.

Now Throw Illegal Drugs Into This Happy Mix.

Of The 100% Of Illegal Drugs Manufactured In The World, America Consumes 80% Of The Total World Manufactured Amount Of Illegal Drugs.

75% Of The Entire 80% Of Illegal Substances Consumed By American‘s, Travels For Distribution Country Wide, Through ‘The Alley‘.

The Alley‘ Is Tucson, Arizona. A Title Reference Created By Tucson Law Enforcement.

Think About That For A Sec.

Image result for apprehended drug shipments on the ariz mexico border

As The Above Map Clearly Indicates, ‘The Sinaloa Cartel‘ Are The Kingpins Of Illegal Drugs Entering Into The United States From Mexico.

This Statistic Is Nothing At All New To Tucson.

Just A Simple Fact Of Daily Life We Have Been Dealing With For The Past 12 Years.

Image result for ms13

MS13 Representing

The Cartels‘ Mules In This Operation Of Import And Transport Are And Have Always Been MS13.

Another Fact Of Daily Life Us Tucsonians Have Been Dealing With For Close To A Decade.

Subject Matter I Have Been Writing About Going On Six Years Now.

Subject Matter That Fox News Has Been Cluing America In On For Less Than One Year.

On The Sister Blog To This Site: ‘Ryanindaswamp.blogspot.com‘ I Wrote An Article Detailing MS13 Back In Late 2012.

Image result for apprehended drug shipments on the ariz mexico border

Image result for apprehended drug shipments on the ariz mexico border

Image result for apprehended drug shipments on the ariz mexico border

Image result for apprehended drug shipments on the ariz mexico border

America. The Above Photo’s, Are An On Ongoing Occurrence, Daily, On The Arizona Mexican Border.

Image result for pics arizona mexico border wall

The Steel Wall Spanning The Border Between Arizona And Mexico

In Other Words, Law Enforcement Within Tucson More Than Has Their Hands Full.

Now, In Regards To Tucson, Arizona And Local Law Enforcement. There Are Two Agencies That Comprise These Entities.

Tucson Police Department And Pima County Sheriff.

I’ll Begin With TPD

Image result for tucson police badge

Tucson Police, On Their Very Best Of Days, Are Under Staffed, Conservatively Speaking, 300 Street Patrol Officers.

These Brave And Courageous Patrol Officers Are Assured Their Protection From Flying Rounds In The Safe Guard Of Their Bullet Proof Vests.

For The Most Part A large Number Of These Vests Are Donated Through Various Tucson Charities.

Tucson police to receive nearly $30,000 worth of bullet-proof …

Tucson boy gives police dogs bullet-proof vests | Local News …

I Have Not Research This Fact, I Am Assuming, That In America, There Are Not Many Other Municipal Police Force’s That Rely On Charity Donations To Supply Common Every Day Police Equipment. 

It Gets Better.

I’ll Begin With Tucson Police, Patrol Cars.

Image result for tucson police patrole car

840 Vehicles Make Up Tucson Police Departments Patrol Vehicles.

Out Of This Number, 454 Register 80,000 Or More Miles.

The Highest Recorded Miles On These Patrol Car’s, Is 201,000.

Industry Standard Across The Board Recommends Replacement At 60,000 To 80,000 Miles.

Model Years Range From 1988 To 2015. The Average Age Is 8 Years Old.

The Point Is, That The Tucson Police Department, Most Definitely Falls Into The Category Of Doing More With Much Less.

This Carries Over Into Pay.

On A National Level, Tucson Police, Are At The Bottom Of The Chart In Regards To Annual Salary, Not Including Add On’s.


Accomplishing Way More With Way Less.

Tucson’s Sheriff Department Does Not Fare Much Better In All The Above Categories.

Except, That Pima County Sheriff Department Covers More Ground.

This Great Law Enforcement Department Is Headed Up By Sheriff Mark Napier.


Pima County Sheirff Mark Napier

Image result for pics pima county arizona sheriff  badge

Now Mind You, Sheriff Napier, Has Only Been In The The Law Enforcement Game A short While.

Wearing A Badge And Strapping Side Arm For A Scant 28 Years.

First With Tucson Police Department, At One Point Captain Napier, Then Pima County Sheriff.

“Where Are You Going With All This Mr. Swamp”?

“Glad you Asked Slappy My Man. Follow This Vapor Trail”.

Image result for pics vapor trails

Sheriff Napier Was Interviewed On Fox News ‘The Tucker Carlson Show’.

A Show That I Personally Find Un Watchable, For The Fact That Daily, Tucker Carlson Blurs The Fine Line Of Fact With Political Innuendo.

As Well, In Regards To The Above Facts Outlining What Transpires On A Daily Basis In Pima County And The Tucson City Limits, Somehow Escaped ‘The Tucker Carlson Show‘ Research Department.


The ‘The Tucker Carlson Show‘ Does Not Employ A Research Department?

The Obvious Fact.

Great Going ‘Tuckey Boy’.

I’ve Been Tuning Into Fox News Now For 17 Years.

In My World Today, The Actual Time I Spend On The Fox News Channel Is Dwindling Dramatically.

At One Point ‘Tuckey Boy Carlson‘ Asks Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier A Question, In Regards To The Subject Matter Pertaining To The Arizona/Mexico  Border ‘Wall‘ Being Bandied About On Both Sides Of The Political Insanity Aisle.

