Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Welcome To Da Desert Ya All

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The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected
Sun Tzu / The Art of War

The Rabid Rats Under Da Shack

Desert Shout Out

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President Donald J. Trump

Thank You Mr. President For Your Very Hard, Diligent Work & Devoted Unbridled Dedication, Without Pay.

In Your Mighty Quest In Piecing This Great Country Back Together Again.

As Well Mr. President.

Props & Creds For Getting Down & Dirty With China In Regards To Riening In North Korea, In A Concerted Effort To Bring Peace & Stability Into That Highly Volatile Part Of The World.

As Well Sir, Thank You For Taking The Lead In Your Position Of Commander In Chief In Delegating Your Military To Your Generals.

Last, But Certainly Not Least Sir, Thank You Ever So Much For Implementing New Measures In Regards To Cleaning Up The Insubordination Of A Mess At The V.A.

LORD GOD BLESS You & Yours Oh So Very Much Sir.

Because From My Seat In Da Street Mr. President.

You Need All The Divine Assistance You Can Get Sir.

Without A Doubt Sir, This Beat Up Ol’ War Dawg Has Your 6.



I Know HE Does.

Movin On.

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The First Stop On This Super Sonic High Speed Rail.

The Grease Butt Monkeys At The Gate

Medical Science Has Determined That America’s Left Side Democratic Party Wing Nuts Are A DNA Anomaly.

Whom, To A One, At Birth, Were Dropped On Their Heads At A Rate Of Velocity & Height Yet UN Calculated.

The Likes Of Drip Lip,  Maxine ‘Fecal Mouth’ Waters.

Nancy ‘Stretch Face’ Pelosi.

Yo. Stretch.

Your Plastic Surgeon Is On The Line. Time For Your Hundred Thousand Mile Retreading.

Democratic Party Spokesman, Filthy Mouth, Nasty, Drip Nose Perez.

I Would Be Remiss If I Left Out Slant Face, Lying Communist, Wanna Be American Indian, Deviant Face, Shyster Hoe, Elizabeth Warren.

Yo. Lizzy.

My Navajo Homies Want To Perform The Navajo Indian War Chiefs White Stallion War Dance On Your Lying, Ugly, Slanted Pig Face.

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The List Goes On & On & On.

Don’t Let The Door Hit Cha All In Your Fat Lying Butt’s On The Way Out.

The Fact Of The Matter Is, That America’s Subversive Actions In These Far Left Demonstrations, Has Vladdy Boy Doing The Bare Chested Gay Boy Strut.

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So The Question Is.

Where Were These Anti American, Grease Butt Monkey Maggots Hatched From?

Let Me Take You For A Ride In ‘The Way Back Machine‘.

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From 1947 Through 1991, The ‘World Peace Counsel‘ Was Born.

Directly Set Up By The Soviet Union.

This Was Part Of The Billion Dollar Effort, Sanctioned & Directed By Communist Dictator, Joseph Stalin.

The Goal & Aim Was To Indoctrinate Young Americans Attending University & College Campuses Throughout The United States. Coast To Coast.

Their Choice Of Contestants Were The Wealthy American Suburban Kid’s.

Soviet Communist Spies Were Initiated To Carry Out This Mission.

Front Organizations‘ Were Set Up & Deployed By Soviet Intelligence Agencies.

These Intelligence Agencies Were Known By The Acronyms: KGB, SVR, & GRU.

Image result for kgb logo                    Image result for soviet union svr                Image result for soviet union gru

Their Mission Forward Was To Develop & Deploy The ‘Front Organizations’ As A Cover For Plausible Occupations & A Steady Means Of Income.

These Organizations Covered As ‘Shell Corporations‘ To Shield The Parent Companies From Illegal Liability.

These ‘Front Organizations‘ Also Appeared As ‘Voluntary Associations’, Or ‘Charitable Organizations‘.

