Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street

Back In Black On  WordPress Dot Com

I can honestly say that as far as Blogging goes.

WordPress Dot Com Is The Best Platform Out There.

For A Bit Over A Year Now I have been posting on Google’s Blogger Dot Com.

Just like all things Google. Intrusive. Controlling. Complicated beyond all imaginable


Just To Post A Comment On Blogger One Has To Study The Intricacies In and Outs

Of Their Entire Softwhere Program.

Not To Mention Their Constant Intrusive Tracking Of…

Every Fuckin Thang.

I Hope All Ya All Enjoy.

Thanks For The Reads.

Ya All Da Beautiful Best.

Oh Yeah.

Check Out This Search Engine.

Doesn’t Track You Or In In Trude In Any Way.


I Look forward To Hearing From Ya All.

Ryan. Out.




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