Sheriff Napier, Calmly, Professionally Begins To Answer This Highly Volatile Political Question.

He States That Today’s Technological Advances Further The Notion That A Wall Does Not Fit The Bill. Kinda In the Same Light As The Great China Wall.

Image result for pics great china wall

Oh Yeah. Now That’s An Impenetrable Wall. Paleezee!!!

Also Keep In Mind That On Arizona’s South West Border Sits The Marine Corps ‘Air Station Yuma‘.

Mcas yuma.jpg

As Well, In The City Of Tucson Is Located The Air Force’s  ‘Davis Monthan Air Base‘.

Image result for pics davis monthan airbase logo           Image result for pics davis monthan airbase logo

As One Can Plainly See, Technology Is Not A Problem Here.

At One Point, Sheriff Napier Refers To The Relative, At Best, Loaded Political Grenade, Called, ‘The Wall‘, As A Mid Evil Solution, Sending ‘Tuckey Boy Carlson‘ Into A Political Tirade Tail Spin.

While At The Same Time Showing Total Dis Respect To Sheriff Napier, A Man Who Has Dedicated His Professional Life To SERVING And PROTECTING The People Of Tucson, Arizona, As Well, Pima county.

Unlike ‘Tuckey Boys‘ Career Choice Of Television ‘Talking Head‘.

Constantly In Lick and Suck Mode Regarding The Backsides Of Network News Executives In Regards To Promotions Or Just Holding On To His Slim Shacking Job.

Great Contribution ‘Tuckey Boy‘ In regards To serving Your Community And Country.

Slant Face Political Drip Lip Hack.

At One Point In The Interview, Laid Back Sheriff Napier, Is Trying To Do His Best To Address Questions In The Ongoing Flying Flak Tirade, That Epileptic ‘Tuckey Boy‘ Is Laying Down.

Then ‘Tuckey Boy‘ Exclaims “I’ve Been To Tucson”!

That’s Nice Idiot.


Yo. ‘Tuckey Boy Carlson‘.

As Far As I Am Concerned, You Haven’t Any Business What So Ever Hosting Your Own Show. In Essence ‘Tuckey Boy‘ You Suck On A Gigantorous, Cyclopean Level.

Your Political Slanted Vitriol Is Less Than Balanced, In Effect Taking You To The Galactic Far Side Of Fox News’s Tribal War Cry, Fair AndBalanced

Quite Honestly, For Myself, ‘Tuckey Boy‘ You Epitomize The Old South Central, Los Angeles, Slang Term, P.A.B.

In My Humble Opinion, Fox News Has Joined The Ranks Of The Bought And Sold News Media To The Point Where I Find Them Un Watchable, Along With MSNBC And CNN.

To Drive This Point Further On Down The Road Of Decline, I Heard Another Fox News Commentator This Morning Commenting On Jerusalem In Regards To The Jewish And Muslim Inhabitants.

At One Point, This Clueless Fox News Broadcaster, Stated That The Territorial Arguments Between The Jews And The Muslims Have Been Going On Now For “THOUSANDS” Of Years.


Seriously Mis informed Fox News Broadcaster.

Clue Up My Man.

The Muslim Religion Is 1400 Years Old.

Kinda Hard Fox News Broadcast Idiot, To Carry On Arguments With Someone For “THOUSANDS” Of Years If They Have Only Existed For 1400 Years.

Just More Fox News Mis Information, Based Soley TheOn Political Slant, Spewing Forth From The Drip Lips Of Grease Butt Monkeys.

As Much As I Hate To Give In To This Fact, I Now Lump Fox News Into The Pile Of All The Other Bought And Sold News Media Outlets.

Pushing A Strong Political Agenda.

Careening Them Off The Road Of Fair And Balanced On To The Freeway Exit Of Kinda Fair, Real Un Balanced.

Image result for pics fox news unfair un balanced

Politics Take Another Victim.

That’s All I Got.

Image result for thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All.

Image result for ryanindaswamp images

Ryan. Out.

Image result for pics mercedes benz amg custom gull wing

2017 Mercedes Gullwing AMG   Sittin On Chrome

Roy Haynes Quartet featuring Roland Kirk – Fly Me to the Moon

Image result for pics desrt full moon

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Image result for pics the swamp

Running Through The Desert Sand Cactus And Brush

The Rolling Stones-Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) Live 73

See the source image

Welcome To The Desert Ya All

See the source image


Whad Up World.

Hope Your World Is As Soul And Spirit Beautiful As Mine.

Before I put this show on the road. A short journey down a personal recent occurance in my life.

I live in the hood, in a historic 58 year old, large apartment complex,

Completely remolded to current day standards,

Brand new central a/c., appliances, new tile and carpet, cabinets. Beautiful.

Non the less, the hood.

For myself, I like living in the the hood for the bang for my buck factor.

I’m 4th floor poolside.

Lotta Veteran friends. We most assuradly have each others 6.

So, this story, this evening came about while listening to music with my future wife, the Gorgous, Lovely, Oh So Beautiful, my Angel, Ms. Sherill.

Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm.

When we first met I was completely, literally, blown off my feet.

For you see, walking this toxic rock going on 70 years, I never encountered such female beauty

I actually told her, that day we met, that I could not even come close to describing her immense beauty in any earthly human words.

As she later revealed to me, she had waited 15 years to be with a man again.

My self, celibate at that point in time going on 11 years.

