Wild Wild Thoughts / Ramble On Tuesday

DJ Khaled – Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

Image result for pics glorious desert sunrise

Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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“Your Work Is To Discover Your World And Then With All Your Heart Give Yourself To It”  Buddah

Wild Wild Thoughts.

For The Life Of Myself I Can Not Get That Song Out Of My Head.


About A Month Ago. I Notice A Seemingly, Reoccurring Event  Taking Place In My Life On A Somewhat Daily Basis.

A Good Thing?

Maybe. Maybe Not.

The Very First Occurrence Took Place As I Went To Enter A Store In My Hood.

As I Approached The Double Glass Doors, Two Young Tucson Ladies Were As Well Approaching The Entrance.

Being The Officer And Gentleman I Am, I Grab The Door To Hold It Open For The Young Ladies.

No Big Biggy. Right?

Then It Happens.

One Young Lady, The Crew Chief Of This Beautiful Young Gang Of Two, Grabs The Door And Stands There Holding It Open.

I Go To Grab The Door Back, But Oh The Hell No.

“Young Lady I Am Holding The Door For You To Enter”.

“I Know That Sir. You Go First”.

“Young Lady, This Is Not Proper Protocol. Men Hold The Door Open For Ladies To Enter”.

“Not Today Sir. Your Job Is Done”.

“Say What Young Lady”?

“Sir You Have Earned The Right For Others To Now Hold The Door For You”.

“Young Lady, I Am On The Far Side Of following Your Drift”.

At This Point The Two Girls Looked At Each Other And Giggle.

“Awaight. Wanna Let Me In On The Joke”.

“Sir. I Am Holding The Door Open For You Because You Are Old And You Have Earned It”.

“Damnnn. It’s That Obvious”?

“Sir. Please. After You”.

“Damnnn. Me Old. Shit. It’s That Obvious”?

“Sir. Stop. Just Go. Your Cute”.

So, I Walk Into The Store, Young Ladies Behind Me, Giggling Away.

This Wake Up Call Scenario Happened Two More Times That Day.

Talk About Not Knowing Whether To Fuck, Fight Or Fart.

Image result for pics confused good looking old man

Early That Evening.

Sun Beginning It’s Decline Over The Desert Mountains And A Cool Sprinkle Of Monsoons Mist Starts To Fall, Cooling Off The 106 Degree Desert Environment.

I Step Outside To Watch The Sunset And Chill.

My Neighbor, The Beautiful Ms. Angelina, Is Already Outside Taking In The Awesome Tucson Twilight Setting.

“Hey Ryan”.

“Hey Girl. What You Up Too”.

“Jus Chiilin, Enjoying The Sunset”.

“Copy That Young Lady”.

We Start Talking.

I Tell Angelina About This Door Holding Thing.

Angelina Smiles, Then Laughs.

“What’s So Funny”?

“Your Funny Old Man”.

“Excuse Me”.

“Your Funny Old Man. The Girls Were Just Being Polite And Respectful”.

“Damn. That Sucks”.

“What Sucks”?

“Young Ladies Holding The Door Open For Me”.

“Why Does That Suck”?

“Cause, I’m A Man. I Hold Doors Open For Ladies”.

“Your Funny”.

“Oh. O.K. So Now I’m Old, And Funny”.

“Oh My Gosh. You Are Oh So Trippin, O.K. What Is So Horrible About Young Pretty Females Holding The Door Open For You”.

“Well Damn It. I’m A Man. Females Holding The Door Open For Me Is Kinda Gay. Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That. But I’m A Man”.

“Oh Gosh Old Man. Be Happy Pretty Young Ladies Hold The Door For You. You Do Realize, 38 Years Separate You And I”.

“It’s Not A Bad Thing”?

“No. It’s Not A Bad Thing. Enjoy It. You Earned It”.

“Shit, Learn Something New Everyday. Let’s Go For A Walk To The Dollar Tree”

“Let’s Go Old Man. I’ll Hold The Door For You”.

There Ya Have It.

Life In The Old Lane.

Image result for pics old men ferraris

Moving On

Image result for pics peterbuilt truck blowing coal

Peterbuilt Blowing Coal

Tucson, Arizona.

