The Facts Just The Facts Mam

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Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

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The 52% Factor.

Otherwise Known As ‘The Criminal Dump‘.

Tucson, Arizona Is The Official Garbage Dump For The United States Of Americas Corrections Department.

Lucky Us.

What This Means, Is When Prisons Throughout America Release Felons After Completing Their Sentences, They Are Dropped Off In The Wild Wild West Of Tucson, Arizona.

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They Are Scattered Throughout The City In Various Halfway Houses. Enrolled In Various Programs Designed To Change Their Lives, Resulting In Their Transformation Back Into Society.

It Is Within These Boundaries That The Number Delineation, 52% Comes Into Play.

52% Defines ‘Rescind Rate‘.

Rescind Rate‘ Represents, Simply Stated, The Number Of Released Convicted Felons That Within A Two Year Period, Will Commit The Same Crime Or Worse, That Sent Them Up  The Road To The Gansta Hilton.

Image result for pics arizonA STATE PRISN FLORENCE

The Chance Of Repented Survival Here In The Quaint Desert May Berry Of Tucson, Arizona Is At Best,  Dismal.

Not So Much In The Employment Arena, As There Are many Companies In Tucson That Hire Felons And Are Compensated For Their Efforts.

As Well Many Programs Exist In Tucson For The Sole Purpose Of Rehabilitating Felons.

So It Is Simple To Ascertain That Chances Of Rehabilitation Are More Than Abundant.

Non Of These Factors Are The Problem.

The Problem Exists Within The Culture Structure Of Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson Is The Number One Most Dangerous City In The State Of Arizona.

The Fifth Most Dangerous City In The United States.

Tucson Is The Fifth Poorest City In The United States.

We’ve Recently Graduated Up A Notch From The Fourth Poorest City In The Country.

Now Throw Illegal Drugs Into This Happy Mix.

Of The 100% Of Illegal Drugs Manufactured In The World, America Consumes 80% Of The Total World Manufactured Amount Of Illegal Drugs.

75% Of The Entire 80% Of Illegal Substances Consumed By Americans, Travels For Distribution Country Wide, Through ‘The Alley‘.

The Alley‘ Is Tucson, Arizona.

Think About That For A Sec.

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As The Above Map Clearly Indicates, ‘The Sinaloa Cartel‘ Are The Kingpins Of Illegal Drugs Entering Into The United States From Mexico.

This Statistic Is Nothing At All New To Tucson.

Just A Simple Fact Of Daily Life We Have Been Dealing With For The Past 12 Years.

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MS13 Representing

The Cartels‘ Mules In This Operation Of Import And Transport Are And Have Always Been MS13.

Another Fact Of Daily Life Us Tucsonians Have Been Dealing With For Close To Two Decades.

Subject Matter I Have Been Writing About Going On Six Years Now.

Subject Matter That Fox News Has Been Cluing America In On For Less Than One Year.

On The Sister Blog To This Site: ‘‘ I Wrote An Article Detailing MS13 Back In Late 2012.

Image result for apprehended drug shipments on the ariz mexico border

Image result for apprehended drug shipments on the ariz mexico border

Image result for apprehended drug shipments on the ariz mexico border

Image result for apprehended drug shipments on the ariz mexico border

America. The Above Photo’s, Are An On Ongoing Occurrence, Daily, On The Arizona Mexican Border.

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The Steel Wall Spanning The Border Between Arizona And Mexico

In Other Words, Law Enforcement Within Tucson More Than Has Their Hands Full.

Now, In Regards To Tucson, Arizona And Local Law Enforcement. There Are Two Agencies That Comprise These Entities.

Tucson Police Department And Pima County Sheriff.

I’ll Begin With TPD

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Tucson Chief Of Police / Christopher Magnus

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Tucson Police, On Their Very Best Of Days, Are Under Staffed, Conservatively Speaking, 300 Street Patrol Officers.

These Brave And Courageous Patrol Officers Are Assured Their Protection From Flying Rounds In The Safe Guard Of Their Bullet Proof Vests.

For The Most Part A large Number Of These Vests Are Donated Through Various Tucson Charities.

Tucson police to receive nearly $30,000 worth of bullet-proof

Tucson boy gives police dogs bullet-proof vests | Local News …

I Have Not Research This Fact, I Am Assuming, That In America, There Are Not Many Other Municipal Police Force’s That Rely On Charity Donations To Supply Common Every Day Police Equipment.

It Gets Better.

I’ll Begin With Tucson Police, Patrol Cars.

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840 Vehicles Make Up Tucson Police Departments Patrol Vehicles.

Out Of This Number, 454 Register 80,000 Or More Miles.

The Highest Recorded Miles On These Patrol Car’s, Is 201,000.

Industry Standard Across The Board Recommends Replacement At 60,000 To 80,000 Miles.

Model Years Range From 1988 To 2015. The Average Age Is 8 Years Old.

The Point Is, That The Tucson Police Department, Most Definitely Falls Into The Category Of Doing More With Much Less.

This Carries Over Into Pay.

On A National Level, Tucson Police, Are At The Bottom Of The Chart In Regards To Annual Salary, Not Including Add On’s.


Accomplishing Way More With Way Less.

Tucson’s Sheriff Department Does Not Fare Much Better In All The Above Categories.

Except, That Pima County Sheriff Department Covers More Ground.

This Great Law Enforcement Department Is Headed Up By Sheriff Mark Napier.


Pima County Sheirff Mark Napier

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Now Mind You, Sheriff Napier, Has Only Been In The The Law Enforcement Game A short While.

Wearing A Badge And Strapping Side Arm For A Scant 28 Years.

First With Tucson Police Department, At One Point Captain Napier, Then Pima County Sheriff.

“Where Are You Going With All This Mr. Swamp”?

“Glad you Asked Slappy My Man. Follow This Vapor Trail”.

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Sheriff Napier Was Interviewed On Fox News ‘The Tucker Carlson Show’.

A Show That I Personally Find Un Watchable, For The Fact That Daily, Tucker Carlson Blurs The Fine Line Of Fact With Political Innuendo.

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As Well, In Regards To The Above Facts Outlining What Transpires On A Daily Basis In Pima County And The Tucson City Limits, Somehow Escaped ‘The Tucker Carlson Show‘ Research Department.


The ‘The Tucker Carlson Show‘ Does Not Employ A Research Department?

