Da Swamp Non Political Op Ed

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Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

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A Good Commander Is Benevolent And Unconcerned With Fame  /  Master Sun Tzu

The Final Throw Down

Strap Yourselves In World.

Gonna Be One Hell Of A Rough Ride.

You Looking For P.C.

Trust Me.

You On The Damn Wrong Page.

A Quick Shout Out Of Sorts.

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Йо. До Whad лежа, расхищение, ели хлеб, жабы вымерли в отверстие россиян. Ваш женщин в положении лежа злой pig face fat ass жабы вымерли в отверстие мотыг. Все ваши российской mamas поросенок Дик высасывание мотыг. Йо. Vladdy мальчика. Как ya делают на прошлой неделе педофилов. Мне и моей вторник вечер pimpin вашей мамма, жена и сестра на da южной стороне. Damnnnn! Мне по разминированию и принял вниз ваш панк ass Советского Союза. Слышали вы получили ваш на прошлой неделе ass налил бренди мне вашим КГБ начальников. На прошлой неделе. Советского Союза. Wha Da Fuck Wha Wha Wha.

If Your A Democrat. Your An Idiot.

If Your A Republican. Your An Idiot.

If Your A Liberal. Your An Idiot.

If  Your A Conservative. Your An Idiot.

If Your A Socialist/Communist. Your A Real Idiot And You Need To Be Stepping It Up The Road On Past Sweeney’s House And Da Hell Out Of My Country. Now. Today.

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General/President George Washington’ Farewell Speech / 1796

What Stands Out For Me Is How Emphatic President Washington Was In His Serious Warning To America In Regards To Political Parties.

The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge natural to party dissension, which in different ages & countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders & miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security & repose in the absolute power of an Individual: and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty.” — George Washington, September 19, 1796

I Was The Ripe Old Age Of 13 Years When I Read This Document. Perhaps I Was The Only One.

Look Around America.

Your On High Alert.

Bustillion Alarm Fire.

The Precipice Growing Thinner By The Day.

Politics Has Taken This Country Down The Very Tubes Leading Into The Dark Dark Fecal Dripping Sewer.

And Yet, I Listen To The Slant Face, Political Hacks Spewing Forth Endless Yak In Regards To Our ‘Fore Fathers‘.

Quite Possibly These Political Gripped Losers Somehow Passed Over This Part Of General/President George Washingtons Farewell Speech..

Then There Is The Endless Parade Of Talking Heads.

Pretty Faces In Front Of The Camera, Who’s Job It Is To Present The News. Period.

But Oh The Hell No.

Seemingly, This, The Most Important Part Of Their Job Description Has Escaped Them.

Now These Mindless Pretty Faces Add Their Opinions, As If I Actually Give Two Shitz Or Three Fast Flyin Fuckz One Way Or The Other In Regards To Their Opinion.

The Real Tragedy Here, Are The Idiots Out In Television Land, Who Spout Their Chosen Talking Head’s Slanted Political Diatribe Idiocy, Word For Word. Moron’s Would Be An Earth Shaking Upgrade.

Over The Years I Have Come Down Hard On The Likes Of MSNBC And CNN.

For Close To 16 Years, Fox News Has Been My Go To Cable News Channel.

This T.V. Viewing Habit Has Come To A Screeching Halt As Of Yesterday Evening.

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The Short Take In All Of This Is That The Fox News Network Has Morphed Into The ‘Trump Fox News Network‘.

For Myself, Tuning Into Fox News Over The Past Several Months, Is Akin To Taking A 4th Dimensional Dump Onto An Alternate Realty Set Of A Donald Trump Reality Series Titled ‘My Political Mission Forward’.

Critical Acclaim Building To Sky High Crescendo.

Up And Down The Ladder.

From One Fox Broadcaster To Another.

Taking It All Up For Trump No Matter What.

No Regard What So Ever To Who They Throw Under The 48 Ton Political Bus.

All To Save The King.


I Do Get it.

Mainstream Tearing Trump A New One.

Or Are They?

That Aside.

Fox News , It Is not Your Job To Rally Behind ANY Political Figure.

Your job Is To Broadcast The News.

This Realization Jumped Out At Me The Other Evening Flashing Across The Face Of Felicia Flat-screen, Flying Multiple Mach Speed During The Hannity Show.

My Usual T.V. Watching Habits Entail Mr. Remote, Mute Engaged.

As Well, I’m Flipping Back And Forth Between Seinfeld, Family Guy And Fox News.

