Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street

Fail Safe Thurzday. Not.

The desert inhales the change in atmosphere as rain swoons down on this roasting vast waist land spreading Her Wet Love Mist at thirsty, hungry, cactus and humans.

Her once fiery breath of summers heat, laying barren waist to every calculated square mile within the stretched out inhabitants of this scorched city.

Every encompassed parameter is covered in Her wet cooling love.

Fall into lightening quick Winter brought on by monsoons relentless onslaught.

Almost as it should be as far as regards out-ling perfect protocol resulting in the faultless cycle of seasonal change.

Finally snapping that heat filled, one season is all Ya get endless summers.

Up into the max furnace nights transforming without missing a beat into cold just getting colder over nights.

A slight progression seasonally speaking.

That impossible fit that never seems quite comfortable. 

Now moving on in what one would consider a natural progression.


Just like that.


Relief from the skin blistering heat.

Degree’s droppin at a numeral numbing 34 degree increment.

Day time has become a real outdoor pleasure excursion.

From the mid to high 100’s to an orgasmic 70’s.

The best part of all this seasonal serenade regarding this Author.

The floods have washed away all of the prickly, gonna get Ya no matter what cactus  needles that along with pebbles reeks havoc on my flip flop wearing feet.

Now. On To The World.


Watching the news for me in these last few weeks has been akin to reliving a nightmare.

I state this of course on figurative level.

Meaning that subject topics I have written about, some almost two years ago.


Arming Syrian Rebels.

Has seemingly, finally, come to light regarding Americas Bought and Sold news outlets.

All that said.

I actually find what is transpiring in the world regarding terrorists as old news.

All this ISIS to me is the same bugle call that screamed Boko Haram. 

When the Bought and Sold old news folks finally got around to reporting Boko Haram be-heading’s and mass murders of all children and their teachers in Western Christian schools through out a major portion of Africa the death toll regarding those slaughters were by far already old news.

I even went as far as stating;

“Really. Who gives two shits regarding Compton”.

As in Compton, California.

Now the battle cry is ISIS.

I wrote regarding ISIS months and months ago.

What the hell did they just do to grab the worlds attention.

If all that was not enough.

Why would The President, Barack Hussein Obama put anything close to the resemblance of troops on the ground?

Quite possibly it is;

Bill Ayers

Bernadine Dorhn

The Presidents Muslim Brotherhood Advisers

The likes of Ward Churchill.

All the people that this President surrounds himself with, who to a one since their teen age years has wanted nothing except the destruction America.

A bunch of affluent American Kid’s just finding something to identify with outside of their comfy American Suburban lives.

Wanting more than anything to identify with that time periods Hippie Avalanch.

Every now and then venturing, just to say they did into the ‘Hood’. Our world by no such choice of our own.

Suburban dwellers doing oh so very best at slumming without ‘The Real Cheeze’.

Their Slutz trailing close behind to fit in the role of ‘Banging Us Hood Ratz’.

Just all for that sec of the cool.

Stories to be told in lunch rooms of the suburban schools that they flocked to. 

Then swearing to God that the ‘Lid’ of Tweeze they purchased from the ‘Hood’ were absolutely not oregano.



The band of idiots whose only cause was to bring down America.

A place later in life that bred them millions of the all mighty hated dollar and all that it stands for.

While real American Kidz gave it all up to answer a call.

A call to war.

A war that to this day doesn’t make a small tiny miniscule bit of sense.

But answer that call we did.

To finally and against all odd’s make it back home to our America.

To be spit on.

Defecation hurled by the bags full.

Balloons of Urine.



Thrown upon us.

Us who only wanted to clear our body minds and souls from the death blood and body parts.

Our lips forever so pulled da fuck over our heads to our toes.



The fucking same again.

While these America Haters took and stole all they could to pursue the great life that this country offers.


These are the CRIMINALS

that are running our America.

In the real scheme of things.

File all that away in ‘The Leopard Doesn’t Change Her Stripes‘ file drawer.

Unless there has been a monumental change in what the above individuals actually feel towards America.

I do not see any boots on the ground.

As well we have been knee deep in Syria since jump.

Here are just a few articles from the past outlining what is again being outlined.

Obama to move forward with plan to arm Syrian rebels


CIA-funded weapons begin to reach Syrian rebels – CNN.com


Source: Obama approves arming Syrian rebels – USA Today


Senate Moves Toward Arming the Syrian Rebels – The Daily …


Arming Syria’s rebels not the answer, here’s what US must …



I don’t know about Ya All.

I’m plum worn out and tired from all the above copy and paste.

Feel Me?

So Far?