According To Former High Ranking KGB OfficerVictor Suvorov‘, The Soviet Airline, ‘Aeroflot‘ Was Directly Involved In This Mission.

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Mr. Suvorov Also Documented ‘Aeroflots‘ Major Role In This Mission.

‘Victor Suvorov’ As Well Documented ‘Aeroflots‘ Direct Mission In The Theft Of Deadly Bacterial Viruses From Western Labs, As In The United States, Throughout The 1980’s & 1990’s With Direct Assistance From High Ranking KGB Agents.

Mr. Surorov Went On To State That ‘Aeroflot‘ Along With KGB Operatives Were Also instrumental In Sorties Throughout Europe Rounding Up Former Soviet Defectors, Drugged To The Point Of A Complete Comatose State & Deposited In The Soviet Communist Prisons.

Of The 14, 000AeroflotEmployees, It Was Believed That 3,000 Were Operatives Of The Soviet FSB, GRU, & KGB.

The Entire Proceeds Of ‘Aeroflot‘ Were Deposited Into 352 Foreign Bank Accounts & Not At All Controlled By ‘Aeroflot‘.

A Top, High Ranking Soviet Businessman, ‘Nikolai Glushkov‘ Was Appointed To The Helm Of ‘Aeroflot‘ In 1996.

To Mr. Glushkov’s Complete Amazement, He Discovered That ‘Aeroflot‘ Was Nothing More Than A ‘Cash Cow‘ For The Soviet Unions Various Spy Agencies That Supported Soviet International Spy Operations.

Henceforth, The Imprisonment Of ‘Victor Glushkov‘ In 2000.

Aeroflot’ Is Now Under The Direction Of ‘Victor Ivanov’, A Very High Ranking FSB Officer & Close Friend Of Former KGB LT. COL. Vladimir V. Putin.

The Point.

Former KGB LT. COL. Vladimir V. Putin Is One Pissed Off, Deviant Man, Who Will Never Forgive The West, Specifically The United States of America, For Forever Collapsing The Former Soviet Union.

Image result for kgb Lt Col vladimir v putin in uniform

As Well, Mr. Putin Will Engage Any & All Avenues To Seek Revenge.

To The Direct Act Of Backing, Supplying, & Complete Support To The Likes Of Iran, Syria, North Korea & Any Other Horrible Whores Spread Throughout This Vast Universe That Will Accept His Money & Military Backing.

Back To The Beginning Of This Piece & The Grease Butt, Drip Lip Monkeys Of The Democratic Party Far Left Wing Nuts.

Directly Influenced & Bought By The Communists, Were The Likes Of SDS, (Students For A Democratic Society) Weathermen Underground, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn & Other Commie Players.

And Yes.

BarryBoySatoro/ AKA / Barack Hussein Obama.

The Demonstrations & Protests Of Late, According To Very Serious Reliable s, Peg Bill Ayers & His Boy Barack To Definite Backing, Both Financially & Organizational.

In Fact Commie Faggot Bill Ayers Was Directly Front & Center At The Recent Berkley Riots.

As In, The Commie Faggot Flesh.

Reliable s Also Informed Me That Towards The End Of 2016 Billy & Barry, Partied Very Hard.

That Crack Cocaine Was Flowing Like Water From A Broken New York Sewer Pipe. Talk About Gay Love.

Image result for young obama & ayers growing up together

Yeah. I Ain’t Gonna Lie.

I Detest Bill Ayers.

In Cold, Cowardly, Senseless Blood, This Commie Faggot Punk Ass Bitch.

Murdered A Great American Hero.

San Fransisco Police Sergeant Brian McDonnell.

Image result for san fransico police sargent brian mccdonnell

Sergeant McDonnell‘ Only Crime That Fateful September Morning In 1970 Was In Picking Up A Package Off Of The Prescient Steps While Showing Up To Begin His Watch.

Image result for san fransico police sargent brian mccdonnell

A Package Delivered By Commie Faggot Bitch, ‘Weatherman Operative‘, Bill Ayers.