We’ve been together now close to a year.

We will be together till the end of our lives.

Talk about made in heaven.

So, we love music.

Jazz. Blues. Aretha. Gospel. Santana.

Being of the same mind set, we really dig the hell out of Frank Sinatra.

Unfourtunly, due to restricted vision and the fact that I am now writing on one of my Androids, for the fact that these devices are the only way to clearly see enough, allowing me to lay down these very peckz.

I can see due to the keyboard and black back ground.

Henceforth, graphics and music at this particular space in time are seemingly above my paygrade.

So, about 15 minutes ago we closed down the stereo Apple Folio after dancing for the past several hours. As it is now way past 00:00 hours.

We as well usually end with Elvis Presly.

The last Elvis song was ‘Jail House Rock’.

Henceforth, tonights story.

Oh yeah.

Did I mention. I live in da hood.

Now my neighbors next door to me, east side.

Two hard working young men, have a dog

Jacks, the dog.

Half Great Dane. Half Pit Bull.

Now when people walk by that apartment, if Jacks is picking up a nasty vibe, Jacks will bark.

At times, seemingly, about ready to burst through the ceiling to floor Venitian Blinds and giant picture window.

In fact, a while back when they installed the beautiful new steel security doors, with the 21st century card keys, I watched dude extract the old thick wooden door in Jacks apartment.

That wooden door, had been pawed out by Jacks just about an 1/8 of an inch from the front part of the door.

So this past Friday, from around 14:00 I’m on the phone with the Opthomologists office.

For myself, I would most definantly prefer French kissing a filthy water rat than deal with a doctors office.


Time. Going on 15:45 hours.

Maintaining my laid back composer.

That stated.

For sure on the launch pad.

Engines not engaged.

Fuel trucks in the distance, but approaching launch pad.

On and off hold so many times I lost track.

Then it happens.

While on hold again, I hear an induvidual walking by Jacks the dog’s apartment, banging on the window.

More than several times.

Jacks is lit the hell all the way up.

In the vain of one jacking off a giant grizzley bear with pine needles.

I open my door. Standing in my door way, on and off hold.

The induvidual, pounding on Jacks window is one of the resident crack hoes.

Lost in the back and forth, antagonizing Jacks.

I calmly tell crack hoe to cease and disist.

Her response.

Fuck your muthu fucker.

I’m still on the on and off hold pattern with docs office.

Yo. Girl. Knock it the hell off.

Fuck you piece of shit.

Rocket Fuel trucks at this point have dis engaged their hoses from the rocket intake ports and are pulling off the launch pad area.

Girl, you need to knock this shit the hell off.

Fuck you muthu fucker. I’ll fuck you up.

Rocket engines fire up.

Severe PTSD kicks in.

Houston. We have lift off .

Copy that Canavaril.

South Central, L.A. lingo ignites.

Yo. Bitch. Knock it the fuck off

Call me a bitch one more time I’ll fuck you up.

Fuck you nasty ass filthy crack hoe bitch and your pig face fat ugly mama.

Now I’m still in my door way.

No shoes.

Black 501 Jeans.

No shirt.

Air Force Survival Knife, sheathed and strapped at my side, on my belt.

Bitch, knock this shit off.

Call me a bitch one more time I’m gonna fuck you up.

Yo. Bitch. Kiss my ass.

She walks up to me in my doorway, stands before me.

Whad up crack hoe bitch.

She walks away.

At that precise moment Lady at the doctors office informs me that she will get back to me on Monday.

Time. 16:37.

I need to chill.

I pop a Long Horn Winter Green pouch into my mouth.

Starting to wind down. Right?

Then it happens

Wham Bam Bam Bam Bam. On my front door.

I glimpse out through the cracked Venitians.

Now I can see forms, Just not definition.

I see a big white boy, in a big red T-shirt.

I believe I mentioned I live in the hood.

Bettet know the dress code. The B’s and the C’s.


As well, I stand 5 feet 5 inches. 144 lbs.

So, I calmly grab my 23 inch, sheathed military assualt knife, sheath snap dis engaged.

In my right hand, my 1911 A Colt Semi Auto.

I calmly open my door, never venturing past the outside perimetor of the door way.

Big white boy now leaning against the railing of the balcony walk way.

What cha want punk ass faggot bitch?

Fuck, you have weapons. I’m calling the police.

Fuck you faggot punk ass white boy.

He quickly departs. I close the door. Lay down my weapons.


On rocket fire Code 3.

I’m pacing.

Drop another chaw in my mouth.

I step outside to spit, my Marine Corps Brother Larry is outside of his apartment on the other side of the pool, same floor as me.

As well his next door neighbor, Army Ranger Rick is outside.

We all homies.

Larry says to me Ryan, be calm Lt., Just go with them. Don’t do anything. Or just go back inside.

I’m all up in the WTF’s.

Standing on the side of the pool, around the barbacue are 7 Tucson Police Patrol Officers.

I’m cool. Many TPD friends.

Got no problem with Poe.

They command me to come down stairs.

No problemo Amigos

They track me as I descend the stairs.

Hitting the last set of stairs, I extend my arms up in the air and motion with my head to the sheathed Air. Force Survival knife on my belt.

I hit the ground, calmly standing there, hands in the air.

One cop lowers my arms and Cuffs me.

Another cop removes the sheathed Air Force Survival knife from my belt.

One of the Patrol Officers reads me my rights.