The Obvious Fact.

Great Going ‘Tuckey Boy’.

I’ve Been Tuning Into Fox News Now For 17 Years.

In My World Today, The Actual Time I Spend On The Fox News Channel Is Dwindling Dramatically.

At One Point ‘Tuckey Boy Carlson‘ Asks Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier A Question, In Regards To The Subject Matter Pertaining To The Arizona/Mexico  Border ‘Wall‘ Being Bandied About On Both Sides Of The Political Insanity Aisle.

Sheriff Napier, Calmly, Professionally Begins To Answer This Highly Volatile Political Question.

He States That Today’s Technological Advances Further The Notion That A Wall Does Not Fit The Bill. Kinda In the Same Light As The Great China Wall.

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Oh Yeah. Now That’s An Impenetrable Wall. Paleezee!!!

Also Keep In Mind That On Arizona’s South West Border Sits The Marine Corps ‘Air Station Yuma‘.

Mcas yuma.jpg

As Well, In The City Of Tucson Is Located The Air Force’s  ‘Davis Monthan Air Base‘.

Image result for pics davis monthan airbase logo           Image result for pics davis monthan airbase logo

As One Can Plainly See, Technology Is Not A Problem Here.

At One Point, Sheriff Napier Refers To The Relative, At Best, Loaded Political Grenade, Called, ‘The Wall‘, As A Mid Evil Solution, Sending ‘Tuckey Boy Carlson‘ Into A Political Tirade Tail Spin.

While At The Same Time Showing Total Dis Respect To Sheriff Napier, A Man Who Has Dedicated His Professional Life To SERVING And PROTECTING The People Of Tucson, Arizona, As Well, Pima county.

Unlike ‘Tuckey Boys‘ Career Choice Of Television ‘Talking Head‘.

Constantly In Lick and Suck Mode Regarding The Backsides Of Network News Executives In Regards To Promotions Or Just Holding On To His Slim Shacking Job.

Great Contribution ‘Tuckey Boy‘ In regards To serving Your Community And Country.

Slant Face Political Drip Lip Hack.

At One Point In The Interview, Laid Back Sheriff Napier, Is Trying To Do His Best To Address Questions In The Ongoing Flying Flak Tirade, That Epileptic ‘Tuckey Boy‘ Is Laying Down.

Then ‘Tuckey Boy‘ Exclaims “I’ve Been To Tucson”!

That’s Nice Idiot.


Yo. ‘Tuckey Boy Carlson‘.

As Far As I Am Concerned, You Haven’t Any Business What So Ever Hosting Your Own Show. In Essence ‘Tuckey Boy‘ You Suck On A Gigantorous, Cyclopean Level.

Your Political Slanted Vitriol Is Less Than Balanced, In Effect Taking You To The Galactic Far Side Of Fox News’s Tribal War Cry, Fair And Balanced.

Quite Honestly, For Myself, ‘Tuckey Boy‘ You Epitomize The Old South Central, Los Angeles, Slang Term, P.A.B.

In My Humble Opinion, Fox News Has Joined The Ranks Of The Bought And Sold News Media To The Point Where I Find Them Un Watchable, Along With MSNBC And CNN.

To Drive This Point Further On Down The Road Of Decline, I Heard Another Fox News Commentator This Morning Commenting On Jerusalem In Regards To The Jewish And Muslim Inhabitants.

At One Point, This Clueless Fox News Broadcaster, Stated That The Territorial Arguments Between The Jews And The Muslims Have Been Going On Now For “THOUSANDS” Of Years.


Seriously Mis informed Fox News Broadcaster.

Clue Up My Man.

The Muslim Religion Is 1400 Years Old.

Kinda Hard Fox News Broadcast Idiot, To Carry On Arguments With Someone For “THOUSANDS” Of Years If They Have Only Existed For 1400 Years.

Just More Fox News Mis Information, Based Sole On Political Slant, Spewing Forth From The Drip Lips Of Grease Butt Monkeys.

As Much As I Hate To Give In To This Fact, I Now Lump Fox News Into The Pile Of All The Other Bought And Sold News Media Outlets.

Pushing A Strong Political Agenda.

Careening Them Off The Road Of Fair And Balanced On To The Freeway Exit Of Kinda Fair, Real Un Balanced.

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Politics Take Another Victim.

That’s All I Got.

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Desert Love Ya All.

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Ryan. Out.

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2017 Mercedes Gullwing AMG   Sittin On Chrome

Roy Haynes Quartet featuring Roland Kirk – Fly Me to the Moon


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Oy Gavalt And The Band Plays On

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Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

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I Will Start Off Today With A Word For A Great Man.

A True Pioneer And Successful Leader In A Very Tough Industry.

An Industry That Shows No Mercy What So Ever, On A Daily Basis.

An Industry That Maintains A Daily Grind That Eats You Up And Spits You Out.

This Brave And Courageous Man Held Tight To His Beliefs, Style And Ground Breaking Media Creation.

A True Innovator In The Field Of Graphics And Presentation.

A Man Who Over A Professional Lifetime Endured Hateful Bigotry From The Controlling Left Side Political Wing Nuts That Control His Chosen Profession.

This Man Provided Life Changing Opportunities To Many Individuals.

Opportunities The Ordinary Man And Woman Only Dreams Of.

Great Job Sir. You Will Be Missed.

So Giant Kaddish Goes Out To Roger Ailes.

The Man And The Force Behind Fox News.


Rest In Peace In Sir..

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1940 To 2017

Movin On.

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What I Had Planned To Write As Of 21:30 Hours, Pacific Standard Time, 2017 17 05.


America Can Now Move Forward.

A Special Prosecutor, A Good Man, A Great American, A True Patriot.

Has Been Appointed To Investigate The Entire Russian Scenario Cluster Fuck.

From Michael T. Flynn On Up Through The Pile.

The Psychotic, Left Side Wing Nuts, Can Now Wrap Their Drip Lips Around Thorazine’s Pacifying Nipple And Chill Down A Bunch Of Degrees.


Those Who Leaked Any ‘Classified Information‘  Will Be Exposed By The Hundreds And Prepare For Their Journey Into Mad, Hostile, Jail House Love.

Now, President Trump Can Carry On With His Bold And Much Needed Plan In Making America Great Again.

You Now Finally Have Reprieve Sir, To Carry On And Move Forward With Your Promise To Restore And Build America.


