Going Down… Shout Out Saturday

The Rolling Stones – Doom And Gloom

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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Blind Belief In Authority Is The Greatest Enemy Of Truth.
Albert Einstein

Shout Out To A Very Cool Dude.


Whad Up Suntran Driver.

Image result for pics OHRAH Its A Marine Thing

Semper Fi  OOHRAH Brother

Second Shout Out Goes To A Very Brave And Courageous Man Who, Throughout His Entire Life, Gave It All. Nothing Left Behind.

Serving This Once Great Country With Un Bridled Devotion.

A True Blue Desert Dawg.

Image result for John McCain Pilot vietnam flight deck with plane

Image result for navy f14 fighter aircraft vietnam

Leave It To You Lieutenant Commander McCain.

Diagnosed With The Absolute Most Wicked Of All Afflictions.

On The Very Thin Precipice Of Life.

No Worries.

In True American Grit.

Off The Operating Room Table, On Up To The Senate Floor.

Taking Care Of Business.

As Always.

Doing The Right Thing.

As Always.

On The Fly Bye, Leaving All And Any Behind In The Literal Dust.

An Audience Left In A Nano Flash Lost Click.

Grey Matter Melt Down Flowing Onto The Senate Floor.

My Man Lieutenant Commander McCain.


This How We Do It On The Desert West Side.

LORD GOD Bless You And Your Family Oh So Very Much.

I Know HE Does Sir.

GOD Speed Recovery Sir.

Ain’t Gonna Lie Sir.

Image result for pics marine recon t.r.a.p. m.e.u. vietnam

You Most Certainly Put Marine Recon T.R.A.P. M.E.U.  Through The Paces. Did Our Best Sir.

Image result for pics marine recon t.r.a.p. m.e.u. vietnam

At Times.


Lost In A Cloud Of  Video Dust Breaking Through L.E.D.’s Flat Screen Onslaught.

I Am.

If By Magic.

Transported In A Undefinable Warp, Wherein My Brains Very Neurons Play A Slick Quick Game Of Now You See It, Now You Don’t.

Then In A Lightening Quick Lickety.

Wham Bam The Hell Slam.

Realty Plants Her Long Sharp Talons Straight Through My Ever Thinning Epidermis Right On Down To My Very Bones.

You For Sure Seeing What You Seeing My Man.

In The Hard Cold Grey Matter Shatter Of It All.

Image result for Donald Trump Yelling at People

Throughout My Ancient Life.

I Have Always Held Respect In My Heart For My President.

If You Have Been Following This Blog For A Minute.

You Witnessed. On Many Occasions, Myself Calling Out President Obama.

You Also Caught Me At the Tail End Of What Ever Presidential Diatribe I Was Laying Down At That Particular Time, With A:

It Would Transcend An Honor Sir To Sit And Chat With You“.

I Was In Fact Invited To Do Just That On Two Occasions Through Social Media Site Blogger. I Copped To The Chicken Out Side Of It All And Declined.

What I Am Getting At, Is In Regards To America’s Present Sitting President.

I Have Not One Iota Of A Scintilla Of Respect For The Clown Idiot Who Calls Himself America’s President.


Standing On The Sidelines Of The Ever Increasing Drama Of The Inevitable Fall Of America.

I Am Reminded Of A Quote By The Late Author Hunter S. Thompson Wherein He Describes His Feelings In Regards To The Television Industry:

Pimps, Thieves And Whores Roam The Halls Freely While Good Men Die Like Dogs“.

This Is What I View In The Now Tragic Soap Opera That Has Become The Very Unfortunate Norm Over At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue North West.

On A Daily Basis I Witness Good Men To A One.

Who’s Only Mission Forward Throughout Their Adult Lives Has Been To Serve Their Country With Honor.

Only To Be Dragged Down The Rat Hole By A Failing Game Show Host Wanna Be.

Lost Somewhere In The Bizarre Narcissistic, Egotistical, Maniacal Dust Of A Dictator Who Has Gone Stark Raving Mad.

Where Character Assignation Would Be A Cyclopean Upgrade.

Men Who’s Only Crime Was To Further Serve Their Country In Assisting The New President To Fix This Now Completely Shattered Shell Of What Used Too Be America.

A President Who Asked Only One Thing Of These Men. Loyalty.