I ask if I’m under arrest. Cop tells me no.

So there is legally blind me, cuffed, sitting on the steps, basically smoking and joking with Poe.

No shoes, no shirt.

Another Patrol Officer asks me my apartment number and if the weapons are present in my apartment.

I respond affirmative, that the door is open and said weapons are on the couch.

Keep in mind that at this point I am not under arrest, for that is what I am being told.

So there I sit chewing the fat as it were with the other Cops.

After about ten minutes the other Patrol Officer returns from my apartment with said weapons, my black flip flops and my black zip up hoodey.

I’m like o.k. Something for my barefeet and my hoodey to keep my little blind butt warm on this chilley desert day.

I stand up, cuffed and thank Patrol Officer for bringing my flip flops.

Cop tells me he is going to read me my rights.

I inform him that my rights have already been read to me by the other Cop.

Patrol Officer informs me that I am under arrest and he is taking me down to county jail.

Oh. O.k.

I ask arresting Patrol Officer if he would be kind enough to go back up to my apartment and grab me my black Nike slip on’s.

No problem.

He returns, I slip on the Nike’s, off to jail my blind ass goes.

Bare chested. Cold. And having to urinate like a race horse.

Fact of the matter, my research revealed that from 1775, when Tucson, Arizona was Incoporated, until this past Friday.

I am the very first blind person to be arrested by TPD.

I’m famous. Gonna go down in history.

I surely digress.

Patrol Officer secures me in the black and white Tahoe.

Off to county jail we go.

So were talking, I’m all calm and laid back.

Talking with each other about what has taken place that late afternoon.

How I never left the perameter of my door way.

We pull up to a stop light.

Patrol Officer looks back at me and states;

“Look. I get you to jail by 5:45, you will make night court by 8pm., you will be released tonight. You need to learn a lesson. This lesson being that next time this happens, you are to call us”.

I was released at 23:53 hours. Called V.I.P. Taxi and home I went.

For the most part, jail was cool. Jail being jail and all.

All these dudes kept asking me the entire time how I was able to remain so calm and laid back.

It’s most definantly a Marine thang.

Calm under fire.

Guess old dawgs can learn new tricks.

I’ll mention at this time that said Patrol Officer has been more than instramental in clearing out the several crack, meth and heroin den’s in this complex.

Thank you Sir for schooling this lil ol blind man.

Your a good Cop and a great man.

Stay safe Patrol Officer. Semper Fi.

Oh yeah.

When I was released later that evening.

Still had those two Long Horn Wintergreen pouches in my grill.

There ya have it.

Now on with the show.

See the source image

Mama Mama Look At Me.

Look What The Marine Corps Did To Me.

Made Me Lean And Made Me Strong.

Made Me Where I Can Do No Wrong.

See the source image

Straight Up.

Over The Many Years Walking This Fiery Toxic Rock, The Above Cadence Has On It’s Own Morphed and Evolved Into;

Mama Mama

Look At Me.

Look What LORD GOD Did To Me.

Made Me Lean And Made Me Strong.

Made Me Where I Can Do No Wrong.

I do my utmost very best on a daily basis to live up to the above.

I ain’t gonna lie.

There are times I fall way short of performing to maximum level.

Walking this toxic rock about 70 years now.

I can sincerly state that I have never in my entire life witnessed the devision and decention that I am witnessing today in America.

For me and mine.

This elevated division is what exactly, me and mine witness when we deploy on a set mission to tip the scales one way or the other, depending on the particular end game we are there to iniciate.

In America, this was never meant to be.

But as a nation, a Free Republic, we were warned in regards to Political Parties of all sorts.

General/President George Washington, on that Saturday in 1796 when he gave his farewell speech.

Wherein he stated, emphatically, actually warning this country against Political Parties of all sorts.

His words have never rang truer to me.

“I Seriously warn this country against Political Parties Of All Sorts. For Political Parties Serve Only One Purpose. And That Purpose Is To Devide A Free Republic In Hate. After A Time, One Political Party Accumulates More Wealth And Power Than The Other, Overwhelming A Nation “.

Look Around America.

We There.

For myself, my mind boggles at the literal Billions of Dollars that are thrown freely about by this Political Party or that during elections.

The spin rotating at mutiple mach speed.

Leaving ‘We The People’ to figure it out, along the line of spinning that wheel in Vegas, hoping we hit that seemingly magic number square on the money.

What General/President Washington could never even imagine in his wildest dreams is the digital world we occupy today.

Literally moving quicker at times than sound.

On our phones.

Imformation coming at us in an L.A. lickety quick sequence.

The masses are told history plays no part in todays world.

Facts are scrubbed, scribbled and re-written.

To promote what ever politicaal slant that is being driven home by whatever shyster polititian in their quest for votes.

Here in Arizona, newly elected Senator Kristen Sinima has already stepped back on two of her campaign promises.

Nothing new here.

Ain’t that right, Political Hoe Sinima?

For myself, doing what I have done while in the service of my country.

Fully aware of the projected outcome of designated mission.

I am witnessing a country on the precipice of implosion.

As President Abraham Lincoln stated;

“A Country Devided From Within, Will Fall From The Destruction Of Enemies Without”.

We there America.




Wake Da Fuck Up.


I’m done.

That’s All I Got.

Ryan. Out.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

Image result for pics rainbow sunset desert

Welcome To The Desert Ya All

Image result for pics desert bobcats in cactus tree


What Up World?

