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Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It.


Like Dis America.

Me and Mine.

We Stand As Brothers.

Shoulder To Shoulder.

Boot To Boot.

Makes Not A Damn Bit Of Difference

The Color Of Ones Skin

How His Eyes Are Set In His Head.

Where His Family Origin Accent Originates


We Brothers In Arms.

The Enemy Is At The Gate.

We Got Some Enemy Ass To Kick.

All you Folk out there in America running your

fat grills in a negative Stream regarding United

States of America Military.

Cop A Clue.

Me and Mine Are The Best Damn Killers On

This God’s Green Earth.

Ya All Need To Step Back.

Get On Your Knees.

Face The East.

Find What Ever Dog Ugly Nasty

God You Pray To.

Give Every Bit Of Toxic Breath You

Can Muster The Fuck Up In Serious Prayer.

Then Thank Me and Mine For The

Privilege of Living In A Country Where

You Can Find Your Idiot Pulpit On Which

You Run Hostile Words Down On Any and

All Regarding Real Citizens Doing Their Jobs

Providing You Rights You Most Certainly Do

Not Deserve.

For It Is Us.

Me and Mine.

Who Without A Question.

Answered The Call.

Coming Before The Absolute Worst of The Worst

In The Very Midst of Hell Worlds Upon Worlds

Away From Regarded Norm.

Frightened To Fuckin Death.

Standing Tall.

Brothers In Arms.

Answering The Call.

No Mother Fuckin Questions Here.

Aye Aye Sir.

Lives Forever Changed.

Lips Pulled So The Fuck Tight Over

Our Heads That Any Kind Of Realty

Is A Forgone Forgotten Dream.

All To Serve The Purpose Of Providing

You Candy Ass Mal Contents Freedom

To Pursue Prosperity and Abundance.

Freedom To Lay Down Vapor Trails

Upon Vapor Trails Of Feces and Urine On

Me and Mine and A Former Once Great Country.

Ya All Need To Go The Fuck Away.



Don’t Even Think About It Bitch.

These Tears Represent



You Gonna Smoke Me Mother Fucker

Smoke Me Bitch

Maybe You Iz The One.

Until That Day.

Me and Mine.

We Standing Tall For Da Cause.

Semper Fi.


If Your A Democrat.

Your An Idiot.


If Your A Republican.

Your An Idiot.




If Your A Liberal.

You A Damn Ass Muthu Fuckin Idiot.


If Your A Conservative.

Your An Idiot.


If Your An American.

You On The Damn Right Page.


Regarding the following article.



Weekly Standard: Second Thoughts on Obamacare Haunt Democrats

 Monday, 19 Jan 2015 11:08 AM

By Sandy Fitzgerald

Fewer than half of the 60 Democrat senators who voted for Obamacare back in 2009 are still in office following the fall midterm elections, and many of the ones remaining are questioning the wisdom of passing the reform law at all, a Weekly Standard opinion piece said Monday.

“Democrats are trying to figure out why the present that dismays them is so much less congenial than the future they recently anticipated,” said William Voegeli, author and contributing editor of the Claremont Review of Books in his article, noting that the high hopes the party had following the 2008 election of President Barack Obama are sinking fast.

 “Half of the 60 Democratic senators who voted for the Affordable Care Act in December 2009 — the exact number needed to prevent its being filibustered to death, since all Republicans opposed it — are no longer in the Senate,” said Voegeli. “These ex-senators include eight who were defeated by Republicans, and eight more who chose not to run again and were succeeded by Republicans.”

And New York Sen. Charles Schumer was similarly disappointed, said Voegeli, quoting a National Press Club speech the lawmaker gave after the November elections, when Schumer said that “Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them” in 2008.

“We took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem — healthcare reform,” Schumer said at the time, and noting that 85 percent of Americans were satisfied with their insurance policies in 2009 when Democrats took over.

Further, Schumer said that few of the uninsured vote, so aiming a “huge change in mandate” toward them made no political sense.

However, both Harkin and Schumer had been Obamacare backers, like many Democrats, with Harkin praising it for bringing good healthcare to the country and Schumer claiming it an asset for the politicians who supported it, said Voegeli.

But Democrats are “only quasi-democratic,” said Voegeli. “They’re adamant about government of and for the people, but dubious when it comes to government by the people.”

And interventions like Obamacare required “guile and subterfuge,” he said, as made clear by former Obama adviser Jonathan Gruber, who infamously credited the “stupidity of the American voter” for getting the law passed.

