The Endless Cascading Waterfall Of Division And Hate

Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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The Supreme Art Of War Is To Subdue The Enemy Without Fighting.” 
― Sun Tzu / The Art of War


Like The Strongest Of Twine.

Interacted Over Light Years Of Time, Forming A Bond Oh So Very Relentless And Tight That Modern Science Is At A Loss In Regards To Developing An Adhesive That Even Comes Close.

Business. Industry.

Built Around This Never Ever Ending Subject Matter That Dictates Agendas Spewed Forth From The Lips Of Pundits And Talking Heads.

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Pushing Their Agenda Forward At Rocket Speed Yet Un Calculated.

Rising To Crescendo In Hate Filled Diatribe.

In America.

Skin Color And Religion, The Oh So Ever Ignitable Accelerant That Ignites At Cosmic Speed.

Houston. We Have Lift Off.

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Occupying My White House Today.

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Who Would Of Thought?

With A Total Of 17 World Wide Newspapers Hitting My Phone 24/7, I Click Onto This Story From ‘SmartNews‘ Talking About All The Ruckus Between General McMasters And Senior Advisor Steve Bannon.

Just To Set The Record Straight.

The ‘Bannon In Question Is One Navy Lieutenant Steve Bannon.

Not Navy Captain Steve Bannon.

Navy Lieutenant Bannon At One Time Was Brietbart News’ CEO.

I Have Never Read Brietbart.

After Reading The Fore Mentioned Article In ‘Smartnews‘ I Can Say Without Hesitation That I Will Never Read Brietbart, For The Fact That ‘Brietbart Is The ‘Alt Right‘ News Source.

Not Having A Clue In Regards To ‘The Alt Right‘, I Conducted An In Depth Search In Regards To Exactly Who ‘The Alt Right’ Is.

Oh My.

The Alt Right‘, Along With Former Navy Lieutenant Steve Bannon Does Not Like People Of Color And More Specifically People Of The Jewish Faith.

The Main Word That Kept Popping Up In Regards To ‘The Alt Right And Their Intense Dis Like Of People Of Color And Specifically People Of The Jewish Faith Was The Word Hate.


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When I Witness This Tiny Mind, Inner Bred, White Trash Hate Inspired Insanity. My South Central, Los Angeles Hood Origins Get The Best Of Me In The Way That Thoughts Come Together In My Mind.

The Words Are Clear.

Like Dis, Inner Bred, White Trash, Punk Ass Faggot Bitches Of Tiny Genitalia. Im Pimping Your Pig Face, White Trash, Fat Ass, Hoe Mamas On The South Side To All My Niggas, White Boys“.

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And Then My University Degree’s And United States Marine Recon 02 Status Kicks In.

Ooop’s. Bad Bad Me.

This Irish JewBoy, With A Spec Of Mexican Blood Running Through My Veins Is Gonna Set You Haters Straight.

To This Very Day.

Aside From A Very Few Top Israeli Military Personnel And Top Israeli Government Officials.

No One Has Knowledge Of The Sum Total Amount Of Nuclear Missiles That Israel Possesses.

What I Can Tell You For Sure.

Written In Hebrew And English On The First Three Nuclear Missiles That Will Deploy Are The Words:

Never Again , לא עוד/

For Us Jews.

We’re Just Sitting Back Watching And Waiting As One By One, En Mass You Inner Bred, Hate Filled, White Trash Maggot Scum Are Eliminated By All Those That You Bring Hate And Violence Down On.

Trust Me Inner Bred White Trash Haters.

Your Day Is Quickly Approaching.

Western Europe.

The Home Of Inner Bred White Trash Hate.

Is Experiencing The Blow Back. Somewhat On A Daily Basis.

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In The All Of It.

In Regards To Europe’s Destruction At The Hands Of Terrorists.

I Haven’t Any Love For Europe Or It’s Hateful, Racist, Jew Hating Occupants.

Blow Them The Hell On Up.

Does Not Make One Bit Of Difference To Me.

As For Israel.

Again. History Tells The Entire Story.

In 1949 While Stalin Marched Through Eastern Europe.

The Peoples Republic Of China, Under The Leadership Of Mao Tse -tung, Quietly Made There Way Through The Mid East.

China’s Very First Stop On The World Domination Game Board Was Israel.

There Was Formed A Bond That Today Is As Strong As Ever.

It Was In 1992 That PRC Established Diplomatic Relations With Israel.

In Tel Aviv Sits The Chinese Embassy And in Beijing Sits The Israeli Embassy.

Chinese Embassy - Tel Aviv

Chinese Embassy Tel Aviv

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Israeli Embassy Beijing China

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The Above Picture Represents What One Will Never Ever Witness In Regards To America’s White Supremacist Trump Administration And China.

And Then There Is The Following News Paper Article That Grabbed My Attention.

Typical Chinese Laid Back Forward Progression.

In The Way That China Does Not At All Understand This White House’ Approach To North Korea.

In The Vain Of Typical American Aggression In Regards To Dealing With World Advisory’s.

Follow This Vapor Trail.

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January 2017.

Former Basketball Star Dennis Rodman Chilling Back At Da Crib.

Image result for pics dennis rodman home los amgeles

Dude Is Bored.

Dials Up His Homie.

A Phone Rings In Pyongyang, North Korea’s Presidential Palace.   

President Kim Jong Un Picks Up The Phone.

“What Up Dawg”?

“Damnnnn. Talk To Me Homie”.            

“Thinking About Catching A Flight On Down To See You”.

“Hell Yeah Dawg. Pick Ya Up At The Airport”.

“On My Way Homie”.

Pretty Simple Actually.

And Yet.

Our American State Department, For The Very Lives Of Themselves.

Can Not Figure Out, Nor Do They Have A Clue On How To Bridge A Gigantorous Gap In Relations With North Korea’s 34 Year Old Leader.

Guess That This Quantum Physics Exercise In World Relations Is Far Above This White House’ Pay Grade.

Image result for pics dennis rodman jan 2017 in n korea

Image result for pics dennis rodman jan 2017 in n korea

In This Article,

Chinese Media Talks About America’s Inability To Make Headway In The World Today.

What Stood Out For Me Is The Following Quote From The Article:

“Trump is quite a personality, and he likes to tweet,” said the Xinhua response issued late Monday and widely displayed on Chinese news websites. “But emotional venting cannot become a guiding policy for solving the nuclear issue on the peninsula,” it said, referring to the divided Korean Peninsula.

Actually Quite Simple.

Kim Jong Un.

Just A 34 Year Old Ruler Of A Country.

Just Wanting To Be Part Of The Rest Of The World. All Kid Is Asking For Is A Small Bit Of Respect And A Place At The World Wide Table.

The Irony In All This Is That A Major Number One World Power, The United States Of America, Can Not, Or Will Not Hear The Pop.

That Un Mistakable, Most Discernible Of All  Sounds, That One Will Clearly Hear, When Their Head Exits Their Ass.

Instead, America Takes The Lead Of Just Let’s Completely Dis Respect This Man And His Country, Along With It’s Citizens And Blow Them Out Of The Water.

What I Refer To As Block Head Diplomacy.

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Just A Few Of America’s Block Head Diplomats

Not To Mention The Fact That North Korea Is Years Away From The Actual Development Of A Nuclear Weapon.

Seemingly, Deputy Foreign Minister Of Russia, Sergei Tyabkov Agrees With Me In His Statements In The Following Article From RT News America.

N. Korea ‘years and years away’ from viable nuclear device – Russian Deputy FM

Image result for pics rt news

Another Case In Point In Regards To America’s Ancient Lost Foreign Policy Backwards Aggression.


America’s Ground Troops In Afghanistan Are Feeling The Heat Of The Proverbial Red Headed Step Child Syndrome.

Just This Past Week, Taliban Over Ran A Very Important Town In Regards To America’s Military Standing In Afghanistan.

If That Was Not Enough.

Word On The Street Is That Russia Is Now Supplying Taliban With Arms And Munitions..

As Well, The Afghanistan Mission Was A Failure From The Beginning Just Waiting To Happen.

One Would Think, That After Witnessing Russia Having Their Ass Handed To Them Over A Gruesome, Bloody, Total Waist Of All Applicable Resources, America Would Have Sat This One Out.

But Oh The Fuck No.

If All That Was Not Enough.

Subject Matter That I Went Into Deeply Back In 2012, ‘Sub Surface Brine Minerals‘.

In Afghanistan, One Can Not Literally Take A Step Without Their Feet Landing A Top Of ‘Sub Surface Brine Minerals.

The Value Of These Minerals In Today’s World Are Enormous.

They Are Used In The Manufacturing Of Solar Panels, Smart Phones And Many Other Uses.

America Has Benn In Afghanistan Now Into The 16th Year.

America’s Entry And Stay In Afghanistan Over This Period Of Time Has Been Loud And Violent. No End In Sight.

Some How.

In Typical Chinese Fashion.

The Chinese Have Been In Afghanistan, Quietly, Successfully, MiningSubsurface Brine Minerals‘.

Yet Again, America Is Standing, Head Down In Shame, On The Sidelines, Under The Torrential Downpour Of Rain While The Chinese Mine The All Important Minerals.

Back In America.

The American Solar Industry Contractors Can Not Purchase Enough Solar Panels From China While The American Government Takes The Role Of Shoring Up The American Solar Panel Manufacturing Industry, Making This Very Cheap Energy Source Virtually Un Available To American’s.

Back At The Ranch. The Trump White House Has Virtually Given Up On Afghanistan, Leaving Our Ground Troops There In Serious Harms Way. Without One Iota Of A Skinny Scintilla On How To Tame This Beast Afghanistan.

Not To Mention That The Current Afghanistan President Is Pro American.

But Yet, The Trump White House Has Seemingly, Slammed The Door On Their Very Own Genitalia.

Can Ya All Spell A White House In Very Serious Decline.

The Good News, A Marine Is In Charge.

GOD Bless You And Most Defiantly Thank You Retired Four Star Marine General John Kelly.

Ya Got Your Hands Full On This Out Of Control Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float Four Star Marine Corps General John Kelly. Semper Fi OoRah General.

Image result for pics 4star marine general john kelly

Better Up Your Supply Of Aspirin And Milk Of Magnesia Sir. Cause You In For The Fight Of Your Life.

As Well, Good Lookin In Regards To General McMasters Sir.

Hopefully The Path To Victory Will Straighten Up It;s Course.



Wake Da Fuck Up.

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Image result for pics crying american eagle

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

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Ryan. Out.

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2017 Porsche 911 GT3 / GT3 R  Sittin On Chrome

Tupac – Picture Me Rollin

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The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Tens Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

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Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14

May 13, 2014Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …

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That Love Thang

Sly and the Family Stone – Hot Fun in the Summertime

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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 “All That We Are Is The Result Of What We Have Thought. The Mind Is Everything. What We Think We Become.  Buddha


How Could She Have Known?


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He Hadn’t A Clue.

Image result for Huh Confused Look On Face With

For Sure, Some Thing, Had Just Out Of The Wild Blue Connected Beyond All Realms Regarding The Both Of Them.

Unforeseen Spirits At Play.

Lining Up, Taking Their Stance, Then Firing  Away.

