Proper Protocol A To Z

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Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

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The Rope Of Critical Protocol Quickly Un Ravels

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What Every Successful Leader Fully Understands, Rank, Surely Roll’s Down Hill. The Set In Marble, Chain Of Command.

As Well, Every Wise Leader Fully Understands That Specific, Set Protocol Is Established.

At The Very Point In Time, In Regards To The FBI Investigation Into Possible Business Dealings Involving Michael T. Flynn And The Russians, This Was The Exact Moment That President Trump, Without Comment Or Tweet, Was Required To Step Far Back Into The Shadows. Letting His FBI Do Their Job. Period.

Giving Complete Un Bridled Authority To The Justice Department To Quietly Conduct Their Business Into The Investigation Of One Of ‘The Presidents Men‘.

Under Perceived, Set, Practiced, Protocol.

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The President, Never, Ever, Conversing At Any Time With The FBI Director Or Agents In Any Capacity. Period.

When Indeed, The President Has In Fact Received ANY And ALL Information Regarding Said Case, It Is At This Point In Said Investigation, That The President And The FBI Director And Various Other Law Enforcement Staff Sit Down And Discuss The Case And What The Necessary Actions Forward Are To Transpire.

The First Question That I Have Is, Did President Trump Personally Demand Loyalty Of James Comey, To Himself, The President.

Because From My Seat In The Street, FBI Director James Comey’s Only Rock Solid Loyalty Is To The American People And His Staff. Period.

My Second Question Is, Did President Trump Ask FBI Director James Comey To In Effect, Sweep Under The Carpet, Their Investigation Into Any Collusion Between Michael T. Flynn And Russia?

In My Opinion, A Much Forbidden Question.

Again. Protocol And Chain Of Command.

The Inner Workings Of The United States Of America, Is Not, A Corporate Board Room.

I Am An Excellent Judge Of Character. Been A Lifelong.

Since Jump, I Have Tracked James Comey. A Couple Of Blogs Back On This Very Sight, I Mentioned This.

For Myself, An Individuals Eyes, Only Second To His Body Language, Provide Me With The Complete Picture Of An Individual.

From All Angle And Screen Shots, I Perceive James Comey To Be A Good Ma. An Honest Man. An Intelligent man. A Dedicated Man Who Has Committed His Adult Life In One Manner Or Another In Service To This Country.

The Vast Majority Of His Agents And Associates Back This Fact Up.

As I Mentioned A Couple Of Blogs Ago On This Sight, Comey Got Caught In The Slanted, Shyster Game Of Ugly Politics.

Starting With ‘Criminal HillClinton, Then Imploding On Impact With The ‘Tarmac Tango‘ Between ‘Criminal Bill’ Clinton And Loretta Lynch.

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It Was At This Point In Time In The Criminal Acts Of Hillary, That Comey Knew, Without A Doubt That He Was Fucked. In The Way Where His Agencies Investigations Into ‘Criminal Hills‘ Closet Computer And More Was In Dire Jeopardy.

The Old Rock And A Hard Place.

I Sincerely Believe That Loretta Lynch And Bill Clintons Nefarious Meeting Thoroughly Shattered Comey’s Patriot Heart.

He Also Realized That At That Particular Nano Click In Time, That Prosecution Could Possibly Become Compromised And Drawn Out. Especially In The Lickety Quick Nano Flash Media World We Live In Today.

He Did The Next Best Thing.

Instead Of Conceal, Mr. Comey Exposed The Serious, Criminal Acts Perpetrated By ‘Criminal Hill‘.

Henceforth. Here We Stand Today.

Now. Inside The Inner Circle Of The White House Staff.

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The Public Feedback I Am Running With.

Clearly Indicates That The White House Inner Circle Is Implemented, Executed And Deployed On The Coordinated Efforts And Workings Of Corporate 500 America.

Myself, Once Employed In An Executive Position In Both American Corporate 100 And Corporate 250 America, I Can State Without Resolve Or Hesitation, This Environment, On It’s Very Best Day’s Is A Fiery Hellbent Existence.

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On A Daily Basis I Did My Absolute Best In Regards To The Various Intricacies Involved In Performing My Job.

Myself, And My Entire Staff Were The Very Best Of All Hires.

We Paid A Serious Price In That We Did Not Play The Corporate Game.

That Said, On A Daily Basis We Received Praise And Alkaloids Directly From The Ivory Tower Thousands Of Miles Away..

Not At All Without A Cost.

Daily, I Was Called Into My Superiors Office, Multiple Times.

The Record In One Work Day, Totaled 13.

Talk About Be Screamed At In Bitch High Crescendo. I Literally Drove Fat Boy Crazy.

Recon Marine Stood Tall And Calm, At Ease. Yes Sir. Write Ups Off The Wire.

I Would Not Play. Neither Would My Staff In Either Corporate !00 Or Corporate 250. We Just Performed Our Jobs. Miles Above Rest.

To State, That I Do Not In Any Way, Shape Or Form, On Any Level, Support This Destructive Corporate Environment, Is A Cyclopeaon Understatement.

Neither Does The Inner Workings Of The American Government’s Inner Circle.

Business Is Business.

Government Is Government.

Never Shall The Two Cross Paths.

The Job Of The White House Is To Perform The Seemingly Impossible Task Of Running This Country In A Positive, Goal Orientated, Structured Way, By The Book Of Set Protocol.

Absolutely Not The Book Of Corporate, Television, Game Show Acumen.

The Insane Protocol Outlined And Demanded By President Trump Is Destructive, Time Wasting And Completely Adverse To Successfully Performing The Job At Hand.

I Have Read That White House And Advisors Roam The Halls And Oval Office In Complete Fear.

I’m Reminded Of A Quote From Late Author Hunter S. Thompson:

“In The Television Business. Pimps, Thieves And Whores Roam The Halls Freely While Good Men Die Like Dogs .

President Trump, I Am Without A Doubt Convinced, That You Can Most Definitely Put America On The Right Track.\

I Truly Do Want To Stand Tall For You Sir.

That Said Sir, You MUST Change Your Course Of Action And Command.

For If Not Mr. President, The Hole To The Grave You Are Digging Yourself Is Daily Becoming Wider And Deeper Mr. President.

I Fear That We Are Going To Loose A Good Leader If You Do Not Right This Ship Of Command In The Increasingly Unstable Waters You Are Creating.

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That’s All I Got

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