The SouthSide

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ryanindadesert / Man In Da Sand
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Welcome To The Desert Ya All

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Back Tracking Through TheDa Swamp



What Up My Homies?

Thanks For The Read Guys.

LORD GOD Bless Each And Everyone Of You.

Những gì lên Homies của tôi. Là một phút. Đánh giá cao thời gian của bạn trong việc đọc. Cho biết cô Lin Yang tôi gửi tất cả các tình yêu của tôi. Giữ an toàn. Hoa hậu Ya Girl. Sa mạc tình yêu. Điên Cowboy, Ryan

Desert Love Ya All.

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The South Side

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Originally Composed
Late Spring 2012

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The South Side

The Journey From The South Side North Was Always Interesting.

Then On Some Days The Journey Was Completely Off The Wire. Today Was One Of Those.

I Decided To Cut Over From 44th And South 6th Avenue West Past The Pawn Shop.

From There I Proceeded North Behind ‘Food City’ Grocery Store.

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I Proceeded Into The Neighborhood Up Through To South 33rd And Cut Over To South 6th Avenue.

I Was About Four Blocks Into The Neighborhood Heading North.

As I Approached The Last Block Before Actually Cutting Over To South 6th I Felt A Vibe.

Vibes Are An Integral Part Of My Life On A Nano To Nano Basis.
For Sure I Never Doubt The Vibes. Nor Due I Second Guess Gut Feelings.

For You See Vibes And Gut Feelings Have Been The Entire Main Ingredients Regarding My Continuous Daily Occurrence Of Exhaling CO/2 On This Treacherous Planet.

I Casually Glance 25 Degrees Over My Left Shoulder.

Thank You Vibe.

The Boy’s In Da Hood As It Were.

There Standing Over Waist High, Thick And Built Stood Four Pit Bull Dog’s. All About A Year Old, Still Showing That Puppy Pose.

This Wild Doggy Pack Was Comprised Of An All White Male.
A Tan Male.
A Black Male
A White Male With A Black Spot Over His Left Eye, Right Thigh And Butt.
Adding Doggy Character As It Were.

I Proceeded With My Walk, Not Changing Pace.
Still Calm, Laid Backed And Chill.

Seemingly, The Doggy Ensemble Was Approaching In My Direction.

Tongues Hanging. Tails Wagging.

As Well Their Determination In Their Pursuit To Check Me Out Was Relentless.

Upon Their Approach, They All Took Up Their Positions Around Me And Calmly Fit Into My Slow Cadence.

‘Whitey’ Took His Place At Front Flank.

‘Tan Boy’ Positioned Himself At My Right Flank.

‘Blackey’ Covered My Left Flank
‘Spot’ Took Up The Rear.

So Here We All Were In This South Side Barrio Walking, Talking And Chillin In The Early Morning 90 Degree Plus Heat.

We Proceed On.
Myself Talking Softly, Quietly  To My Newly Acquired Escorts.

My Pace Unchanged.
Speaking To My Escorts In My Typical Laid Back South Cali Drawl.

We Seemingly Had Some Kind Of Rapport Because At One Point I Told Them How Big And Beautiful They All Were.

Before I Could Place A Period On That Vocal Sentence They All Licked Me.

I Then Proceeded To Tell Them As Well That They Were For Sure Some Giant Ass Pit Bull Doggies.
In Fact Some Of The Biggest Dogs I Had Ever Seen. At That Claim They All Looked At Me And Winked.

So Here We Were, Just Hanging And A Banging Down This South Side Barrio Hood Street Walking In The Middle Of The Road.

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I Said To Them That Their Doggy Mama And Daddy Had To Be Some Really Big Dawgs.

Just As The Period Hit My Verbal Sentence, Ms. Vibe Flashed Me A Fleeting Nano Subliminal Messege.

Thank You Again Vibe.

That’s When I Caught It.

I Turn My Head Less Than 20 Degrees To My Left.

Standing Loud And Proud On A Desert Dirt Front Lawn Tilting Up At About 2 Feet Stood Mom.

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Mom Figured. What The Hell.

She Joined In On This Rag Tag March Through The Barrio.

Their We Were.

Myself And The Entire Dog Famdamily.

Mama Made Sure To Make Herself Noticed.
She Walked Up To My Left Leg, Gave Me A Love Nudge.
As If To Tell Me, She Was The Boss.

We Continue On Walking And Talking.

I Say To Mama, Damn Girl, You Certainly Are Big. I Can Only Imagine How Big Daddy Dog Is.

Then It Happened.

As We Pass This Dirt Ally, Popz Makes His Entrence Out Of The Ally.

For Sure. Popz Big Dawg.

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Popz Da Pit, Took His Position Beside’s Mamma.

We All Walked On For Another Block.
Me And The Entire Dog Famdamily.

Then, Straight Out Of The Wild Blue.

Big Pup In Front Hit The Deck.
Rolled Over And Started Licking My Legs.

Then The Other 3 Pit Pup’s Joined In This Mad Crazy Street Love While Momz And Popz Looked On.

After A Few Minutes Of All This Street Puppy Love, They All Stood Up And Took Their Place In Front Of Me For Some Serious Behind The Dog Ear Petting And Scratching.