Loves Arrows Striking Bone Deep, In Places Long Ago Forgotten For The Both Of Them.

Image result for Cupid Heart

They Both Sensed Something Not At All Earthly.

In Places Long Ago Shut Down And Perceived By Both To Be Forever Locked Away.

The Quick Turn Of Her Head. A Lickety Quick Glance. Yes, He Is Close. A Smile, Large And Beautiful Across Her Gorgeous Woman Desire Face.

For Him, Senses Long Ago Buried And Forgotten. But Now, Without One Iota Of A Scintilla Of Warning.

He Was In Love And He Was All Shook Up. Uh Huh Huh, Yeah Yeah, Uh Huh Huh.

Elvis Presley: All Shook Up

The Sunset Waited, Stalled As It Were. Waiting To Catch Their Innocent Child Like Glee. Then As If On Clouds, Walking Them Into The Magical Starlit Evening. Bonded And Connected Where Only Angels Can See.

Image result for pics love angels

Connected By A Bond That Could Never Be Explained In Any Earthly Paraphrase Or Manner.

Souls And Spirits Intertwined In A Magical 4th Dimension Twist, Saved Only For The Very Special.

Hearts Connect. Un Separable From Twilight To Dawn. Engaged In The Rhythm Of Mad Passionate Love.

The Angels Danced In Unison As Never Before.

Image result for pics love angels dancing a love dance

Spraying Angel Love Mist Down On The Newly Arrived.

Into Blissfulness They Danced Throughout The Night, All The Way Into The Suns Ensuing Glorious Rise.

Image result for pics  suns glorious rise

Then Poof. Like Angelic Magic. They Fall Asleep. Entwined In Soul And Spirit Deep Love. Then Into Blissful Harmony They Fade.

Sealed For Now In Loves Vise, Ever Tight Grip, Wrapping Them In Loves Flaming Endless Cocoon.

DJ Khaled – Wild Thoughts [Official Video/Lyrics] ft.Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

Image result for pics loves endless cocoon

Spirits Now Forever Connected.

Image result for pics angelic souls forever connected in love

Now. Onto A  Fire Torched World.

Image result for pics  world on fire

I Cry.

At Times Uncontrollably.

Coming From Deep Deep Inside A Crippled Soul.

A Spirit That Seemingly, Has Experienced It All.

Images, That Can, Nor Will Ever Be Put Into Earthly Human Words.

For You See, There Aren’t Any.

Taken From, Than Back Too, The War Torn Killing Fields.

Nights Upon Endless Nights, Deep Into The Middle Of Darkness.

Images Of Bodies.

Blown To Less Than Hideous Chunks Of Blood And Never Ending Guts.

Wondering. Pondering. When Will The Slaughter Ever Stop.

Human Beings.


Mothers And Fathers.

Forever Thrown Into Hell’s Non Reversible Endless Tide Of Mass Destruction.


Just Being.

A Life Of Harmony And Peace.

Thrown Into The Rage Of Satan’s Dis Mantling, Ongoing, Unspeakable, Violence.

No End In Sight.

Shear, Unadulterated Terror.

Children, Small And Large.

At Least The One’s Left In Whole And Not Blown To Bit’s, Body Parts Lining The Bombed Out Streets.

Now Competing With Wild Dogs In The Street For Just A Bit Of A Meal.

Bodies Of The Former, Once Alive And Breathing, Scattered And Left Rotting In The Street Where Swine And Dogs Fight For The Rotting Flesh And Bones.


Turns His Head And Closes His Eyes To The Horrible, Bloody Scene That Lays Waist In The Streets At Noon Day.

Image result for The Creator God

His Angels Weep In Horror At Slaughters Never Ending Blood Shed.

Image result for pics angels weep in horror


Image result for pics war torn syria

Image result for pics war torn syria

Image result for War in Syria Today Bodies

Image result for War in Syria Today Bodies

Just Another Day At The Beach.

Image result for War in Syria Today Bodies

Please. Someone. Anyone.

Explain This To Me.


Are You Muthu Fuckin Kidding Me.


Hope Ya All’s Children Are Having A Nice Day.

I’m Speechless And Crying.

Because Unless One Has Witnessed This Type Of Mayhem And Total Bloody Destruction Up Close And Personal,

You Will Never Know. Trust Me. I Wish I Never Have.

Never Did I Ever Ever Expect To Witness Anything Close To This Ever Again.

I Only Have To Hit Mr. Remote And Onto The Flat Screen Emerges Literal Hell.

A Stench, Like No Other Permeates Throughout A Lifetime. Never. Ever. To Be Forgotten.


In 2017,

How Is This Even Thinkable, Much Less Possible.

Our World Leaders, Seemingly, Breakfast With Satan Every Morning For The Daily Briefing. For The Ensuing Marching Orders Predicated On Murder, Blood And Total Annihilation And Shear Destruction.

What The Fuck!

Doesn’t Even Come Close To Any Known Accurate Explanation Or Description.


Wake The Muthu Fuck Up!

Fuckin Paleezee!!!

I’m Done.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

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Ryan. Out.

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2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta   Sittin On Chrome

2Pac – Picture Me Rollin’

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

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Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14

May 13, 2014Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …

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He Really Went And Dun Did It This Time

Volunteers – Jefferson Airplane

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

Image result for pics growling bobcat cactus

A Heart Felt Shout Out To A Great Man And A Great American Patriot.

I Know I Ran A Lot Of Yak Down On You Sir.

My Bad.  My Sincere Heart Felt Apology To You Sir.

You Are In My Prayers Sailor.

You Can Beat This Beast Captain McCain. You Have Over Come Much Worse. LORD GOD Bless You Sir.

Give Em’ Hell Captain McCain.

Most Definitely Captain/Senator McCain, Thank You Ever So Much For Your Un Selfish And Devoted Service To This Once Great Country.

Image result for pics captain john mccain vietnam f14

Image result for pics captain john mccains  f14

Semper Fi  Oohrahh Captain/Senator McCain.

Image result for pics marine saluting on deck

Tons Of Desert Love To You Sir.

Image result for pics desert love heart

Now. Todays Testimony

Image result for pics can i get a witness

Is It Just Me?

What I Am Witnessing Up Close And Personal Since President Trump Moved His Family Into My White House, On It’s Best Day, Is Distressing.

Driving Me To The Very Edge Of My Salvation.

Taking Me To The Very Thin Side Of The Proverbial Precipice.

Just When I Thought It Could Not Possibly Get Any Worse.

Click Bang. What A Hang.

Avocados Are Through The Roof. No Longer 3 Or 4 For A Dollar. Oh The Hell No!

These Green Velvet Beauties Have Climbed Up Towards The Peak Of The Dollar Ladder. All The Way Up To Seventy Eight Cents A Piece. Oh My.

Bananas Ain’t Doing Much Better.

Just Had To Go And Piss Off My Mexican Brothers And Sisters 70 Miles South On My Boarder Mr. President.

If All Of This Was Not Enough.

Produce Manager At Wal-Mart Market Place Informed Me Yesterday That I Ain’t Even Began To See Anything Yet. Just Fuckin Great.

One Of My Last Bastions Of Enjoyment On This Toxic Rock, Shot Down Like A Rabid Dog In The Street.

I Don’t Ask Much From This Life.

Obey Every Law Known To Man.

Pay My Taxes, Alimony And Child Support, Now Spanning Close To Two Thirds Of My Life, Just Hitting The 27 Year Mark. No End In Sight.

Now Throw Into This Insane Existence. Celibate, Now Into My 10th Year.

Damn Ass Avocados.

All That I Have Left.

My Reason For Pulling My Old, Broken, Shot Up Remains Out Of Bed Every Morning.

Just To Make It Into The Kitchen.

Pick Myself Out A Fat, Juicy, Green Velvet Love Rock.

Cut That Velvet Sphere Of Daddy’s Heavenly Delight Open.

Chuck The Large Seed Into The Sink.

Open That Ball Of Delicious Mint Green Love.

A Dab Of Olive Oil In The Middle.

Then A Large Drop Of Blue Cheese Dressing.

Then The Finale.

Cover That Bad Girl In Cayenne Pepper And Garlic Powder.

A Big Smile Across My Old Grill.

My Day Off To An Excellent Start. Out Da Door For A Cool Thirty Cents Plain.

I’m In Love. And I’m All Shook Up. Ahh Huh Huh. Yeah Yeah..

But Oh The Fuck No.

Just Couldn’t Leave Things Alone Could You Mr. President. Just Had To Go And Rile Up The Mexicans. Just Couldn’t Leave Things The Hell Alone.

Thanks President Trump.

Image result for Sad Old Man Alone

Now. On With Todays Commentary.

Seemingly, Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy, President Donald J. Trump, Has Now Turned On His Own Administration.

His Main Number One Dawg And Homie Since Jump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is Now In The Paranoid Scope Of President Trumps Termination Rifle.


Echoes Off The Hallowed West Wing Walls.

Seemingly, The Trump Empire Is Showing Deep Structural Cracks In It’s Failing Family Affair Foundation.

Sly and The Family Stone – Family Affair

Like To Be A Fly On That Wall.

Image result for pics fly on a wall

Word On The Street Is President Trump Is Conducting A Far And Wide Search Up And Down The Trump Family Tree For New Employees To Man His Sinking Administration Ship.

Image result for pics sinking trump ship

The Bluster Driven, Accomplish Nothing, Trump White House Has Morphed Into A Failing Prime Time Disaster.

Reports Out Of The Kremlin Tell The Story Of The Bare Chested Russian Leader, V. Putin Performing Acrobats Off The Kremlin Walls In Anticipation Of His New Dominion, The Trump Family White House.

Image result for pics bare chested v. putin dancing

America. Are You Kidding Me?

The Trump Dynasty Is Batting 0 For 4 In Regards To Any And All Forward Policy Initiation.

Health Care. Tax Reform. Border Wall. Iran Nuclear Deal. Russian Meddling In American 2016 Election. Cleaning Up Inner Cities. To A One. Dead On Arrival.

No Worries.

‘Prez’ T., Ain’t Missing A Beat.

The White House King Is Now Going After His Former Homie, FBI Prosecutor Mueller.

Mueller, That Wiley Rascal.

Who In The Blazes Does He Think He Is, Investigating The Trump Family Business Affairs Linked To Russia. Hell Naw!

Oh. He’s The Special Prosecutor Looking Into This Entire Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float.

That Mueller Doesn’t Know Who He’s Messing With. Damn It!

Image result for pics pissed off pres trump

For Myself, Just An Old Nobody Sitting On The Sidelines.

I Feel As If I Have Been Dragged Feet First, Kicking And Screaming, Onto An Alternate Realty Daytime Soap Opera Set.

Stranded Somewhere In The Middle OfYou Shittin Me Boulevard AndI Cant Even Make This Shit Up Avenue‘.

What I Am Hearing Loud And Clear Is Daddy’s Lil Boy Not At All Getting His Way.

Jumping Up And Down. Screaming And Shouting.

Burning Through Twitter As If There Is No Tomorrow. Only Taking A Break Every Now And Then Throughout The Seemingly Never Ending Lapses Of Each And Every 24 Hours To Change His Soiled Diaper.

I Mean Really Mr. President.

