Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street

On Da Bus



Day after Day.

Day In.

Day Out.

The bus rides across this vast desert Mayberry is at times amazing.

For no other reason.

A big just because.

“Where you going”?

I look to my right to get a visual of the person presenting this non of his.

“What you asking for. Where I’m going?”

“I don’t know where I am at”.

“What you looking for”?

“I’m new to Tucson. I just got out of prison”.

“Oh O.K.”.

“Yeah. I was locked up for 11 years”.

“Uh Huh”.

“I don’t know why they sent me here. I’m from Northern Utah”.

“Oh. O.K.”.

“I don’t know my way around here yet. I’m looking for the Halfway House.”

The man was of Mexican Heritage. Somewhere around the early 30’s.

He was sincere enough in his utter confusion.

“What road are we on now”?

“Oracle just past Grant.


“There is a halfway house just down the block a

Bit on the West side of the street.

Behind you out the window.”

“Oh. I see it. Thank you Sir.”

“Your welcome.

“You take care.  Do what they instruct you to do.

Make a life for yourself”.

“Thank you Sir.

“Good luck Dude”.

Just a bit of hope and hopefully the right Mentors.

Then the other day.

Two women.

Mexican Heritage.

They both take one of the Senior Citizen seats running against the side of the bus’ inside walls.

Facing in towards the aisle.

What caught my attention was the fact that both these ladies actually

Filled the entire 5 person bench seat.

The fact was without one Scintilla of imagination

These Gal’s were clocking in at a total approximate

Weight Bout 700 plus pounds.

In some perverse way.

Simply the fuck amazing.

The fact is that this whale sighting is not that unusual.

But the absolute norm here in this bramble packed desert world.

What I am about to state.

Without one single drop of malice.

Regarding Women of Mexican Heritage.

What is the deal with all the tonnage?

I mean really.

Per female we are looking at a food sustenance program

Sustaining at least one New Guinea tribe for close to a month.

I mean of Course going by just shear poundage.


New Guinea Cannibals meets white people first time NEW …


If all this gross tonnage of  Jiggle Slap wasn’t enough.

Gal’s yakkin it up all bout their Boy Friends.

So yeah.

Not only are these Gal’s Hangin.

But they as well Bangin.

Just simply amazing.

If all that was not enough.

And quite honestly it should be.

Did I mention that these Gal’s were

Scantily Dressed.

I’m Talkin Skin To The Fuckin Tight

Quadruple XL Capris


Skin Da Fuck Tight

Belly Almost Showin

Sleeveless Top’s.

God Bless Ray Ban.

As for myself.

If obese was my thang.

Skinny Lil Ol Me.

All caught up in the fold of the situation as it were.

We talkin search and rescue.

To say at this point that my curiosity had gotten

The best of me.

Was one cyclopean understatement.

I mean really.

How is it at all possible for any Human

To reach this gross tonnage?

I’m thinking.

Are these obese tonnage of fun some type of ancient

Mexican Hierarchy?

Ya know.

Like Mexican Princess’ packin it on due

To some type of royalty Doctrine?


A researching I did go.

Here is what I came up with.


No incredible ancient mystique here.

Truth is.

As it were.

Mexico on a whole has out performed The United States

In the Obesity World Domination Game.

70% of the Mexican population is obese.

Here in the good Ol’ U.S. of A.


67% Of Our Growing

Ever So Quickly Population

Is Obese.

Just the fat facts.

Maybe there is a class I might enroll in.

Giving me the inside track as it were

On claiming the title of Chubby Chaser.


No High Speed Pursuit Involved Here.

Then I can Stroll down the Blvd. with my Whale Size Gal Pal

Oh so scantily dressed.


Just Maybe.

Quite Possibly.

She’s Single.

Ayyy. Carumba.


Whad Up Baby.

I Gotta CheezeBurger


I Gotta 20 Pound Box Of Chocolate.

How Bout We Hit Da Club For

A Rumba Or Two?