Then, Just As They Approached Me They All Disbanded And Went Their Way Up The Street.

About 10 Feet Away They All Turned Their Heads And Threw Me A Wink In A Type Of Doggy Choreographed Move As If To Say, ‘Later Homie’.

I Looked Up.

I Exclaimed To HIM.

Uh Huh.

Walking With Giant Wild Street Pit Bulls.

You Surely Trippin LORD GOD.

Then In A Quicker Than L.A. Quick Lickety A Strong Desert Breeze Brushed It’s Sweetness Over Me While Butter Flies Engulfed Me.

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Just To Make Sure I Was Clear On This Spiritual Intervention, A Screeching Black Bird Descended Before Me, Hovering As It Were Right Before My Face As If To Say:

“Hope Ya Cop Da Drift Boy. Have A Nice Day.

I Proceed On Up To 32nd Street And Cut Back Over To South 6th Avenue.

As I Make My Way North Up South 6th Avenue Approaching 31st Street I Notice On The Eastside Corner Of 6th And 31st Three Young Mexican Men Between The Ages Of 16 And 18 Years Old.

The Way They Are Hanging Out, It Is More A Claim Of Territory. They Have Secured That Particular Part Of The Tarmac.

These Teenagers Were Dressed In New Red Nike Air Jordan’s.

Red Bandanna’s.

Black Baseball Caps With Red Letters Indicating Their Choice In Regard’s To The Dress Code.

The B’s And The C’s As It Were.

Can Ya Spell ‘Bloods’.

Hanging With These Young Men Were Two Beautiful Young Mexican Girl’s. I Would Say Around 16 Years Old.

I Continue North On South 6th Avenue On The Opposite Side Of The Street. Walking Against The Flow Of People And Traffic. Hard To Come Up On Me. Been A Lifelong.

As I Approach 30th Street One Of The Young Mexican Girls Crosses South 6th Avenue To My Side.

As She Grows Closer To What I Call My ‘Meet And Greet Space I Say:

“Pido perdón la señorita Iam lamentable no soy una perspectiva buena”.
(For My Single Lingual Readers/ I’m Sorry Young Lady I Am Not A Good Prospect.)

Without A Word The Beautiful Young Woman Takes Her Position On My Right Flank And Falls In Lock Step With Me.

The Time Was 08:45, Sunday Morning.

We Walked In This Quite, Not A Word Spoken Pace For A Couple Of Blocks.

Without Any Props, Completely Out Of The Vast Wild Blue, Girl Says To Me:

“Haga usted tiene cualquier licor”?
(For My Single Lingual Readers/ Do You Have Any Liquor?)

“No, Seguro no Hago.
Son Usted No Demasiado Jóven Para Beber el Licor.
También Es Tan Muy Temprano “?
(For My Single Lingual Readers/ No, I Sure Don’t Young Lady are you not too young to be drinking liquor, as well it is very early Sunday morning.)

“Esto lo hace ir más rápido”.
(For My Single Lingual Readers/ It Makes It Go Faster.)

¿Usted significa(piensa) a todos los hombres todo el día y toda la repetición?
(For My Single Lingual Readers/ You mean all the men all day and all of the repetition?)

(For My Single Lingual Readers/ Yes?)

We Continued On For A Bit. Silent As We Walked. After A Few Blocks The Young Lady Turns To Me And Says:

“Va a Usted Rezar Para Mí?
(For My Single Lingual Readers/ Will You Pray For Me?)

Sí. Absolutamente. Rezaré por usted. ¿Cómo te llamas? (For My Single Lingual Readers  /Yes. Absolutely. I Will Pray For You. What Is Your Name?

“Mi nombre es Monique”.(For My Single Lingual Readers  /My Name Is Monique.)

“Seguro que Monique. Señor Dios te bendiga muy muy Much.My nombre es Monique”.(For My Single Lingual Readers  /For Sure Monique. LORD GOD Bless You So Very Very Much.)

With That Monique Trailed Off Back To The East Side Of South 6th Avenue.

I Walked About A Block And A Half North Up South 6th Avenue To 29th Street.

I Turned Left Up The Steep Grade Of West 29th Street And Walked About 18 Steps And Stopped In Front Of An Abandon 19th Century Old Church.

I Looked Up.

I Said In A Soft Whisper To LORD GOD ALMIGHTY:

PLEASE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Find This Young Lady And Intercede LORD GOD. Save Her From The Ravages Of War. Please Save Her Oh LORD GOD. I’m Begging You LORD. I’m Begging”.

My Tears In A Torrential Onslaught Hit The Hot Tarmac Like Exploding Mortars Tearing Through The Desert Floor.

Silently Crying Like The Proverbial ‘B’.

I Can Not Say How Long I Stood There Begging LORD GOD To Save This Victim Of Family Turf War Engaged For The Simple Non Payment Of A Street Debt.

Even Right Now.

My Tears Cascading Down Onto The Whores Ever Expansive Keyboard As I Drop These Last Peckz.

The Treacherous Wicked Hell Bent World For Now Safely At Bay.

Ryan. Out.

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Jimi Hendrix – Red House – Santa Clara 1969

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United States














Costa Rica











Hong Kong














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Ya All 

Da Desert

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