The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best.

I Hope Ya All’s World Is As Soul And Spirit Beautiful And Content As Mine.

Pull Up A Chair.

Cop A Squat.

Strap Yourselves In.

Gonna Be A Long One.

Image result for pics indian warrior chief on white horse

The Indian Warrior Chief Sits Calmly Upon His White Stallion Steed, Up On The Cliff Overlooking The Valley.

His White Stallion Steed Faithfully Calm Before The Ensuing Storm. For Sure Not His First Rodeo.

The Warrior Chief Lost In The Meditation Of His Fathers, Reflects On The Many Battles Waged Over A Lifetime.

Instinctively He Knows That The Ensuing Battle Off The Short Horizon Will Most Certainly Be His last.

As This Calm Nano Flash Frame Races Through The Grey Matter Channels Of His Mind, His White Stallion Steed Lowers His Massive White Head, Shaking His Long White Mane, Thumping The Ground With His Right Hoof And Blows A Hurricane Force Blast Of CO2 Out Of His Massive Nostrils.

Image result for pics big white stallion head lowered

It Has Come To Pass.

Great Warrior Chief, Fully Aware Of His Destiny Path, Understands That He Will Soon Be Joining The Spirits Of His Great Warrior Chief Fathers Who Came Before Him In That Calm, Peaceful Meadow, Butterflies And Brave Beautiful Spirits Abound.

It Has Now Surely Come To Pass…

Blissfulness… Then Darkness…

Image result for pics blissfulness then darkness

The Freedom, From The Burden Of The Flesh.

The Relevancy Of Time Reduced In less Than A Nano Flash Click To Less Than Dust Floating Down The Tranquil Waters.

Everything And All Of A Tortured Realty No More.

Set In Motion Over Years And Years Of Sworn Of Faithful Duty.

The Job Now Complete.

Retirement, All That Is Left On The Bright, Fading Horizon.

Then. Finally.

Fade To Black.

Poof. Gone.

Image result for pics fade to black

Mr. Donovan. Can You Hear Me”?

“He’s None Responsive”.

“I’m Picking Up A Beat, Faint, But There”.

“Mr. Donovan, Mr. Donovan, Hang In There Mr. Donovan. Hang In There…”.

“Shit. Gotta Pulse, Barely. Shit.

“Mr. Donovan, Mr. Donovan…”

Image result for pics EMS saving A Life

“Shittt… Were Loosing Him. Come On Mr. Donovan… Hang In There. Shittt!!!…”

Image result for pics flat lining

“My, My My. The Beautiful FBI Special Agent (Retired), Ms. Veronica Lake And The Lovely And Shapely Queen Of Flagstaff, Ms. Sweet Sweet Loraine”.

Image result for pics veronica lake

FBI Special Agent (Retired) Ms. Veronica Lake

“Well, Well, Well. If It Isn’t The All Elusive Mr. Ryan Sean Donovan In The Sexy Flesh. How’s It Hanging Recon Marine”?

Image result for pics 1950's beautiful women

Queen Of Flagstaff, Arizona  Ms. Sweet Sweet Loraine

“Just Fine, Ms. Sweet Sweet Loraine. Nice To See You Too. Looking As Luscious As Ever.

“I’ll Take That As A Wink And A Nod. Play Your Cards Right Big Boy, We Just Might Be Riding Off Into The Sunset Together”.

“Well Damn. I’ll Just Hold My Breath”.

“Go Right On Ahead Handsome”.

“Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm. My My My, How You Lay It On”.

“Only Know One Way Cowboy, Hot And Thick”.


“You Best Slow It On Down Ryan. You Gotta Lot Splaining To Do. You Ain’t Sweet Talking Your Way Out Of This One”.

“Always The Serious Temptress Special Agent Lake”.

“Where The Hell Have You Been? All Your Numbers Have Been Disconnected. Without A Damn Trace Ryan”

“Phew. Whoa. Miss You Too Girl”.

“I’m Gonna Knock You Out On to The Ground Marine”.

“Damn V. So Damn Serious”.

“Been A Lifelong Knuckle Head. I Worry About You Ryan. All The Damn Time. You Have To Stop All This Elusive Crap. Always Up In Your Own Little World, As If No Other Whelm Even Exists. So… Where Have You Been”?

“Uhhhh. Ummm. A Retreat”.

“Yeah. Makes Sense. It Has Been About 2-3 Years Since Your Last Retreat. I Assume You Are Good To Go Now Mr. Donovan”?

“Yes Mamm. Straight Up On The 100. Good To Go. Are You Back With Doc Blaisedale”?

“To Paraphrase Your Hood Lingo. Hell Naw. Fuck Dat Bitch. Me And My Glock 40 Chased

That Two Timing Faggot Bastard Out Of My House Up In The Sedona Hills. Now My House, Along With The Range Rover, 3 Million Cash, And, As Well, A Brand New Mercedes White C63 Convertible Sittin On Chrome”.

Image result for pics white mercedes c63 convertable

“Damn Girl! You Fleeced That Woolly Lamb”.

“Lying, Cheating, Double Timing Bastard”.

“Danm V, Don’t Hold Nothin Back Now. Moving Right Along”.

“As Well Ryan, I’m In The Process Of Moving A Roommate Into The Upstairs Bedroom Over Looking The Sedona Mountains”.

