As The World Turns

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Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

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As The World Turns


I Am Observing A Soap Opera.

A Soap Opera Originating On The 50″ Flat-screen Right Before My Eyes.

A Visual That I Never Ever Dreamed Would Become A Stark Raving Realty.

Subject Matter Scripted From The Likes Of People That One Would Think Would Never Ever Be Forefront In Such Nefarious Drama.

Actors Actually Portraying Themselves.

Shame No Where Present On The Vast Horizon.

Who Woulda Thunk?

The White House Drama.

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Oh My.

President Donald J. Trump.

Has Now Layered Up.

His Attorney Of Choice Has Been To This Rodeo Before.

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Marc Kasowitz.

Mr. Kasowitz Has represented Donald trump In Many Various Law Suits, Including The 25 Million Dollar ‘Trump University Fraud Case‘.

The Fact Of This Matter Is, That Mr. Kasowitz Has Represented Donald Trump Since 2001.

Back Then, In The Infamous Atlantic City Casino Case.

In Late November, 2017 Mr. Kasowitz,  Represented  OJSC Sberbank of Russia, The Largest Bank In Russia Accused Of Conspiring With A Granite Company In A Plot To Smoke Their Main Competitor.

Little Side Note Here.

Jared Kushner, President Trumps  Son In Law And Number One Advisor, A Name America Is Becoming All To Familiar With, Previously Served As Deputy Chairman Of The Board At OJSC Sberbank of Russia. Oh My.

Seemingly, The Plot Thickens.

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Jared Kushner  Is Now Under F.B.I. Scrutiny.

The Way All This Works, There Are Three Parts Of Scenario Involved When Law Enforcement Begins To Take A Look As It Were, Into Individuals Or Organizations.

The Process Starts With ‘Scrutiny‘ Then If Warranted ‘Investigation‘ Begins. If Substantial Evidence Is Found, Then ‘Target‘ Comes Into Play.

Jared Boy Is In The ‘Scrutiny‘ Phase.

Word On The Street Is That The Senate Wants To Question Jared Kushner  In Regards To His Dealings With OJSC Sberbank of Russia.

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As Far Fetched As All This My Appear.

This Type Of Drama Packed Controversy Is Nothing At All New To Donald J. Trump  And His World Wide Business Enterprises.

As Well, Keep In Mind, That I Am Neither Judge Nor Jury.

That Stated.

With Very Little Effort, I Was Able To Pin Down The Following Links.

For Myself, Real Or Fantasy, It Goes To Character.

The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

Donald Trump’s Many Business Failures, Explained – Newsweek

Donald Trump Business Failures |

The Donald Trump scandal he wants you to forget … – Salon

The Donald Trump scandal he wants you to forget … – Salon

This List Just Goes On And On And On. Again. Going To Character.

My Point In All This Is, To Bring To The Forefront That Scandal, Fraud And Controversy Is Nothing New To President Trump.

I Will Also Add That In The Last Few Days, Channel Surfing As I Do.

A Trend That Is Becoming All To Familiar For Me, Is The Relative And Pertinent News, That Is Being Reported In Regards To Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump And The White House In General, Aside From being Dark And Foreboding, Is That I See A Trend Developing.

What Clearly Stands Out For Me Is That Fox News Is Cheer Leading President Trump On, As Well Down Playing These Current Events. While MSNBC Is Reporting Relative News In Regards To What Is Actually Transpiring.

I’ll Add That If You Have Been Following Any Of My Blog Sites For A Minute, Both MSNBC And CNN Have Not Been My Go To Cable News Choice’s. To Say The Least.

Fox News, Has Been For Quite Some Time, My Go To Cable News Network.

Not Any More.

Cheer-leading Just Ain’t My Thang When It Comes To My News.

For Myself, The Path Fox News Is Marching Down, I Find To Be Actually Quite An Embarrassing Path, As Well In The End, What I Consider In Relation To Broadcasting,  Somewhat Devastating.