GOD Forbid, You Should Ditch Your Phone. Stay The Hell Off Twitter And Take Care Of The Business You Were Elected To Take Care, As In Fixing And Straitening Out This Broken Country.

That’s Just Me.

America. Congratulations.

Image result for pics fellini

You Have Completed A Total 360 Morph Onto The World Stage As A Production Straight Out Of A Surreal Clown Show Cast From The Ice Cold Grave Of Fellini.

Image result for pics surreal clown show

Rod Serling Got Nothin On This Seemingly Endless And Growing By The Day Sad Psychotic Realty.

Image result for pics rod sterling twilight zone

Reliable s Tell Me General/President George Washington Is Frantically Tapping S.O.S. Requests To Please Relocate His Grave To The Bahamas.

I Am Reminded Of A Day Four Years Ago While Riding The Number 10 Bus.

Manning My Usual Position, Standing Up Front Across From The Driver, I Make Eye Contact With A Sweet, Beautiful Elderly Lady Of Mexican Heritage. She Smiles At Me And States:

Justo cuando creo que he visto todo. Aún no he comenzado a ver nada todavía. Otra cosa más loco sucede. Y YO’m 97 años“.

(Just When I think That I Have Seen It All. I Have Not Yet Begun To See Anything Yet. Another Thing More Crazy Happens. And I’m 97 Years”.)

Si.Quot;. Entiendo perfectamente. Me siento de la misma manera“.

 (Yes.I Understand Perfectly. I Feel The Same Way”.)

Now. World News.

If All The Above Wasn’t Enough.

In Zimbabwe, Africa.

A Big Game Trophy Hunter Fatally Shot And Killed A Son Of ‘Cecil’ The Lion.

In Fact, This Hunter, Is The Same Big Game Trophy Hunter That Smoked ‘Cecil’ In 2015.

Talk About Coming Full Circle.

Mr. Big Guns Returned To Zimbabwe This week And Took Out ‘Xanda’, One Of ‘Cecil’ The Lions Son. Oy Vey.

‘Xanda’s’ Only Crime In All This Was Wandering A Few Yards Out Of Hwange National Park In Zimbabwe. Bad Bad ‘Xanda’ The Lion.

Image result for pics hwange national park zimbabawe africa

Hwange National Park   Zimbabawe, Africa

Mr. Squeeze Finger, The Lion Killer, Was On An African Hunting Expedition Led By A Professional Hunter, Is Most Definitely The Perpetrator Who Smoked ‘Xanda’ The Lion Son Of ‘Cecil’ The Lion.

Oxford University Researcher, Andrew Loveridge, Who Fits Collars On The Hwange National Park Lions For Monitoring Purposes, Stated That The Leader Of The Hunting Expedition, R.C. Safaris, Richard Cooke Did The Right Thing By Turning ‘Xanda’s’ Monitoring Collar Over To Oxford Researcher Andrew Loveridge.

Loveridge Went On To Say That The Smoking Of ‘Xanda’ Was In Fact, No Big Biggy.

That ‘Xanda’ Was Outside Of Her Border And He Was Over 6 Years Old, So The Killing Was All Within Stipulated Regulations.

Bad Bad ‘Xanda’. That Will Teach That Pesky Old Lion A Thing Our Two. Wander Out Of Your Border. Not On Trophy Hunter Richard Cooke’s Watch.

There Will Be No Funeral For ‘Xanda’ The Lion Son Of ‘Cecil’.

Image result for pics xanda the lion

The Former ‘Xanda’ The Lion.

‘Swamp’ Advice.

Stay Far Da Fuck Away From Borders Of All Kinds.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

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Image result for Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin Vulcan   Sittin On Chrome

2Pac – Picture Me Rollin’

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Tens Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

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Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14

May 13, 2014 – Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …

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In The Blink Of An Eye… A Fiery Blaze Ignites Through The Thick Smoke

Image result for Fire desert bobcat cactus growling


If Your Opponent Is Of Choleric Temper, Seek To Irritate Him. Pretend To Be Weak, That He May Grow Arrogant.
Master Sun Tzu

‘Making China Great Again’: Beijing-Run Media Crows As US Stumbles

I Find The Above Article Interesting In The Way That China’s Current Sentiment In Regards To The United States, Seemingly, Is Echoed Throughout The World. Even Africa Is Feeling This Raging Fire In Regards To The U.S.

Most Definitely, The World Is Watching.

In China’s Case, One Most First Look At China In The Entire Scope Of The Planet.

China, Considered An ‘Ancient Civilization’ Has Been Kicking Up Dust On This Treacherous Rock For Over Five Thousand Years.

For At Least The First Thousand Years, China Was Involved In Civil Wars That Spanned Four Separate Dynasty’s.

My Point Is That China Is Grounded In A Philosophy Of Ruling Survival. As Well, The Chinese Hold The Crown When It Comes To Quite And Thoughtful Manipulation When Dealing With Their Adversaries. In Other Words, Now You See It, Now You Don’t.

In Now Dealing With A Brash And Loud U.S. In Regards To Diplomacy, China’s Approach Is One Of Waiting For The Other Shoe To Fall.

The Mara Lago Meeting Between China’s President And President Trump Was Heralded In America As The Greatest Diplomatic Achievement The Planet Had Ever Witnessed.

Un Fortunately, China, Somehow Missed That E-Mail.

The Fact Of That Matter, Was Instead Of China Cutting Back On Exports To North Korea, Chinese Export To North Korea Increased 34%. Running The Gamut Of Food To Weapons.

For You See, The Very Last Thing In The World China Desires, Is A Mass Explosion Of A North Korean Exodus Causing Mass Relocation Across Their Border Into Their Country.

Kinda In The Vain Of Keep Your Enemies Close And Your Allies Very Happy.

As Well, On The Game Board Of World Domination, China, Along With North Korea, Iran, Russia And Various Other Enemies Of America, Want Nothing More Than To Destroy, Then Take America Over.

A Very Serious Reliable Tells Me That Within The Next Year And A Half, America Will See War On Our Soil.

For Myself, I Have Not Boarded That Vessel As Of Yet. Although Certain Indicators Are Giving Me A Slight Lean In That Direction. One In Particular Going Back To 2013, When President Obama Gave His Carte Blanch To Chinese And Russian Troops Conducting War Games Here In The Arizona Desert, Taking Place At Marine Air Base Yuma. These Games Spanned Out Over Two Plus Years.

Back To Mara Lago.

The Outstanding Denominator In Regards To The Train Of Thought That The Mara Lago Talks With China Were A Success, Was At Best Hyperbole.

To The Very Point, That President Trump Even Copped To The Failure At Mara Lago.

Now, Throw Into This Bag Of American Decline, Russia.

The Un Fortunate Anchor In The Current Cluster Fuck, Regarded As ‘Russian Collusion’ Involving Now President Trump, For True Historians Is The Actual Par For The Course.

As I Stated Many Times, To Seek The Absolute Truth, One Must First Look To History.

The History Involved With President Trump And Russia Began In 1987. It Was In This Year, That Then Real Estate Mogul Trump, Began Conducting Real Estate Deals In Russia.

The Significance In All This Is That In Russia, Evan The Slightest Whisper Of A Fart, Is Captured On The Radar Of Former KGB Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

The True Actual Significance In All That, Is That In My Opinion, Vladdy Boy Has Some Serious Dirt On Mr./President Trump.

I State This For The Simple Reason That This M.O., Is How Putin Rolls. Vladdy Boy Doesn’t Give One Scintilla Of A Nano Fraction Away. He Is In The Game For Keeps. Whatever It Takes.

If All Of This Was Not Enough.

To This Day. Vladimir Putin Does Not, Nor Will He Ever, Forgive The United States For Our Direct Role In Bringing Down The Soviet Union.

Image result for pics kgb vladimir putin

Image result for pics kgb logo

Now Throw Into This Bustillion Alarm Fire, A White House In Shambles And Disarray. Along With An American Public So Divided That Civil War Is Rearing It’s Ugly Head From Coast To Coast, All The Prime Factors And Ingredients Necessary For The Fall Of An Umpire.

My Personal Opinion In All This Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float, Is That Donald J. Trump And His Administration Is By Far, The Absolute Worse Thing To Ever Happen To My Country.

The Saddest Part Of All This Is The Trump Approach To Literally Killing Off The Poor And The Elderly In America With His Forward Repression In Regards To Food Acclimation And Health Care.

Presenting A Health Care Plan That Literally Increases The Price Of Health To The Middle Class And The Poor, While Lining The Pockets Of The Wealthy.

As Far As I Am Concerned.

Fuck The Wealthy.

For You See, It Is The Poor That Has Always Fought Americas Wars To Line The Pockets Of The Wealthy.

So, To All Of You Wealthy Conservatives Out There In America. Here Is What I Say To You.

Ya All Feel Like Falling In Love.


Kiss My Ass And Call It A Romance.

Image result for pics male butt moon

Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Fortunate Son”

Oh. One More Thang.


Vladdy P., Thanks For The Read Dawg.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindadesert

Image result for pics 1966 chevolet ss 396 side pipes camaro

1966 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396   Sittin On Chrome

Gimme Shelter 1969 – The Rolling Stone

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics peace sign my homies

Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14

May 13, 2014 – Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …

Image result for pics desert sunset

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That Rockin Thang

Image result for pics sunset desert rainbow

Welcome To The Desert Ya All

Image result for pics giant desert iguanas

“The Whole Secret Of Existence Is To Have No Fear. Never Fear What Will Become Of You, Depend On No One. Only The Moment You Reject All Help You Are Freed.”  Buddha

Hey Kid. Ya Like Music”?

I Looked Behind Me Up The Long Foyer From The Front Of The Restaurant/Bar Where I Sat On My 20 Inch Schwinn Back To The Entrance Leading Into The Restaurant/Bar Of The South Park Hotel.



The Man Speaking To Me Looked To Be No More Than Thirty Years Old. He Was 6 Feet 4 Inches Tall. Very Thin. He Was Black And Very Well Dressed From His Peach Colored Paton Leather Loafers, Light Peach Gaberdine Slacks, Black Silk Shirt And Two Very Thick, Long Gold Chains, One With Jesus On A Cross.

For At Least A Year Now This Foyer Was My Chill Zone Until The Weather Warmed Up Enough For Me To Ride Down To The Beach.

Thing Of It Was I Never Came By Here This Late In The Morning. It Was Now Going On Ten A.M.

Date: Sunday, June 11, 1961.

Temperature: 61 Degrees.

I Slow Road My Bike Up The Giant Foyer To Where The Man Stood. I Hopped Off The Schwinn. The Man Took Hold Of The Handle Bars And Rolled It Towards The Front Door Leading Into The Restaurant/Bar.

He Turned His Head Back Towards Me And Said:

“My Name Is Slim, What’s Your Name Young Man”?


“Hey Ryan, Nice To Meet You”.

“Nice Meeting You Slim”.

With That We Were Inside The Establishment. Slim Walked My Bike Into A Small Office In A Hall Leading To The Entrance Of The Club.

Slim Then Walked Me Into To Club, Grabbed A High Back Stool, Carried It To The Front Of The Room And Sat The Chair Down About Five Feet From The Stage.

