The Endless Cascading Waterfall Of Division And Hate

Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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The Supreme Art Of War Is To Subdue The Enemy Without Fighting.” 

― Sun Tzu / The Art of War


Like The Strongest Of Twine.

Interacted Over Light Years Of Time, Forming A Bond Oh So Very Relentless And Tight That Modern Science Is At A Loss In Regards To Developing An Adhesive That Even Comes Close.

Business. Industry.

Built Around This Never Ever Ending Subject Matter That Dictates Agendas Spewed Forth From The Lips Of Pundits And Talking Heads.

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Pushing Their Agenda Forward At Rocket Speed Yet Un Calculated.

Rising To Crescendo In Hate Filled Diatribe.

In America.

Skin Color And Religion, The Oh So Ever Ignitable Accelerant That Ignites At Cosmic Speed.

Houston. We Have Lift Off.

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Occupying My White House Today.

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Who Would Of Thought?

With A Total Of 17 World Wide Newspapers Hitting My Phone 24/7, I Click Onto This Story From ‘SmartNews‘ Talking About All The Ruckus Between General McMasters And Senior Advisor Steve Bannon.

Just To Set The Record Straight.

The ‘Bannon In Question Is One Navy Lieutenant Steve Bannon.

Not Navy Captain Steve Bannon.

Navy Lieutenant Bannon At One Time Was Brietbart News’ CEO.

I Have Never Read Brietbart.

After Reading The Fore Mentioned Article In ‘Smartnews‘ I Can Say Without Hesitation That I Will Never Read Brietbart, For The Fact That ‘Brietbart Is The ‘Alt Right‘ News Source.

Not Having A Clue In Regards To ‘The Alt Right‘, I Conducted An In Depth Search In Regards To Exactly Who ‘The Alt Right’ Is.

Oh My.

The Alt Right‘, Along With Former Navy Lieutenant Steve Bannon Does Not Like People Of Color And More Specifically People Of The Jewish Faith.

The Main Word That Kept Popping Up In Regards To ‘The Alt Right And Their Intense Dis Like Of People Of Color And Specifically People Of The Jewish Faith Was The Word Hate.


Image result for pics american nazi party

When I Witness This Tiny Mind, Inner Bred, White Trash Hate Inspired Insanity. My South Central, Los Angeles Hood Origins Get The Best Of Me In The Way That Thoughts Come Together In My Mind.

The Words Are Clear.

Like Dis, Inner Bred, White Trash, Punk Ass Faggot Bitches Of Tiny Genitalia. Im Pimping Your Pig Face, White Trash, Fat Ass, Hoe Mamas On The South Side To All My Niggas, White Boys“.

Image result for pics klu klux klzn

And Then My University Degree’s And United States Marine Recon 02 Status Kicks In.

Ooop’s. Bad Bad Me.

This Irish JewBoy, With A Spec Of Mexican Blood Running Through My Veins Is Gonna Set You Haters Straight.

To This Very Day.

Aside From A Very Few Top Israeli Military Personnel And Top Israeli Government Officials.

No One Has Knowledge Of The Sum Total Amount Of Nuclear Missiles That Israel Possesses.

What I Can Tell You For Sure.

Written In Hebrew And English On The First Three Nuclear Missiles That Will Deploy Are The Words:

Never Again , לא עוד/

For Us Jews.

We’re Just Sitting Back Watching And Waiting As One By One, En Mass You Inner Bred, Hate Filled, White Trash Maggot Scum Are Eliminated By All Those That You Bring Hate And Violence Down On.

Trust Me Inner Bred White Trash Haters.

Your Day Is Quickly Approaching.

Western Europe.

The Home Of Inner Bred White Trash Hate.

Is Experiencing The Blow Back. Somewhat On A Daily Basis.

Image result for pics western europe exploding

In The All Of It.

In Regards To Europe’s Destruction At The Hands Of Terrorists.

I Haven’t Any Love For Europe Or It’s Hateful, Racist, Jew Hating Occupants.

Blow Them The Hell On Up.

Does Not Make One Bit Of Difference To Me.

As For Israel.

Again. History Tells The Entire Story.

In 1949 While Stalin Marched Through Eastern Europe.

The Peoples Republic Of China, Under The Leadership Of Mao Tse -tung, Quietly Made There Way Through The Mid East.

China’s Very First Stop On The World Domination Game Board Was Israel.

There Was Formed A Bond That Today Is As Strong As Ever.

It Was In 1992 That PRC Established Diplomatic Relations With Israel.

In Tel Aviv Sits The Chinese Embassy And in Beijing Sits The Israeli Embassy.

Chinese Embassy - Tel Aviv

Chinese Embassy Tel Aviv

Image result for pics current israeli embassy  china

Israeli Embassy Beijing China

Image result for pics current israeli embassy  china

The Above Picture Represents What One Will Never Ever Witness In Regards To America’s White Supremacist Trump Administration And China.

And Then There Is The Following News Paper Article That Grabbed My Attention.

Typical Chinese Laid Back Forward Progression.

In The Way That China Does Not At All Understand This White House’ Approach To North Korea.

In The Vain Of Typical American Aggression In Regards To Dealing With World Advisory’s.

Follow This Vapor Trail.

Image result for pics vapor trails


January 2017.

Former Basketball Star Dennis Rodman Chilling Back At Da Crib.

Image result for pics dennis rodman home los amgeles

Dude Is Bored.

Dials Up His Homie.

A Phone Rings In Pyongyang, North Korea’s Presidential Palace.   