“Gruber’s arrogance was gratuitous, but the deceptions he smugly praised served a Democratic purpose: convincing people that government interventions that can bestow formidable benefits while imposing negligible costs are, despite sounding too good to be true, low-hanging fruit ready to be harvested,” said Voegeli.

Instead, Democrats would speak plainly if they had enough confidence in their proposals, he writes, but instead choose to avoid such candor for fear of losing votes.

And even Obama made big promises, including that Americans could keep their policies and providers if they were happy with them and by overstating the cost savings Obamacare would bring, said Voegeli.

“The dark secret always turns out to have been the obvious, commonsense truth that everyone knew all along,” said Voegeli. “Its revelation, long after the law has been passed, refutes the promises about huge benefits that will require no costs, assurances that should have been derided from the start.”

But Democrats wish to deny there are problems by blaming how unpopular government intervention is “on the ignorant, ungrateful voters” or on Democrats who won’t proclaim triumphs, said Voegeli.

“[This] is the strongest evidence that the party of government won’t or can’t remove the political barriers preventing more government,” said Voegeli. “In that regard, the news in the aftermath of the 2014 elections is even better for Republicans than the reports on election night.”

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What I am walking up the canyon trail with is that the Law Makers

That ‘We The People‘ elect to watch over OUR store as it were.


Are not at all qualified to do their exact jobs.
For today in America these Lying Thieving Schiesters Only


Know one job.
That is the job of getting re-elected and re-elected and re-elected.


Their Cellulite Bellies in a constant hang over at

We The Peoples



Their Fat Bloated Ass’s Commanding Raise after Raise after Raise.

While their Communist Dogma Penetrates Across This Country.


Sea to Shining Sea.
The likes of Tom Steyers.


A Multi Multi Multi

So vested in The Green Industry.

Contributing Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

To his Bought and Sold Politicians.


Right Barry O. Barrack?



The Epic Hypocrisy of Tom Steyer | Power Line


How Billionaire Tom Steyer’s Anti-Koch Ads Flopped

Communist Dogma and Dictum rammed down our throats

with the veracity of 900 horse power jack hammers.


Passing the buck.
Kicking the can down the road.
Actions that if any of us performed

Within our daily work procedures would

Have the immediate effect of our dismissal.

No Questions Asked.


But Oh The Fuck No.

Not For These Lying Whore Schiesters.


Do Not Dare Ask Them To Do The Real.

Job They Were Hired For.


That The Job Of Upholding

The Very

Constitution of The United States




Their Actions.





Dereliction Of duty.

On Every Conceivable Level.


Like A Surgeon.
A Back Surgeon.
Who explaining to a patient

Living day to day in excruciating

Pain because of the surgeons failed



“Well your operation was a

Very difficult one.

These types

Of procedures are never guaranteed.

Oh well.



A President.
Who On A Daily Basis Moves Forward

Under The Dictum


Bill Ayers

Bernadine Dorhn


The Weathermen Under Ground.


Far Fetched

Left Wing


Dreams of His Father.


Muslim Decree.
To be accepted

By those of The Land Of The Free.

The Home Of The Brave.




Beliefs that an entire country was based on.

The Believers Now Asked To Bury Their

Heads and Seek The Whore Sha Ria.


Barry O Barrack.

Lining Up His To Spread The Lies.

To Initiate The Division.

Calling on the very best of the best.

To etch the lies into granite.


The likes of.
Nancy ‘Stretch’ Pelosi.
Harry ‘Da Lying SchiesterHoe’ Reid.
Not even one scintilla of a thin iota

Of Shame to come forth from these

Lying assholes lips.



Harry ‘Da Lying Schiester Hoe’ Reid.


Hows that broken face and body doing

Asshole after your work out accident

over the holidays.

Word On The Street Harry Da Hoe

Hitting That Gin A Bit On The Hard Side.



Ya All So Incredibly Stupid.


Buying the lies.

Buying the hate.


Buying the division.


One set against one’s own.
‘Uncle Tom’.
A Title.
A Label.
A Description.
Thrown at Successful American Blacks.

By their own.


God forbid Ya All should take lessons

From these Brave individuals for their

Hard work and determination to rise

Above Their Ghetto Beginnings.

While Generation after Generation

After Generation of Ghetto Blacks.


The choice of remaining in the Ghetto

Theirs and Theirs Alone.

Sucking off the thinner by the day Tit

Of Welfare.


Left behind in the dust of inadequacy.


Choosing Welfare.
Choosing Crime.
A complete embarrassment

And Dis Service to their Brothers

And Sisters who fought tooth and

Nail to leave the Ghetto behind.


