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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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“The Whole Secret Of Existence Is To Have No Fear. Never Fear What Will Become Of You, Depend On No One. Only The Moment You Reject All Help You Are Freed.”  Buddha

Hey Kid. Ya Like Music”?

I Looked Behind Me Up The Long Foyer From The Front Of The Restaurant/Bar Where I Sat On My 20 Inch Schwinn Back To The Entrance Leading Into The Restaurant/Bar Of The South Park Hotel.



The Man Speaking To Me Looked To Be No More Than Thirty Years Old. He Was 6 Feet 4 Inches Tall. Very Thin. He Was Black And Very Well Dressed From His Peach Colored Paton Leather Loafers, Light Peach Gaberdine Slacks, Black Silk Shirt And Two Very Thick, Long Gold Chains, One With Jesus On A Cross.

For At Least A Year Now This Foyer Was My Chill Zone Until The Weather Warmed Up Enough For Me To Ride Down To The Beach.

Thing Of It Was I Never Came By Here This Late In The Morning. It Was Now Going On Ten A.M.

Date: Sunday, June 11, 1961.

Temperature: 61 Degrees.

I Slow Road My Bike Up The Giant Foyer To Where The Man Stood. I Hopped Off The Schwinn. The Man Took Hold Of The Handle Bars And Rolled It Towards The Front Door Leading Into The Restaurant/Bar.

He Turned His Head Back Towards Me And Said:

“My Name Is Slim, What’s Your Name Young Man”?


“Hey Ryan, Nice To Meet You”.

“Nice Meeting You Slim”.

With That We Were Inside The Establishment. Slim Walked My Bike Into A Small Office In A Hall Leading To The Entrance Of The Club.

Slim Then Walked Me Into To Club, Grabbed A High Back Stool, Carried It To The Front Of The Room And Sat The Chair Down About Five Feet From The Stage.

The Place was Already Packed. Music Was Flowing. On Stage Was Roland Kirk, Four Saxophones Strapped Around His Neck, Blasting Out His Version Of “Fly Me To The Moon”.

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Roy Haynes Quartet featuring Roland Kirk – Fly Me to the Moon

Slim Walked Up And Handed Me A Tall Glass Of 7-Up With An Umbrella And Three Cherries Floating On The Top.

“Enjoy The Soda Ryan, I’ll Check On You Later”.

“Thanks Slim”.

As I Was Sitting There, Blown Away By The Music, A Slight Man, Maybe Five Feet Six Inches Tall, Walked Up To Me, In A Deep, Melodious Voice Said:

“You Like The Music Kid”?

“Yes Sir”.

“My Name Is Miles Davis, Whats Your Name Kid”?

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“My Name Is Ryan”.

“How You Doing Ryan”?

“I’m Doing Fine Mr. Davis”.

“Just Call Me Miles”.

“O.K. Miles”.

“Nice Meeting You Ryan”.

With That Miles Davis Walked Away Towards The Back Of The Stage.

Roland Kirk Finished His Set. The Crowd Went Wild. The Crowd, As It Was, Consisted Of The Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Burbank And Beach Residents Who Flocked To The South Park Hotel Every Sunday Morning To Listen To Great Jazz. Slumming If You Will.

Slim Took The Stage To Announce The Next Musician.

“It Is With Great Pleasure And Honor Ladies And Gentlemen To Present To You, All The Way From New York City, The Great John Coltrane.

The Crowd Went Crazy.

John Coltrane Took The Stage And Opened Up With: ‘My Favorite Things’.

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The John Coltrane Quartet My Favorite Things Belgium, 1965

I Was The Ripe Old Age Of Eleven. It Was As If I Had Been 4th Dimensional Dumped Into An Alternate Realty That Forever Changed My Life. I Was Forever Hooked On Music.

John Coltrane Completed His Amazing Rendition Of ‘My Favorite Things’, Then Announced:

“I Want To Welcome Onto The Stage My Dear Friend Who Blows Magic Through His Horn, Mr. Miles Davis”.

The Crowd Went Insane.

Miles Davis Took To The Stage, Then Along With John Coltrane Went Into ‘Kinda Blue’.

Miles Davis & John Coltrane – Kind Of Blue

They Blew Up The House.

The One Thing For Sure, Was That Sunday, My Mind Was Forever Blown.

After All The Sets, Three Hours Later, Sitting There, Slim, Miles, John Coltrane, Roland Kirk  Joined Me In The Empty Restaurant/Bar And We All Just Hung Out Chewing The Fat As It Were.

For The Next Three Years, Every Sunday, I Parked My Little Butt On That Stool And Listened To The Greatest Music In The World. Actually Shaping My Life In The Sense That Without Even Knowing It, I Witnessed Up Close And Personal A Time That Was Actually Part Of American History That Will Never Be Repeated.

A Couple Of Years Down The Road, On One Of Those Sundays, Slim Asked Me If I Could Give A Hand Helping One Of The Feature Artists Performing That Day A Hand Unloading His Equipment. Slim Advanced Me $20.00 For My Effort And Introduced Me To John Lee Hooker.

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John Lee Hooker: Boom boom

Little Did I Know That On That Particular Sunday I Landed My Own Gig As A Roadie In The Los Angeles Area For The John Lee Hooker Band. As Well, That Sunday, John Lee Paid Me An Additional $30.00 For As He Stated, Doing Bang Up Job. That Began An Entire Phase In My Young Life.

I Love Music.

That’s All I Got.

Desert Love Ya All

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Ryan. Out.

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1967 Shelby Cobra   Sittin On Chrome

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The Absolute, Only Way, To Communicate With Me Is:

To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Readers World Wide.

Thanks For The Read, The Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Of Homies.

Desert Love Ya All

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