Happy Day’s Are Here Again!!!

Image result for pics Hallelujah black people white people praing god

Then It Happened.

08:47. This Morning.

Sipping On My Black Dark Brew Bustello Coffee, With A Habenero Pepper Float.

I Engage Mr. Remote, That Is Still In Mute Mode.

From ‘The Weather Channel‘ Onto ‘Fox News‘ I Go.

Fox, Is In Commercial Break.

I Up Channel Surf To MSNBC. Mr. Remote Still In Mute Mode.

I Catch the Trailer.

President Trump Calling Special Prosecutor A Witch Hunt“.

I Switch Back To Fox.

Sure Enough.

President Trump Is Off On Some Raging Diatribe.

Ranting On About A ‘Witch Hunt‘.

Oy Gavalt.

Oy Vey.

Oh My GOD.

Oh mi DIOS.

Nigga Paleezee!!!

Mr. President.

You Had Just Received A Pass.

A Reprieve If You Will.

Let The Process Take It’s Course.

Your Actions Mr. President, Are Beginning Remind Me Of An Individual Under Interrogation, Who, Is Showing All The Signs Of Guilt.

The Grave That You Are Digging Yourself Into Is Becoming Deeper And Wider By The Nano Second Mr. President

One Of Your Chosen Men.

Michael T. Flynn, Your Pick As ‘National Security Advisor‘, A Very Serious Position,  Seriously, Without Thought Or Hesitation, Lied, To Your Vice President.

Compromising This Country In Yet Un Quantifiable Ways, On A Global Level.

Thank GOD For Vice President Pence, Who Brought All Of This To The Forefront.

Mr. President, I Am Doing My Damn est To Stand Tall For You Sir.

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But Quite Franklin Sir.

If You Were One Of My N.C.O.’s, Your Actions Would Be Leading Down A Path Towards Court Martial Boulevard.

That’s Just How The Game Is Played.

The Job Of Running This Country IS NOT The Same As Over Seeing And Running Daddy’s Business.

It Is Not Sir, All About You.

And, Any Individual That Can Not See Through The Shrouded Veil Of Slant Face Political Choice And Obligation, Quite Frankly In My World Is A Blind Idiot.

Mr. President.

You Must.

You Have To Stop This Childish Behavior.


The Mainstream, Bought And Sold Media Is Out To Destroy You.

From My Seat In The Street Sir, You Yourself Are Propagating Your Own Guilt.

For Sure. They Are Out To Get You.

Yeah. And?

So What.

That Is On Them.

Let Them Spin And Whirl In Their Own Dirt.

What Do You Care?

In The Entire Scheme Of It All, Ain’t Nothin But A Thang.

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If I Was To Give Credence To Every Asshole That Has Crossed My Path In This Extremely Long Life, I Would Surely Be Institutionalized At This Point In Time.

Water Off A Ducks Back.

But Then Again.

My Humble Ghetto Roots, Demanded That I Proceed Forward In An Honest, Straight Up, On Da 100, Path Of Demeanor.

Mr. President.

When One Is ‘Up In Da Game‘.

One Need’s To Be Very Cognoscente Of The Players And ‘The Game‘.

Either Keep Your Enemies Close Or Just Walk Da Fuck Away.

Image result for pics albert einstien

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” / Albert Einstein

Quite Honestly Mr. President.

Your Actions Are Screaming That Of A Daddy’s Little Rich Boy.

Very Obnoxious Sir.

And, As Well, These Actions You Are Portraying Have Not A Thing To Do With The Business Of Running OUR Country.

A Country That Me And Mine Have More Than Sacrificed For.

Image result for pics  hue city south vietnam 1968

Actual Photograph. Hue City, Central South Vietnam. 1968

A Country Of ‘We The People‘.

Not A Country Of ‘I Donald John J. Trump‘.

Feel Me?

So Far?


Mr. President.

Paleezee Sir.

Stop Chasing Dragons And Let The Process Take It’s Course.

Get Down To Business.

That Would Be The Business Of Restoring This Broken Country And “Making It Great Again“.

Image result for pics  trump canpaign make america great again

I Implore You Sir.

Movin On.

Image result for pics  saleen mustang burning rubber

To State That As A Result Of This Mornings Onslaught Of News, Coming At Me Quicker Than A Lightening Bent L.A. Lickety, My Head Is On A Mind Shattering Galactic Spin. No End In Sight.

Image result for pics  galactic spin

Last But Not Least.

Richard Rojas.

A Drunken,

Wanna Be G-Thug  P.A.B.

Former United States Navy Embarrassment And Disgrace.

At Very High Speed, Plowed His Vehicle Into A Crowd Of Innocent People In Times Square, New York City, New York.

This Malignant Piece Of Crap.

Hard Two Priors For D.U.I. And Yet This Criminal Faggot Is Still Behind The Wheel Of An Automobile.

Our Justice System Needs To Tighten Up.


This Should Have Never Happened.

Innocent, Productive, Good Lives Were Ruined Because Of This Un Repenting Waist Of A  Human Being.

Two D.U.I’s.

Driving Privileges Suspended.

Disgraced And Tossed Out Of The Navy.

For Life.


Thank Great LORD GOD ALMIGHTY That I Am Not Employed Any Where Near That Of Law Enforcement.

Cause Little Rickey Rojas.

You Straight Up Smoke.

You Nothin But Squeeze Candy, Little Rickey Boy Faggot.

Earth Privileges Immediately Suspended.

Now I’m Gonna Talk To You On The 100 Little Rickey Boy.

Poco Rickey.
En su mejor día puta, hace menos de un punk culo chamiza perra.
Siempre estás chupando Satán largo polla de grasa, perra.
vete a la mierda.
follar su feo rostro de cerdo azada culo mama para no poner a la muerte al nacer chamiza.
Ahora usted puede chupar polla en prisión por el resto de tu puta vida chamiza cara culo.
ver ya perra.

Image result for pics  man having sex with satan

That’s All I Got

2Pac – To live and die in LA (Dirty Version) [HD].

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Proper Protocol A To Z

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Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

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The Rope Of Critical Protocol Quickly Un Ravels

Image result for pics the white house

What Every Successful Leader Fully Understands, Rank, Surely Roll’s Down Hill. The Set In Marble, Chain Of Command.