Is The Most Dangerous City In The State Of Arizona.

Tucson Is The 5th Most Dangerous City In America, As Well The 5th Poorest City In America.

Gang Bangin.

We Run The Gamut In Regards To The Dress Code‘.

Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, Latin Eagles. On And On And On.


Dem Ecuadorian Boys Know Better Than To Bang In Tucson.

Feel Me?

So Far?

The Point?

Many Many Years Ago, A Friend Of Mine, A Miami Police Patrol Sargent Stated To Me That There Were Times When It Is Best Left To ‘Street Justice‘ To Take It’s Course.

Where I Am Going With This, Is According To Several News Accounts, Eastside MS13 Is Experiencing Some Serious Ass Blow Back As In They Are Getting Their Ecuadorian Asss Smoked By Neighborhood ‘Bloods‘.

Better Know The Dress Code. The Bs And The Cs.

Image result for pics east coast bloods

Da Boy’s In Da Hood. East Coast Style ‘Blood’s’

Here In This Quaint Desert Mayberry Of Tucson, Arizona. We FlyingRed. This Is A 100% Blood’S Environment.

Myself, Growing Up In A ‘Blue Hood‘, South Central, Los Angeles, I Haven’t Any Trouble What So Ever With Red.

Image result for pics rolling 60's crips

Roling 60’s Crip’s. My Hood Of Origin Growing Up

Stay Blue.

Cuz Ya Ain’t Blue Ya Ain’t True

Again. The Point.

The ‘Hood’, In Regards To The East Coast, Has Taken Matters Into Their Own Hands.

Bringing Street Justice.

Actually Simple Forward Progression.

From The Neighborhood ‘Bloods‘ Point Of View.

The Imports As It Were, MS13 Into Their East Coast Hood, Were Drawing Way Da Fuck Too Much Heat. In This Case Federal Heat.

Naw Naw Naw. Can’t Have That.

Street Justice Takes Down Another Culprit.

Image result for dead ms13

Damnnnn! MS13 Having A Real Bad Day  Oh My

Down The Road

Image result for pics rousche mustang going fast

Oh Shit.

Say It Ain’t So.

It Oh So Da Fuck So.

Oh Well.

Da Fox, For Damn Sure Out Da Hen House.
All The Way Da Hell Out.
Image result for pics fox out of the hen house

Image result for pics fox news unfair unbalanced

In My Wildest.

I Could Not Even Come Close To Making Dis Shit Up.

James Bond Author, Ian Fleming Seconds That Motion From His Grave In The Town Of ‘SevenHapton’.

Hollywood Is Lining Up For Miles Just For The Rights To This Mounting By The Day Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float.

This Story Starts With One Ed Butowsky.

A Wealthy Dallas, Texas Bustillionair Businessman.

With A Strong, Very Strong Lean To The Right.

Un Countable Millions In Donations To The Now Near Extinct Republican Party.

Seemingly, Eddie Boy Didn’t Want To Take Any Chances In America’s Previous, 2016 Presidential Election.


Eddie Boy ‘B’, Comes Up With This Diabolical Plan To ‘Fix’ The Election.

An Avid ‘Fox News’ Viewer, Eddie Boy ‘B’ Enlists Fox News Own Sean Hannity To Assist In This Deep Dark Criminal Activity.

Sean H. Takes The Bait.

The Un Fortunate Fall Guy In This Perverted Scheme Is One Seth Rich, A Democratic Party Staffer, Who, In The Month Of July 2016, Was Gunned Downed And Killed In Washington, D.C.

Police Investigators Called This A failed Robbery Attempt.. Good Enough For Me.

But Oh Da Fuck No.

Not Good Enough For Those Of The Conspiratorially Mind.

In Particular, Wiki Leaks Founder, Julian Assange.

Let Me At This Very Point Be Clear. Translucently Chrystal.

Julian Assange, Is Currently, And Has Been Holed Up In The London Ecuadorian Embassy For The Specific Purpose Of Avoiding Rape And Sexual Molestation Accusations In Sweden.