“Wow. How Cool. Balcony Over Looking The Majestic Mountains. Who’s The Lucky Individual”?

“A Very Old Dear Friend Of Mine I Met Surfing On Santa Monica Beech When We Were Both 13 Years Old”.

“Say What”?

“Your Moving In Ryan. Rent Free, My Dearest, Oldest, Handsome Friend”.

“Well, We’ll Talk About That”.

“Nothing To Talk About Ryan. It’s A Done Deal. Time For You To Hang Up Your Saddle And Settle Down”.

“Look V, I Have things To Do. As Well, For The Time Being I’m Cribbing Up Here In Flag”.

“Really. Where”?

“Well… If You Need Know…”

“I Need To Know Cowboy. Pronto”.

“Damn V. You In A Narley Ass Mood”.

“And… As You Always Say, Where You Cribbing”?

“Shit Veronica, Need To Know Basis”.

“Guess What Cowboy, I Need To Know”.

“Shit V”.

“Give It Up Ryan. Now”.

“Awaight. If You Must Know. I’m Staying With Tula”.

“TULA! TULA! Fuck That Hoe”.

“Damn Loraine. That’s Not Nice”.

“I Second That Ryan. Fuck That Hoe”!

“Damn Girls, What’s All The Hate Down On Ms. Tula”?

Image result for pics beautiful 1950's brunettes

The Lovely Ms. Tula.

“Ryan. This Is Not Right. I Introduced You To Tula. This Is Wrong Ryan”.

“Look Veronica. This Thang Just Happened Out Of The Wild Blue. Besides, There Is Nothing Going On. I Am Happy To Say That I Am Still Celibate, Now Going On 10 Years. Tula And I Have Much In Common As We Are Both Writers And She Is Assisting Me With A Book Deal. That’s It. Nothing Else. She Is As Well Celibate A Lifetime Too”.

“Ryan. Ryan. Ryan. What Am I Going To Do With You”?

“Look Veronica. This Is Just Short Term With Tula. Until She Helps Me Finalize A Book Deal. As Well, Sharing Your Sedona Home Is Long Term. Just A Little More Time. O.K”?

“Always Your Way Ryan”.

“Damn V. Don’t Look At It Like That. We Have The Rest Of Our Lives. Awaight”?

“Yes Ryan. Alright. Let Me Have Your New Number. I’ll Contact You Later. Loraine And I Are Driving Up To Jerome For The Day. I’ll Contact You When i Get Back”.

Veronica Hands Me Her IPhone. I Punch In My New Number.

“Sounds Good Veronica. Here’s My Number. You Girls Have Fun Up In Jerome”.

Image result for pics jerome az

Jerome, Arizona.

“Later Ladies”.

“Later Ryan”.

That’s All  I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindadesert

2Pac – To live and die in LA (Dirty Version) [HD].

Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14


May 13, 2014 – Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …

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America. Love It. Or Leave It.

Volunteers Of America- Jefferson Airplane

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

See the source image

“Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.” 

Master Sun Tzu The Art of War

Shout Out Tuesday.

My First Shout Out Goes To The Dedicated Loyal Men And Women Of The Tucson Police Department.


When It Comes To Accomplishing A Whole Lot More.

With A Whole Lot Less.

T.P.D. Epitomizes And Represents The Absolute Best.

Undermanned 400 To 800 Street Patrol Officers On Any Given Day.

Patrol Officers In This Red Hot Desert Environment Answer The Call In The Number One Most Dangerous City In The State Of Arizona.

Not To Mention The 4th Most Dangerous City In The United States.

T.P.D. You Guys And Gals Rock.

Doing Your Utmost Best To Keep Citizens Safe Here In ‘The Alley‘.

For You See America.

Of The 100% Of Illegal Drugs Manufactured In This World.

America Consumes 80% Of Those Illegal Manufactured Drugs.

75% Of That 80% Of Illegal Manufactured Drugs That America Consumes, Makes It’s Way Through ‘The Alley‘ To Be Distributed Throughout The United States.

For You See, Tucson, Arizon, Is What Tucson Law Enforcement Refers To As ‘The Alley’.

While T.P.D. Battles Cartel And Their Distribution Of Illegal Drugs Here In Tucson, Their Mission Forward Is Keeping The Citizens Of Tucson Safe.

Not To Mention The Various Gangs That Reek Havoc On This Quaint Desert Mayberry.

If All That Was Not Enough.

Now Throw Into This Criminal Mix, Tucson Is The Drop Off Destination For Convicted Felons From Prisons Spread Across This Free Republic.

Oh yeah.

Let me mention that Arizona’s number one industry is our prison industry.

Playing Into The 52% Factor.

The 52% Factor Represents The Statistic, Regarding The Realty, That 52% Of These Released Felons Into This Quaint Desrt Mayberry, Will Commit The Same Crime That Landed Them Behind Bars Or A More Serious Crime Within A Two Year Period.

To State That Under Manned T.P.D. Has Their Hands Full Is A Cyclopean Understtement.

And Yes.

911 Calls Into T.P.D. Are Most Defiantly Prioritized Due To The Severe Problem Regarding This Under Manned Police Force.

Now, Take Into Consideration The Mass Amount Of Illegal Drugs And Serious Criminals Breaching Our Border.

Why Is This Even A Question, Much Less A Cry For All The Poor Imigrants From 3rd World Impoverished Countries Wanting A Better Life?