Yesterday Fox News Retracted A Story That Sean Hannity Was Screaming From The Rooftops, Over And Over, Again And Again, For The Last Several Months.

The Story Had To Do With The Death Of Democratic National Committee Staffer Seth Rich.

Police Investigators Concluded That Seth’s Murder Was A Robbery.

Police Further Concluded That There Were Not Any Items Missing From Seth’s Person.

So The Question Was How Could Seth’s Murder Be In Fact, A Robbery?

Conspiracy Theories Started To Fly.

The Thing Of It Is, That In Cases Such As This, Sometimes, The Assailant Hasn’t, For Whatever Reason, Time To Conduct A Personal Search Of The Victim.

Quite Possibly He Was Scared Off.

Also, There Is The Possibility Of Gang Initiation, Where As, The Assailants Only Mission Is To Smoke A Citizen.

Just On And On And On.

But In This Case, The Victim Was A D.N.C. Staffer. Just So Happened.

So, For Months On End, Sean Hannity Beat This Wild Horse To Near Death.

Then, At Some Point, GOD Only Knows Why,  Fox News Executives Were Inclined To Investigate The Substituent Facts Of This Story. Common Practice.

They Concluded That There Just Was Not Enough Evidence To Warrant Any More Coverage At This Time, In This Particular Story.

In Essence. End Of Story. Period.

But Oh the Hell No.

Now Keep In Mind That I Am Watching Sean Hannity Since The Hannity And Colmes Days.

Image result for hannity and colmes show

I Had Respect For You ‘Irish’.

That Changed Yesterday Evening.

If You Read The Article About Fox News Retracting The Seth Rich Story, The Motivating Factor For The Retraction Was Seth’s Families Pleas To Fox News To Cease And Desist Using In Essence, Seth’s Murder To Further A Political Agenda And As Well, What Family Wants Their Murdered Son’s Ordeal To Drag On And On And On.

One Would Think, Yes, Of Course, This Move Forward Makes Perfect  Sense.

Seemingly, Sean Hannity Didn’t Receive The Clue Up In Regards To All Of This.

So Instead Of Stating Something Of  Narrative Of This Nature:

Due To The Lack Of Evidence In Regards To The  Murder Of Seth Rich Myself And Fox News Are Pulling This Story Until Further Investigation. I Apologize For Any Inconvenience America“.


But Oh The Hell No.

Hannity Went Into This Self Aggrandizing Diatribe On How Sincerely Sorry He Was For The Rich Family And Seth’s Mother And… On And On And On.

LORD GOD Bless You All So Much, Sean Concluded.

Then At One Point, He States, Now Worries, He Is Still On The Case.

Nigga Paleeze.

And ‘Trump Fox News Network‘ Marches On.

It’s Not Just Hannity.

It’s Actually Just About The Entire Fox News Broadcast Staff.

Another Fox News Broadcasting Fact.

If Not For Advertisers Jumping Ship Faster Than Rats, BillHarasserOReilly Would Still Be on Air.

As I have Always Stated. Going Back In Time To Television Production Class, First Day.

Professor Sullivan Stating:

“Television Is A Big Lie Whose Only Purpose Is To Sell Products. You Will Be Tested Class“.

For Example.

Yesterday Evening.

For Hours On End.

Fox News Was Cemented In Manchester, England.

I Up Shift The Dial One Click On To MSNBC.

They Are Broadcasting The Senate Investigation Into The 2016 Elections And Russian Influence On The Election.

Very Interesting.

Image result for john brennen senate investigation

I Found Former CIA Director Brenner‘ Response To Senator Trey Gowdeys Question About Russian ‘Collusion’ In The 2016 Election Very Interesting And Very Pertinent.

In Essence, Telling The Senator That His, The Senator’s Question, In Regards To Russian Collusion, Wasn’t His As The CIA Director, To Answer, For The Simple Fact That The CIA Gathers Intelligence. Period.

They, The CIA Do Not In Any Way Shape Or Form Investigate Or Prosecute Intelligence Evidence.

One Would Think, That A United States Senator Would  Be Privy This Fact.

But, Here Again.

Politics Raises It’s Ugly Head.

Then, Show After Show, Fox News Slanders A Good Man’s Name.

A Man Who Has Devoted His Entire Life To Serving The United States Of America.

They Drag This Mans Name Through The Mud For Political Purpose.

This Mans Name Is James Comey.

A Good Man.