Fox News Is Taking It To The Point, Where One Broadcaster Likens President Trump To A Salesman.

For Myself.

I Prefer Salesmen To Stick To The Used Car Lot And Not My White House.

The Job Of The President Of The United States Is Complex And Taxing.

Nano Second To Nano Second.


When The Chief Executive Officer Is Bogged Down In Daily Controversy, The Country Is Compromised On Many Many Levels.

This Is The Simple Take Of It All.

The Hard Take Is That When The Commander In Chief Is In A Position Where He Has To Again, Lawyer Up, America Is Screwed.

But, Then Again.

History Has Proven Time And Time Again, In Regards To Donald Trump, Lawyer-ing Up Is The Norm.

While Channel Surfing Yesterday Evening I Stop On Fox News For A Minute.

The Broadcaster’s Are Actually Having A Conversation In Regards To The F.B.I. And  Their Integrity, Once Again, Throwing James Comey Under The Political Bus.

Shame On Ya All.

As Far As I Am Concerned.

The F.B.I. Is The Greatest Law Enforcement Agency On This Planet. Bare Known.

They For Sure Have Better Things To Do Then Waist Their Time Chasing Down Innuendo And Fairy Tails In Relation To Donald Trump And His Nepotism – ized White House Inner Circle Staff.


Your Boy ‘Donnie‘, Asked An F.B.I. Director, To Drop An Investigation, Into The Now Tainted To The Core, Michael T. Flynn, Investigation.

Look America. Dis Shit Straight Up Hitting The Fan Blades.

What Comes To Mind Is A Conversation A Few Years Back On The Number 10 Bus Here In Tucson, Arizona.

Myself Standing Up Front By The Door, An Older Lady Sitting Behind The Driver Said To Me:

Justo cuando creo que he visto todo. No he visto nada todavía y tengo 97 años”.

Sí, sé exactamente lo que quieres decir señora“.

In Other Words America, In Regards To All Of This President Trump Administration Nightmare, Soap Opera.

Ya All Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.

Now. Onto This Weeks Most Disgusting, Reprehensible, Political Action.

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The Picture Of Inner Bred White Trash.

Punk Ass Bitch Bully.

Newly Elected Congressman, Greg Gianforte.

An Individual.

Who Has Absolutely No Business What So Ever, Serving Anyone, In Type Any Of Political Office Capacity.


Punk Ass Faggot Bitch Gianforte .

To Say That You Possess Deep, Deep, Evil, Wicked, Mental Health Inspired Anger Issues. Is A Monumental Understatement.

If All This Is Not Enough.

Leave It To The Lost Clown Idiots Of Montana To Elect You To Any Office.

Image result for lost clown cowboys of montanna

I’m Sure Your Mama Is Proud.

After All,

She Gave Birth To Your Inner Bred White Trash Ass.

Yeah Einstein.

I’m Calling Your Punk Ass Bitch Faggot Self Out.

Bring Your Angry, Inner Bred, White Trash, Punk Ass Faggot Bitch Self, Down Here To The Desert .


In A 10th A Second.

No Weapons Present Or Necessary.

Image result for marine recon swift silent and deadly animated

Your Inner Bred, White Trash, Punk Ass Bitch Faggot Self, Will Be On The Ground, And, You Will Spend The Reminder Of Your Life, In A Wheel Chair Drooling.

Image result for white man in a wheel chair drooling

2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up (Dirty) (Official Video) HD

Straight Up.

On Da 100,

Punk Ass Bitch.

Oh LORD GOD Have Mercy On Me.

My Los Angeles, Cali, South Central Hood Roots Got Da Best Of Me.

Bad Bad Me.


That’s All I Got.

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Desert Love Ya All.

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Ryan. Out.

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1965 Pontiac GTO Lowrider  Sittin On Chrome

Santana – Smooth (HQ)

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