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Lickity Quick Swamp Political Statement

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I Took A Look Last Night Into The Range & Depth Of The American Health Insurance Plan Passed In The House.

I Then Researched What Percent That American Health Insurance Companies Play In The Total Gross & Net Corporate Standing In America.

My Quick Research Calculated Around 30% Of The Total American Corporate Income.

Almost Hand In Hand With ‘Pharma’.

For Myself, This Is Collaborate Power.

Which, In My Opinion Plays Absolutely No Roll At All In The Welfare & Interest Of The Total American Population.

The Short Take For Me Is That This Health Bill Initiates A Role Reversal Of Obama Care In The Sense That A Large Percent Of Americans Are Literally Left On The Side Of The Road.

I Personally Know Many People Who Have Greatly Benefitted From Obama Care. Poor People. Mentally ILL People. Very Sick People Strict in With Life Long Debilitating Illness’s That Were Finally Afforded With The Proper Health Care.

Now All Of This Gone For The Simple Equation That Only Benefits Profit.

I’m Reminded Of The Period Of Time In America, When President Reagan Closed Down All The State Mental Institutions Actually Setting In Motion The Massive Unbridled Beginning Of The Ever Growing Homeless Epidemic In America.

I Most Certainly Stand With Senator Rand Paul On This Current Legislation That Benefits Wealthy Americans.

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Straight Up Political Cronyism.

Sorry Mr. President, Your Bill In No Way What So Ever Benefits America.

Just Another Scam To Pad The Fat Pockets Of Shyster Corporate 500 America.

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That’s Just My Take.

That’s All I Got.

Image result for pics bugs bunny thats all folks

Ryan. Out.

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