Fact is I haven’t even touched the surface of articles regarding America’s aid on all levels to the Syrian Rebels.


ANY TIME that America’s Fighter Jets are over confirmed hostile, especially confirmed full blown war theaters.

There’s boots on the ground.

As in U.S. Marine Recon T.R.A.P  Units.

Then again.

What the fuck do I know?

The real problem in this country.

The growing wider by the nano division of Americans against  Americans.

Talk about divide and conquer.

Here we go again.

Justin Tevlin.

How very very senseless and sad.

As far as I am concerned.



Die Slow.

Die Hard.

Die Screamin.

And Yeah.

Fuck You And Your MuthuFuckin Mamma.


Where the hell does the hate that propelled and propagated this so violent and senseless murder come from.

How is this hate able to metastasize into the most horrible of all cancer.

The puss dripping cancer of barbarism gone wild to the degree of blood letting in the streets.


The murderer.

And all like him.

Should be immediately rounded up.

Transported to the nearest swamp.

One blood letting round to the torso.

Then into the Swamp where waiting Alligators will have their sport.

There is no due justice here.

Just the kinda justice that makes sense when all other justice has failed.

Street Justice.

Take’s care of all da business all da time.

A bit radical you say.

As radical and destructive as the very souls who are running this country into the very solid ground and beyond?

For real Mr. President. 

Major Props and Cred Sir.

I mean really.

How many Americans can state that they actually consume 8 Ball after 8 Ball of Hard and never have the paranoids regarding getting caught.

Puffin your glass pipe way up high on Air Force One.

Not bad work if Ya can get it.


Mr. President?

I’m curious.

What is the real physical numbers regarding the Americans that actually back Anti American Maggots such 


Bill Ayers

Bernadine Dorhn

Ward Churchill

Mark Rudd

Katherine Boudin

David Gilbert

The List Goes On and On and On.

These are the Presidents Friends and Advisers.

People who have experienced the great life of growing up in America.


Wham Slam Fuck Em Bamm.

One Hit Of Acid.

Gone Sally Gone.

The Presidents first inauguration actually took place on the very day that Bill ‘The Cop Killing’ Ayers and his Bomb Building Wife Bernadine Dorhn were about to be brought to trial for their role in the Murder of San Fransisco Police Sargent Brian McDonnell and 19 Bombings of U.S. Government Offices, Military Bases and Police Stations.

But Oh The Fuck No.

Swept right under the Presidential carpet.

In Cop Killing Bill Ayers own words;

What The Fuck. I’m A Free Man“.


Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell | San Francisco Police Department, California San Francisco Police Department, California


Brian V. McDonnell

San Francisco Police Department, California End of Watch: Wednesday, February 18, 1970 



So goes this President and all of his Filthy, American Hating Friends.

Again America.

Was it the word Fundamentally or Transform that threw Ya All.


I can’t even stomach writing about any of this anymore.


Your country has been taken over.

And yet.

There are still the radical idiots out there that believe and back Radical Barack 100%.

Some things never change.

On the way far brighter side.

Just the other day I’m sitting somewhere, just sipping on my dark brew coffee minding my own.

I’m in a comfortable chair up against a wall.

Out of the literal nowhere.

A beautiful young lady, her coffee steaming in her large coffee cup walks up in front of me.

Just stands there for a sec.

Then it happens.

This gorgeous girl, oh so delicately and with just a bit of articulation, lifts up her skirt.

Nothing at this point left to any imagination.

Straight da fuck up.  

Right in my grill.

Poo Tang.

Maybe 2/12 feet away from my face.

Old Man speechless. 

On the freeway approaching the exit to Stuttering Blvd.

For sure.  

Zero Point Right On Visual.



Finally I manage to utter;

“Young Lady. Whatz U Doin”?


“Showin? How old are You”?


“Your Mamma know you showin”?

“Mamma showin too”.

“Damn. Blood line runnin deep with gene pool in your family”.

“You like it”?

“I’m not responding to that”.

“You gay”?

Thatz the deal breaker.

In this case being the decorum and behavior of an Officer and a Gentleman.

Cause when a beautiful woman asks a man if he is gay. 

All stop gaps do a quick fade away.

As in damn right I’m a woman loving man.

“No I am certainly not gay. 


You have some of the sweetest poon I have seen in a long while. You keep it up very nice”.

“Well thank you. That is so very sweet of you to say. Your very kind”.

“Thank you Young Lady. All that said. I am old enough to easily be your Grandfather”.

“Oh that would be fun”.

“Young Lady. You have a very wonderful day. I have to leave now”.

Trust me.

I can’t even make this shit up.

Just another day in a life.

Ryan. Out.

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