HELP! I’ve Been Hacked!!!

2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up (Dirty) (Official Video) HD

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Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

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In Today’s On The Fly Digital World, Devices  From Desktop To Hand Held. The “H” Word Is Flaming Death.

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Especially If One Stores Personal Information And As Well Is Constantly Up On Social Media.

Consider This.

Within Every 24 Hour Period , FacebookIs Hacked 600,000 Times On Log In. That Number Equates To 219,000,000 A Year.

ZuckieBoy And The Facebook Techs Claims That This Is No Big Biggy. After All 1 Billion People Access Facebook Every Day.

So Whats The Big Deal If ONLY 219,000,000 Log In’s A Year Are Hacked?

Wow. What An Excellent Business Plan.

Facebook Sees 600,000 Compromised Logins Per Day | TechCrunch

Hackers go after Facebook sites 600,000 times every day – Telegraph

Consider This.

The Facebook Got Hacked Debacle Is Not New On The Scene.

This Reprehensible Lack Of Proper Business Acumen Has Been The Dark Hard Cold Realty In Facebook Land Since 2010.

Lickety L. A. Quick Fast Foward.


Nothing Has Changed.

The Fact Of This Shyster Hacking Matter Is That  Facebook Does Absolutely Nothing To Remedy This Atrocious Realty.

Except On One Occasion When Zuckie Boy’s Own Personal E-Mail Was Hacked.

It Was At This Time That The Zuckie Took Action.

He Threw 11 Million Dollars At This Slight Oversight.

I Mean After All, It Was His Personal E-Mail That Was Compromised. Oh Hell Da Fuck No.

Yeah. Just The Idiot I Want In My White House.

Nigga Paleeze.

Facebook’s Remedy For This Global Hack Attack Is To Require A Facebook User To Upload Their Government Picture I.D.

Oh Yeah. I’m On Board With That.

Just What I Want To Do. Upload My Government Picture I.D. To A Site That Is Hacked Every 24 Hours Of Every Day 600,000 Times.

A Gamblers Dream.

Just Throw That Dice.

Spin That Wheel.

Let My Government Issue Picture I.D. Just Fly Up On Facebook.

C’mon C’mon C’mon Let Her Rip!

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Yeah. Thank You. I’ll Pass.

Cause I Gotta Tell Ya Folks. Myself, Designing WebSites Since 1992, One Thing I Know For Sure.

Never. Ever. Put Personal Information Online.

The Real Sad Part In All Of This Is Society.

The Masses Running And Flying All Up In That Look At Me Mentality. So Sad.

But It’s Not Only Facebook.

If You Are A Gmail Account Holder. Chances Are Your Getting Hacked.

I Know This From Personal Experience.

In Just The Past Year.

6 Of My Gmail Accounts Have Been Hacked Along With Two Of My Blog Sites On Googles Blogger Format. I Am Locked Da Fuck Out. Period.

When It Comes To Hacking The Race Is On.

The Fore Runners In This Mad Criminal Dash Are Russia And China. Russia Leads This Rat Pack.

President Donnie Boy Trump’s Main Dawg And Number One Homie, V. Putin On Da Job.

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American Prez Donnie Da Trump Says Putin Assured Him No Hacking.

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V. Putins Boy’s Ain’t Playin.

Commander V. Putin Has His Boy’s Jumping.

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In The World Of E-Mail.

Google Along With Yahoo, Are By Far The Absolute Most Hacked E-Mails On The Planet.

Bare None.

Hundreds of Millions of Email Accounts Hacked and Traded Online …

Tens of millions of hacked Gmail and Yahoo email accounts are being ..

Researchers uncover 24 million compromised Gmail accounts

Can You Really Rely On Gmail For Your Business? Dynamic Edge …

Just On And On And On.

No Worries World.

Da Swamp As Usual.

All Over Dis Bitch.

Following Are Some Of The Safest E-Mails Out There.

Take A Look. Check It Out.

5 Best Services for Secure Email 2017 – Lifewire

Hope Ya All Walked Away Informed And Ready To Change Some Bad Digital Habits.

I Have.

I Love My New E-Mail Accounts Along With The Security They Provide Me.

There Ya Have It.

That’s All I Got.

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Desert Love Ya All

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Ryan. Out.

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Tupac – Picture Me Rollin

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The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

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