In The Blink Of An Eye… A Fiery Blaze Ignites Through The Thick Smoke

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If Your Opponent Is Of Choleric Temper, Seek To Irritate Him. Pretend To Be Weak, That He May Grow Arrogant.
Master Sun Tzu

‘Making China Great Again’: Beijing-Run Media Crows As US Stumbles

I Find The Above Article Interesting In The Way That China’s Current Sentiment In Regards To The United States, Seemingly, Is Echoed Throughout The World. Even Africa Is Feeling This Raging Fire In Regards To The U.S.

Most Definitely, The World Is Watching.

In China’s Case, One Most First Look At China In The Entire Scope Of The Planet.

China, Considered An ‘Ancient Civilization’ Has Been Kicking Up Dust On This Treacherous Rock For Over Five Thousand Years.

For At Least The First Thousand Years, China Was Involved In Civil Wars That Spanned Four Separate Dynasty’s.

My Point Is That China Is Grounded In A Philosophy Of Ruling Survival. As Well, The Chinese Hold The Crown When It Comes To Quite And Thoughtful Manipulation When Dealing With Their Adversaries. In Other Words, Now You See It, Now You Don’t.

In Now Dealing With A Brash And Loud U.S. In Regards To Diplomacy, China’s Approach Is One Of Waiting For The Other Shoe To Fall.

The Mara Lago Meeting Between China’s President And President Trump Was Heralded In America As The Greatest Diplomatic Achievement The Planet Had Ever Witnessed.

Un Fortunately, China, Somehow Missed That E-Mail.

The Fact Of That Matter, Was Instead Of China Cutting Back On Exports To North Korea, Chinese Export To North Korea Increased 34%. Running The Gamut Of Food To Weapons.

For You See, The Very Last Thing In The World China Desires, Is A Mass Explosion Of A North Korean Exodus Causing Mass Relocation Across Their Border Into Their Country.

Kinda In The Vain Of Keep Your Enemies Close And Your Allies Very Happy.

As Well, On The Game Board Of World Domination, China, Along With North Korea, Iran, Russia And Various Other Enemies Of America, Want Nothing More Than To Destroy, Then Take America Over.

A Very Serious Reliable Tells Me That Within The Next Year And A Half, America Will See War On Our Soil.

For Myself, I Have Not Boarded That Vessel As Of Yet. Although Certain Indicators Are Giving Me A Slight Lean In That Direction. One In Particular Going Back To 2013, When President Obama Gave His Carte Blanch To Chinese And Russian Troops Conducting War Games Here In The Arizona Desert, Taking Place At Marine Air Base Yuma. These Games Spanned Out Over Two Plus Years.

Back To Mara Lago.

The Outstanding Denominator In Regards To The Train Of Thought That The Mara Lago Talks With China Were A Success, Was At Best Hyperbole.

To The Very Point, That President Trump Even Copped To The Failure At Mara Lago.

Now, Throw Into This Bag Of American Decline, Russia.

The Un Fortunate Anchor In The Current Cluster Fuck, Regarded As ‘Russian Collusion’ Involving Now President Trump, For True Historians Is The Actual Par For The Course.

As I Stated Many Times, To Seek The Absolute Truth, One Must First Look To History.

The History Involved With President Trump And Russia Began In 1987. It Was In This Year, That Then Real Estate Mogul Trump, Began Conducting Real Estate Deals In Russia.

The Significance In All This Is That In Russia, Evan The Slightest Whisper Of A Fart, Is Captured On The Radar Of Former KGB Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

The True Actual Significance In All That, Is That In My Opinion, Vladdy Boy Has Some Serious Dirt On Mr./President Trump.

I State This For The Simple Reason That This M.O., Is How Putin Rolls. Vladdy Boy Doesn’t Give One Scintilla Of A Nano Fraction Away. He Is In The Game For Keeps. Whatever It Takes.

If All Of This Was Not Enough.

To This Day. Vladimir Putin Does Not, Nor Will He Ever, Forgive The United States For Our Direct Role In Bringing Down The Soviet Union.

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Now Throw Into This Bustillion Alarm Fire, A White House In Shambles And Disarray. Along With An American Public So Divided That Civil War Is Rearing It’s Ugly Head From Coast To Coast, All The Prime Factors And Ingredients Necessary For The Fall Of An Umpire.

My Personal Opinion In All This Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float, Is That Donald J. Trump And His Administration Is By Far, The Absolute Worse Thing To Ever Happen To My Country.

The Saddest Part Of All This Is The Trump Approach To Literally Killing Off The Poor And The Elderly In America With His Forward Repression In Regards To Food Acclimation And Health Care.

Presenting A Health Care Plan That Literally Increases The Price Of Health To The Middle Class And The Poor, While Lining The Pockets Of The Wealthy.

As Far As I Am Concerned.

Fuck The Wealthy.

For You See, It Is The Poor That Has Always Fought Americas Wars To Line The Pockets Of The Wealthy.

So, To All Of You Wealthy Conservatives Out There In America. Here Is What I Say To You.

Ya All Feel Like Falling In Love.


Kiss My Ass And Call It A Romance.

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Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Fortunate Son”

Oh. One More Thang.


Vladdy P., Thanks For The Read Dawg.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

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Ryan. Out.

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1966 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396   Sittin On Chrome

Gimme Shelter 1969 – The Rolling Stone

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The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

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