The Spin Stops Here

April 20, 2017

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truthBuddha

Old School

Image result for pics bill orielly the sex harrasser

My My My.

As The World Turns.

Drama & Debochtury Dripping Off The Hallowed Corporate Walls.

Seemingly, Da ‘Fox’ Out Da Hen House.



Mirrors In Complete Dis Array.

Dressing Room Doors Painted Over.

Better Look Both Ways Before Crossing That Busy Street.

Oh Da Hell No. Say It Ain’t So.

Oh Yeah. It So Da Hell So.

What’s The Problem, They Ask?

Like This My Friend.

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall.

Image result for pics a broken sexual harraresser bill orielly

Sexual Harrasment.

This Delineation Even Sounds Filthy Nasty.

Money & Power Crumble To The Ground Like So Much Nefarious Dirty Dust Off The Walls Of The Seediest Motel In Town.

On Da Ground.

Down For The Count.

Family Names Forever Shamed.

All For That Forbidden Jiggle Jiggle Shake Shake.

Now Don’t You Cry, You Filthy, Slanted, Deviant, Perverts.

Bill O’Reilly.


A Old Man In Hot Pursuit Of Young Beautiful Tail.

Intravenous Viagra Pumping Through Their Ancient Veins At Multiple Mach Speed.

Is This Way Over Mature Pervert Married As Well?

Either Way A Disgusting Revelation On Every Level.

Yeah. I Know Mr. O’Reilly.

Being Oh So Exposed Up There In The Public Eye Leaves One Open To All Kinds
Of Personal Assaults.

In Your Case.

Going As Far Back As The Year 2004

Clearly Exhibiting To The Entire Universe Both Sides Of Your Multiple Face.


In Essence Mr. O’Reilly, You Have Forever Disgraced Your Family Name.

Embarrassed Your Wife & Children To The Point Of Not Wanting To Even Venture Out Of The House.

Just Rumor & Innuendo?

In Regards To The ‘Public Eye’ Exposure That You Blame For Your Hideous, Despicable, Deviant, Perverted, Pompous And Arrogant Behavior.



The Likes
General/President Dwight David Eisenhower.

Senator Rand Paul.

Journalist James Rosen.

Journalist Brett Bair.

Journalist Sean Hannity.

Journalist Chris Matthews.’.

On & On & On.

Have Somehow Managed Keeping Their Genitalia Confined To Their Pants.

I Do Not Even, For The Very Life Of Me Understand, Nor Do I Comprehend The Act Of Sexual Harassment‘.

But Then Again, I’m Not A Dog.


I Am Quite Sure, That The Beautiful Young Women That You Uncontrollably Drooled On, Could Not Wait To See Your Old, Fat, Flabby, Wrinkly, Filthy, Nasty Bodies In The Naked Flesh.

But Then Again, I Have Never Hit On a Woman In My Entire Life.

I Respect Women, Something You seem To Be Remiss In.

I Figure That If A woman Is At All Interested In Me, She Will Let Me Know.

That Said.

On An Almost daily Basis, Women Approach Me.

I’m Talking Young Beautiful Women. To The Point Of  Exposing Various Female Body parts. At Bus Stops, Shopping Mall Parking Lots & Down The Street From My Crib.

I Actually Find Those Acts Very Offensive.

Not To Mention The Fact That I Am Now Into 11 Years Of A Celibate Existence.

To The Point Where I’m Not Taking My Clothes Off In Front Of Anyone. Ever.

I Do Not See That Changing Any Time Soon. As In Till The Day I Die. That’s Just Me.

That Said.

I’ve Had More, Absolutely, Gorgeous, Women Than You Can Shake A Stick At.

As Well, One Would Think That At A Certain Age, One Would Be More Inclined Pursuing & Obtaining A Higher Level Of Consciousness Instead Of Playing Grab Butt With Every Attractive Female Within A Three Foot Radius.

In The Entire Scheme Of Things, Sex Is A Lower Level, Dark Side Consciousness.
An Actual Exercise Saved For The Sacred Act Of Procreation.

Not An Exercise To Be Played Out In The Professional Work Environment.

So Mr. O’Reilly, Come, & Fetch Your Belongings.

The Door Man Will Hold Them For The Next Two Weeks.

See Ya. Bye.

That’s All I Got.

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Desert Love Ya All.

Image result for ryanindaswamp images

Ryan. Out.

Image result for Lamborghini Veneno

2017 Lamborghini Veneno   Sittin On Atomic Fire

Image result for lamborghini logo



Image result for pics desrt full moon

Images for ryanindadesert

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