Then Labeled By The Ghetto Losers

As ‘Uncle Toms’.


Ghetto Dogs.
By your Definition.

Your Exclamation.


Your Boy.
Barry O. Barrack.
Is The Supreme ‘Uncle Tom’.
Just Another Golden Spoon Suburban Rich Kid.

Attempting To Fly

South Central Crenshaw Colors.


My Hood of Birth and Origin.
Thang Iz.

Mr. President.

You Just Ain’t Got Da Back To Da Yak.


Barry O. Barrack.

Manning his Pulpit.

Runnin On and On.

Blahsey Blahsey Blahsey.

Casting stones at the wealthy.

While flying from here to there.

On MY Air Force One.

Denouncing that 1%.

All except the likes of his

Main boy.

Tom Steyers.

Another confused Liberal Idiot.

Clueless in his daily approach to

buying corrupt Politicians on the

Sale Block.

74 Million Dollars.

Down The Drain In The Last Mid Term


Right Tommy Boy.

Faggot Bitch.

I Take Great Offense.

Micheal Moore.

You 400 Pound Piece






Just another Fat Unhappy Mal Content

Money Chasing Whore.


Micheal Moore.

You Fat Piece of Cancerous Shit.

I Am A United States Marine.




First Force Reconnaissance Marine.


T.R.A.P. M.E.U. 8441

Not An Ex Marine.

Those Of The Former

My Marine Brothers.

Guard The Gates of Heaven.


I Take Great Offense Micheal Moore.

You Bloated Piece of Pig Shit.

What The Fuck You Ever Do For

Your Country Fat Boy.


You Got A Problem With Me and



Come and See Me Faggot.



Your Divorced Wife Says You Are

A Fat Faggot.


As Well Your Movies Suck.


That Is Why No One Is Going and Watching

Your Imbecile Driven Cellulose Acetate

Train Wrecks.


On Your Best Day

Fat Boy.

Your Just Another Bloated  Looser.


Ex-Wife Said Ya Couldn’t Get It Up.


Much Less Find It In That Ton Of



Cellulite Laid-en Fat.



The Movie.


Regarding The Role Of Sniper.

I Ain’t Gonna Lie.

Ain’t A

Muthu Fuckin Thang

Like It

In The World.


Video: 1 Mile Sniper Kill Shot

From the History Channel — .50 cal sniper, 1 mile kill shot. Skill to kill….More


As Far As I’m Concerned.

Way Far Better Than Sex.

That’s Just Me.

Enemy Reduced To Blood Spatter.

Dat’s What I’m Talkin Bout.

I Know Clint Eastwood.

I’m Positive Sure Clint Does Not

Remember Me.

We Were Both Residents Of

Carmel By The Sea, California.

My Sister Worked on His Mayoral


As Well Acted As His Political Photographer.

I Remember Clint Walkin Into That Bar

That Night.

I Just Looked At Him and


“Oh Well.

Time To Go.

No Women For Me Tonight”.

Clint Just Laughed.

Bought Me A Drink.

We Talked Till Closing.

Just One Hood Rat To Another.

That’s Right.

Clint Just Another White Boy

From Da Hood.

Dude As Cool As It Gets.

The Bad Part Of The Carmel Chronicles.

Iz That My Sisters Car Went Over A

100 Foot Embankment Traveling Up

PCH (Pacific Coast Hi-way) On Her Way

To Nepenthe Up In Big Sir.


View From Nepenthe    


On The Road To Nepenthe


I Was Supposed To Be Trailing Her On My

Harley Fat Boy.

Thang Was My Harley Would

Not Kick Over.

So I Told Her I Would Meet Her At Nepenthe After

My Marine Buddy Matt Came And Repaired The

Fat Boy.

Talk About Destiny.

Kaddish Sis.

I Miss You A Bunch Girl.

Every Damn Day.

I Certainly Digress.

Mitt Romney.


Go The Fuck Away.

Find A Hobby.

Exercise Your God Given Mormon Rights.

Marry a Few More Women.

Have A Slew Of Kidz.

Mitt’s Anti Poverty Proposal.







My Man.

Find A Damn Outlet.

In Plain English My Man.

Your A Political Looser.

That of Course Would Be Your

Track Record Talking.

Jeb Bush.

As Well My Man.

Find A Hobby.

Your Even More Wrong For This Country

Than Mitt.

Republican Party.


Find Your Ass In The Men’s

Room Stall.

Hear The Fuckin Pop.