The Place was Already Packed. Music Was Flowing. On Stage Was Roland Kirk, Four Saxophones Strapped Around His Neck, Blasting Out His Version Of “Fly Me To The Moon”.

Image result for pics 1960's roland kirk 6 saxaphones playing

Roy Haynes Quartet featuring Roland Kirk – Fly Me to the Moon

Slim Walked Up And Handed Me A Tall Glass Of 7-Up With An Umbrella And Three Cherries Floating On The Top.

“Enjoy The Soda Ryan, I’ll Check On You Later”.

“Thanks Slim”.

As I Was Sitting There, Blown Away By The Music, A Slight Man, Maybe Five Feet Six Inches Tall, Walked Up To Me, In A Deep, Melodious Voice Said:

“You Like The Music Kid”?

“Yes Sir”.

“My Name Is Miles Davis, Whats Your Name Kid”?

Image result for pics 1960's Miles davis

“My Name Is Ryan”.

“How You Doing Ryan”?

“I’m Doing Fine Mr. Davis”.

“Just Call Me Miles”.

“O.K. Miles”.

“Nice Meeting You Ryan”.

With That Miles Davis Walked Away Towards The Back Of The Stage.

Roland Kirk Finished His Set. The Crowd Went Wild. The Crowd, As It Was, Consisted Of The Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Burbank And Beach Residents Who Flocked To The South Park Hotel Every Sunday Morning To Listen To Great Jazz. Slumming If You Will.

Slim Took The Stage To Announce The Next Musician.

“It Is With Great Pleasure And Honor Ladies And Gentlemen To Present To You, All The Way From New York City, The Great John Coltrane.

The Crowd Went Crazy.

John Coltrane Took The Stage And Opened Up With: ‘My Favorite Things’.

Image result for pics 1960's john coltrane

The John Coltrane Quartet My Favorite Things Belgium, 1965

I Was The Ripe Old Age Of Eleven. It Was As If I Had Been 4th Dimensional Dumped Into An Alternate Realty That Forever Changed My Life. I Was Forever Hooked On Music.

John Coltrane Completed His Amazing Rendition Of ‘My Favorite Things’, Then Announced:

“I Want To Welcome Onto The Stage My Dear Friend Who Blows Magic Through His Horn, Mr. Miles Davis”.

The Crowd Went Insane.

Miles Davis Took To The Stage, Then Along With John Coltrane Went Into ‘Kinda Blue’.

Miles Davis & John Coltrane – Kind Of Blue

They Blew Up The House.

The One Thing For Sure, Was That Sunday, My Mind Was Forever Blown.

After All The Sets, Three Hours Later, Sitting There, Slim, Miles, John Coltrane, Roland Kirk  Joined Me In The Empty Restaurant/Bar And We All Just Hung Out Chewing The Fat As It Were.

For The Next Three Years, Every Sunday, I Parked My Little Butt On That Stool And Listened To The Greatest Music In The World. Actually Shaping My Life In The Sense That Without Even Knowing It, I Witnessed Up Close And Personal A Time That Was Actually Part Of American History That Will Never Be Repeated.

A Couple Of Years Down The Road, On One Of Those Sundays, Slim Asked Me If I Could Give A Hand Helping One Of The Feature Artists Performing That Day A Hand Unloading His Equipment. Slim Advanced Me $20.00 For My Effort And Introduced Me To John Lee Hooker.

Image result for pics john lee hooker 1960's

John Lee Hooker: Boom boom

Little Did I Know That On That Particular Sunday I Landed My Own Gig As A Roadie In The Los Angeles Area For The John Lee Hooker Band. As Well, That Sunday, John Lee Paid Me An Additional $30.00 For As He Stated, Doing Bang Up Job. That Began An Entire Phase In My Young Life.

I Love Music.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindadesert

Image result for 1967 Shelby Cobra

1967 Shelby Cobra   Sittin On Chrome

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics peace sign my homies

Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14

May 13, 2014 – Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …

Image result for pics desert sunset

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

Image result for pics rainbow sunset desert

Welcome To The Desert Ya All

Image result for pics desert bobcats in cactus tree


What Up World?

The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best.

I Hope Ya All’s World Is As Soul And Spirit Beautiful And Content As Mine.

Pull Up A Chair.

Cop A Squat.

Strap Yourselves In.

Gonna Be A Long One.

Image result for pics indian warrior chief on white horse

The Indian Warrior Chief Sits Calmly Upon His White Stallion Steed, Up On The Cliff Overlooking The Valley.

His White Stallion Steed Faithfully Calm Before The Ensuing Storm. For Sure Not His First Rodeo.

The Warrior Chief Lost In The Meditation Of His Fathers, Reflects On The Many Battles Waged Over A Lifetime.

Instinctively He Knows That The Ensuing Battle Off The Short Horizon Will Most Certainly Be His last.

As This Calm Nano Flash Frame Races Through The Grey Matter Channels Of His Mind, His White Stallion Steed Lowers His Massive White Head, Shaking His Long White Mane, Thumping The Ground With His Right Hoof And Blows A Hurricane Force Blast Of CO2 Out Of His Massive Nostrils.

Image result for pics big white stallion head lowered

It Has Come To Pass.

Great Warrior Chief, Fully Aware Of His Destiny Path, Understands That He Will Soon Be Joining The Spirits Of His Great Warrior Chief Fathers Who Came Before Him In That Calm, Peaceful Meadow, Butterflies And Brave Beautiful Spirits Abound.

It Has Now Surely Come To Pass…

Blissfulness… Then Darkness…

Image result for pics blissfulness then darkness

The Freedom, From The Burden Of The Flesh.

The Relevancy Of Time Reduced In less Than A Nano Flash Click To Less Than Dust Floating Down The Tranquil Waters.

Everything And All Of A Tortured Realty No More.

Set In Motion Over Years And Years Of Sworn Of Faithful Duty.

The Job Now Complete.

Retirement, All That Is Left On The Bright, Fading Horizon.

Then. Finally.

Fade To Black.

Poof. Gone.

Image result for pics fade to black

Mr. Donovan. Can You Hear Me”?

“He’s None Responsive”.

“I’m Picking Up A Beat, Faint, But There”.

“Mr. Donovan, Mr. Donovan, Hang In There Mr. Donovan. Hang In There…”.

“Shit. Gotta Pulse, Barely. Shit.

“Mr. Donovan, Mr. Donovan…”

Image result for pics EMS saving A Life

“Shittt… Were Loosing Him. Come On Mr. Donovan… Hang In There. Shittt!!!…”

Image result for pics flat lining

“My, My My. The Beautiful FBI Special Agent (Retired), Ms. Veronica Lake And The Lovely And Shapely Queen Of Flagstaff, Ms. Sweet Sweet Loraine”.

Image result for pics veronica lake

FBI Special Agent (Retired) Ms. Veronica Lake

“Well, Well, Well. If It Isn’t The All Elusive Mr. Ryan Sean Donovan In The Sexy Flesh. How’s It Hanging Recon Marine”?

Image result for pics 1950's beautiful women

Queen Of Flagstaff, Arizona  Ms. Sweet Sweet Loraine

“Just Fine, Ms. Sweet sweet Loraine. Nice To See You Too. Looking As Luscious As Ever.

“I’ll Take That As A Wink And A Nod. Play Your Cards Right Big Boy, We Just Might Be Riding Off Into The Sunset Together”.

“Well Damn. I’ll Just Hold My Breath”.

“Go Right On Ahead Handsome”.

“Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm. My My My, How You Lay It On”.

“Only Know One Way Cowboy, Hot And Thick”.


“You Best Slow It On Down Ryan. You Gotta Lot Splaining To Do. You Ain’t Sweet Talking Your Way Out Of This One”.

“Always The Serious Temptress Special Agent Lake”.

“Where The Hell Have You Been? All Your Numbers Have Been Disconnected. Without A Damn Trace Ryan”

“Phew. Whoa. Miss You Too Girl”.

“I’m Gonna Knock You Out On to The Ground Marine”.

“Damn V. So Damn Serious”.

“Been A Lifelong Knuckle Head. I Worry About You Ryan. All The Damn Time. You Have To Stop All This Elusive Crap. Always Up In Your Own Little World, As If No Other Whelm Even Exists. So… Where Have You Been”?

“Uhhhh. Ummm. A Retreat”.

“Yeah. Makes Sense. It Has Been About 2-3 Years Since Your Last Retreat. I Assume You Are Good To Go Now Mr. Donovan”?

“Yes Mamm. Straight Up On The 100. Good To Go. Are You Back With Doc Blaisedale”?

“To Paraphrase Your Hood Lingo. Hell Naw. Fuck Dat Bitch. Me And My Glock 40 Chased

Image result for pics glock 40

That Two Timing Faggot Bastard Out Of My House Up In The Sedona Hills. Now My House, Along With The Range Rover, 3 Million Cash, And, As Well, A Brand New Mercedes White C63 Convertible Sittin On Chrome”.

Image result for pics white mercedes c63 convertable

“Damn Girl! You Fleeced That Woolly Lamb”.

“Lying, Cheating, Double Timing Bastard”.

“Danm V, Don’t Hold Nothin Back Now. Moving Right Along”.

“As Well Ryan, I’m In The Process Of Moving A Roommate Into The Upstairs Bedroom Over Looking The Sedona Mountains”.

Image result for pics 2 story home sedona az overlooking mountains

“Wow. How Cool. Balcony Over Looking The Majestic Mountains. Who’s The Lucky Individual”?

“A Very Old Dear Friend Of Mine I Met Surfing On Santa Monica Beech When We Were Both 13 Years Old”.

“Say What”?

“Your Moving In Ryan. Rent Free, My Dearest, Oldest, Handsome Friend”.

“Well, We’ll Talk About That”.

“Nothing To Talk About Ryan. It’s A Done Deal. Time For You To Hang Up Your Saddle And Settle Down”.

“Look V, I Have things To Do. As Well, For The Time Being I’m Cribbing Up Here In Flag”.

“Really. Where”?

“Well… If You Need Know…”

“I Need To Know Cowboy. Pronto”.

“Damn V. You In A Narley Ass Mood”.

“And… As You Always Say, Where You Cribbing”?

“Shit Veronica, Need To Know Basis”.

“Guess What Cowboy, I Need To Know”.

“Shit V”.

“Give It Up Ryan. Now”.

“Awaight. If You Must Know. I’m Staying With Tula”.

“TULA! TULA! Fuck That Hoe”.

“Damn Loraine. That’s Not Nice”.

“I Second That Ryan. Fuck That Hoe”!

“Damn Girls, What’s All The Hate Down On Ms. Tula”?

Image result for pics beautiful 1950's brunettes

The Lovely Ms. Tula.

“Ryan. This Is Not Right. I Introduced You To Tula. This Is Wrong Ryan”.

“Look Veronica. This Thang Just Happened Out Of The Wild Blue. Besides, There Is Nothing Going On. I Am Happy To Say That I Am Still Celibate, Now Going On 10 Years. Tula And I Have Much In Common As We Are Both Writers And She Is Assisting Me With A Book Deal. That’s It. Nothing Else. She Is As Well Celibate A Lifetime Too”.

“Ryan. Ryan. Ryan. What Am I Going To Do With You”?

