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Man in the Street

Phone ringing off the hook. Due to heavy call volume charger permanently engaged.

Five Republican males are blowing up my VM.

Please, Governor Jan Brewer give these five men back their ball’s. Yours are already so big. Do you really need those extra five. A lesson to the rest of the male Republican’.

Strap on a set gentlemen, step up to the plate, put your skirts down,  discard panties. Ya all need to take a lesson in manhood from Governor Brewer. For real, she one T.A.B. ( Tuff Ass Bitch ) That’s my kind of  girl.

Looking close at the photo, seems to me ‘Prez’ is a little turned on by this woman, right hand appear’s to be touching the Governor’s left side. Why wouldn’t ‘Prez’ be all turned on by the fire of this AZ. avalanche. This tarmac scene to me is straight out of ‘Black on Blondes’. I’m just saying. Hope it all works out.

ArizonGov. Jan Brewer points President Barack Obamafter he arrived Phoenix-MesGateway Airport Wednesday Jan. 25 2012 MesAriz. Brewer greeted Obamwhshe got

Speaking of Governor’s. 

Here in the great state of Florida our Governor ‘ Rick ” Scott, a real stand up guy. 

This is the same man who legislated to drug test all welfare recipients, and why wouldn’t he. 

His wife became a major stock holder in the company Solantic when ‘Gov’ signed over all of his stock of Solantic.

Solantic manufactures drug testing kit’s. 

Seems the governor transferred his Solantic stocks to his wife’s name to hide any conflict of interest. 

No, say it aint so. Sadly enough Slappy. It’s so.

Not so surprising of an action from a man who admitted to fourteen felonies and agreed to pay the federal government over $600 million in September 1993, the largest fraud settlement in US history. 

Just another politician walking the ‘ Hoe ‘ strut.  

That’s the walk politician’s execute, you know, lip’s pushed out all paughty,  butt perked out in that ‘give me’ wiggle. 

For sure our Governor Rick wouldn’t have any problem doing time. Being that he is all ready to please for a dollar, in this case a few cigarettes.  

Hey look, here in Florida, you throw eighty-one million of your own money to be the Governor, have at it.

When it come’s to politics I’m an observer. 

I have never been politically party affiliated in my life. The corruption alone is enough to make me toss this week’s entire lunch. 

That said, these day’s I’m holding down very little food. 

Along that premise, to be considered a player in this game of deceit one has to be a Sub-Creaton maggot to begin with just to stay in the game. 

So I just start from there and work my way down, way down.

This is not to say that all people in government are shithead’s, just the politicians.  

So it makes sense to me to have the very best politician in my Whitehouse, right?  

Trust me folk’s, we have the absolute, very best Communist politician this world has ever seen leading this country. 

Bare none. 

Don’t get me wrong. Just cause I didn’t vote for ‘ Prez “, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t sit down and throw back a 40 and share a Blunt with him. 

Just don’t want him ruining, I mean running my country.

Bottom line realty, when we all take off to our offices every day none of our offices holds a plaque on the door spelling out ‘ Oval Office’. 

Not so for ‘ Prez “. Look, ya all say what ya will. ‘ Prez ‘ riding the monkey, and his goofy ass, irrelevant wife is changing rug’s in the Oval Office with Andy Warhol throw a ways and telling us what the hell to eat.

What I really don’t understand is all the shock, the hostility and hate towards this man. 

He told ya all what he was going to do if elected. He told you that he was going to “Fundamentally Transform America. Was it the word, ‘ Transform ‘, or possibly ‘ Fundamentally’ or both that you numnuts were not clear on. 

Now ya all call talk shows crying like Da Bitch.

I thought it was great that a Black man was running for President. 

Like any other candidate aspiring for that office I read everything I could about Barak and Michelle. 

I walked away, said not for me. 

Communism is not my thing. 

Like my Mom’s always told us kids, ” you are judged by the company you keep .” 

Bill Ayer’s, rich, Chicago suburban kid growing up. Mr. Ayer’s and his scary wife tour the world teaching communism. 

Not to leave out cop killing. 

A crime Mr. Ayer’s was being brought to justice for right when his buddy Barak was elected president. 

Guess Billy good to go now and the cop he killed is really alive.

I digress.

The rest of the Barak Kabul, 

Jan Shawkowsky, Commie. 

Mr. Craemer, her husband, Commie, as well the author of Obama care. 

Mr. Craemer wrote, 

” How to transform one sixth of the American economy ” from prison. 

This 1600 plus page document is the framework for Obama Care. 

Reverend Wright, misguided Commie and Jew hating anti-Semite. 

Jesse Jackson, just an idiot.  

Oh, hey Jesse, Pay All That Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In child support yet?  


Lying Cheating Piece Of Cesspool Scum

My Names Jesse Jackson   /   I Don’ts Need To Pay No Fuckin Child Support   

The list goes on and on and on. 

These are the depraved 60’s hippies, S.D.S., Weathermen and the like. Guess what Slappy, they running America. 

Huh, say ya just woke up from a bad dream.

Now don’t get me wrong. 

All this is not to say that I do not like these folk’s. 

I respect the hell out of them cause they there, I’m not. 

In fact either are any of you. A

And if the Repub’s don’t get their collective act together there is no doubt going to be another four year’s of Barak and Da Chi Town Boyz. P & S.  (Plain and simple).

What should not be denied is the fact that Barak is a front man, a very good one at that.

The man Barak is fronting for is Mr. George Soro’s, who couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with two fists of C’ notes.

Fact remain’s, he’s one powerful, mad rich, motherfucker. 

As well Barak is backed by the Daily machine. 

An old political machine going back to the late 40’s in Chicago. 

Today this machine is honed, polished and equipped with 21st horsepower led by Mr. Axlerod, ” The King of Sling “.

For sure Barak stay’s on message while ‘ The Chi Town Boyz’ take care of their biz. 

Everyone involved has their bit covered as it were. 

No matter what, there is NO IN FIGHTING. REPUBS!

These peep’s are good, real good. 

That’s what it is all about. 


Yeah, they lie, big time. So what?  

In fact they do what ever the hell they want to do, in your face. 

Yeah, so. 

My point. 

That’s it. 

Repub’s need to take serious notes as they self implode. They are ion’s behind the eightball.

Look, I did not vote for Barak. 

Not my kind of political guy. Again, a Blount, a 40, I’m there. 

Make no mistake about it, this man aint playing. 

Trust me he aint walking away from AF1 without a major throw down. 

Man love’ that plane. 

So my advice Repub’s is that ya all need to hear the ‘POP’. 

That distinct sound is the noise you will hear when your head exits your ass.

Look America, if you have not figured it all out yet. 

Shhhhh. ( look’s side to side ) 

The fix is in. 

Swamp advice. 

Live below your mean’s. 

Save your money. 

Stock up on firearms, ammo and gold .  

Glen Beck, stop before you blow a gasket and start boozing again. 

Talk about piling mad stacks. 

You’ll be alright America. 

Or as they say back in the 305. 

U B Awight. 

Ryan. Out.


Swamp Love To Ya All 


Good Morning Gay Hacking White Boyz.

Just when I thought it was safe….

Ya All Gotta be working for WordPress Dot Com. Lucky Fuckin Me. 


Maybe Ya All Work For  Ali Khamenei  ‘HOE’ , Valery Jarret

Ali Khamenei,.jpg ولی فقیه ایران‎,  v vali-e faghih-e iran   


Ali Khamenei  ‘HOE‘ , Valery Jarret