The Distinct Sound Made As Your

Head Exits Your Ass.

I’m Begging Ya.

If Ya All Should Choose To Put

Either of These Losers In Front

Of The American People The Only

Good To Arise Out Of This

Astronomical Political Mistake Is

The Final Demise Of The Republican



Mr. Crack Smokin

Communist Muslim American President.

Does Taking From The Wealthy and Re-Distributing To The Poor

Include Your Wife Michelle?

Cause I Gotta Tell Ya Sir.

Michelle and Her Boy David Axlerod Are Thieving

Their Communist Radical Hearts Out Regarding All

The Money They Are Embezzling As A Direct Result

Of Obama Care In Chicago.


One woman Michelle Obama will not mention


Axelrod profiting from ObamaCare already? « Hot Air


Michelle Is Up To Her Gorgeous Neck In A

Patient Dumping Scheme Raking Her In Tens

Of Millions.

Axlerod Is The Down Court Set Up Guy.

So Mr. Crack Head President.

You Gonna Take Money From Your Gorgeous

Wife Michelle To Give To Us Poor?

Just Askin Sir.

What Would A day In Da Swamp Be

Without A Mention Of Al Sharpton.



My Pimpin Nigga.

Pay Your Millions In Back Taxes Yet?

Hold My Breath.

Never Gonna Happen.

Still Extracting Money From The Ghetto



You Are.

Just Checkin.

Later My Slant Face Pimpin Nigga.

Just A Question.

How Has Poverty In America Fared

Under President Crack Head Barry O?


Life under Obama sucks. And these numbers prove it …

http://www.telegraph.co.uk › … › Barack Obama


Kim Jong Il

Damn Boy.

You The Fattest Commie Korean I’ve

Ever Seen.

Gotta Cut Back On That Chow Mien


While Your Citizens Starve Day To Day.

Tick to Tock.

You Constant Stuffing Your Fat

Commie Face.

It Just Might Be Time

For An Interview.

Feel Me?

So Far?


Barry O. Barrack.

When You Comin Out Da Closet


American Media.

When You Had The Chance.

All The Information and Evidence Was Right There.

Before Your Eyes.

Was I The Only One.

Bill Ayeres.

Bernadine Dorhn.

The Serious Muslim Influence.

The Serious Communist Influence.

The Cocaine Sales Back In Barry Satoro

Barrack’s Day.

Reggie Love.

Still Hangin and Bangin?

The Gay Happenings.

Larry Sinclair.

American Media.

Dereliction of Duty Would Be A

Monumental Upgrade.


Talkin With Two Of My Homeys.

Hood Ratz Like Me.

Young Men.

Neighbors Of mine In Da Hood.

We Start Yakking About Americas

Crack Head President.

How This Man Was Elected.


With All The Entire Facts Right

There Before Ya All’s Eyes.

I Mean Really.

Was I The Only One.

Along With The Rest Of

Us Hood Ratz.

Now Ya All Cry Like Da Bitch About

America’s Boy

Barry O Barack.

As Well Still Not Telling The Entire Truth.

Any Other Candidate.

A White Guy.

A White Woman.

Sarah Palin Comes To Mind.

Love Ya Girl.

Ya All Would Have Thrown Them

Under The Political Greyhound.

Quicker Than An L.A. Lickety.

Listen I Do Not Hate This President.

I Have Friends Who Smoke Crack.

Titans Of Industry As It Were.


Pretty Fuckin Scary.

I Call Them Crack Heads Too.

To Their Face.

Like I Always Say Mr. President.

An Honor To Sit Down and Chat

With You.

As Well Sir.

You Pulling It Off.

You and Yours Riding The

Monkey of Communist Dictum.

Bringing This Once Great Country

To It’s Very Knees.

Your Advisers As Radical As They


Muslim Brother Hood Leading

The Charge Right Behind V. Jarret.

Yep Mr. Crack Head President.

Your Peep’s Zeroed In.

Clock Da Beast All The Way

To The Barn.

No One Even Saw It Coming.

Played Out Perfectly.


What Me and My Homeys Concluded

The Other Day.

This President and His Peeps.

Sure Did Pull It Off.

Now The Republicans At The Helm.

Just Some Political Hacks.

Looking For A Pay Day.

White Face Liberals.

Who Never Ventured Out Of

Suburban America Into

Da Hood.

Not Even For Quick Nano.

And The Band Playz On.

White Guilt America.

Ain’t It A Bitch.


Ryan. Out.



Tail End


For The Very Best In Conservative Talk Radio. 

Roger Hedgecock

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