“Look Veronica. This Is Just Short Term With Tula. Until She Helps Me Finalize A Book Deal. As Well, Sharing Your Sedona Home Is Long Term. Just A Little More Time. O.K”?

“Always Your Way Ryan”.

“Damn V. Don’t Look At It Like That. We Have The Rest Of Our Lives. Awaight”?

“Yes Ryan. Alright. Let Me Have Your New Number. I’ll Contact You Later. Loraine And I Are Driving Up To Jerome For The Day. I’ll Contact You When i Get Back”.

Veronica Hands Me Her IPhone. I Punch In My New Number.

“Sounds Good Veronica. Here’s My Number. You Girls Have Fun Up In Jerome”.

Image result for pics jerome az

Jerome, Arizona.

“Later Ladies”.

“Later Ryan”.

That’s All  I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindadesert

Image result for pics 1963 yellow chey low rider convertable

1963 Chevrolet Low Rider Convertable  

Sittin On Chrome

2Pac – To live and die in LA (Dirty Version) [HD].

Da Swamp Back To The Beginning. WordPress 2012 On Up

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street. 2012/01/28 — 7 Comments. Cocked. Locked. Ready To Rock. Bringing It. Like Dis America. Me and Mine. We Stand As …

The Google Blogger Days. 2014 Up Thru 2016

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street: 05/13/14

May 13, 2014 – Seemingly this blog is that forbidden candy your Momz told Ya All to stay …. Before the end of 2014, China will have become the world’s largest …

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Standing On A Corner In Winslow Arizona / What A Strange Sight To See Part 1

Standing on the Corner in Winslow Arizona (Eagles)

Image result for pics winslow az 1966

The Wise Warrior Avoids The BattleMaster Sun Tzu / The Art Of War

“What Cha Gonna Do Now”?

“I Donna Know. Gotta Think”.

So There We Were.

Two South Central, Los Angeles, From Da Hood, Surfer Kid’s, Broken Down & Dirty, Having Just Slow Rolled To A Stop, Parallel To A Sign On The Side Of The Two Lane Interstate That Gave Us Our Coordinates.

Salinas, Kansas. Population 46,192.

Image result for pics city of salina kansas 1966

Time: 05:28

Date: June 17th, 1966

Temperature: 88 Degrees

Humidity: 73

“What Happened”?

“The Engine Blew Up”.

Dyrell Titus, Lifted Her Gold Frame Aviator Sunglasses Just Enough To Glare At Me With Her Head Slightly Tilted To The Right, The Slight Wind Catching Her Long, Wavy Blond Hair. Giving Me That Calm, South Cali, Female Emasculating Look.

“You Blew Up The Engine? You Stupid Idiot Dumb Pretty Boy. I Hate You. You Blew Up The Engine. How In The Damn Hell Did You Do That”?

There I Stood.

All Of 5 Feet, 6 Inches Tall.

138 Pounds Of Emasculated Boy Child. Waiting On A Knock Out Straight Right To The Kisser. Girl Wasn’t Playin.

“Ummm, Well, Ummm, Like, See. Well You Fell Asleep Somewhere In Iowa… And Uhmmm, I Got Bored & Well, Just Wanted To See How Fast The Car Would Go”.

We Were Heading Back West After Stopping In Chicago Coming From A Visit To Dyrell’s Grandparents Before We Headed Out To The Grand Canyon.

“It Was So Cool. We Were Trackin Over 120. We Were Flyin Low. And…”

I’ll Interject At This Time.

Dyrell Was West Coast Gorgeous.
Body By Fischer.
Cadillac Eldorado Division.

5 Feet Nine. Damn Ass Fine.

Stacked. Racked. Step Da Hell Back.

Image result for 1960'S california surfer  Girls

Jimi Hendrix- Foxy lady

“You Got Bored? What The Hell Do You Mean. You Got Bored. Idiot. You Blew Up The Damn Engine”.

There I Stood.

In My 501 Button Fly Jeans, Black Oakland Raiders T-Shirt & My Black Converse High Tops.

Head Hung Down Low Like A Beat Dog.
Waiting On The Atomic Knock Out Punch.

“Well, Uhmm, Ahhh, Shit. You Were Sound Asleep Snoring. No Radio Reception. I Mean Jeez. I Just Wanted To See How Fast The Car Would Go & Well…”

“Oh My GOD. Asshole. I Don’t Snore. I’m Gonna Knock You The Hell Out On The Ground”.

My 16 Year Old Self Was Actually At A Complete Lose For Words.

“Idiot. What In The Hell Is Wrong With You”?

“Damn Dyrell. Calm Down. Remember What Sensei Always Says. Stay Calm. No Matter What. This Is Not That Big Of A Deal. For Real. It Was So Cool. We Were Flyin Low. You Would Have Been Stoked If You Would Not Have Been Sleep Snoring”.

“You Stupid Idiot. I’m Gonna Send You Flyin Low. Your So Damn Immature. There Goes The Entire Summer. Sitting Back In South Central Like Morons Until We Head Off To College. I Hate You. I’m Gonna Lay You Out”.

“Girl. Chill. Your Overreacting. Everything Is Gonna Work Out Jus Fine”.

“I’m Gonna Kill You Pretty Boy & Leave You On The Side Of This Road”.


“Baby? Baby? I’m Gonna Damn Ass Kill You. Don’t You Baby Me”.

Time To Retreat.

Girl Wasn’t Playin.

I Calmly Walked Around The Right Side Of The Pontiac, Talking In A Soft, Faint Whisper, Begging LORD GOD ALMIGHTY To Save Me From This Beautiful Girl’s Angry Wrath.

Image result for pics 1966 white pontiac bonneville 4 door

I Walked Around The Trunk To The Left Side Of The Giant Car.

Across The Wide Expense Of The Pontiac’s Hood She Stated To Me In A Calm, Angry, Pissed Off Voice:

“Really Idiot. What Are You Gonna Do”?

“Pleeezee. Just Calm Down. I Can’t Think With You All Atomic Ballistic Up My Butt.
C’mon. You Know Better Than To Rage. Paleezee Girl. Calm Down. Awaight”?

“I’m Gonna Kill You Ryan. I Hate You”.

With That, Dyrell Climbed Into The Passenger Side Of The Car & Slammed The Door Shut.
Flipped Me Off. Then Just Glare Stared Out The Windshield.

There We Were.

In The Hot, Humid, Sunny Salinas, Kansas Wheat Field.

Image result for pics hot summer kansas wheat field sun rising

Time: 05:49

There Wasn’t A Car On The Road.

My Heart Was Broken.

My Very First Car. Like Brand New. Red Stripe Tires Giving Her That Cool Street Rod Accent.
Now Just Smoking Detroit Metal.
Broken Down On The Side Of The Road In The Middle Of No Where. In A Never Ending Wheat Field.

Not To Mention It Was More Than Likely That I Would Never Ever Tap That Sweet Sweet Gorgeous Dyrell Thang Again.

I Hopped Up Onto ‘Bonnies’ Hood. Retrieved The Box Of Marlboro’s From My Jeans Pocket. Flipped Open The Box & Stuck A Cancer Stick In My Grill. Grabbed The Zippo Lighter & Hit The Marlboro Up.

I Looked Over My Shoulder Through The Windshield, Smiled At Dyrell.

My Medium Long Curly Dirty Blonde Hair Catching A Slight Wind & Threw A Wink At The Beautiful Blue Eyed Girl.

Dyrell Caught My Act & With A Cool Laid Back, South Cali Surfer Girl Look, Stuck Out Her Tongue & Flipped Me Off.

I Was Fucked To Inth Degree.

So There I Was, Sucking Down Marlboro’s. With A Hang Dog Looked Spread Across My Grill. Not A Damn Car In Sight.

This Scenario Continued On For Just About Two Hours.

Time: 07:37
Temperature: Real Fuckin Hot.
Humidity: Steam Bath.
Sun: Bright As Hell.
Wind Velocity: Zero.

Then Low & Behold, I Glance Over My Left Shoulder.
Lumbering Down The Interstate Towards Us, A 1953 Chevy Pick- Up Dooley, Faded Black & Kicking Up Dust.

Image result for pics1953 chevy dully pick up black original

I Hop Off The Pontiac’s Hood & Flag The Pick-Up .

I Quick Glance Dyrell.
Girl Actually Smiling & Doing That Yippee Yippee Girl Thang In The Passenger Seat.

Just Maybe.
The Padlock Was Now Off That Steal Frame, Fine Fine Girl Thang Entrance Way.

The ’53’ Chevy Dooley Pick Up Slows Down & Pulls Along Side The Pontiac, Then Slowly Angles To The Right & Pulls Off The Road To The Interstate Shoulder In Front Of Us. Kicking Up Rooster Tails Of Dust.

Yip Fuckin Eee!!! Rescued.

Time: 07:51

The Driver Side Door Springs Open.

Out Steps This Dude.
About Six Foot Six.
Trim 230 Pounds.

Farm Boy Wearing Baggy Overalls, Red Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt, Sleeves Rolled Up Past His Giant Forearms, Brown Cowboy Boots & A Brown Cowboy Hat.

He Walks Up To Me & In A Slow, Low Pitch, Midwestern Southern Drawl Says:

“What’s The Problem Boy”?

“Blew The Engine”.

“Pop The Hood Son”.

Farmboy Stands Over Me While I Dis Engage The Hood Latch & Spits Out A Puddle Of Tobacco Juice.

He Adjusts His Cowboy Hat & Leans His Massive Head Into The Engine Compartment.

“Hell Shit Fire Son, You Sure In The Hell Blew This Engine The Fuck Up”.


Dyrell Is Now Standing Next To Me With That Female I’m Gonna Kill You Ryan Look On Her Gorgeous Face.

“This Ain’t Nothin But A Thing. C’mon Kid’s Jump In The Truck. I’m Heading Into Town. My Uncle Butch Owns A Used Car Dealership. Butch Will Get You Kids Back On Down The Road In A Lightning Quick Lickety”.

Into The ’53’ Chevy Pickup We Jump.
Dyrell Sitting Between Us.

I Smile At Dyrell, She Just Rolls Her Baby Blues.

“My Names Buck. What’s Ya All’s Name”.

“My Name is Ryan. This Is Dyrell”.

“Hey Ryan. Hey Dyrell. What’s Cha All Doing Way Out Here”?

“We’re On Way To The Grand Canyon. Touring The Country Before We Start College”.

“Where Ya All From”.

“Los Angeles, California.”

“Cali Fornia. Shit. I Was Stationed In Diego. Camp Pendleton. Just Got Back From Da Nam A Month Ago”.

“Wow. My Dad’s A Marine. My Oldest Brother Is A Marine Aviator & My Second Oldest Brother Is A Marine Recon Sergeant”.

“Well Damn Son. Semper Fi”.

Image result for pics semper fi

“Semper Fi Buck”.

“You Joining The Corps”?

“My Dad Won’t Let Me. I’m The First One In My Family To Attend College”.

Little Did I Know That The Day I Turned 18, I Was Getting Drafted & Off To Da Nam I Went. Hit Hue City A Commissioned Marine Corps Second Lieutenant.

Image result for 1968 hue city central south vietnam

“Your Pops Is Smart. It’s A Fuckin Meat Grinder Over There”.