The Realty In All That Is That Donald J. Trump Wouldn’t Know Loyalty If It Bit Him In His Large Pale White Boy Ass.

For You See, Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy Donny Is Loyal To Only One. That One Being Himself.

The Real Danger In All Of This Is What Exactly This Man Stands For And Who His Supporters Are.

After Some Very Deep Research Into Exactly This, I Walked Away Livid.

To The Point Of Wanting To Smoke Every White Boy Nazi, Klan Member And  Hater On This Quickly Deteriorating Planet.

I Know.

Sounds Somewhat Desperate. Right?

I Detest Hate Of All Kinds.

For I Have Seen Hate Coming And Going Throughout My Entire Life.

While Delving Into The Trump Family History, Time And Time Again I Found Myself On Pages Describing Racial Etiquette Fitting That Of White Supremacy Based On Occasions Of Attendance Or Dictum Brought On By Individual Trump Family Members Or The Trump Real Estate Company.

The Very First Search Brought Up An Article From The New York Times Dated June 1927 Describing A K.K.K. Rally In New York Where One Fred Trump Was Arrested For Participating In The Klan Rally And Assaulting New York Police.

The Search Also Revealed That Quite Possibly Fred Trump Could Have Been An Innocent Bystander As Well, Even Though In Court Fred Trump Was Defended As It Were By The Klan Attorneys. Charges Against Freddie Boy Were Eventually Discharged. 

That Said.

In A 1979 Article Published By ‘The Village Voice’, Attention Was Once Again Drawn To The Trump Empire In  Regards To Racism.

 A New York City Rental Agent Was Quoted As Saying That Fred Trump Had Advised The Rental Agent Not To Rent To Black People And To Strongly Encourage Any Current Black Tenants To Leave.

They Finally Settled In 1975 With A Consent Degree Only Described ‘As One Of The Most Far Reaching Ever Negotiated‘.

Even After This 800 Pound Racial Gorilla Was Put To Rest, The Justice Department Protested That Continuing “Racially Discriminatory Conduct By Trump Agents Has Occurred With Such Frequency That It Has Created A Substantial Impediment To The Full Enjoyment Of Equal Opportunity.”

The Thing Of It Is, When It Comes To Racism, Seemingly, On Every Possible Level, The Trump Family, Trumps The Card.

Following Is Just A Few Bites If You Will From Our Friends Over At The ‘Huffington Post’.

Following Are Some More Trump Family Racial Motivated Sagas.

Years after casino went bust, Gary still skeptical of Trump …

White nationalist leader pleads guilty in Trump rally case

We’re on the Brink of an Authoritarian Crisis | New Republic

Then, There Is That Pesky Old Russian Thang‘.

I Want To State, Very Clearly, At This Point, In Regards To The Entire American Populous, I Regard These Individuals, On Their Best Day As Lead By The Collar, Rock Solid Idiots.

Who Word For Word Quote The Ongoing Talking Heads Of Their Particular Choice.

The Unfortunate Realty In All Of This Is That America Has Fallen Victim To The Bought And Sold Lies Brought To Them Courtesy Of The Commercial Laden Television Broadcast Industry.

In Trumps Case, The Trump Fox News Network.

Whose Ratings On A Daily Basis Are Swirling Around The Drain.

Image result for swirling around the drain

The Trump – Fox News Network Swirling Around The Drain

Who Has Been Unable, Seemingly, To Set This Entire Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float Called Trump And Russian Collusion, On A Clear Visual Video Pattern.

Actually A Very Simple Task If Put Into The Proper Perspective.

The Simple Explanation Is That If One Has Decided To Participate In Business Dealings Of Any And All Kind In Russia, This Individual At That Very Instance, Without Hesitation, Quite Simply Becomes Former KGB Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Vladimirovich Putins Bitch.

This Realty Is Not On The Perception Level Of Quantum Physics.

In Other Words, Vladdy P. Owns Donny Boy Trump.

Straight Up.

On Da Clear 100.

For You See, Donny Boy Been Doing Business In The Former USSR Since 1987.

Really America.

What Part Of The Entire Trump Family Lawyer-ing Up And Taking To The Mafia High Road Of Completely Pardoning Themselves Are Ya All Not Clear On.

In True Fuck Em If You Can Trump Style, Donny Boy Signs The New Russian Sanctions To Accomplish, In His Clown Mind, To Put All Of This Russian Thang Behind Him.

