Strap Yourself In Real Tight Friday

2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up (Dirty) (Official Video) HD

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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Swamp‘ Op-Ed

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History Is History.

The Facts Remain.

In America’s Case, History Plays A Dark Dark Racist Card Wrapped Up Tightly In Hate.

Just As Every Civilization Has Evolved, So Has America’s Angry Hate Filled Past.

The Unfortunate Realty In All Of This Is That A Specific Set Of Individuals Have Not Yet Received This E-Mail.

Still Wrapped Up In The Ignorance Of Hate And Violence, These Very Few Are Left On The Side Of The Desert Road Rotting In Their Own Hate Filled Excrement.

A United States Of America’s President Sits In The 2017 White House Guided By White Hate Personified. Preaching To This Loyal Prehistoric Base.

Raised And Bred In The Infectious Ritual Of Human Hate Towards Others Of Difference.

Grown And Nurtured Over Many Centuries In The Boiling Pot Of Ignorance And Hate.

Until Today.

Steve Bannon. Is Gone.

See Ya.

Damn Sure Don’t Wanna Be Ya.

Hate Filled White Boy.

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Sometimes Things Have To be Taken To The Absolute Lowest Possible Realty.

This Realty Came To A Boil This Past Tuesday, When President Trump Gave The Hate Filled Prehistoric, Nazi Party, The Formal White House A.O.K. In Their Relentless Hate Filled Pursuit Of An Ugly Distant Past.

To The Point Of Leaving A Four Star Marine Corps General, Who Proudly Served His Country For 42 Years, In The Wings, Head Hung Low In Shame And Disbelief, Arms Crossed Tightly, Shaking His Bewildered Head.

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This Is Not The Norm Of A Proud United States Of America Marine Corps General.

But, I Absolutely Get It.

On The Absolute Down And Dirty Straight Up 100.

Mr. President.

Your Presidential Pardon As It Were, To The Malignant Feces Who Represent The Ultimate In Ignorance, Hate And A Bent Sideways Philosophy Based On White Pride, In Effect, Responsible For The Horrible Death Of An American Young Lady, Who Did Nothing More Than Protest, Her GOD Given American Right, Against Hate And Ignorance.

Cut Down In The Prime Of Her Life, Like A Rabid Dog In The Street, For Standing Up For What Is AMERICAN. FREEDOM And JUSTICE For All.

Individuals Whose Ideology Is Oh So Ever Bent, Actually Believing That GOD HIMSELF Condones Their Hate Towards Others Based On Their Deep Ignorant Rooted Vile Beliefs.

Quite Possibly Hate Filled Subcreaton Maggot Idiots, Ya All Missed The Passage In Isaiah Where LORD GOD HIMSELF States:

The Day Will Come. When MY PEOPLE, Walk To The Top Of That Mountain In Jerusalem. When MY PEOPLE Descend That Mountain. No Longer Will Men Look At Another With Hate Because Of His Differences, No Longer Will Man Look At Another In Judgement Of His Differences. All Weapons Of War Will Drop Down To The Ground And Turn Into Plough Shares“.

In Your Sanctification Of Ignorance And Hate.

You As Well, In One Fell Swoop, Dishonored And Disgraced Every American Soldier That Stood Tall Against Hate’s Aggression.

Bravely Rising To The Call And Fighting To Their Very Death On Battle Fields Worlds Away Without Hesitation Or Fear.

Running Onto The Very Grounds Of Battle.

Giving Their Very Lives Without Hesitation To End Once And For All Repugnant, Vile, Hate Murder And Annihilation Of A Race Of People Spoke About In Your Bible, As GODs Very Own CHOSEN PEOPLE

Yourself Mr. President.

As Your Peer’s Were Led Off To War During The Nightmare Called Vietnam.

Yourself Bragging About Your Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy Deferment And The STDs Received From The Plethora Of Women You Had Sex With.

While Young American Men Answered The Call.

Dying In Rice Patties And Jungles Worlds Upon Worlds Away.

Image result for pics rice paddies jungles vietnam death

One Would Think All Of That Would Be Enough.

But Oh Da Fuck No.

On Wednesday, You Call Out Senator John McCain For His Vote Against Your Failed Health Care Bill, That Not Only Would Have Left At Least 23 Million Americans Without Healthcare, But Would Have As Well Cost This Country 194 Million Dollars In Waist.

Mr. President.

Who In The Muthu Fuckin Hell Are You To Call Out Lieutenant Commander McCain?

Who Literally Gave It All While He Rotted In The Hell Hole Referred To As ‘The Hanoi Hilton‘.

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Image result for pics vietnam war the hanoi hilton

Lieutenant Commander McCain. 

Who Because Of His Rank Was Offered Immediate Release To Which He Responded, Fuck No.

But Then Again Mr. President Trump.

What Would You Know In Regards To Serving Anyone Except Your Egotistical Self.

But No Worries Mr. President.

The Sinking Ship Referred To As Fox News Will Always Have Your Punk Ass Faggot 6.

Image result for pics  fox news unfair unbalanced


LORD GOD Bless You Oh So Very Much Four Star Marine Corps General Kelly.

Got Your Hands Full Sir.

Image result for pics  marine corps general kelly

Semper Fi  Oorah General.

Moving On

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Now. On To The Street Side Of Things.

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“Yo. O.G. Never Forget. Always Keep It Tight”.

As I Open My Just Purchased Tin Of Long Horn Wintergreen Pouches.

Standing With My Back To The Door Outside ‘The K’.

I Glance Over My Left Shoulder 20 Degrees, Lift My Dark Tint Aviators.

Standing Out.

In A Yeah, Dats Right, I’m Talking To You Stance.

In The Middle Of Two Long Lines Of Customers.

Dressed In New $500.00 Red Nike Air Jordons.

Red Shorts.

Red Polo Shirt.

Collar Up.

Arms Tatted From His Arms Up To His Face.

Stood Young White Boy.

Can Ya All Spell South Side Bloods?

“Going On 70 Years Keeping It Tight Young Man”. I reply In A Respectful Manner.

People In Line Laughing.

“Been A Minute Young Man”.

“Actually, A Couple Of Years O.G.”

“My Bad. Time Fly’s When Ya Growing Older By The Day. How’s That Hot Pretty Mustang And Your Gorgeous Girl Doing”?

“We $tacking Jus Like You Instructed Us O.G.”

“That’s Beautiful Young Man. Give My Love To Girl”.

“You Got It O.G. Now You Need Anything, You Jus Holla At Me. You Know Your Not Alone Out Here O.G.”.

“Preciate That Much Son. Stay Out Trouble Now”.

“Trouble My Middle Name O.G.”.

“See Your Strapping Heavy Young Man”.

Referring To Young Bloods Colt Python.

“Yep, Rebecca Jus Like American Express. Never Leave Home Without Her. See Veronica’s Hanging In Her Favorite Place”.

Referring To My Colt 1911 A Semi Auto 45.

“Good Seeing Ya O.G.”.

“Copy Dat Young Man”.

See, In The Ya Just Never Know Side Of It All.

High Ranking, Young GThug Blood Just Another Marine In Da Street.

Special Expeditionary Thru And Thru.

Image result for pics marine special expeditionary

I Begin My Short Walk Home.

I Love Tucson.

The Wild Wild West.

Image result for pics tucson

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

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Ryan. Out.

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2017 Porsche 911 GT3 / GT3 R  Sittin On Chrome

Tupac – Picture Me Rollin

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The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

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