“What Was Your M.O.S.”?

“50 Cal Operator. Nothin Says Lovin Like A Belt Fed 50”.

Image result for pics marine corps belt fed 50 cal operater vietnam

We All Laughed.

We Drive Into Town, Then Over To His Uncle’s Used Car Dealership.

Image result for Used Car Dealer Lot

“Wait Here In The Truck, I’m Gonna Talk To My Uncle Butch”.

Dyrell & I Sit In The Truck. I Break The Deadly Silence.

“See. See. Everything Is Gonna Work Out Just Fine Like I Said. Everything Is Gonna Be Awaight”.

“Shut Up. Your An Idiot. I Hate You. Just Shut Up”.

“C’mon Baby. Don’t Be Dis Way”.

“Listen Little Man, You Call Me Baby One More Time, I’m Gonna Knock You Out, On The Ground”.

I Just Hung My Head. Just Like A Beat Dog.

“Your So Stupid. There Goes All The Money. What Are We Gonna Do Now? Huh. Drive Back To South Central & Sit Around All Summer Like Idiots Before Heading Off To College? Huh. Your An Idiot. I Hate You”.

For Sure Now, The Steel Frame Door Opening Up Into Female Heaven Was Forever Shut Tight.

I Look Up Out Of The Truck Window, Walking Towards Us Is Buck & His Uncle Butch.
Butch Was Larger Than Buck, If That Was Even Possible.

Butch Was Dressed In Black Cowboy Boots, Black Slacks, Powder Blue Button Down Collar Shirt & A Blue Plaid Sports Jacket.

“Kid’s, This Is My Uncle Butch. Butch, This Is Ryan. This Is Dyrell. I’m Gonna Walk Across The Street & Grab A Burger. Your In Good Hands Kid’s”.

“C’mon Kid’s Walk With Me. Got Somethin To Show You”.

We Walk With Butch Through The Thick Maze Of Cars.

“Heard You Blew The Engine In Your Car. What Kind Of Car Is It”?

“A ’63’ Pontiac Bonneville 4 Door. Loaded. Less Than 10 Thousand Miles”.

“Really? What Cha Got Under The Hood”?


“No Kiddin. Sweet Jesus. My Guys Just Rebuilt A Pontiac 455. Got It Up On Chains”.

We Walk Around The Sales Building, Back Towards The Big Garage.
Then Around The South Side Of The Garage.

Sitting There Is A Dark Red 1956 Four Door Dodge Royal With Black Inserts Down The Middle Of The Car Front To Rear.
Car Standing Tall.

“She’s A Beauty Ain’t She”?

“Yeah. Like New”.

Image result for pics 1956 green dodge royal  4 door

“All Original. Belonged To Pastor Young. He Bought It New. Took Care Of It Like A New Born Baby. When He Passed Away His Wife Just Wanted The Car Gone. She Purrs Like A Kitten. 318 Under The Hood.



I Thought To Myself.

The Pontiac Belonged To An Old Jewish Man.

When He Died, His Wife Just Wanted The Car Gone.

I Had Come Full Circle.

Complete Judaeo/Christian Auto Transformation.

She Was A Beauty. Only 38,000 Miles.

“How Much Ya Want For Her”?

“Tell Ya What Son. Got That Rebuilt 455 Up On Chains. Dodge Been Here A Year & A Half. Trade Ya Even Up”.

“Wow Butch. That’s So Cool. I Just Put Brand New Uniroyal Red Stripe Tires All The Way Around On The Pontiac. Would Ya Switch Them Onto The Dodge”?

“Buck Tells Me That You Come From A Marine Corps Family. I’m A Marine As Well Son. Nothin Like Keepin It In The Family. Semper Fi Son. You Got A Deal”.

“Thank You Mr. Butch”.

As Butch Walked Away. Dyrell Grabbed Me.

“I Love You Ryan. Your So Cool”.

“Love You Too Baby”.

Uh Huh.

I Thought To Myself.

It is best to win without fighting / 古之所善戰者,勝於易勝者也

Master Sun Tzu 孫子

My Pimp Hand Strong.

That’s All I Got.

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindadesert

Image result for 1966 corvette 427 split window coupe sidepipes

1966 427 Under Da Hood / Factory Side Pipes / Split Window Coupe / Chevrolet Corvette    Sittin On Chrome

Jimi Hendrix “Are You Experienced” – Full Album

Image result for mid day desert

Images for ryanindadesert

Image result for pics the swamp


































Da Ghetto

See the source image

Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

Image result for pics desert bobcat

“Awaight Everybody.

Another Week In The Bag.

Again, Ya All, Top Of Da Retention Pile. This Shift Rules. The Other Shifts Don’t Even Come Close. Nothing But Love For You Guys.

Now As Always, Monday Being Monday. I Need Ya All Here An Hour Early For Update And To See Who Won This Weeks Prize. A Five Star Dinner At Maxwell’s And Tickets To The Marlin Mets Game, Behind The Dugout Seats.

Next weeks Prize Is Off The Wire. So Ya All Have A Wonderful Weekend. I Want To Thank Each And Everyone Of You For Your Above And Beyond Hard Work And Dedication. Ya All The Best Customer Service Rep’s On The Planet. Be Safe. See Ya All Monday”.

I Walk Into My Office, Sit Down For A Sec In Front Of My Computer, Send Off The Week’s Reports To Corporate. Shut Down My Machine, Hit The Door.

“Hey Ryan”.

“Hey Dorthy”.

“Ryan, You Are Killing  Them. Your Numbers Are Through The Roof. Every Month. What Are Your Feeding Those People”?

“Wisdom And Love Ms. Dorthy. Goes A Long Way”.

“Well Mr. Hotshot, You Just Let Me Know If You Want To Spread Some Of That Love Around. Know What I Mean”.

“I’m Sure Your Husband Would Be Ecstatic With That”.

“Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying”.

“Guess You Can’t Ms. Dorthy. Have A Good One”.

“You As Well Ryan”.

I Proceed Down The Main Hall To The Side Exit That Will Land Me Onto Cypress Creek Road Where I Will Catch The Number 1 Bus Into Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Tonight Was Going To Be The First Night That I Dis Embark The 1 At 9th And Sistrunk Boulevard Instead Of Taking The Number 1 Into Downtown Fort Lauderdale Terminal.

I Decided That Getting Off At 9th And Sistrunk And Then Walking Up Sistrunk To 12th Street, Proceed South On South West 12th Street, Take A Right At 5th, Then Cut Over To 14th. Walk Up 14th To Broward Boulevard. Cross Broward Boulevard Right Onto My Street, West Harmon. Then A Two Block Hop Skip And Jump Over To Harmon And West Las Olas Where My Apartment Sat On The Corner. Cutting 13 Minutes Off My Walking Time.

I Walk By The Side Entrance/Exit Security Desk Heading For The Steel Door Leading Out To The Parking Lot.

“Good Night Mr. Donovan”.

“Good Night Reggie. Have A Great Weekend My Man”.

“You As Well Mr. Donovan. Don’t Have To Tell You To Be Safe. Got Your Girl Veronica With You”?

“Right By My Side Just Like Always. Never Leave Home Without Her”.

Veronica Being My Colt 1911 A Semi Auto 45.

“She Be Just Like American Express Mr. Donovan”.

“Copy Dat Reggie. Be Good My Man”.

“No Promises There Mr. Donovan”.

With That I Hit The Door Leading Out To The Parking Lot Of Cypress Creek Commons Office Park, Proceed Down The Drive To Cypress Creek Road, Make A Left, Walking To The Intersection At Powerline Road.

Cross Powerline, Walk The Short Distance To The Bus Stop.

Image result for pics  1400 w cypress creek

Walk Over To The Bus Stop. Light Up A Camel Menthol Chill And Wait On The Number 1 Broward County Transit Bus.

Image result for pics  number 10 broward county transit

Six Minutes Later The Bus Pulls Up. I Board.

“Evening Sir”.

“Evening Driver. Having A Good Night”?

“So Far So Good Sir”.

“Beats The Hell Out Of The Alternative”.

“Got Dat Right”.

I Walk To The Rear Of The Bus, Take An Empty Seat, Window Side, Facing West.

The Bus Rolls At A Decent Speed South, Down Powerline. Very Little Traffic This Time Of Night.

The Scenery Changes From Brightly Lit, To Dingy City Gloom As Downtown Approaches.

I Pull The Cord That Signals The Driver To Stop Just Before Hitting 9th And Sistrunk Boulevard.

The Bus Pulls Up To The Stop At The Corner Of 9th Street And Sistrunk Boulevard. I Walk To The Front Of The Bus, Past The Driver To Begin My Exit Off The Bus.

I Turn to The Driver.

“Have A Nice Evening Driver. See You Tomorrow Night”.

“I Certainly Hope So Sir. You Know Where You Are Sir. Sure You Want To Get Off Here?”

“Yep. Have A Good One Driver. See Ya Tomorrow”.

“I Certainly Hope So Sir. Take Care”.

See the source image

With That I Dis Embark The Number 1. Walk A Few Steps On Over To Sistrunk Boulevard And Proceed West Up Sistrunk.

See the source image

I Proceed West Up Sistrunk Boulevard To North West 11th.

I Walk South Down North West 11th Over To North West 6th Street.

I Hit North West 12th For A Short Walk South To 3rd Street.

The Plan Was To Cut Over From 5th To North West 14th Street, Then South On 14th To Broward Boulevard, Cross Broward Boulevard Onto My Street West Harmon, Then Two Blocks Over To My Apartment On The Corner Of West Las Olas And Harmon.

Broward Boulevard Was The Separation Of My Early 20th Century, Now Yuppie Neighborhood And The ‘Sistrunk Hood’.

I Was Very Familiar With Sistrunk For The Fact That I Purchased My Cigarette’s In The Hood, Saving Myself Close To $2.00 A Pack.

Then Four Times A Month I Delivered Food Boxes To The Home Bound Folks In The Sistruck Neighborhood.

I As Well Attended Church In Sistrunk At  ‘Word Of Life Kingdom Situated In The Sistrunk Hood.

Leading The Service Every Sunday Morning Was The Beautiful, Anointed Pastor Rosetta Bryson

Miss You Way Much Pastor.

Image result for pastor rosseta bryson

The Neighborhood Was Very Quite That Evening, As Well Dimly Lit, For The Reason That Most Of The Street Lights Were Out.

Just As I Was Approaching 5th, Pretty Much Walking In The Middle Of The Street. It Happened.

See the source image

“Yo Man. You Straight”?

I Turn My Head Slightly Left About 20 Degrees.

Sitting In the Middle Of 12th, On A 20 Inch Bike, High Bar’s, Was A 12 To 13 Year Old Kid.

Blue Jordan High Tops, Blue Jeans, Blue New York Giants T-Shirt And A Blue New York Giants Cap.

Can Ya All Spell ‘Crip‘.

Image result for Young Crips

“Yes Young Man. I Like Women”.

Time: 00:29

Temp: 83 Degrees

Humidity: Sky Da Fuck High

Visibility: Dark/Overcast

“Nawww Mannn. You Straight”?

“Yes Young Man. I Like Women”.

