He Really Went And Dun Did It This Time

Volunteers – Jefferson Airplane

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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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A Heart Felt Shout Out To A Great Man And A Great American Patriot.

I Know I Ran A Lot Of Yak Down On You Sir.

My Bad.  My Sincere Heart Felt Apology To You Sir.

You Are In My Prayers Sailor.

You Can Beat This Beast Captain McCain. You Have Over Come Much Worse. LORD GOD Bless You Sir.

Give Em’ Hell Captain McCain.

Most Definitely Captain/Senator McCain, Thank You Ever So Much For Your Un Selfish And Devoted Service To This Once Great Country.

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Image result for pics captain john mccains  f14

Semper Fi  Oohrahh Captain/Senator McCain.

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Tons Of Desert Love To You Sir.

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Now. Todays Testimony

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Is It Just Me?

What I Am Witnessing Up Close And Personal Since President Trump Moved His Family Into My White House, On It’s Best Day, Is Distressing.

Driving Me To The Very Edge Of My Salvation.

Taking Me To The Very Thin Side Of The Proverbial Precipice.

Just When I Thought It Could Not Possibly Get Any Worse.

Click Bang. What A Hang.

Avocados Are Through The Roof. No Longer 3 Or 4 For A Dollar. Oh The Hell No!

These Green Velvet Beauties Have Climbed Up Towards The Peak Of The Dollar Ladder. All The Way Up To Seventy Eight Cents A Piece. Oh My.

Bananas Ain’t Doing Much Better.

Just Had To Go And Piss Off My Mexican Brothers And Sisters 70 Miles South On My Boarder Mr. President.

If All Of This Was Not Enough.

Produce Manager At Wal-Mart Market Place Informed Me Yesterday That I Ain’t Even Began To See Anything Yet. Just Fuckin Great.

One Of My Last Bastions Of Enjoyment On This Toxic Rock, Shot Down Like A Rabid Dog In The Street.

I Don’t Ask Much From This Life.

Obey Every Law Known To Man.

Pay My Taxes, Alimony And Child Support, Now Spanning Close To Two Thirds Of My Life, Just Hitting The 27 Year Mark. No End In Sight.

Now Throw Into This Insane Existence. Celibate, Now Into My 10th Year.

Damn Ass Avocados.

All That I Have Left.

My Reason For Pulling My Old, Broken, Shot Up Remains Out Of Bed Every Morning.

Just To Make It Into The Kitchen.

Pick Myself Out A Fat, Juicy, Green Velvet Love Rock.

Cut That Velvet Sphere Of Daddy’s Heavenly Delight Open.

Chuck The Large Seed Into The Sink.

Open That Ball Of Delicious Mint Green Love.

A Dab Of Olive Oil In The Middle.

Then A Large Drop Of Blue Cheese Dressing.

Then The Finale.

Cover That Bad Girl In Cayenne Pepper And Garlic Powder.

A Big Smile Across My Old Grill.

My Day Off To An Excellent Start. Out Da Door For A Cool Thirty Cents Plain.

I’m In Love. And I’m All Shook Up. Ahh Huh Huh. Yeah Yeah..

But Oh The Fuck No.

Just Couldn’t Leave Things Alone Could You Mr. President. Just Had To Go And Rile Up The Mexicans. Just Couldn’t Leave Things The Hell Alone.

Thanks President Trump.

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Now. On With Todays Commentary.

Seemingly, Daddy’s Lil Rich Boy, President Donald J. Trump, Has Now Turned On His Own Administration.

His Main Number One Dawg And Homie Since Jump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is Now In The Paranoid Scope Of President Trumps Termination Rifle.


Echoes Off The Hallowed West Wing Walls.

Seemingly, The Trump Empire Is Showing Deep Structural Cracks In It’s Failing Family Affair Foundation.

Sly and The Family Stone – Family Affair

Like To Be A Fly On That Wall.

Image result for pics fly on a wall

Word On The Street Is President Trump Is Conducting A Far And Wide Search Up And Down The Trump Family Tree For New Employees To Man His Sinking Administration Ship.

Image result for pics sinking trump ship

The Bluster Driven, Accomplish Nothing, Trump White House Has Morphed Into A Failing Prime Time Disaster.

Reports Out Of The Kremlin Tell The Story Of The Bare Chested Russian Leader, V. Putin Performing Acrobats Off The Kremlin Walls In Anticipation Of His New Dominion, The Trump Family White House.

Image result for pics bare chested v. putin dancing

America. Are You Kidding Me?

The Trump Dynasty Is Batting 0 For 4 In Regards To Any And All Forward Policy Initiation.

Health Care. Tax Reform. Border Wall. Iran Nuclear Deal. Russian Meddling In American 2016 Election. Cleaning Up Inner Cities. To A One. Dead On Arrival.

No Worries.

‘Prez’ T., Ain’t Missing A Beat.