As Well, Every Wise Leader Fully Understands That Specific, Set Protocol Is Established.

At The Very Point In Time, In Regards To The FBI Investigation Into Possible Business Dealings Involving Michael T. Flynn And The Russians, This Was The Exact Moment That President Trump, Without Comment Or Tweet, Was Required To Step Far Back Into The Shadows. Letting His FBI Do Their Job. Period.

Giving Complete Un Bridled Authority To The Justice Department To Quietly Conduct Their Business Into The Investigation Of One Of ‘The Presidents Men‘.

Under Perceived, Set, Practiced, Protocol.

Image result for fbi internal investigation chain of command

The President, Never, Ever, Conversing At Any Time With The FBI Director Or Agents In Any Capacity. Period.

When Indeed, The President Has In Fact Received ANY And ALL Information Regarding Said Case, It Is At This Point In Said Investigation, That The President And The FBI Director And Various Other Law Enforcement Staff Sit Down And Discuss The Case And What The Necessary Actions Forward Are To Transpire.

The First Question That I Have Is, Did President Trump Personally Demand Loyalty Of James Comey, To Himself, The President.

Because From My Seat In The Street, FBI Director James Comey’s Only Rock Solid Loyalty Is To The American People And His Staff. Period.

My Second Question Is, Did President Trump Ask FBI Director James Comey To In Effect, Sweep Under The Carpet, Their Investigation Into Any Collusion Between Michael T. Flynn And Russia?

In My Opinion, A Much Forbidden Question.

Again. Protocol And Chain Of Command.

The Inner Workings Of The United States Of America, Is Not, A Corporate Board Room.

I Am An Excellent Judge Of Character. Been A Lifelong.

Since Jump, I Have Tracked James Comey. A Couple Of Blogs Back On This Very Sight, I Mentioned This.

For Myself, An Individuals Eyes, Only Second To His Body Language, Provide Me With The Complete Picture Of An Individual.

From All Angle And Screen Shots, I Perceive James Comey To Be A Good Ma. An Honest Man. An Intelligent man. A Dedicated Man Who Has Committed His Adult Life In One Manner Or Another In Service To This Country.

The Vast Majority Of His Agents And Associates Back This Fact Up.

As I Mentioned A Couple Of Blogs Ago On This Sight, Comey Got Caught In The Slanted, Shyster Game Of Ugly Politics.

Starting With ‘Criminal HillClinton, Then Imploding On Impact With The ‘Tarmac Tango‘ Between ‘Criminal Bill’ Clinton And Loretta Lynch.

Image result for tarmac incident clinton lynch

It Was At This Point In Time In The Criminal Acts Of Hillary, That Comey Knew, Without A Doubt That He Was Fucked. In The Way Where His Agencies Investigations Into ‘Criminal Hills‘ Closet Computer And More Was In Dire Jeopardy.

The Old Rock And A Hard Place.

I Sincerely Believe That Loretta Lynch And Bill Clintons Nefarious Meeting Thoroughly Shattered Comey’s Patriot Heart.

He Also Realized That At That Particular Nano Click In Time, That Prosecution Could Possibly Become Compromised And Drawn Out. Especially In The Lickety Quick Nano Flash Media World We Live In Today.

He Did The Next Best Thing.

Instead Of Conceal, Mr. Comey Exposed The Serious, Criminal Acts Perpetrated By ‘Criminal Hill‘.

Henceforth. Here We Stand Today.

Now. Inside The Inner Circle Of The White House Staff.

Image result for trump white house staff inner circle

The Public Feedback I Am Running With.

Clearly Indicates That The White House Inner Circle Is Implemented, Executed And Deployed On The Coordinated Efforts And Workings Of Corporate 500 America.

Myself, Once Employed In An Executive Position In Both American Corporate 100 And Corporate 250 America, I Can State Without Resolve Or Hesitation, This Environment, On It’s Very Best Day’s Is A Fiery Hellbent Existence.

Image result for firey hell corporate america

On A Daily Basis I Did My Absolute Best In Regards To The Various Intricacies Involved In Performing My Job.

Myself, And My Entire Staff Were The Very Best Of All Hires.

We Paid A Serious Price In That We Did Not Play The Corporate Game.

That Said, On A Daily Basis We Received Praise And Alkaloids Directly From The Ivory Tower Thousands Of Miles Away..

Not At All Without A Cost.

Daily, I Was Called Into My Superiors Office, Multiple Times.

The Record In One Work Day, Totaled 13.

Talk About Be Screamed At In Bitch High Crescendo. I Literally Drove Fat Boy Crazy.

Recon Marine Stood Tall And Calm, At Ease. Yes Sir. Write Ups Off The Wire.

I Would Not Play. Neither Would My Staff In Either Corporate !00 Or Corporate 250. We Just Performed Our Jobs. Miles Above Rest.

To State, That I Do Not In Any Way, Shape Or Form, On Any Level, Support This Destructive Corporate Environment, Is A Cyclopeaon Understatement.

Neither Does The Inner Workings Of The American Government’s Inner Circle.

Business Is Business.

Government Is Government.

Never Shall The Two Cross Paths.

The Job Of The White House Is To Perform The Seemingly Impossible Task Of Running This Country In A Positive, Goal Orientated, Structured Way, By The Book Of Set Protocol.

Absolutely Not The Book Of Corporate, Television, Game Show Acumen.

The Insane Protocol Outlined And Demanded By President Trump Is Destructive, Time Wasting And Completely Adverse To Successfully Performing The Job At Hand.

I Have Read That White House And Advisors Roam The Halls And Oval Office In Complete Fear.

I’m Reminded Of A Quote From Late Author Hunter S. Thompson:

“In The Television Business. Pimps, Thieves And Whores Roam The Halls Freely While Good Men Die Like Dogs .

President Trump, I Am Without A Doubt Convinced, That You Can Most Definitely Put America On The Right Track.\

I Truly Do Want To Stand Tall For You Sir.

That Said Sir, You MUST Change Your Course Of Action And Command.

For If Not Mr. President, The Hole To The Grave You Are Digging Yourself Is Daily Becoming Wider And Deeper Mr. President.

I Fear That We Are Going To Loose A Good Leader If You Do Not Right This Ship Of Command In The Increasingly Unstable Waters You Are Creating.

Image result for naval ship rough saes

That’s All I Got

Time To Move It On Down The Road

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

Image result for desert bobcats cactus

My. My. My.

