Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street

Americas Dumping Ground

I love Tucson.

Absolute most beautiful Sunsets.

Perfect Climate.

Pretty much low cost everything.

On a general basis a very cool laid back attitude prevails.

In this quaint desert MayBerry.

The drawbacks are few.

But for sure at times obtrusive.

Tucson is listed in the top 5 most impoverished

Cities in America.

Regarding Inhabitants a kind attitude is the

Daily Theme.

Complete strangers striking up conversations on the out of the clear sky blue.

Disembarking a SunTran Bus always brings out a:

“Thank You Driver”.

Bus passengers striking up conversations with each other is the common occurrence.

There are of course as with any city in America rude people here in the desert.

They do not last long.

The begger rate though is increasing daily.

On general though kindness and respect for others go a long

Way here in Tucson.

There are areas where crime is off the wire.

It is in these areas where residents are seen strapping side arms

On a mass level.

The political lean as in the people employed on the

Government level is on far far left.

For instance.

David-Monthan Air Base.

Home of The 355th Fighter Wing.

Consists of six squadrons and over 450 personnel employing A-10 aircraft and an AN/TPS-75 radar system. It provides war-fighters with forces for close air support (CAS), air interdiction (AI), forward air control (FAC), combat search and rescue (CSAR), ground based tactical air control, and airbase operations. It also conducts all formal course directed aircraft initial qualification/ re-qualification training. All active duty aircraft assigned to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base carry the tail code “DM”.

Ron Shoopman.

A retired Air Force Brigadier General stated that the combined Air Bases including Davis – Monthan

Employs 62,000 jobs and pumps $5.4 Billion Dollars annually into the state of Arizona.

The Far Left Wing Nuts controlling the politics in Tucson have griped moaned and complained

For years of shutting Davis – Monthan down for these reasons.

Are you ready.

Noise generated from the A-10.

What these Far Left Crazies do support is Tucson being the main player in the largest Dumping Scenario in The United States.

The largest business enterprise in Tucson is Prisoner Dumping.

That would be directly related to The Prison Industry.

What this consists of literally.

Is the practice of depositing Convicted Felons from across

This country into the city of Tucson.

All this far gone enterprise breaks down to numbers.

Like this.

The average IQ regarding Convicted Felons on the state


Not the Federal level.

Is a whopping 70 to 85 average IQ.

Retention rate regarding Convicted Felons is 52%.

In other words.

52% of released Convicted Felons are going to Commit the

Same Crime or a much worse Crime in a period of three

Years after release.

The Federal Government pays the state of Arizona

Forty to Forty Eight Thousand Dollars Per Prisoner Incarceration.

The cost to house each prisoner per year is Eleven to

Thirteen Thousand Dollars per prisoner a year.

Not a bad profit.


The past summer of 2014.

I.C.E. Deposited 400 Illegal Immigrant Prisoners

Unto the city of Tucson.

The Illegal Immigrant Convicted Felons were

Incarcerated for serious Felonies.


Now comes the good part.


Littered throughout Tucson Arizona

Are Schiester Attorneys

Whose main and only practice is SSI procurement.


These Brilliant Schiesters take on these cases

For a 1/3 Fee.

That is 1/3 of the $750.00 monthly payment up front

As well as what is referred to as Back Pay.




If one has spent their entire life from Juvenile





The occupation

Of crime.


Never working at a real job.

Que es Back Pay.


Back pay is money that is earned in the

Eight to Ten months the actual process

Takes to wind it’s way through

The court system.


Anywhere from $7000 to $9000.


Now throw into the equation.


Free rent for one year.

Then rent of only 30% of the regular rent.

Full EBT Benefits.(Food Stamps)

That comes to $200.00 per month.

Full Medical For Life.

Not Bad A Bad Pay If One Can Procure It.


SSI IS NOT  part of the Social Security Tax Fund.

SSI IS Part of The General Tax Fund.


In other words.

We The People.



Law Abiding Citizens pay for all this through

Our tax contributions.


Make not one mistake about all of this.

This is an Obama Administration Program

Enforced Instituted Deployed

By Non other than

Our Fast and Furious AG Holder.


What all this really breaks down to is voter base.


So I Applaud Da Swamps Number One Hero.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

For his gallant efforts in Aborting this wayward child.


Here is just one live situation regarding the above.


Last week On Da Bus.


I’m seating in the first Senior Seat up

Front opposite The Driver.


Next to me is a large young Caucasian Girl.


A Youngman of Mexican Heritage Boards the crowded Bus.

He take his position in front of myself and Big White Girl.


He for all practical purposes is Flying Red.

Signifying The Blood’s Street Gang.

Brand new from Nike’s to his red University

Of Arizona Red base ball cap.


Young Blood is toting a backpack and a carrying bag.

At one point he turns sideways towards Myself and Big girl.

In his right waist band is a shiny New Smith and Wesson

45 Caliber Semi Automatic.


As he adjusts himself clothing and all.

Big girl inquires regarding the Smith.


She then states that she can not

Own a firearm due to Previous Felonies.


“Not a problem” Young Blood responds.

“I just got out of prison three weeks ago.

All I did was file a petition to reinstate my rights.