Every Night In This Great Country, Over 1 Million American Children Go To Bed Hungry.

Throughout America’s Hoods And Ghettos, On A Daily Basis, Innocent People Are Cut Down In The Street Like Rabid Dogs By Assorted Gangs.

Chicago Leading This Blood Bath Insanity, Where Just Several Months Ago, A 2 Year Old Childs Life Was Cut Short By The ‘Maniac Latin Kings’ Street Gang.

Who Basically, To A One Crossed Over, Breaching My Southern Arizona Border.

To Date.

2018 October.

Without Mentioning Any Names Of These Arizona Border Towns.

3 Of These Small Towns Have Absolutely Zero Border Protection, Providing Free Entrence To Any And All Criminals And Drugs.




Hear The Damn Pop.

That Most Descernable Sound One Hears When Their Head Exits Their Anal Cavaty.

I Mean Really.

American Suburban Democrats And Republicans.

Do You Want These Border Breaches In Your Up Scale Hoods.

Didn’t Think So.

This Latest Caravan Of Free Loaders Are Heading For The Tijuana Border To Cross Into Cali.

Trust Me On This.

As Well.

There Are Most Definantly Mid Eastern Terrorists And Dangerous Criminals Along In This Illegal Ride Across My Southern Border.

A Caravan Originating Out Of Hondoras And El Salvador.

Can Y’all Spell MS13?

I State This As Fact For The Reason That Over My Many Years Here In The Desert I Have Personally Met Individuals From Various Mid East Countries Who Told Me, How With Their Phony Documents They Easily Passed Into Arizona Across The Mexican Border.

One Of These Individuals, A Former Pakistan Amry Officer, As Well Former ISA Information Officer, Offered To Me For The Low Price Of $250.00 American, He Would Happily Procure Those Exact Document’s For Me.

Now Add Into The Caravan Heading North For Cali, Financed By Commie Venezuela.

Collectively, Individuals To A One.

Who Will Be Granted Entitlements The Rest Of Us Americans Never Even Knew Existed.

All For One Reason.


One Reason Only.

That Reason, To Be Piled Sky High Onto The Cali Democratic Voting Block.

Nothing More Than Political Pawns.

Bought And Paid For By We The People.

Shameless Doesn’t Even Come Close.

Then You Have The Pundits.

Myself Never Identifying With Any American Political Party.

If I Was To Be Politically Labeled.

My Lean As It Were, Is Conservative Liberal.

In the sense that I do not engage in hate, vitriol, paranoia, fabrication to drive a senseless Political Point.

That Stated.

In the past I listened to conservative radio on and off.

Until the day my stereo radio up-chucked wires and components while tuned into the hyper engaged yelling and screaming of Mark Levin.

Henceforth, today my radio talk dial us programmed to my two favorite Broadcasters.

Stephen A. Smith and Coast to Coast a.m. George Noory.

Then there is talk radio Broadcaster Sean Hannity.

Sean Humanity’s on and on and on demeaning diatribe regarding America’s poor and less fortunate having to depend on EBT to supplement their daily nutritional sustanence.

A complete reprehensible shame on every level.

While Mr. Sean Hannity, by his acceptance of 90 MILLION $$$DOLLARS$$$ of HUD Loans qualifies him as the Biggest Welfare Queen walking this toxic rock.

HUD Welfare Used To Purchase Apartment Complexes In Georgia, Where Upon Taking Over, Mr. Hannity’s Represntives Served 400 Eviction Notices.

I Get It. No Rent. No Stay.

My Point.

If One Is Residing In A Glass House.

One Surely Needs To Hold Back On Throwing Any Stones.


There Is An Individual Mr. Hannity Just Loves To Guest Feature On His Shows.

An Individual, Who Was Handed His Walking Papers Off The Sets Of Fox News And The White House.

Understandingly So.

Sabastian Gorka.

A Man Who Epitomizes And Defines Nazi Jew Hating Dictum.

Who Has Absolutely Zero Knowledge Regarding The American Southern Border And As Well  The Middle East.

But Don’t Take My Word For It.

Following Is What REAL MIDDLE EAST EXPERTS Think About The White House Fired Gorka.

In conversations with Business Insider, several national-security experts questioned Gorka’s credibility in their field, saying he is often dismissed as an outspoken conservative pundit who lacks the chops to serve in the highest levels of the White House advising on national-security policy. [Business Insider, 2/22/17]

Sebastian Gorka, President Trump’s top counter-terrorism adviser, is a formal member of a Hungarian far-right group that is listed by the U.S. State Department as having been “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany” during World War II, leaders of the organization have told the Forward. [The Forward3/16/17]

Terrorism experts, however, told CNN that Gorka’s experience in their field is limited. They point out Gorka does not speak Arabic, has done very little traveling in Muslim countries and has never worked in any official leadership or management role in foreign policy, intelligence or the military. While resumes have varied among White House national security and counterterrorism aides, Gorka lacks some of the typical experience for such a position.

More On Gorka The Nazi  And The Unqualified Non Expert Regarding The Middle East.

Sebastian Gorka May Be a Far-Right Nativist, but for Sure He …

Seriously America.

Wake The Hell On Up.


That’s All I Got.

Ryan. Out.