The White House King Is Now Going After His Former Homie, FBI Prosecutor Mueller.

Mueller, That Wiley Rascal.

Who In The Blazes Does He Think He Is, Investigating The Trump Family Business Affairs Linked To Russia. Hell Naw!

Oh. He’s The Special Prosecutor Looking Into This Entire Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float.

That Mueller Doesn’t Know Who He’s Messing With. Damn It!

Image result for pics pissed off pres trump

For Myself, Just An Old Nobody Sitting On The Sidelines.

I Feel As If I Have Been Dragged Feet First, Kicking And Screaming, Onto An Alternate Realty Daytime Soap Opera Set.

Stranded Somewhere In The Middle OfYou Shittin Me Boulevard AndI Cant Even Make This Shit Up Avenue‘.

What I Am Hearing Loud And Clear Is Daddy’s Lil Boy Not At All Getting His Way.

Jumping Up And Down. Screaming And Shouting.

Burning Through Twitter As If There Is No Tomorrow. Only Taking A Break Every Now And Then Throughout The Seemingly Never Ending Lapses Of Each And Every 24 Hours To Change His Soiled Diaper.

I Mean Really Mr. President.

GOD Forbid, You Should Ditch Your Phone. Stay The Hell Off Twitter And Take Care Of The Business You Were Elected To Take Care, As In Fixing And Straitening Out This Broken Country.

That’s Just Me.

America. Congratulations.

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You Have Completed A Total 360 Morph Onto The World Stage As A Production Straight Out Of A Surreal Clown Show Cast From The Ice Cold Grave Of Fellini.

Image result for pics surreal clown show

Rod Serling Got Nothin On This Seemingly Endless And Growing By The Day Sad Psychotic Realty.

Image result for pics rod sterling twilight zone

Reliable s Tell Me General/President George Washington Is Frantically Tapping S.O.S. Requests To Please Relocate His Grave To The Bahamas.

I Am Reminded Of A Day Four Years Ago While Riding The Number 10 Bus.

Manning My Usual Position, Standing Up Front Across From The Driver, I Make Eye Contact With A Sweet, Beautiful Elderly Lady Of Mexican Heritage. She Smiles At Me And States:

Justo cuando creo que he visto todo. Aún no he comenzado a ver nada todavía. Otra cosa más loco sucede. Y YO’m 97 años“.

(Just When I think That I Have Seen It All. I Have Not Yet Begun To See Anything Yet. Another Thing More Crazy Happens. And I’m 97 Years”.)

Si.Quot;. Entiendo perfectamente. Me siento de la misma manera“.

 (Yes.I Understand Perfectly. I Feel The Same Way”.)

Now. World News.

If All The Above Wasn’t Enough.

In Zimbabwe, Africa.

A Big Game Trophy Hunter Fatally Shot And Killed A Son Of ‘Cecil’ The Lion.

In Fact, This Hunter, Is The Same Big Game Trophy Hunter That Smoked ‘Cecil’ In 2015.

Talk About Coming Full Circle.

Mr. Big Guns Returned To Zimbabwe This week And Took Out ‘Xanda’, One Of ‘Cecil’ The Lions Son. Oy Vey.

‘Xanda’s’ Only Crime In All This Was Wandering A Few Yards Out Of Hwange National Park In Zimbabwe. Bad Bad ‘Xanda’ The Lion.

Image result for pics hwange national park zimbabawe africa

Hwange National Park   Zimbabawe, Africa

Mr. Squeeze Finger, The Lion Killer, Was On An African Hunting Expedition Led By A Professional Hunter, Is Most Definitely The Perpetrator Who Smoked ‘Xanda’ The Lion Son Of ‘Cecil’ The Lion.

Oxford University Researcher, Andrew Loveridge, Who Fits Collars On The Hwange National Park Lions For Monitoring Purposes, Stated That The Leader Of The Hunting Expedition, R.C. Safaris, Richard Cooke Did The Right Thing By Turning ‘Xanda’s’ Monitoring Collar Over To Oxford Researcher Andrew Loveridge.

Loveridge Went On To Say That The Smoking Of ‘Xanda’ Was In Fact, No Big Biggy.

That ‘Xanda’ Was Outside Of Her Border And He Was Over 6 Years Old, So The Killing Was All Within Stipulated Regulations.

Bad Bad ‘Xanda’. That Will Teach That Pesky Old Lion A Thing Our Two. Wander Out Of Your Border. Not On Trophy Hunter Richard Cooke’s Watch.

There Will Be No Funeral For ‘Xanda’ The Lion Son Of ‘Cecil’.

Image result for pics xanda the lion

The Former ‘Xanda’ The Lion.

‘Swamp’ Advice.

Stay Far Da Fuck Away From Borders Of All Kinds.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

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Ryan. Out.

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Aston Martin Vulcan   Sittin On Chrome

2Pac – Picture Me Rollin’

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The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:


To My Tens Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

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