How The Nasty Wheels Of The Democratic Far Left Bought And Sold Wing Nut Media Turns.

Image result for Person Screaming No

Up To Down.

Right To Left.

Drool Drool. Drip Drip.

Grease Butt Monkeys Abound.

Image result for Person Screaming Woman

From The Lovely Late Night Queen Rachel Maddow.

Image result for screaming  rachel madow

All The Way Down The Looser Dial To The Front Man For The ‘Anti American, Commie Punk U.S.A. Hate Fan Club‘.

Non Other Than The King Of Hate And Angry Repertoire.

Billy ‘Boy’ Maher.

Image result for bill maher the clown

Angry Face.

Pout Butt.

Drip Lip Billy Boy.

Just Another Little American Suburban Rich Boy Who’s Roots Stem From River Vale, New Jersey.

Image result for river vale, new jersey

Billy Boy’s Daddy.

William Aloysius Maher, Jr., From The Irish Side Of The Pond.

Generated His $tack$ As A Radio Announcer And News Editor.


Julie Berman, Was Employed As A Nurse.

Billy Boy.

Just Like Myself.

An Irish/Jewboy.

Only Difference In This Game Of Chance.

My Roots Strongly Tied To The Hood Side Of The City.

Image result for crenshaw district south central l.a. park

Kid Working Since The Age Of 12 Years Old.

Seemingly, There Is A Connection To All You Suburban, American Children Of Wealth And The Far Left Leaning, Communist Side Of Politics.

Your White Boy Guilt, Always Getting The Best of You.

Buying Into The Communist Doctrine Spread Throughout College Campus’s And University’s Across This Great Country In That Magical, Hippy, Dippy Time Frame Of The Psychedelic 60’s.

Maybe Just A Bit Too Much Of That Raspberry, LSD Laced Cool Aid.

Image result for lsd 1960's hippies

While The Likes Of Us Kid’s Born And Raised In The Working Class ‘Hoods’ Across This Great Country.

Working Since Early Teenage Years.

Buying Our Own.

Helping Out Our Families.

Serving Our Countries.

Image result for 1960's vietnam us marines

Nothin Says lovin Like Hue City Central South Vietnam. 1968

Watch In Puzzled Amazement As You Privileged Suburban Kid’s Of Wealth, March And Spew Hate Upon Our Glorious Country Sea To Shiny Sea.


Assaulting Police Patrol Officers Doing Their Sworn Duty Of Upholding This Countries Laws.

Your Spoiled, Pearl Mouthed Selves Never Seeing The Inside Of A Jail.

Alcohol And Illegal Drugs Flowing Like The Raging Colorado River Through Your Spoiled Veins.

Billy Boy Maher.

Your Just Another Big Mouth, P.A.B., On Your Very Best Day.

Raking In The $tack$.

Pockets Bulging Boss Hog.

Dollars Piled Sky Da Hell High.

Tell Ya What Billy Boy.

Why Don’t You Just Walk Your Punk Ass, Anti American, Hater Self, Out Da Door Leading To The Pathway Out Of MY Country.

See Ya ‘B’.

Movin On.

Image result for Blowin Coal

Daddy’s Peterbuilt Blowin Coal

Sun Tzu

Image result for pile up on the 405

And Absolutely Mr. President, No More Press Briefings.

Image result for gorgous mexican women

Image result for 2017 custom corvette convertable in the desert

Aretha Franklin – Chain of Fools – Lyrics.
















Tweeted Out Mind Melt

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Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

Image result for ryanindadesert

Just Saying

All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.
Sun Tzu / The Art of War

President Trump.

I Am One Who Believes In Standing Tall And Supporting Behind My Commander In Chief.

Myself, Along With My Fellow Patriots, Have Just Endured 8 Years Of Ultra Left Communist Leadership.

I Want To Support And Stand Tall For You President Trump.

Your My President.

I Ain’t Gonna Lie.

You Were Not My First Choice As Commander In Chief.

That Choice Was For A Man That I Not Only Supported, But As Well, Often Wrote In Regards To For The Past 5 Years.

That Would Be Senator Rand Paul.

Image result for pics kentucky senator rand paul

A Great Man.

I Will Go As Far To Say That I Still Support Senator Rand Paul.

All That Said, Mr. President, Donald J. Trump.

You Sir, Are My President.

My Commander In Chief.

I View Leadership In The Entire All Of It.

As A Simple Proposition. As In, Lead By Example.

Emotions Play Absolutely No Role In This En devour What So Ever.

Calm Resolve. That Just About Sums It Up.

There Is An Old United States Marine Reconnaissance Saying.

Swift. Silent. Deadly.

Image result for pics recon marine saying swift silent deadly

I Do Mr. President, Fully Understand Your Frustration And Aggravation In Regards To The Bought And Sold Media.

In My Humble Opinion, All Due Respect Sir, Your Actions Only Escalate The Medias Onslaught.

All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him / Master Sun Tzu / The Art Of War

Great Book Mr. President.

I Do Understand Sir, Not At All A Book Currently Recorded On Any Number One Selling Lists.

The Book Just Hasn’t Been Around That Long.

Just A Scant 3500 Plus Years.

Image result for pics the art of war book

Then Again, Not In The Same League As Your Famous Book, ‘The Art Of The Deal‘.

Feel Me?

So Far?

Mr. President.

If All Of This Was Not Enough.

This Morning, On My Way Out The Door.

Before Engaging The Off Button On Mr. Remote.

I Catch Something On The News, That You Had Stated In Regards To One Of Your Twitter Diatribes.

Image result for pics pres trump tweeting

I Do Applaud Your Use Of Technology. No Problemo Here Mr. President.

What I Do Not Applaud, Is Your Total Dis Regard In Respect To What Actually Transpires In Some Of Your In The Heat Of The Moment Tweets.

Mamma Instilled In Me To Never Act Out Of Anger. I Wish That I Could Say That Has Been Followed To The Inth Degree Spanning This Very Long Life. I Get It.

So, In That Lickety Quick Nano Motion, Halting My Engagement Of Mr. Clicks Off Button, I Heard The Fox News Host State That, The Only People You Care About Is Your Base.

That You In Fact, Do Not Care What The American People, On The Entire All Of It, Thinks In Regards To Your Tweets.