Took one week”.


“Wow how cool”. Big girl responds.

Then goes on to ask.

“Is it real”?


With that Young Blood lifts the huge 45 from his


Dis engages the magazine exhibiting Cooper

Head Hollow Points filled to the brim.


In the street.

Referred to as ‘Cop Killers’.

I can’t even make this shit up.


Now pretty much the entire state of Arizona.

Is A Meth Amphetamine Capital.

This is again facilitated by the

Obama Administration


Ag(Always Gangsta)Eric Hold.


How the hell does this work Mr. Swamp?


Glad you asked.


Open Borders is allowing teenagers from throughout

South America to Mule Meth Amphetamine across

The South West Border in droves.


These Mules are aged between 14 years old

And up.


Employed by The Mexican Cartel.


These young mules hook up with other American

Teenagers Their age and Older.

To distribute Meth throughout the state.


Here in Tucson this epidemic is off da wire.


There are no boundaries regarding Meth Amphetamines.

From every day work away citizens.


To wealthy Cribbin In the foothills Caucasians.

That one weekend hit becoming an insane pursuit.

Leading to the sale and pawning of… everythang.

Then in Da Street.

Sex for sale.

Stealing and robbing anything of value.


I know one individual for quiet some time now.

Very influential name here in Tucson Going back to the beginnings.

Youngman in his middle thirties.

Puffing Meth religiously for 7 years.

Every Day.


As well he is locked into a lifetime Job managing other Peoples affairs.

Come sundown.

Off he goes to the Meth Dealer.

With many items stolen from the people

Who he is in charge of making sure this type

Of occurrence does not happen.


Local Law Enforcement in the capacity

Of County Sheriff

Because of the Family name

And connections turns their heads.


This criminal law enforcement action does

Not at all involve TPD(Tucson Police Department)

Trust Me.

If the particular area was a Tucson Metro Patrol TPD On This Like Glue.

As this area is not their jurisdiction.


From Sunset to Sunrise this man does an

Amazing transformation from handsome

Young Mexican man


Ankle Strap High Heeled

Nylons and Garter Belt Make Up Galore Women.




Nothing like Meth.


Most Importantly.


After yesterdays insane demonstration of

Anger on my part I will no longer discuss

World News of Any Kind.


I in fact will not even ever again

Read nor listen to World Newz.


The world situation as far as

This Author is concerned Is a Forgone Conclusion.

Just waiting on a bus today at one stop a middle age

Man of Mexican Heritage and I started talking.

In his words.

“This country is gone. It is over in no more than a year”.

We talked then boarded the bus.

At the next stop my connecting bus to where I was headed.

A Black Man. My age. As well from South Central L.A.

Very kind cool man.

We talked.

He basically stated the same thing.

This country is done.


Da Shit Is Off Da Wire and Growing

Drastically Worse On A

Second to Second Basis.




I will now only present Good Newz.


Do Not Though Expect Any Apologizes Regarding Yesterdays Blog.


I Say What I Mean.

I Mean What I Say.


I Am An American Author.


I Write For America.


I Was Stationed For Way Too Long

In The Shit Hole Called Europe.


Not A Nastier Filthier People Have

I Have I Ever Met In My Life.


Hateful Racists To A One.


I Even At One Point Had Partners

In A very Successful Business From Both

Germany and Sweden.


Wealthy As Can Be.


As Well.

The Most Hateful Racists Of All.




Fuck You Europe and As Well Anywhere

Outside The U.S.A.


This Is An American Blog.


As Such.


Da Swamp Will Now Only Feature Happy Newz Stories

Regarding Happy Americans and Happy American Newz.


Not Covered By, Well… Anyone Of Newz Substance Here

In The Land Of The Bought and Sold.


I Found A Very Very Beautiful Newz Site.


Here Is The First News Story.


I Hope Ya All Enjoy.


Police Officer Reunites Dog With Previous Owner To Help With His PTSD

February 17, 2015

A police officer is returning her beloved dog to his previous owner – the U.S. Marine he served with overseas.

image: http://www.sunnyskyz.com/uploads/2015/02/drh82-dog-marine-lg.jpg

combat dog reunites  marine
Jared Heine When U.S. Marine Jared Heine returned home from Afghanistan three years ago after a series of traumatic brain injuries, he got separated from his four-legged friend, Spike.

After serving as a bomb-sniffing combat dog overseas, Spike became a member of the Virginia Capitol Police’s K9 unit, where he was paired with officer Laura Taylor.

Heine’s mother recently set out to find Spike because she says her son suffers from PTSD, and just talking about Spike improves his mood. With the help of Facebook and the military, she was able to track down Taylor, who agreed to a reunion.

As soon as Taylor saw the long lost friends reunite, she decided to give Spike back to Heine.

Read more at http://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/1042/Police-Officer-Reunites-Dog-With-Previous-Owner-To-Help-With-His-PTSD#6IWIcczwv4Zg5kyV.99

Here Is The Site.

Just Awsome.


 Positive News | Good News Stories | Happy News 2015

http://www.sunnyskyz.com › good-news


That Wraps It For Now.

Thanks For The Read.


 Ryan. Out.


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