Don’t Work That Way In Russia Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy.

Your Boy, Putin Da Pimp, Don’t Roll Like That.

Cause America, Trust me On This, Putin Has Very Very Incriminating Dirt On Donny Boy.

Russia Is Not America, Where In True Donny Boy Trump Style, After He Has Used And Abused The Good People To Get His Shyster Way Poof. They Gone.

This Practice Has Been Donny Boy’s M.O. Since Jump.

Wherever Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy Has Conducted Business.

People Got Screwed.

Contracts Became No More Than The Shredded Paper They Were Written On.

Then Ala Kazam.

In Come The Drip Lip.

Grease Butt Monkey Attorney’s To Tie Up All The Loose Ends.

Image result for drip lip grease butt monkeys

Trumps Drip Lip Grease Butt Monkey Attorneys

If All This Was Not Enough.

The White House Has Now Morphed Into A New York Style 1980’s Mafia Setting.

Sending One Great American After The Other Down The Road Packing.

The Latest In This Death March Is Sean Spicer.

To Be Replaced By The Likes Of Another East Coast New York Loud Mouth, Anthony Scaramuci.

Now Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy Donny Has Himself A Punk Ass Loud Mouth Just Like Himself.

And My Oh My, Can Tony Boy Scar A Moochi Run Some Vulgar Yak.


Tony Boy.

Let Me Show You How We Run Vulgar Yak Here On The West Side Of Things.

Image result for pics south central l.a. 2pac

A Little Intro Music If You Will.

2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg – Gangsta Party


What I’m Walking Up The Canyon Trail With

Image result for Canyon Loop Trail

Is That My White House Is Now In The Hands



Fat Mouth


New York Punk Ass Faggot Bitch’s Walking The Slant Face Spaghetti Bending Road Of G-Thug Wanna Be’s, Who Have No Problem What So Ever Cursing Out Of Their Rabid Running Bitch Holes Just Like Their Pig Face Fat Ass Mamas.


White Boys.

Think Ya All Rollin.

We Pimpin Ur Pig Face Mamas’s On Da South Side Chumps.

2Pac Hit ‘Em Up

This Is How We Do It On The West Side.

The Best Side.

Image result for pics south central l.a. 2pac

Your Both A Major Embarrassment To This Country And Everything That This Country Stands For.

As Well.

North Korea, Backed Up To The Hilt By Their Homies, China, Told You In No Uncertain Terms That They Are Going To And I Quote, “Bring Nuclear Hell Down On You“.

Iraq Just Signed A Contract With Iran.

The Philippines Has Kicked The United States Navy Out Of Subic Bay.

G.O.D. Only Knows What Russia Has Up It’s Sleeve And G.O.D. Ain’t Talking.

If All That Wasn’t Enough.

Word On The Street Is Russia Is Arming Taliban. Oh My.

So, Mr. New York Loud Mouth.

In Just A Scant Seven Months You Have Put This Country In Harms Way As No Other President In History Ever Has.

What’s Your Resolve?

Tweeting Your Sub Intelligent, Racist, Pig Face White Boy Self Away.

Your Health Care Plan. D.O.A. 3 Times Now Genius.

Tax Reform. So Far The Hell Down The Road Hubble Can’t Even Pick It Up.

Inner City Rebuild And Reform. Not Even On This Hemispheres Map.

Your American/Mexico Wall. Way The Hell Dead Before Arrival. Not To Mention Creating An International Crisis By Implementing A 20% Tax On All Good’s Coming Across The Mexican Border.

To Which Mexico Says, No Problemo Amigo. Tariff Increase Me. Tariff Increase You White Boy.

Leaving A Gaping Gigantorous Hole In America’s Already Sinking By The Day Position On The World Trade Side Of Things.

Just On And On And On President Clown Idiot.

Image result for trump the clown

You Sir.

Mr. Clown.

Are By Far.

The Very Absolute Worst Possible Thing To Ever Happen To America.

You Are A Major Piece Of Blood Stained Hemorrhoid Laden Bowel Movement Floating A Top The Slime & Scum Filmed Polluted Hudson River.

Have A Nice Day Mr. President.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

Image result for ryanindadesert

Image result for 2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford Gt  Sittin On Chrome

2Pac – Picture Me Rollin’

Image result for pics swamp

The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:


To My Tens Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

Image result for pics peace sign my homies

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