I Take Serious Offense To That Sir.

Real Fuckin Serious Offense.

I Am Not Part Of Your Base Sir.

I Am An American.

I Served This Country.

With Unbridled Pride And Honor, Sir.

Many Of My Marines Left IT ALL Behind, Sir.

I Am Aware Of That Fact EVERY Night. Up In The Wee Dark Moment Of It All.

Same Time. Same Station.

I’m Just Saying.

In One Of The 17 Newspapers I Read Daily, There was An Article This Past Monday That Stated You Were Screaming At Your Television In Regards To Former FBI Director James Comey.

Next Day. Director Comey Was Gone.

I Am An Excellent Judge Of Character. Been A Lifelong.

I Am Not, Nor Have I Ever Been Politically Affiliated. Also A Lifelong.

I Am Neither Conservative, Nor Liberal.

I Am Just An All American Kid From Da Hood.

My Father Did Not Give Me A Poultry, Measly, 1 Million Dollars To Start My Life.

My Father Gave Me Advice.

Serious, Rock Solid, Forthright Advise.

I Went And Made My Own Millions.

So, All Politics Aside.

My Point Here Mr. President, This Is Not A Television Game Show.

No Prizes. No Ratings.

I Am Unfortunately, Mr. President, Beginning To Find Your Style Of Leadership Akin To A Carnival Side Show.

And Yeah. I Get It.

I Want The Swamp Drained As Well.

As Well, I Sincerely Believe That You Are The Man That Can Pull It Off.

All I Am Saying Is, Win Without Fighting. Choose Your Battles. Only The Battles You Can Win“.


You Are The President Of The United States Of America.

Image result for pics presidentional seal

Fuck Da Bought And Sold Grease Butt Monkey Media


Their Pig Face Fat Ass Ugly Hoe Mama’s.

As Well Sir, Your Just Giving Them Ammunition.

Again Mr. President.

Image result for ryanindaswamp

Feel Me?

So Far?

Keep The Bought And Sold On Their Heals Guessing.

There Is A Whole Hell Of A Lot Of Work To Get Done Mr. President.

I Know You Are Working Very Hard Away On This Monumental Task.

Just Let This Shit Roll Off Your Back.

You Have A Job To Do Sir.

A Whole Lot Of People Are Counting On You Sir.

Make Us Proud.

One More Thing Sir.

Never, Ever, Trust The Russians.

Russians Are Not To Be Trusted.

Russians, Are To Be Crushed.

Image result for pics russian jet fighter blown out of the sky

Russian Jet Fighter Aircraft Down.


That Nasty Ass Provocation Thang.

Oh My.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All.

Image result for thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindaswamp images

The Wild Wild West

Image result for pics tucson az

You May Contact Me At:



















Saturday, April 29, 2017

Image result for ryanindadesert

Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

Image result for ryanindadesert


The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected
Sun Tzu / The Art of War

The Rabid Rats Under Da Shack

Desert Shout Out

Image result for pics desert sunrise

President Donald J. Trump

Thank You Mr. President For Your Very Hard, Diligent Work & Devoted Unbridled Dedication, Without Pay.

In Your Mighty Quest In Piecing This Great Country Back Together Again.

As Well Mr. President.

Props & Creds For Getting Down & Dirty With China In Regards To Riening In North Korea, In A Concerted Effort To Bring Peace & Stability Into That Highly Volatile Part Of The World.

As Well Sir, Thank You For Taking The Lead In Your Position Of Commander In Chief In Delegating Your Military To Your Generals.

Last, But Certainly Not Least Sir, Thank You Ever So Much For Implementing New Measures In Regards To Cleaning Up The Insubordination Of A Mess At The V.A.

LORD GOD BLESS You & Yours Oh So Very Much Sir.

Because From My Seat In Da Street Mr. President.

You Need All The Divine Assistance You Can Get Sir.

Without A Doubt Sir, This Beat Up Ol’ War Dawg Has Your 6.



I Know HE Does.

Movin On.

Image result for Ferrari F12 TRS

The First Stop On This Super Sonic High Speed Rail.

The Grease Butt Monkeys At The Gate

Medical Science Has Determined That America’s Left Side Democratic Party Wing Nuts Are A DNA Anomaly.

Whom, To A One, At Birth, Were Dropped On Their Heads At A Rate Of Velocity & Height Yet UN Calculated.

The Likes Of Drip Lip,  Maxine ‘Fecal Mouth’ Waters.

Nancy ‘Stretch Face’ Pelosi.

Yo. Stretch.

Your Plastic Surgeon Is On The Line. Time For Your Hundred Thousand Mile Retreading.

Democratic Party Spokesman, Filthy Mouth, Nasty, Drip Nose Perez.

I Would Be Remiss If I Left Out Slant Face, Lying Communist, Wanna Be American Indian, Deviant Face, Shyster Hoe, Elizabeth Warren.

Yo. Lizzy.

My Navajo Homies Want To Perform The Navajo Indian War Chiefs White Stallion War Dance On Your Lying, Ugly, Slanted Pig Face.

Image result for navajo warrior chife white stallion war dance

The List Goes On & On & On.

Don’t Let The Door Hit Cha All In Your Fat Lying Butt’s On The Way Out.

The Fact Of The Matter Is, That America’s Subversive Actions In These Far Left Demonstrations, Has Vladdy Boy Doing The Bare Chested Gay Boy Strut.

Image result for bare chested v putin gay dancing

So The Question Is.

Where Were These Anti American, Grease Butt Monkey Maggots Hatched From?

Let Me Take You For A Ride In ‘The Way Back Machine‘.

Image result for the way back machine

From 1947 Through 1991, The ‘World Peace Counsel‘ Was Born.

Directly Set Up By The Soviet Union.

This Was Part Of The Billion Dollar Effort, Sanctioned & Directed By Communist Dictator, Joseph Stalin.

The Goal & Aim Was To Indoctrinate Young Americans Attending University & College Campuses Throughout The United States. Coast To Coast.

Their Choice Of Contestants Were The Wealthy American Suburban Kid’s.

Soviet Communist Spies Were Initiated To Carry Out This Mission.

Front Organizations‘ Were Set Up & Deployed By Soviet Intelligence Agencies.

These Intelligence Agencies Were Known By The Acronyms: KGB, SVR, & GRU.