A True Patriot In My Eyes.

A Few Blogs Back I Explained Clearly The Spot That Comey Ended Up In.

Just Another Political Pawn.

Just As The Saying Goes.

Three things Cannot Be Long Hidden: The Sun, The Moon, And The Truth / Buddha

And Who You Ask, Are The Folks At Fox Schilling For?

Donald Trump Of Course.

I’m Going To State Something Right Now.

I Did My Best President Trump To Stand Tall For My Now, Ill Perceived, Commander In Chief.

Image result for Crying Marine

As Of Last Night Donald J.Trump.

You Ain’t My President No More.

In The Old Vain Of:

If It Waddles Like One. Yaks Like One. And Stanks Like One. Its A Dirty Damn Ass Duck.

What Resonates Loud And Clear Through My Mind Is A Statement That Candidate  Made Almost Two Years Ago.

It Went Like This.

My Father Only Gave Me A Measly, Poultry One Million Dollars To Start My Life With‘.

Just Another Little Daddy’s Rich Boy.

Quite Franklin, Your Immature, Punk Ass Behavior Resonates This Sickening Fact Loud And Clear.

Image result for screaming yelling  trump

As Well, The Stench Of Nepotism Reek’s Like Hog Stank Emitting From The Farm House Swine Penn.

Image result for 1900 farm swine pit


Not in My White House

According To Former C.I.A. Director Brenner, The Very People Who Surround You In Your Inner Circle Have To A One, Conducted Some Kind Of Business With Russia.

Mr. President, These Hearings, The F.B.I. Investigations, Individual Inner Circle People In Your Administration Under Scrutiny, Is Not Some Kind Of ‘Witch Hunt’, Nor The Norm That Follows You Throughout Your World Wide Dealings.

Mr. President, The Situation That You Are In, Can Not Be Bought Off With Pricey Legal Consul Or Loud Mouth Show Boat Yak.

You Sir, Are In Ever Increasing, Deep Deep Shit.

On The Job Side Of Things.

Your Health Bill Was DBA. (Dead Before Arrival)

Thank GOD.

Your Budget Is Heading Down The Same Path, DBA . (Dead Before Arrival)

Your One And Only Agenda, As Far As I Can See, Is To Further Enable Income Into Elite Wealthy America’s Pockets.


You Are Cutting Corporate Taxes For You And Your Friends.

Then Adding More Taxes To The Very People Who Staff These Companies And Corporations That Pile $tack$ Into You And Your Friends Coffers.

Then, You Are Literally Taking Food From The Mouths Of The Poor In Cutting Back EBT. (Food Stamps)

If All That was Not Enough.

Children And The Poor Will Loose Health Care.

If All Of This Is Not Enough.

All You Stupid Bought And Sold Middle American Idiots, Who Bought Into This Clown Face Jokers Game, Lock Stock And Barrel, Are Exactly The One’s Who Are Going To Get Screwed The Worst With Higher Taxes, Less Benefits, In Regards To Your Retirement.

I Feel Bad For Ya All. For Real.

The Real Bottom Line In All Of This Is Sean Hannity And The Rest Of The Fox News Broadcasters.

What If President Trump And His Inner Circle, Jarad Kushner And The Rest Are In Fact Found Guilty In These Investigations.

I’ll Tell Ya What.

Ya All Be Lookin Da Fools.

Image result for  fools

Sean Hannity.

All Your On And On And On Screaming In Regards To Americans On Food Stamps.

Did It Ever Occur To You For One Minute Irish.

That If One Looses They’re Factory Job Lets Say..

Why Does That Individual Not Take Advantage Of All The Free Government Money Available For School And Retrain Themselves Into Another Profession?

You Know Why Sean Hannity.

Because That Scenario Does Not Not Fit Your Political Slant.

Tell Ya One More Thing ‘Irish’.

Trump Is Done. Trust Me On This.

As Well, So Is Fox News.

Da Fox Is Already Swirling Around The Drain.

Image result for  swirling around the drain

This Fact Is Also Forefront And Obvious In The Murdoch Boys Actions In Their Calling An Emergency, On The Run Executive Meeting Earlier This Month.

Bottom Line In All This For Me.

I’m Gone.

After 16 Years,

See Ya Fox News.

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The Eagles – Already Gone

That’s All I Got.

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Desert Love Ya All.

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Ryan. Out.

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1951 Chevrolet Low Rider Pick Up   Sittin On Chrome

Grateful Dead – Truckin’

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