In Other Words.

Julian Boy A Fuckin Perve.

Just The Type Of Guy I Want To Hook My Wagon Up To.

One Would Think, Whatever This Alledged ‘Perve’ Gotta Say. I Ain’t Buying.

But Oh The Hell No.

Sean Hannity And Fox News, Dey All Over Dis Bitch, Like Drunken Sailors Stationed At Subic Bay, Philippines.

Here Is The Story.

The strange case of Fox News, Trump and the death of young …

One Would Think That This Drama Would be Enough For Any News Corporation To Handle.But Oh The Hell No.Man Down. Man Down.


Image result for eric bolling down

The Latest Of Fox News Male Broadcasters To Hit The Skids, Eric Bolling.Just Had To Go Sending Pictures Of His Genitalia To Fox News Females.

Seemingly. These Cases Of Sexual Harassment At The Fox News Station Is The Every Day Norm And Forward Procedure.
Don’t Go And Tell This To Pat Robertson, ‘The Alt Right‘ Preacher.
Do Not Dare And Go The Fuck There.
Pat Robertson Summed This Latest Of Fox News Broadcasters Unable To Keep Their Tiny Genitalia In Their Pants Story Just Another Far Left Wing Plot To Bring Down Fox News.

According To Pat R:
This Is Nothing But An Attempt By The Far Left Conspiratorially Peoples Plan To Take Down Fox News
Pat Robertson.
The Goyisha Spokes Person Preacher And White Guilt Laden Killer Of Rabbi Jesus, My Dark Skin Color Jewish Brother.
You Ingest Swine.
Every Word Out Of Your Swine Laden Grill, Is Foul.

You Have Spent A Life Time Preaching Some Kinda Hockey Smoke Religion Based On The Tortured, Swords Drawn On, Then Excruciatingly And Painfully Beyond All Imagination, Nailing To A Cross, Of A Dark Skin Color JewBoy, Named Rabbi Jesus.

Pat Robertson.

Just The Putz I’m Gonna Believe.

Image result for pics pat robertson in drag

This News Worthy Item Reported By The Texas White Boys Down At ‘The Blaze‘.

Image result for pics angry glenn beck & the blaze

The Angry White Boy’s Fearless Leader   Glen Beck

Just When You Thought Things Could Not Get Any Worse Over At The Trump Circus Ole White House.

This Bit Of News Rolls On Up The Pike.

“You cannot say that to the press,” Trump said repeatedly to Pena Nieto in response to his public outcries over refusing to fund the border wall, according to a transcript of the Jan. 27 call obtained by The Post.

“If you are going to say that Mexico is not going to pay for the wall, then I do not want to meet with you guys anymore because I cannot live with that,” Mr. Trump added.



Can Ya All Spell Pushing A Phony Dead Agenda. Nod Nod. Wink Wink.

Image result for pics nod nod wink wink


Don’t Know Bout Cha All.

I Am Just So Da Fuck Proud To Be An American.

In Closing.


In One Fell Swoop.

We Have The Implosion Of Both The Republican Party And The Fox News Channel.

Oh My.

Image result for pics fox news republican party implode cartoon

Image result for pics fox news republican party implode cartoon

Trust Me Girl. You Got Out In Just The Nick Of Time.

Oh Yeah.

I Must Be One Of Them Far Left Bad Boys.


Just A West Side Bad Boy.


One Last Thing.

Correct Me If I Am Wrong.

Didn’t A Law Just Pass Outlining That It Is Perfectly All Right, A.O.K.

To Apprehend.


Torture At Will To Ones Heart Content, Then In Gleeful Anticipation Over Many 24 Hour Periods, Watch Hackers Die Slow Hard And Screaming.

Image result for Graphic Videos Cartel Torture

Damnnnn! Bloody Hackers In Da Trunk. Ayyy! Mamasita!

Keep Me Posted.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Image result for ryanindadesert

Ryan. Out.

Image result for 1957 Chevy Rod

1957 Chevy Low Rider Street Rod  Sittin On Chrome

Tupac – Picture Me Rollin

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:


To My Tens Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics peace sign my homies

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