Oy Gavalt And The Band Plays On

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Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

Image result for pics desert bobcats night time

I Will Start Off Today With A Word For A Great Man.

A True Pioneer And Successful Leader In A Very Tough Industry.

An Industry That Shows No Mercy What So Ever, On A Daily Basis.

An Industry That Maintains A Daily Grind That Eats You Up And Spits You Out.

This Brave And Courageous Man Held Tight To His Beliefs, Style And Ground Breaking Media Creation.

A True Innovator In The Field Of Graphics And Presentation.

A Man Who Over A Professional Lifetime Endured Hateful Bigotry From The Controlling Left Side Political Wing Nuts That Control His Chosen Profession.

This Man Provided Life Changing Opportunities To Many Individuals.

Opportunities The Ordinary Man And Woman Only Dreams Of.

Great Job Sir. You Will Be Missed.

So Giant Kaddish Goes Out To Roger Ailes.

The Man And The Force Behind Fox News.


Rest In Peace In Sir..

Image result for pics roger ailes fox news waving goodbye

1940 To 2017

Movin On.

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What I Had Planned To Write As Of 21:30 Hours, Pacific Standard Time, 2017 17 05.


America Can Now Move Forward.

A Special Prosecutor, A Good Man, A Great American, A True Patriot.

Has Been Appointed To Investigate The Entire Russian Scenario Cluster Fuck.

From Michael T. Flynn On Up Through The Pile.

The Psychotic, Left Side Wing Nuts, Can Now Wrap Their Drip Lips Around Thorazine’s Pacifying Nipple And Chill Down A Bunch Of Degrees.


Those Who Leaked Any ‘Classified Information‘  Will Be Exposed By The Hundreds And Prepare For Their Journey Into Mad, Hostile, Jail House Love.


Now, President Trump Can Carry On With His Bold And Much Needed Plan In Making America Great Again.

You Now Finally Have Reprieve Sir, To Carry On And Move Forward With Your Promise To Restore And Build America.


Happy Day’s Are Here Again!!!

Image result for pics Hallelujah black people white people praing god

Then It Happened.

08:47. This Morning.

Sipping On My Black Dark Brew Bustello Coffee, With A Habenero Pepper Float.

I Engage Mr. Remote, That Is Still In Mute Mode.

From ‘The Weather Channel‘ Onto ‘Fox News‘ I Go.

Fox, Is In Commercial Break.

I Up Channel Surf To MSNBC. Mr. Remote Still In Mute Mode.

I Catch the Trailer.

President Trump Calling Special Prosecutor A Witch Hunt“.

I Switch Back To Fox.

Sure Enough.

President Trump Is Off On Some Raging Diatribe.

Ranting On About A ‘Witch Hunt‘.

Oy Gavalt.

Oy Vey.

Oh My GOD.

Oh mi DIOS.

Nigga Paleezee!!!

Mr. President.

You Had Just Received A Pass.

A Reprieve If You Will.

Let The Process Take It’s Course.

Your Actions Mr. President, Are Beginning Remind Me Of An Individual Under Interrogation, Who, Is Showing All The Signs Of Guilt.

The Grave That You Are Digging Yourself Into Is Becoming Deeper And Wider By The Nano Second Mr. President

One Of Your Chosen Men.

Michael T. Flynn, Your Pick As ‘National Security Advisor‘, A Very Serious Position,  Seriously, Without Thought Or Hesitation, Lied, To Your Vice President.

Compromising This Country In Yet Un Quantifiable Ways, On A Global Level.

Thank GOD For Vice President Pence, Who Brought All Of This To The Forefront.

Mr. President, I Am Doing My Damn est To Stand Tall For You Sir.

Image result for pics   a marine  LT. saluting  president

But Quite Franklin Sir.

If You Were One Of My N.C.O.’s, Your Actions Would Be Leading Down A Path Towards Court Martial Boulevard.

That’s Just How The Game Is Played.

The Job Of Running This Country IS NOT The Same As Over Seeing And Running Daddy’s Business.

It Is Not Sir, All About You.