President Kim Jong Un Picks Up The Phone.

“What Up Dawg”?

“Damnnnn. Talk To Me Homie”.            

“Thinking About Catching A Flight On Down To See You”.

“Hell Yeah Dawg. Pick Ya Up At The Airport”.

“On My Way Homie”.

Pretty Simple Actually.

And Yet.

Our American State Department, For The Very Lives Of Themselves.

Can Not Figure Out, Nor Do They Have A Clue On How To Bridge A Gigantorous Gap In Relations With North Korea’s 34 Year Old Leader.

Guess That This Quantum Physics Exercise In World Relations Is Far Above This White House’ Pay Grade.

Image result for pics dennis rodman jan 2017 in n korea

Image result for pics dennis rodman jan 2017 in n korea

In This Article,

Chinese Media Talks About America’s Inability To Make Headway In The World Today.

What Stood Out For Me Is The Following Quote From The Article:

“Trump is quite a personality, and he likes to tweet,” said the Xinhua response issued late Monday and widely displayed on Chinese news websites. “But emotional venting cannot become a guiding policy for solving the nuclear issue on the peninsula,” it said, referring to the divided Korean Peninsula.

Actually Quite Simple.

Kim Jong Un.

Just A 34 Year Old Ruler Of A Country.

Just Wanting To Be Part Of The Rest Of The World. All Kid Is Asking For Is A Small Bit Of Respect And A Place At The World Wide Table.

The Irony In All This Is That A Major Number One World Power, The United States Of America, Can Not, Or Will Not Hear The Pop.

That Un Mistakable, Most Discernible Of All  Sounds, That One Will Clearly Hear, When Their Head Exits Their Ass.

Instead, America Takes The Lead Of Just Let’s Completely Dis Respect This Man And His Country, Along With It’s Citizens And Blow Them Out Of The Water.

What I Refer To As Block Head Diplomacy.

Image result for pics americas block heads

Just A Few Of America’s Block Head Diplomats

Not To Mention The Fact That North Korea Is Years Away From The Actual Development Of A Nuclear Weapon.

Seemingly, Deputy Foreign Minister Of Russia, Sergei Tyabkov Agrees With Me In His Statements In The Following Article From RT News America.

N. Korea ‘years and years away’ from viable nuclear device – Russian Deputy FM

Image result for pics rt news

Another Case In Point In Regards To America’s Ancient Lost Foreign Policy Backwards Aggression.


America’s Ground Troops In Afghanistan Are Feeling The Heat Of The Proverbial Red Headed Step Child Syndrome.

Just This Past Week, Taliban Over Ran A Very Important Town In Regards To America’s Military Standing In Afghanistan.

If That Was Not Enough.

Word On The Street Is That Russia Is Now Supplying Taliban With Arms And Munitions..

As Well, The Afghanistan Mission Was A Failure From The Beginning Just Waiting To Happen.

One Would Think, That After Witnessing Russia Having Their Ass Handed To Them Over A Gruesome, Bloody, Total Waist Of All Applicable Resources, America Would Have Sat This One Out.

But Oh The Fuck No.

If All That Was Not Enough.

Subject Matter That I Went Into Deeply Back In 2012, ‘Sub Surface Brine Minerals‘.

In Afghanistan, One Can Not Literally Take A Step Without Their Feet Landing A Top Of ‘Sub Surface Brine Minerals.

The Value Of These Minerals In Today’s World Are Enormous.

They Are Used In The Manufacturing Of Solar Panels, Smart Phones And Many Other Uses.

America Has Benn In Afghanistan Now Into The 16th Year.

America’s Entry And Stay In Afghanistan Over This Period Of Time Has Been Loud And Violent. No End In Sight.

Some How.

In Typical Chinese Fashion.

The Chinese Have Been In Afghanistan, Quietly, Successfully, MiningSubsurface Brine Minerals‘.

Yet Again, America Is Standing, Head Down In Shame, On The Sidelines, Under The Torrential Downpour Of Rain While The Chinese Mine The All Important Minerals.

Back In America.

The American Solar Industry Contractors Can Not Purchase Enough Solar Panels From China While The American Government Takes The Role Of Shoring Up The American Solar Panel Manufacturing Industry, Making This Very Cheap Energy Source Virtually Un Available To American’s.

Back At The Ranch. The Trump White House Has Virtually Given Up On Afghanistan, Leaving Our Ground Troops There In Serious Harms Way. Without One Iota Of A Skinny Scintilla On How To Tame This Beast Afghanistan.

Not To Mention That The Current Afghanistan President Is Pro American.

But Yet, The Trump White House Has Seemingly, Slammed The Door On Their Very Own Genitalia.

Can Ya All Spell A White House In Very Serious Decline.

The Good News, A Marine Is In Charge.

GOD Bless You And Most Defiantly Thank You Retired Four Star Marine General John Kelly.

Ya Got Your Hands Full On This Out Of Control Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float Four Star Marine Corps General John Kelly. Semper Fi OoRah General.

Image result for pics 4star marine general john kelly

Better Up Your Supply Of Aspirin And Milk Of Magnesia Sir. Cause You In For The Fight Of Your Life.

As Well, Good Lookin In Regards To General McMasters Sir.

Hopefully The Path To Victory Will Straighten Up It;s Course.



Wake Da Fuck Up.

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Image result for pics crying american eagle

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

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Ryan. Out.

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2017 Porsche 911 GT3 / GT3 R  Sittin On Chrome

Tupac – Picture Me Rollin

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The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Tens Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

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