Setting It Straight On Da Real 100

Vietnam War – The Rolling Stones -Sympathy for the Devil

See the source image

Welcome To The Desert Ya All

See the source image

Anger Will Never Disappear So Long As Thoughts Of Resentment Are Cherished In The Mind. Anger Will Disappear Just As Soon As Thoughts Of Resentment Are Forgotten. Buddha

The double standard is truly astounding,” Gresham told TheDC. “Time and again the Trump family and members of this Administration are subjected to false reporting, hateful rhetoric and outrageous lies all in the name of freedom of speech or comedy, yet the mainstream media stays silent.”

How Very True.

What Is Also Very True, Is That The Person Who Issued This Statement In Defense Of Ivanka Trump, Is A Person That One Would Think Would Never Come To This First Ladies Defense.

This Individual Crossed All Political Boundaries And Stuck Up For One Of Hers. Another Woman.

A Real Class Act. So, Who Is This Individual?

Michelle Obama.

How Cool Is That.

Class Act All The Way Mrs. Obama. Thank You For Trail Blazing.

I Personally have Never Understood The Hate One Individual Has For Another Of The Human Race.

Over This Very Long Lifetime, I Have Seen Hate Coming And Going.

Based On Ignorance And Strong Feelings Of Superiority Over Another Human Being. I Have Also Witnessed This Hate Thrown Down In The Name Of God.

But I have to tell you.

In close to 70 years walking this toxic rock, I have never witnessed such hate & anger.

In my wildest dreams & hell bent night terrors have I ever witnessed such divisive hate between American’s over political beliefs.

I am witnessing a Democrat party, based on communist dictum and protocal directed word for word and actions taken verbatum, directly from Maos Hand Book.

Guess what angry commie mob morons. In Maos China, Y’all nothing but hog slop.

This is America. As such, hit the road Jack.

Don’t cha come back no more. Simple.

I am witnessing a Mob Caravan wheeling their way north out of Honduras up the South American shit hole alley into Mexico.

A caravan now numbering, I am told over 10 thousand people, threatening our country with entrence across our border.

A major Crime.


Democrat Idiots.

These are foreign nationals threating invasion across our border.

Don’t know about cha all. For myself, that’s an act of serious aggression.

In the sense of who the fuck are you.


Of course corrupt Mexico stands down.

All this in the name of American politics.

I can only conclude at this point in time, that todays entire Democrat party, at birth, rolled off the delivery table and plummeted, at rocket speed, 5 feet down onto the cement tile delivery room floor, landing squarely on their soft heads.

From my seat in the street, what America needs now more than anything, is their own style caravan, jam packed with today’s far left leaning Democratic Party, lead by Criminal Bill and Hill along side their water boy Barack.

Making their way across the Arizona border, down through South America to some commie shit hole to spend the rest of their criminal lives.

They will be escorted by the self displaced Hondurans.

It will only be at this point where America Will Be Great Again.

Y’all don’t like capitalism?

No problemo hombres.

See ya. Don’t let the door hit cha all in your obese deriers.

Feel me?

So far?

Going on one week now.

News up and down the dial.

Kashoogi, the Washington Posts part time opinon journalist, Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson, murdered, sliced and diced, then most likely stuffed into a dirty nastey maggot laced suitcase.

Yeah. And?

A very big fat non of ours.

Except for the fact that Turkey and Saudi Arabia  are our allies.

One would think that would be that.

But oh the hell no.

Just another pawn for the Democrat driven, lying, corrupt American bought, sold and pimped media.

But not one word from these idiots regarding the many multible murders this past week of American Law Enforcement Personell, American Military Personell or one name of the multible murders in Rob Emanuals commie directed Chicago.

No Mr. President.

The American media is not this countries number one in main state enemy.

The true enemy is the Democrat party.

The good news in all of this, is shyster lying con attorney Avanatti is getting evicted from his office for non payment of 4 months rent and as well hit up by his former law partner for close to 5 million dollars.

Another Dem bites the maggot infested dust.

All I can tell you America.

Speaking to Real Americans.

Get Out And Vote.

There ya have it.

“So Mr. Donovan, where have you been for the last going on five months now?”

“Glad you asked lovely Ms. Tula. For the most part up here in this crib, except for trips to the store for groceries & such on the bus”.

“Hmmmmm. Don’t you have a driver?”

“I fired her. Don’t do ignorant and condescending. As well, due to her incompetence, I am just about legally blind as a result from cataracts. For what ever reason, this device is the clearest vision regarding any type of reading and writing”.

“Ryan. Why didn’t you say anything to anyone. Veronica, Myself, Loraine”?

“Well, this was no big biggy until my driver decided to take things into her own hands by some kind of rescheduling hokus pokus resulting in me now waiting until December to have the surgery. So here I sit.”

“You are so hard headed and stubburn.”

“Yeah. And?”

“I swear Ryan, you drive me to a place of where I want to loveingly hug and hold you and then bash your brains in with a bat.”

“Hmmmm. Wow. Talk about dycodomey. How do you think I feel. Brand new sleek Apple Keyboard Tablet standing tall and pretty, and I can’t even use it.”

“Ohhhhhh. You poor sweet thang. How about we take a drive over to the Orange Smoothie place and jump in.”

“Sounds like a plan Gorgeous. Got the new sleak sexy white rocket powered Mercedes coupe.”

“Roger that stud”.

“Yippee! Can I drive. Huh. Can I”.

“Come on knuckle head. Lets hit it. And no blind man. You may not drive”.

“Tehhhh. Damn.”

That’s all I got.

Ryan. Out.
































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