Image result for ayers & dorhn      Image result for ayers & dorhn

Inside This Package Was A Devastating Bomb, Assembled By America’s One & Only Cunt Face Pig, Bernadine Dorhn.

Image result for benadine dorhn            Image result for benadine dorhn

Damn Ass Muthu Fuckin Right. This Is Personal. Very Personal.

That Said.

I Have Spent An Entire Lifetime Walking With LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

I Do Not Believe One, Scintilla Of A Bit, That It Is My Duty & Obligation To Hand Out Justice In Any Way Shape Or Form.

This Job Is That Of American Justice.

As In The FBI & The D.O.J.

Agencies, That In Regards To This Cowardly, Heinous Act, Have Been Less Than Derelict Of Duty.

Shame. Shame On Ya All.

Sergeant McDonnell, Was One Of Yours. A Literal Brother In Arms.

Yeah I Know.

Ya All Too Busy Chasing The Phantoms Of Imaginary Russian Spies Involved In Some Make Believe Meddling Of An American Presidential Election.

This Parse, That Has Been Implemented & Deployed, Has Been Brought About By The Slant Face Shysters Of The Democratic Far Left Commie Faggot Party.

But Yet, The American FBI & D.O.J. Has Not Brought Any Charges In This Transperant Murder.

Shame On Ya All.

No Worries.

Serious Reliable s Tell Me.

For Many Years Now, To Let The World Know Something That I Have Been Remiss In Relating.

Said Reliable s Have Begged Me To Bring The Following To Published Print Up Here On This Blog.

I Have Respectfully Declined.

Until Today.

Oh Well.

Seemingly, The Day Has Arrived.

So I Have Been Told.

Watch Your Back Mr. Ayers.

Image result for paranoid bill ayers

I Of Course In No Way What So Ever Condone That Type Of Action.

Image result for marine recon logo swift silent & deadly

I’m Just Relaying What I Have Been Told.

Oh. Before I Forget.

To My Ten’s Of Thousands Of Facebook Followers Spanning The Planet.

My Facebook Account Has Been Dis Abled.

The only Way To Communicate With Me Is This Blog Site Or The Corresponding E-Mail:


I’ll Hold My Breath.

Too My Many Friends & Followers Up On Facebook.

Some Very Serious Advice & Lookin Out.

According To Reliably.

Sophos‘, A U.K. Based Internet Security Firm, As In World Wide Commercial & Government Computer Security Entity.

As Far As I Am Concerned, The Very Best Of The Best. Thanks Guy’s For Your 24/7 365 Protection On All Of My Devices.

Sophos‘ Has Concluded, That Facebook Is Hacked 600,000 Times A Day On Individual Log In’s.

This Astounding Number Breaks Down To .06% Of Log Ins A Day.

This Percentage Is Calculated Off Of The More Than 1 Billion Log Ins On Any Given 24 Hour Period.

Lucky Fuckin Me.

I Am Personally Represented In This Reprehensible Number.

Facebook’s Resolve.

Just Upload My U.S. Government Picture ID.

Yeah. I’m On It. I’m Runnin.

No Problemo Amigos.

Any Minute Now.

Just As Soon As I Witness Pig’s In Flight & Then Landing On My Face As We Engage In Mad Passionate Surreal Pig Face Love.

Image result for pigs in flight

The Real Sinister, Shyster Part Of All This, Is The Fact That Facebook Does Not Give 2 Shitz Nor 3 Fast Flyin Fuckz One Way Or The Other In This Stolen Identity Cluster Fuck With A Shit Storm Float.

Dey Jus All Bout Da Clicks & Da Dollar$.

Ain’t Dat Right Zuckey Boy. Faggot.

I Do However Feel Bad For My Beautiful Best Of The Most Beautiful Best Followers Worldwide.

Desert Love Ya All.

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That’s All I Got.

Image result for thats all folks bugs bunny

Ryan. Out.

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