Time To Move It On Down The Road

Image result for desert stars

Welcome To The Desert Ya All

Image result for desert bobcats cactus

My. My. My.

How The Nasty Wheels Of The Democratic Far Left Bought And Sold Wing Nut Media Turns.

Image result for Person Screaming No

Up To Down.

Right To Left.

Drool Drool. Drip Drip.

Grease Butt Monkeys Abound.

Image result for Person Screaming Woman

From The Lovely Late Night Queen Rachel Maddow.

Image result for screaming  rachel madow

All The Way Down The Looser Dial To The Front Man For The ‘Anti American, Commie Punk U.S.A. Hate Fan Club‘.

Non Other Than The King Of Hate And Angry Repertoire.

Billy ‘Boy’ Maher.

Image result for bill maher the clown

Angry Face.

Pout Butt.

Drip Lip Billy Boy.

Just Another Little American Suburban Rich Boy Who’s Roots Stem From River Vale, New Jersey.

Image result for river vale, new jersey

Billy Boy’s Daddy.

William Aloysius Maher, Jr., From The Irish Side Of The Pond.

Generated His $tack$ As A Radio Announcer And News Editor.


Julie Berman, Was Employed As A Nurse.

Billy Boy.

Just Like Myself.

An Irish/Jewboy.

Only Difference In This Game Of Chance.

My Roots Strongly Tied To The Hood Side Of The City.

Image result for crenshaw district south central l.a. park

Kid Working Since The Age Of 12 Years Old.

Seemingly, There Is A Connection To All You Suburban, American Children Of Wealth And The Far Left Leaning, Communist Side Of Politics.

Your White Boy Guilt, Always Getting The Best of You.

Buying Into The Communist Doctrine Spread Throughout College Campus’s And University’s Across This Great Country In That Magical, Hippy, Dippy Time Frame Of The Psychedelic 60’s.

Maybe Just A Bit Too Much Of That Raspberry, LSD Laced Cool Aid.

Image result for lsd 1960's hippies

While The Likes Of Us Kid’s Born And Raised In The Working Class ‘Hoods’ Across This Great Country.

Working Since Early Teenage Years.

Buying Our Own.

Helping Out Our Families.

Serving Our Countries.

Image result for 1960's vietnam us marines

Nothin Says lovin Like Hue City Central South Vietnam. 1968

Watch In Puzzled Amazement As You Privileged Suburban Kid’s Of Wealth, March And Spew Hate Upon Our Glorious Country Sea To Shiny Sea.


Assaulting Police Patrol Officers Doing Their Sworn Duty Of Upholding This Countries Laws.

Your Spoiled, Pearl Mouthed Selves Never Seeing The Inside Of A Jail.

Alcohol And Illegal Drugs Flowing Like The Raging Colorado River Through Your Spoiled Veins.

Billy Boy Maher.

Your Just Another Big Mouth, P.A.B., On Your Very Best Day.

Raking In The $tack$.

Pockets Bulging Boss Hog.

Dollars Piled Sky Da Hell High.

Tell Ya What Billy Boy.

Why Don’t You Just Walk Your Punk Ass, Anti American, Hater Self, Out Da Door Leading To The Pathway Out Of MY Country.

See Ya ‘B’.

Movin On.

Image result for Blowin Coal

Daddy’s Peterbuilt Blowin Coal

Sun Tzu

Image result for pile up on the 405

And Absolutely Mr. President, No More Press Briefings.

Image result for gorgous mexican women

Image result for 2017 custom corvette convertable in the desert

Aretha Franklin – Chain of Fools – Lyrics.
















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