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Lost In The Mist Of Serenity Saturday

Swamp Statement.

Seemingly there is a major problem in the blog world.

More specifically.

The Blogger blog world.

Google is up to their censoring best to make this blog UN-known.

Guess what Google.

A lifetime of dayz short and a stack of dollars way to late.

I have noticed that when this blog is dialed up on the first page there are now no more Followers connected to this blog.

As In Zero. 

I find that strange for the simple fact that when I hit the Stat Button regarding the Swamp, I see readers who are both following and who have been up here.

World Da Fuck Wide.

Turkey leading the Click Parade followed by the United States then 21 more countries including Russia China Korea Romania Netherlands France Germany Africa Syria Lebbanon On and On and On.

Without A Doubt.

Swamp Followers.

Ya All Da Beautiful Best.

God Bless Everyone Of Ya All.


I understand that my followers regarding numbers. 

The real actual daily count are not that great.

Only 23 Countries read this blog on a daily basis.

The actual numbers break down to close to a 1000 readers a month since I have been blogging on Blogger Dot Com.

I know.

Not that great.

In this period of time.

Blogger has taken away all of my add sense without paying me one damn dime for the amount of hitz that I did record regarding their lame ass ad’s.

In other words Google owes me money and refuses to pay.

Now they have some how erased the actual followers on my home page to show that I haven’t any followers.

I find this not only strange, but as well obnoxious on a child’s level.

But then again we are dealing with The Ass Hole Google Corporate World.

As well I do see all the comments Ya All send me.

The main thang iz that Google does not allow me to actually access these comments to read.


If Ya All want your comments to this blog read and answered.




Marine Promise.

I most definitely will respond to your comments.


Now. On To The World.

I am hearing loads upon boat loads of drum beatz regarding Americas southern border.

I live a short amount of miles just north of the U.S. Southern Border.

Dodge City on the very worst of worst dayz iz a Monumental, Cyclopean upgrade to the Real Cheeze or Situation that iz the daily Drama of The Southern Border Reality.

Quite awhile back I wrote regarding a friend of mine.

A Pakistani Young Man who had migrated to America.

His migration began in South America, then up through those countries, straight across the Mexican Border.

My friend was also a Pakistan Army Officer and an ISA Information Officer. (Pakistan’s version of our CIA)

Not yet 30 years old.

My friend would hold up hiz American Birth Certificate with hiz Irish name.

Just to clue Ya All.

People Born and Raised in Pakistan Do Not Have Irish Names. 

Feel Me?

So Far?

He would than show me hiz American Passport.

Sportin hiz Irish name.

Ryan. For $250.00 a piece I can get you these documents” , he would chuckle.

And yes he was a Muslim. 

In my opinion a very brilliant Young Man on every level.

Spoke five languages. 


You know Ryan.

In Pakistan we play Americas Bitch while we take your money and ISA Trains 8 to 12 year old’s for Taliban“.

You know Ryan.

Russia occupied our country for 10 years. You have occupied our country now for almost 11 years.

Ryan. White Man Go Home.

What exactly He meant by Hiz country was the fact that the people of The Middle East consider that entire part of the globe their country.

The point of all of the above is that entering America on Her Southern Border iz actually easier than entering The Magic Kingdom of Disney World.

Straight Da Fuck Up.

Here in Tucson, Arizona.

The Convicted Felon Capital of The U.S.

Just a few short months ago.

Aside from all of the Level Three Convicted Felons that are Routine released here in the desert.

ICE released 400 Illegal Immigrants With VERY DANGEROUS FELONY CONVICTIONS.

Not a problem America.

For the simple reason that these not very bright CONVICTED FELONS.

Once released in Tucson, these fine men and women hook up with some Shiester Attorney’s who files the necessary paper work for these MANY TIME CONVICTED FELONS TO Recive SSI.

I have written about this Fact Ad Nausea.



So America.

Not only have Ya ALL paid through the nose to House These Idiot’s in Holiday Day in style. 

Now you are paying for their Idiot lives.

Free rent for 3 years. 

Then only 30% of the actual cost of said rental.

Maximum amount regarding  Food Stamps.

Free Medical For Life.

The rate of attrition regarding the stats that these fine citizens will repeat, or in plain words commit a crime as bad or worse that the crime they committed that landed them behind barz in the first place.

52% will end up behind barz again.

Not bad work if you can get it.


That number represents a portion of the number of people in America who experience Hunger On A Daily Basis.

These individuals are; Americas Active Duty Military Personal.


That number represents a portion of the number of people in America who experience Hunger On A Daily Basis.

These individuals are  Americas Military Veterans.


That number represents a portion of America that this year will make it to Da Street.

As in Homeless.

These individuals are Americas Senior Citizens.

This number is expected to grow over the next several years exponentially.

Great Job America.

All that said.

There is a great number of people in America today that will actually vote for Hillary Clinton and Joe Bidden.


Ya All.

Leave my country today.

I’m sure there is some Fine Dictatorship somewhere in the world that will invite you into their country with open arms.

Boots On The Ground.

To all of you Boots On The Ground Idiots.

My suggestion.

Make a trip down to your local Army Navy Surplus store.

Purchase yourself a pair of Combat Boots.

Lace them up and head out into war.


Stating the very obvious.



A Big Fat Non Of Ours.

On every conceivable level.

Our Military’s specific and only job is to Protect This Country From Harm Within and Without.

To state that this American Government HAS COMPLETELY FAILED REGARDING THIS DUTY. 


Forget the Phat Cat Teachers Of America Who Have Driven This Country To The Grade Of A 29 Rating World Wide.

To amplify this disastrous Dereliction of Duty.

In the last few days a U.S. Citizen has Breached Secret Service Protection.

Scaled The White House Fence All The Way Up To The White House Front Doors.


Ya All Fuckin Shittin Me.

Feel Me? 

So Far?

Just yesterday.

An entire day.

I spent dealing with a U.S. Government Agency.


Napalm Cornea Injections would have been much more desired.

A 4 hour wait at one of their locations to be told, Absolutely not a fuckin thing anywhere close to finding some type of resolve regarding my specific situation.

On the phone was not much better.

3 Hours on the phone.

This is for One Dialing.

No less than 4 individual’s passing me off to another mis-informed Government Employee without one total clue.

In fact they each followed the same exact SCRIPT.



Aggravation Level.

Induced Suicide.

I of course state that in the most figurative sense.

22 Million.

That number represents the number of people that ‘We The People‘ employ to run this country.

That Is A Whole Lotta Fuckin Incompetence.

Yeah Grace Slick.


It’s Time.

Gotta Revolution. 

Ryan. Out.

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