And, Any Individual That Can Not See Through The Shrouded Veil Of Slant Face Political Choice And Obligation, Quite Frankly In My World Is A Blind Idiot.

Mr. President.

You Must.

You Have To Stop This Childish Behavior.


The Mainstream, Bought And Sold Media Is Out To Destroy You.

From My Seat In The Street Sir, You Yourself Are Propagating Your Own Guilt.

For Sure. They Are Out To Get You.

Yeah. And?

So What.

That Is On Them.

Let Them Spin And Whirl In Their Own Dirt.

What Do You Care?

In The Entire Scheme Of It All, Ain’t Nothin But A Thang.

Image result for pics   ain't nothin but a thing  vietnam war

If I Was To Give Credence To Every Asshole That Has Crossed My Path In This Extremely Long Life, I Would Surely Be Institutionalized At This Point In Time.

Water Off A Ducks Back.

But Then Again.

My Humble Ghetto Roots, Demanded That I Proceed Forward In An Honest, Straight Up, On Da 100, Path Of Demeanor.

Mr. President.

When One Is ‘Up In Da Game‘.

One Need’s To Be Very Cognoscente Of The Players And ‘The Game‘.

Either Keep Your Enemies Close Or Just Walk Da Fuck Away.

Image result for pics albert einstien

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” / Albert Einstein

Quite Honestly Mr. President.

Your Actions Are Screaming That Of A Daddy’s Little Rich Boy.

Very Obnoxious Sir.

And, As Well, These Actions You Are Portraying Have Not A Thing To Do With The Business Of Running OUR Country.

A Country That Me And Mine Have More Than Sacrificed For.

Image result for pics  hue city south vietnam 1968

Actual Photograph. Hue City, Central South Vietnam. 1968

A Country Of ‘We The People‘.

Not A Country Of ‘I Donald John J. Trump‘.

Feel Me?

So Far?


Mr. President.

Paleezee Sir.

Stop Chasing Dragons And Let The Process Take It’s Course.

Get Down To Business.

That Would Be The Business Of Restoring This Broken Country And “Making It Great Again“.

Image result for pics  trump canpaign make america great again

I Implore You Sir.

Movin On.

Image result for pics  saleen mustang burning rubber

To State That As A Result Of This Mornings Onslaught Of News, Coming At Me Quicker Than A Lightening Bent L.A. Lickety, My Head Is On A Mind Shattering Galactic Spin. No End In Sight.

Image result for pics  galactic spin

Last But Not Least.

Richard Rojas.

A Drunken,

Wanna Be G-Thug  P.A.B.

Former United States Navy Embarrassment And Disgrace.

At Very High Speed, Plowed His Vehicle Into A Crowd Of Innocent People In Times Square, New York City, New York.

This Malignant Piece Of Crap.

Hard Two Priors For D.U.I. And Yet This Criminal Faggot Is Still Behind The Wheel Of An Automobile.

Our Justice System Needs To Tighten Up.


This Should Have Never Happened.

Innocent, Productive, Good Lives Were Ruined Because Of This Un Repenting Waist Of A  Human Being.

Two D.U.I’s.

Driving Privileges Suspended.

Disgraced And Tossed Out Of The Navy.

For Life.


Thank Great LORD GOD ALMIGHTY That I Am Not Employed Any Where Near That Of Law Enforcement.

Cause Little Rickey Rojas.

You Straight Up Smoke.

You Nothin But Squeeze Candy, Little Rickey Boy Faggot.

Earth Privileges Immediately Suspended.

Now I’m Gonna Talk To You On The 100 Little Rickey Boy.

Poco Rickey.
En su mejor día puta, hace menos de un punk culo chamiza perra.
Siempre estás chupando Satán largo polla de grasa, perra.
vete a la mierda.
follar su feo rostro de cerdo azada culo mama para no poner a la muerte al nacer chamiza.
Ahora usted puede chupar polla en prisión por el resto de tu puta vida chamiza cara culo.
ver ya perra.

Image result for pics  man having sex with satan

That’s All I Got

2Pac – To live and die in LA (Dirty Version) [HD].

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