Image result for kgb logo                    Image result for soviet union svr                Image result for soviet union gru

Their Mission Forward Was To Develop & Deploy The ‘Front Organizations’ As A Cover For Plausible Occupations & A Steady Means Of Income.

These Organizations Covered As ‘Shell Corporations‘ To Shield The Parent Companies From Illegal Liability.

These ‘Front Organizations‘ Also Appeared As ‘Voluntary Associations’, Or ‘Charitable Organizations‘.

According To Former High Ranking KGB OfficerVictor Suvorov‘, The Soviet Airline, ‘Aeroflot‘ Was Directly Involved In This Mission.

Image result for aeroflot

Mr. Suvorov Also Documented ‘Aeroflots‘ Major Role In This Mission.

‘Victor Suvorov’ As Well Documented ‘Aeroflots‘ Direct Mission In The Theft Of Deadly Bacterial Viruses From Western Labs, As In The United States, Throughout The 1980’s & 1990’s With Direct Assistance From High Ranking KGB Agents.

Mr. Surorov Went On To State That ‘Aeroflot‘ Along With KGB Operatives Were Also instrumental In Sorties Throughout Europe Rounding Up Former Soviet Defectors, Drugged To The Point Of A Complete Comatose State & Deposited In The Soviet Communist Prisons.

Of The 14, 000AeroflotEmployees, It Was Believed That 3,000 Were Operatives Of The Soviet FSB, GRU, & KGB.

The Entire Proceeds Of ‘Aeroflot‘ Were Deposited Into 352 Foreign Bank Accounts & Not At All Controlled By ‘Aeroflot‘.

A Top, High Ranking Soviet Businessman, ‘Nikolai Glushkov‘ Was Appointed To The Helm Of ‘Aeroflot‘ In 1996.

To Mr. Glushkov’s Complete Amazement, He Discovered That ‘Aeroflot‘ Was Nothing More Than A ‘Cash Cow‘ For The Soviet Unions Various Spy Agencies That Supported Soviet International Spy Operations.

Henceforth, The Imprisonment Of ‘Victor Glushkov‘ In 2000.

Aeroflot’ Is Now Under The Direction Of ‘Victor Ivanov’, A Very High Ranking FSB Officer & Close Friend Of Former KGB LT. COL. Vladimir V. Putin.

The Point.

Former KGB LT. COL. Vladimir V. Putin Is One Pissed Off, Deviant Man, Who Will Never Forgive The West, Specifically The United States of America, For Forever Collapsing The Former Soviet Union.

Image result for kgb Lt Col vladimir v putin in uniform

As Well, Mr. Putin Will Engage Any & All Avenues To Seek Revenge.

To The Direct Act Of Backing, Supplying, & Complete Support To The Likes Of Iran, Syria, North Korea & Any Other Horrible Whores Spread Throughout This Vast Universe That Will Accept His Money & Military Backing.

Back To The Beginning Of This Piece & The Grease Butt, Drip Lip Monkeys Of The Democratic Party Far Left Wing Nuts.

Directly Influenced & Bought By The Communists, Were The Likes Of SDS, (Students For A Democratic Society) Weathermen Underground, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn & Other Commie Players.

And Yes.

BarryBoySatoro/ AKA / Barack Hussein Obama.

The Demonstrations & Protests Of Late, According To Very Serious Reliable s, Peg Bill Ayers & His Boy Barack To Definite Backing, Both Financially & Organizational.

In Fact Commie Faggot Bill Ayers Was Directly Front & Center At The Recent Berkley Riots.

As In, The Commie Faggot Flesh.

Reliable s Also Informed Me That Towards The End Of 2016 Billy & Barry, Partied Very Hard.

That Crack Cocaine Was Flowing Like Water From A Broken New York Sewer Pipe. Talk About Gay Love.

Image result for young obama & ayers growing up together

Yeah. I Ain’t Gonna Lie.

I Detest Bill Ayers.

In Cold, Cowardly, Senseless Blood, This Commie Faggot Punk Ass Bitch.

Murdered A Great American Hero.

San Fransisco Police Sergeant Brian McDonnell.

Image result for san fransico police sargent brian mccdonnell

Sergeant McDonnell‘ Only Crime That Fateful September Morning In 1970 Was In Picking Up A Package Off Of The Prescient Steps While Showing Up To Begin His Watch.

Image result for san fransico police sargent brian mccdonnell

A Package Delivered By Commie Faggot Bitch, ‘Weatherman Operative‘, Bill Ayers.

Image result for ayers & dorhn      Image result for ayers & dorhn

Inside This Package Was A Devastating Bomb, Assembled By America’s One & Only Cunt Face Pig, Bernadine Dorhn.

Image result for benadine dorhn            Image result for benadine dorhn

Damn Ass Muthu Fuckin Right. This Is Personal. Very Personal.

That Said.

I Have Spent An Entire Lifetime Walking With LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

I Do Not Believe One, Scintilla Of A Bit, That It Is My Duty & Obligation To Hand Out Justice In Any Way Shape Or Form.

This Job Is That Of American Justice.

As In The FBI & The D.O.J.

Agencies, That In Regards To This Cowardly, Heinous Act, Have Been Less Than Derelict Of Duty.

Shame. Shame On Ya All.

Sergeant McDonnell, Was One Of Yours. A Literal Brother In Arms.

Yeah I Know.

Ya All Too Busy Chasing The Phantoms Of Imaginary Russian Spies Involved In Some Make Believe Meddling Of An American Presidential Election.

This Parse, That Has Been Implemented & Deployed, Has Been Brought About By The Slant Face Shysters Of The Democratic Far Left Commie Faggot Party.

But Yet, The American FBI & D.O.J. Has Not Brought Any Charges In This Transperant Murder.

Shame On Ya All.

No Worries.

Serious Reliable s Tell Me.

For Many Years Now, To Let The World Know Something That I Have Been Remiss In Relating.

Said Reliable s Have Begged Me To Bring The Following To Published Print Up Here On This Blog.

I Have Respectfully Declined.

Until Today.

Oh Well.

Seemingly, The Day Has Arrived.

So I Have Been Told.

Watch Your Back Mr. Ayers.

Image result for paranoid bill ayers

I Of Course In No Way What So Ever Condone That Type Of Action.

Image result for marine recon logo swift silent & deadly

I’m Just Relaying What I Have Been Told.

Oh. Before I Forget.