Oh Yeah.


On A Lighter Note.

The other evening I was at my Dawg ‘D’s House.

Just yakkin.

He asks if I wanna watch a movie.

I’m like yeah.

Roll it.

The flick is called:

Inside Animals Minds‘.

Off Da Wire.

The movie portrays a scientist initiating

Different types of for the lack of a

Better description Psychological tests

Putting the various animals thru their paces.

What highlighted for me were The Crow/Ravens.

I spoke about Crow/Ravens in my blog:

Blackbirds Bigga Than Iggy Da Dog‘.

How actually amazing the Giant Crow/Ravens

Were who inhabited Citizens Cemetery up In Flagstaff, Arizona.

The movie hipped me to the fact that these

Incredible creatures of God

Live to be 60 years old.

Now I’m running with the premise that the Crow/Ravens

That hung with me in Citizens Cemetery were actually


Blood line and family heritage the original bird inhabitants of

This 200 + year old cemetery.

Just blew my grey matter into liquid fragments.



All that said.

The size of these amazing birds brains are very small.

But the intelligence that I was witnessing regarding these

Birds in the movie ‘Inside Animals Minds‘ was on the scale of humans.

At one point I stated to my friend ‘D’ that the vapor trail that

I was following brought me to a conclusion regarding reincarnation.

What I am getting at is that these birds were so brilliant in

Their actions that as far as I was concerned there problem

Solving was on par with humans.

It was at this point that reincarnation for the first

Time made absolute sense to me.

In the way that when reincarnation deals it’s elusive hand

That Quite possibly as humans coming back in animal bodies

But sustaining human brain functions regarding their animal

Inhabitant bodies.

Don’t take my word for it.

Check out this YouTube Video.

Ya All be the judge.

Are crows the ultimate problem solvers? – Inside the … – YouTube


Now. On To The World.

Make no mistake about it.

Vladimir Putin despises the West.

Mainly for the shut down the West put on the USSR.

Putin both non forgiving as well intent on going the

The distance no matter how short that distance in

All actuality is.


Quite short.

But this and this alone will not detour Vladdy.

After-all Vladimir s pursuit in this Game of World Domination

Is Baked hard in His role as a KGB Lt. Colonel.

Basic human conditioning plays the ultimate

Roll in this game.

Putin ain’t playin.

Russian Bombers Over The American Gulf of Mexico.

As well other sabre rattling.


Russian bombers to patrol Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Atlantic

Backed by China, Russia to Deploy Bombers over Gulf of …



NATO Tracks Large-Scale Russia Air Activity in Europe – WSJ


Putin Blames the West for Russia’s Woes—and Russians …

http://www.thefiscaltimes.com › Columns


Is Vladimir P. completely off the wire.

I would answer a big fat emphatic.


For the simple fact that as always.

China is more than along for the ride.

In the sense that Communism whether

Mao’s particular dictum or the former

Soviets cup of Communist Tea.

Communism is on the opposite side

Of American Republic Democracy.

Now throw into the equation that at any time

China along with all the holders of American debt

Not on the side of freedom for all.

Can just as in a quick lickety hand

The United States Their Black American Express


Due in gold.

A long while back I wrote that

China has a surplus of 4 Trillion Dollars.

In Gold.

Russia has close to a 2 Trillion Dollar Surplus

In Gold.

America’s real dept the deficit

In Real Numbers is well over

28 Trillion Dollars.

Now throw into this equation of

The Game of World Domination.

The Clown Administration Running This Country.

Inept in every conceivable way.

Completely outta their league.

So my question regarding the following article.

Is Putin Real Off His Rocker?

From Da Swamps Friends



Russia Can’t Beat NATO – But Putin Might TryTom Nichols, RCDefense

 I hope Ya All find the above as interesting as I have.

As for myself and Binny Da Pit.

We Da Hell On Outta Here.

C’mon Binny.

Let’s Grab Ourselves A Bite.

Ryan. Out.




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