“Nawwww Mannn. You Straight. I Gots 1980’s Hard, I Gots Soft, I Gots Tweeze”.

So There We Are.

In The Middle Of South West 12th Street.

Looking At Each Other Cornea To Cornea.

Young Man Looking Up At Me From The Seat Of His 20 Inch Bike.

Myself Looking Down At Him.

Right There In The Middle Of The Damn Ass Hood.

“Oh. Awaight. You Slinging Dope”.

With That The Young Man Just Looks Back At Me, Staring Directly In My Eyes.

I’m Straight Up On Da Stare Back.

Just Like Dat For What I Know Must Have Seemed Like A Life Time For This Young Man.

I Let The Silence Do It’s Thang For A Minute.

Then In A Calm, Soft, Laid Back Tone I Say.

“I Ain’t Poe”.

Talk About A Sigh Of Relief.

Thought Kid Was Going To Keel Over Backwards Off Of His Bike From The Blow-back Of His Deep Sigh Of Relief.

“What If I Was Poe”?

“I Gettin Locked Up”.

“Yeah. Then What”?

“Man Get Me Out”?

“Oh. Awaight. So Now You Owe Da Man For Bail And Today’s Product And More Product That You Have To Sell To Make Up For Everything Else”.

“Yeah. So”?

“Awaight. Like Dis. Now You Back Out Here Again In 24. ‘Poe’ Not Stupid. Now He Bring You Down Again. Can You Spell Now You Double Fucked”.

“Wow. Dats Trippin”.

“Ya Thank? How Long You Been Out Here Slingin”?

“10 AM”.

“Oh. O.K. You On Da 24 Plus Plan”.

“Gotta Pile Dem $tack$”.

“When You Was A Shorty. What You Dream Of Being When You Grew Up”?

Even Though Young Man Was An Individual Who, Due To His Chronological Time In Space As It Were, Was For All Practical Matters, Considered A Shorty. I Was Not Going To Insult His Intelligence Or Honor For The Simple Fact That This Kid Was Out Here Slinging Drugs Just About 24 Hours A Day, Like A Man.

“I’m Real Good With Numbers. I Always Wanted To Design Airplanes And Rockets”.

No Shit. Talk About A Profound Response.

“Look I’m Gonna Be Straight With You. On Da 100. You Can Still Accomplish The Dream You Had When You Were A Shorty”.

“How I Do Dat”?

“First You Gotta Get Up Out Da Game. Then Go To The School. Talk To The Principal. Be Real With Her. Tell Her What You Wanna Do. Now You Need To Understand Something Serious”.

“What Dat”?

“You Will Be Bringin Hate From All Over The Place Down On You. The Man Really Be Hating On You For No Longer Lining His Pockets Boss Hog. Then Everyone Else. This Will Be By Far The Hardest Muthu Fuckin Thang You Have Ever Done Until The Next Hardest Thang Comes Along.

“Damnnnn. I Can Do It”.

“Yeah. Only You Can”.

“Wow Man. Thank You”.

“Don’t Thank Me Young Man. Thank Yourself When You Do It.

With That, The Young Man Rode Out Into The Night.

This New Way Home From Work, Not Only Began A New Chapter In My Life, But An Entire Actual Book.

That’s All I Got.

Image result for thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All.

Image result for ryanindaswamp images

Ryan. Out.

Image result for Cool Custom cadillac Lowriders

1959 Cadillac Low Rider    Sittin On Chrome

Dis How We Do It On Da West Side Da Best Side

2Pac – To live and die in LA (Dirty Version) [HD].





























































Street Story

Image result for ryanindadesert

Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

Image result for ryanindadesert

Friday, January 29, 2016

Street Story

“Mr. Mr. Sir. Can I Get A Rollie”? 

I Turn My Head Over My Right Shoulder.

The Voice Is Emitting From The Mouth Of The Beautiful Young Lady On The # 4 Bus Who Was Straight Up On The Stare Me Down.

I Keep Steppin Till I Hit Da Curb On The Other Side.

“Please Mr. Please Sir. Just One Rollie”?

“You Know How To Roll Girl”? 


“Awaight. Here Ya Go”.

“Ohhh. Thank You So Much Sir”.

“No  Problem Girl”. 

I Proceed To A Bus Bench. Girl In Tow. 

We Both Cop A Squat.

I’ll Interject At This Point.

Girl West Coast Gorgeous. Body By Fischer. 
Cadillac Eldorado Division.




Step Da Hell Back.

Image result for pics beautiful tattooed girls of la

“Thank You Sir”

“Your Welcome Young Lady”

“My Name Is Felicia. What’s Your Name”?

“My Name Is Ryan”.

“Hey Ryan. Your Handsome”.

“Young Lady. I’m Old Enough To Be Your Grandfather”

“Not. No Way. Your Not Even 50″.

“Tehhhh. I’m Just Bout 65″.

“Oh My GOD.Your Adorable”.

“Young Lady. Stop. Mind Your Manners”.

“Why Do You Think I Was Gawkin You On The Bus”? 

“Tehhhh.Young Lady. I’m Gonna GetRollin”.

“Do You Have A Phone”?

“Yes I Do.I Have Two Phones”.

“May I Use One.Please”?


“Please Ryan. Please”.

“Felicia. Girl. I Don’t Let Anyone Use My Phones”.

“Ryannnnn. Please. Pretty Pretty Please”?

“Tehhhh. No”.

“Oh Gosh. Please Please Ryan. It’s Important”.

“OMG Girl. No”.

“Ryannnnnn. Please Please Please.With Ton O Sugar Please”.

“Damn. Who You Need To Call”? 

“My Momz”.

“Whats The Number”.

“Thank You So Much Your So Sweet.I Love You”.

I Star 67. Dial. Give Felicia The Phone.

Girl Completes The Call. Hands The Phone Back To Me.

“Felicia. Why Don’t You Have A Phone”? 

“I Had A New I Phone. But I Lost It”

“Awaight. I’m Gonna Get You A Phone Right Now. You Can’t Be Without A Phone”.

“Really? Your So Sweet.What Kinda Phone”?

“A Lifeline Phone. You Get 500 Talk Minutes And 500 Hundred Text Minutes Every Month”.



These Are NOT Obama Phones.

Lifeline Was Introduced In 1972 By Then California Governor Ronald Reagan.

Image result for Lifeline Phones Low-Income 

“I Love You Sooooooo Much Ryan”.

“OMG  Girl. Stop. Do You Have An Arizona Picture I.D. And An ACHESS Or EBT Card”?

“Yes” “

O.K. Hold On I’m Callin My Dawg Drew”.

“Yo. Drew. What Up Dawg? I’m Good. Listen. Check It Out. I’m Here With A Young Lady. She Need’s A Phone.Where You Iz? Awaight. Girl Has An Arizona Picture I.D. And A Current E.B.T. Uh Huh.Uh Huh. Awaight. Let Me Write This Down. Go Ahead Dawg. Uh Huh. Awaight. Later My Man. I’ll Send Her Down. Girl’s Name Is Felicia”.

“Awaight Felicia. Here Ya Go. My Man Drew Is Gonna Hook You Up. Even Gonna Upgrade You For Free. I Wrote It All Down. Directions. Bus’s. Everythang”.

“Go With Me Ryan”.

“Girl. Not On My Schedule. You’ll Be Fine. Everythang Is Right Here Felicia”.

“Ryannnnn. Please. Ton O Sugar Paleeezee”?

“Gir.l I Have Some Where I To Be“.

“Ryannnn. Paleeezeee. I Want To Hang Out With You All Day”.

“Girl. No”.

“Gosh Ryan. I Really Like You. Please Please Please Ryan”?

“OMG Girl. NO”.

With That.

Before I Knew What Hit Me.

I Can’t Even Make Dis Shit Up.

Girl. Pulls Out Her Beautiful Ample Breasts

Leans Over.

Plants Her Open Mouth Right Da Hell On My Grill.

Tongue Extended Further Than A Python’s.

I Pull Back As If I Just Caught An M1C Sniper Round.

“Damnnnnn Girl. Are You Kiddin Me! Titties And Kiss’s At On A Bus Stop Bench. O.M.G. Put Those Thangs Away. Now!!! LORD HAVE MERCY“!

Girl Was Shocked And In Tears.

“OMG Ryan. I’m So Sorry. I Feel So Bad, Embarrassed And Ashamed. Please Forgive Me”.

“Damnnn Felicia. You Should Be Embarrassed And Ashamed. How Old Are You”? 

In A Cry, Sigh,Whimpering Voice

“I’m Almost 25″.

“Damnnnn. That’s The Same Age As My Daughter. I Damn Sure Hope She’s Not All Titties And Kiss’s At The Bus Stop”. 

There Ya Have,It.

Just Another Day In A Life In Da Desert

That’s All I Got.

Image result for thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All.

Image result for ryanindaswamp images

Ryan. Out.

Image result for pics ferraris on the road

Tupac – Picture Me Rollin VIDEO [HD] [Official] (Uncensored)

A Russian Story

Friday, August 19, 2016

Image result for pics sonora desert  Welcome To Da Desert Ya AllImage result for pics scorpions in the desert

A Russian Story

Image result for pics moscow

What Up World.

Glad Ya All Could Make It.

Hope Your World Is As Soul And Spirit Happy As Mine. 

This Trip Back In Time Came To Me As I Was Walking Through The 250 Year Old Cemetery On My Walk To The # 16 Bus This Morning.

For Some Reason. 

Completely Unknown To Me.

Cemeteries Have  Always Been A Very Special Place.

Quite Possibly It’s the Tranquillity.

The Main Attraction For Sure Are The Old Resting Places Literally Going Back Centuries.

The History Involved In These Settlers Spirits.

It Is The Veterans Graves. 

That Grab My Full Attention.

Some Going Back To The Spanish American War And Even The American Civil War.

The Vietnam Veterans Resting Area Is A Very Special Place To Me. 

Always Bringing Me To Tears. 

Then, As Always, My Salute In Front Of Each Grave With Honor,  Giving Thanks To My Fallen Brothers Who Have Literally Given It All.


Tears Hitting The Whores Expansive Keyboard As I Drop These Very Peckz.

My Favorite Grave Yard Is Located In My Most Favorite Place On This Planet.

That Would Be Citizens Cemetery, In The City Of Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Image result for pics citizens cemetery flagstaff az entrance

Image result for Flagstaff AZ  citzens cemetary

Image result for Flagstaff AZ  citzens cemetary

Image result for Flagstaff AZ   giant blackbirds flying

So Very Cool.Black Birds Bigger Than Iggy The Dog.

I Ain’t Gonna Lie.It Was For Sure The Rollings Stones Song,‘Route 66’ That Lit My Fire In Regards To Finding This Magical Freeway That Would Transport Me Two Miles High Up Into The Mystical Flagstaff Atmosphere.

Image result for pics 65 covette route 66

Image result for Flagstaff AZ History route 66

I Love Flagstaff.

I’ve Been Going Up To Flag Since 1966.

It Was The Summer Of 1966.

I Had Just Graduated From High School With Honors.

I Was The Ripe Old Age Of 16 Years Old.

I Purchased, Cash Money. 

A White 1963 Pontiac Bonneville Four Door. 