To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Facebook Followers Spanning The Planet.

My Facebook Account Has Been Dis Abled.

The only Way To Communicate With Me Is This Blog Site Or The Corresponding E-Mail:


I’ll Hold My Breath.

Too My Many Friends & Followers Up On Facebook.

Some Very Serious Advice & Lookin Out.

According To Reliably.

Sophos‘, A U.K. Based Internet Security Firm, As In World Wide Commercial & Government Computer Security Entity.

As Far As I Am Concerned, The Very Best Of The Best. Thanks Guy’s For Your 24/7 365 Protection On All Of My Devices.

Sophos‘ Has Concluded, That Facebook Is Hacked 600,000 Times A Day On Individual Log In’s.

This Astounding Number Breaks Down To .06% Of Log Ins A Day.

This Percentage Is Calculated Off Of The More Than 1 Billion Log Ins On Any Given 24 Hour Period.

Lucky Fuckin Me.

I Am Personally Represented In This Reprehensible Number.

Facebook’s Resolve.

Just Upload My U.S. Government Picture ID.

Yeah. I’m On It. I’m Runnin.

No Problemo Amigos.

Any Minute Now.

Just As Soon As I Witness Pig’s In Flight & Then Landing On My Face As We Engage In Mad Passionate Surreal Pig Face Love.

Image result for pigs in flight

The Real Sinister, Shyster Part Of All This, Is The Fact That Facebook Does Not Give 2 Shitz Nor 3 Fast Flyin Fuckz One Way Or The Other In This Stolen Identity Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float.

Dey Jus All Bout Da Clicks & Da Dollar$.

Ain’t Dat Right Zuckey Boy. Faggot.

I Do However Feel Bad For My Beautiful Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Followers Worldwide.

Desert Love Ya All.

Image result for desert sunset love

That’s All I Got.

Image result for thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindaswamp images

Contact Me At:


The Spin Stops Here

April 20, 2017

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truthBuddha

Old School

Image result for pics bill orielly the sex harrasser

My My My.

As The World Turns.

Drama & Debochtury Dripping Off The Hallowed Corporate Walls.

Seemingly, Da ‘Fox’ Out Da Hen House.



Mirrors In Complete Dis Array.

Dressing Room Doors Painted Over.

Better Look Both Ways Before Crossing That Busy Street.

Oh Da Hell No. Say It Ain’t So.

Oh Yeah. It So Da Hell So.

What’s The Problem, They Ask?

Like This My Friend.

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall.

Image result for pics a broken sexual harraresser bill orielly

Sexual Harrasment.

This Delineation Even Sounds Filthy Nasty.

Money & Power Crumble To The Ground Like So Much Nefarious Dirty Dust Off The Walls Of The Seediest Motel In Town.

On Da Ground.

Down For The Count.

Family Names Forever Shamed.

All For That Forbidden Jiggle Jiggle Shake Shake.

Now Don’t You Cry, You Filthy, Slanted, Deviant, Perverts.

Bill O’Reilly.


A Old Man In Hot Pursuit Of Young Beautiful Tail.

Intravenous Viagra Pumping Through Their Ancient Veins At Multiple Mach Speed.

Is This Way Over Mature Pervert Married As Well?

Either Way A Disgusting Revelation On Every Level.

Yeah. I Know Mr. O’Reilly.

Being Oh So Exposed Up There In The Public Eye Leaves One Open To All Kinds
Of Personal Assaults.

In Your Case.

Going As Far Back As The Year 2004

Clearly Exhibiting To The Entire Universe Both Sides Of Your Multiple Face.


In Essence Mr. O’Reilly, You Have Forever Disgraced Your Family Name.

Embarrassed Your Wife & Children To The Point Of Not Wanting To Even Venture Out Of The House.

Just Rumor & Innuendo?

In Regards To The ‘Public Eye’ Exposure That You Blame For Your Hideous, Despicable, Deviant, Perverted, Pompous And Arrogant Behavior.



The Likes
General/President Dwight David Eisenhower.

Senator Rand Paul.

Journalist James Rosen.

Journalist Brett Bair.

Journalist Sean Hannity.

Journalist Chris Matthews.’.

On & On & On.

Have Somehow Managed Keeping Their Genitalia Confined To Their Pants.

I Do Not Even, For The Very Life Of Me Understand, Nor Do I Comprehend The Act Of Sexual Harassment‘.

But Then Again, I’m Not A Dog.


I Am Quite Sure, That The Beautiful Young Women That You Uncontrollably Drooled On, Could Not Wait To See Your Old, Fat, Flabby, Wrinkly, Filthy, Nasty Bodies In The Naked Flesh.

But Then Again, I Have Never Hit On a Woman In My Entire Life.

I Respect Women, Something You seem To Be Remiss In.

I Figure That If A woman Is At All Interested In Me, She Will Let Me Know.

That Said.

On An Almost daily Basis, Women Approach Me.

I’m Talking Young Beautiful Women. To The Point Of  Exposing Various Female Body parts. At Bus Stops, Shopping Mall Parking Lots & Down The Street From My Crib.

I Actually Find Those Acts Very Offensive.

Not To Mention The Fact That I Am Now Into 11 Years Of A Celibate Existence.

To The Point Where I’m Not Taking My Clothes Off In Front Of Anyone. Ever.

I Do Not See That Changing Any Time Soon. As In Till The Day I Die. That’s Just Me.

That Said.

I’ve Had More, Absolutely, Gorgeous, Women Than You Can Shake A Stick At.

As Well, One Would Think That At A Certain Age, One Would Be More Inclined Pursuing & Obtaining A Higher Level Of Consciousness Instead Of Playing Grab Butt With Every Attractive Female Within A Three Foot Radius.

In The Entire Scheme Of Things, Sex Is A Lower Level, Dark Side Consciousness.
An Actual Exercise Saved For The Sacred Act Of Procreation.

Not An Exercise To Be Played Out In The Professional Work Environment.

So Mr. O’Reilly, Come, & Fetch Your Belongings.

The Door Man Will Hold Them For The Next Two Weeks.

See Ya. Bye.

That’s All I Got.

Image result for thats all folks bugs bunny

Desert Love Ya All.

Image result for ryanindaswamp images

Ryan. Out.

Image result for Lamborghini Veneno

2017 Lamborghini Veneno   Sittin On Atomic Fire

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