Image result for 1963 white pontiac bonneville 4 door

Blue Fake Leather Naugahyde Interior Bench Seats. 

Every Option Known To Man In That Seemingly Ancient Time.

The Best Part Was That My Surf Board Fit Perfectly Over The Passenger Seats Front To Rear.


The Very Best Part Of The Pontiac Was The Sale Price I Paid.

The Vehicle Had A Scant 9000 Miles On The Odometer.

Car Was Like New.

I Located The Car In The Sunday L.A. Times Three Days Before I Turned 16 Years Old.

The Car Belonged To An Old Jewish Couple.

The Husband Had Just Passed Away And The Widow Just Wanted ‘The Beast’ As She Refereed To The Car, Gone.

I Paid the Nice Lady $300.00 Cash Money.

Talk About Luckin Out.

The Very Evening After Graduation I Loaded Up  ‘Bonnie’.  

Her 455 Power House Engine Purring Under Her Sexy The Hood.

I Swung By The House Of My Drop Dead Gorgeous Girlfriend, Dyrell Titus And We Hit The Road.

Dyrell Had Just Turned 18 And As Well Had Just Graduated High School.

She Was The Schools Top Volley Ball Athlete And Part Of The Football Teams Cheer Leading Squad.

We Had Been Planning This Trip For Almost A Year.

We Had Never Heard Of Flagstaff, Arizona Until We Heard ‘The Rolling Stones’ Wailing Their  Smash Hit Song ‘Route 66’.

Off To Flag We Headed. 

Now When Thinking Back On It All.

Here We Were. Two California Surfer Kidz, From Da Hood, Heading East On What I Consider To Be The Most Historic Road Leading West In America.

Back In Those Days Flagstaff Was Mostly Dirt Roads. 

Image result for Flagstaff AZ History route 66

Image result for Flagstaff AZ History route 66 

Image result for Flagstaff AZ History route 66

Pavement Would Slowly Work It’s Way Into The Landscape As One Approached Northern Arizona University. 

Image result for NAU Falfstaff Az

Outside Of NAU (Northern Arizona University) Dirt Roads Led In All Directions.

Things Don’t Get Any More Laid Back Than Flagstaff.

Back Then Outside Of Northern Arizona University The Population Was Made Up Of Mostly Navajo Indians And Old White Settlers.

To This Day I Have Many Navajo Brothers.


Fast Forward To The Beginning Of Summer 2014.

I Usually Spend Summers Up In Flag To Escape The Deserts Daily 100 Degree Plus Fiery Pavement Environment.

As Well There Is A Publication That Always Welcomes Me To Turn Out Articles For Them.
They Even Have A Small Little Cabin In The Back For Me To Call Home. 

I Ain’t Gonna Lie.

My Favorite Place To Crash Though, Is To The Northern Rear Of Northern Arizona University Observatory.

Image result for Flagstaff AZ NAU observatory

There Is This Little Dirt Road Running Parallel To The Rear Of The Observatory Only Accessible On Foot Through The Terrain. 

This Tiny Path Leads To A 30 Foot Cliff.

So Cool To Scale In The Dark Starlit Night.

Then Once Reaching The Plato, One Feels As Though They Are Truly On Top Of The World.

The Sky Lit Up By The Trillions Upon Trillions Upon Trillions Of Stars Lighting The Heavens.

Image result for Flagstaff AZ shooting stars clear night
Image result for Flagstaff AZ shooting stars clear night

Shooting Stars Are The Norm Of The Night.

Up On This Plato I Have A Sleeping Bag Secured In A Double Thick Black Refuse Bag. 

I Will Not Be Making This Incredible Journey This Summer As I Have Taken A Position Back In The American Corporate 500 Rat Race.

My Vacation Coming To End Next Week.


Back To The Beginning Of Summer 2014.

After Dropping My Daily Article For My Friends Small Publication I Walk Over To My Favorite Coffee Place In Downtown Flag On San Fransisco Street.

Image result for Flagstaff AZ coffee shops on san fransisco st 

This Particular Day There Is A Small Line Upon Entering. 
Four People Waiting For Their Thick Rich Tasting Hot Brew Delight.

Young Man In Front Of Me, About 30 Years Old. 

Got That All American Jock Look About Him.
For Sure Military. 

Out The Wild Blue Young Man Turns Around 
And Asks Me If I Know This Girl Named Tula.

He Goes On To Say That He Is Sure He Saw Me Talking To Tula One Day In Front Of The Main Library.

Flagstaff, Being The Small Community It Is, Most Everyone, The Regulars As It Were, In Some Way Or Another Are Connected.

Tula Is, As A Matter Of Fact, A Long Time Friend of Mine. A Writer As Well. 

I Confirm His Question And We Just Start Talking.
Just Two Dudes Shooting The Shit. 

Young Mans Name Is Sam. 
Doesn’t Get Any More American Then That.

Turns Out Me And Sam Have A Lot In Common.
Sam As Well Practices Marshall Arts.

He Has A Gig Managing A Sporting Goods Store In Town. 
He Also Has His Favorite Cliff Hangout Just Outside Of Flag Off Route 66.

Nothing Like Scaling A Steep Cliff And Practicing Martial Arts Kata. 

He had A small One Room Crib Over The Store.

We End Up Homies.

Never Communicated Via Cell Phone Or Anything Like That.

Just Always Ended Up Meeting After Work At The Coffee Shop.

There Was One Thing That Was Always On My Mind.

I Knew For Sure Dude Military. 
I Had Him Pegged For Special Op’s. 
Most Likely Officer Status.

Thang Of It Was, Homie Would Never Come Clean As Far As Branch, Rank Or MOS.

Looking Back Now. 
I Surely Get The Fucking Secrecy. 

Summer Starts To Wind Down. 

Everythang Just Everythang.

On The Third To Last Day Before I Headed Out Back To The Desert With Autumn Quickly Approaching And For Sure Temps Dropping In A Lightening Quicker Than Lickety Nano Sec Up In The Two Mile High Flagstaff Environment.

I Head Over To The Coffee Shop After Dropping A Few Peckz Across The Whores Expansive Keyboard Completing My Third To Last Article For My Friend. 

My lifelong Friend Veronica, Retired FBI Special Agent Cribbing A Lifetime Up In Sedona Was Meeting Her Homie Lorraine, A Long Time Friend Of Hers Who Resides In Flag Like Forever.

Image result for Downtown Sedona Arizona
Beautiful Sedona
I Make It Over To The Coffee Shop. 

Grab My Dark Brew Coffee With A Habinero Pepper Float. 

My Homie Sam Is Already There. 
I Cop A Squat.

We Start Shooting The Shit While Waiting On The Girls.

Just Your Usual Everyday Dude To Dude Bullshit. 

Just Kickin It. 

Then All Of A Sudden Sam Turns To Me And States:

“We Need You Ryan”.

I’m All Like Up In The Puzzlement Thang.

Thinking, Who Needs Me?

As If Sam Was Reading My Mind He Says:  

“Yeah Ryan. 
We Need You And You Will Most Defiantly Be A Good Fit”.  

“O.K. Dude. 
Who Need’s Me And What Kinda Fit”?

Your Insight And Intelligence Is Beyond All Scope. 
The Way You See Things Before There Is Even Any For See-able Evidence”.    

“O.K. And”?

To Say That I Was Completely Caught Off Guard In A Shell Shocked Kinda Way With My Homies Response Is A Cyclopean Understatement.

Ya All Ready For This?

“The Kremlin Has A Very Lot Of Money Now Ryan. 
You Will Never Have Another Worry In The World. 
I have Been Discussing You With My Superiors.
They Are Very Looking Froward To Meeting You.
All The Necessary Paperwork Is Already In Order.
Your Flight Will Depart Day After Tomorrow”.   

I Just Sat There With This Major Dumbfounded Expression Blazing Across My Grill. 

I Have Never Ever Been That Entirely Speechless In My Life. 

“So Ryan. Are You On Board”?

“You Shitting Me Right”?

I Would Never Shit Anyone In Regards To A Matter As Serious As This.
I Am A Russian Military Spetnaz Officer. 
I Do Not Play Ryan”.


As I Sat There. 

It Was As If I Had Been Transported Into A 4th Dimensional Dump Onto An Alternate Realty Onto The Set Of A Rod Serling ‘Twilight Zone’ Episode.
All I Could Verbally Muster Up In Reply Was:

“Russian Women Are Gorgeous”.

All The Beautiful Russian Women You Can Imagine Will Be At Your Disposal. 
The Best Food On This Planet. 
24 Hour Car Service. 
Whatever You Want Ryan. 
Everything Is All Arranged. 
My Superiors Wait In Great Anticipation In Meeting You”.

“What About My Social Security?
Child Support?

“Forget About All That Trivial Nonsense Ryan. You Will Have A life Like You Could Never Even Dream Of”. 

At This Point I Was Gone. 

Thoughts Were Rushing Though My Head At Multiple Mach Speeds.

At One Nano Flash Second I Thought We Were Both Gonna Draw Down Our Weapons And Start Blasting Each Other.  

This Shit Was Straight Da Fuck Outta A 1950’s Spy Movie.

I Ain’t Gonna Lie.

At One Quick Flash Nano Thought Moment. 

I Envisioned Lil Ol Me Cribbing In Da Kremlin Surrounded By Beautiful Russian Babes.

Then Realty Smacked Me Square Up In The Kisser.

I Glanced Veronica And Lorraine Walking Towards The Coffee Shop. I Turned To Sam
And Said: 

“My Man. 
You Straight Up Cool. 
If And When The Shit Ever Rains Down. 
I Hope Ya Got My 6. 
I Know For A Fact I Would Have Yours Brother.
At This Point In My Life I Hate To Fly And Russia Is One Long Ass Muthu Fuckin Flight.
I Am Both Overwhelmed And Highly Honored That You Would Make Such A Cool Ass Offer To Me.
To Say That I Am Impressed Is A Monumental Understatement.
All That Said My Man. 
I’m Gonna Turn Down Your Generous Offer.
I Hope That Doesn’t Damper Our Friendship”.  

With That Sam Stood Up. 
Shook My Hand And Said:

“Nothing Could Ever Dampen Our Friendship Ryan. 
You Be Safe Recon Marine. 
It Has Been A Pleasure And A Great Honor Knowing You. 
Your Are A Good Man Ryan. 
Our Loss”.

With That.

Sam Turned And Walked Out Of The Coffee Shop. 

Never To Be Seen Again.

I Can’t Even Make Dis Shit Up.

That’s All I Got.

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Desert Love Ya All.

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Ryan. Out.

Tail End

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Beautiful Women


Flagstaff, Arizona

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Image result for pics flagstaff az

Image result for pics flagstaff az

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Image result for pics flagstaff az

United States
United Kingdom
Costa Rica
Hong Kong






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Da Desert

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Ya All 
Da Desert

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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta   Sittin On Chrome

Pearl Jam – Even Flow

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На прошлой неделе Hackin Российская панк Ass Суки.

Расскажите педофилов Гей мальчик Vladdy голыми положил трубку; дописав фразу на прошлой неделе.

Dat в Большом Gigantorous негативных в отношении завершение его Гей губы вокруг моей давней

And Yo Pig Face Hoe Mamma

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