Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street

Gonna Walk Before They Make Me Run



Riders On The Storm.


Skeletal Frames Outlined By The Gale Force


With Wind Tunnel Precision

Less Than 1/3 Of An Entire Fat Happy Lazy

Population Of A Once Great Country.



From High Above.

Unmanned Killer Drones.

On Our Very Own Shores.

To Date 


The Number Of Americans

On American Shores 

Smoked From Above.

By UN-manned Armed Drones.

Right Mr. President?

Right A.G.(Always Gangsta) Eric Holder.

Barack Obama ‘has authority to use drone strikes to kill Americans …http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ news/ worldnews/ barackobama/ 9913615/ Barack-Obama-has-authority-to-use-drone-strikes-to-kill-Americans-on- US-soil.html

Attorney General Responds to Paul On Drone Strikes | ThinkProgress


President Obama’s Drones and the Secret Kill List


The Real Question:

Is It O.K. To Smoke American Citizens On American Soil

By The Means Of UN-manned Drones?’ 

The Real Question Here Is How Is A Drone Kill Decided.

There Are No Indictments.

No Day In Court.

No Processing What So Ever Regarding

Normal Every Day Rights Afforded To 

Every American Citizen.

The Deciding Factors

Lie With Two Parties.

The American President.

The American Military.


You Smoke.

To Fully Understand This ‘Brave New World‘  Step Into The Future.

One Has To First Look At The First Part Of The UN-Maned Murder

Of Americans On American Soil.

That Would Be The ‘Detainable Act‘.  

S.1253 will allow indefinite military detention of American civilians …http://www.endthelie.com/ 2011/ 11/ 25/ s-1253-will-allow-indefinite-military-detention-of-american-civilians -without-charge-or-trial


Do not be deceived: S. 1867 is the most dangerous bill since


Obama wins back the right to indefinitely detain under NDAA – RT.com  http://www.rt.com/usa/obama-ndaa-appeal-suit-229/ 


More Local Law Enforcement Officials Are Refusing to Comply With …

http://www.thenation.com/ blog/ 179648/ more-local-law-enforcement-officials-are-refusing-comply-obamas-depor tation-policies

For The Very Life Of Me.

Search After Search After Search.

I Cannot Find Any Information What So Ever

Regarding To Date

How Many Americans On American 

Soil Have Actually Been Detained Under S.1253.

I Am Sure Somewhere Buried Beyond All Access

To The American Public The Exact Numbers 

Regarding Americans Detained On American Soil



Kinda Like The Sealed 28.

This Would Of Course Be.

The 28 Pages That Examine Crucial Support Given The 

Hijackers And That By All Accounts Implicate Prominent 

Saudis In The Financing Of Terrorism On 

American Shores.

That Would Of Course Be 911.

I Am Sure Though.

That The Great

Senator Rand Paul 

From The State

Of Kentucky 

Spoke Up Against The 

Second Part Of ‘The Detainable Act‘.


For This And Many Other Reasons.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Is 

Da Swamps Hero.

Lucky Fuckin You Senator.

If Only For The Simple That While

Waiting For The Number 16 Bus On

The Corner Of Stone And Speedway.

I Am Assured That I Will Not Be

Reduced To A Puddle Of Iridescent Gooh. 

By An UN-manned Drone.

What I Find Deplorable On Every

Conceivable Level Is That Senator

Rand Paul’ Very Own People.

On The Very Same Side. 

Not Only DID NOT Agree With

The Kentucky Senator.


Actually Voted Against


Lambasted Senator Paul

For His Standing Up For The American



Who Would These Idiot Republicans


Who Find Nothing At All Wrong With 

Smokin Americans On American Soil.


Who The Fuck Else.

Lindsey Graham Of South Carolina 


John McCain Of Arizona.

As An American.

My Question Is 

Lindsey Graham 

John McCain.

What Possible Reason Would Ya All Have To

Backing The Killings Of Americans On American Soil.  

If All That Was Not Bad Enough.

Along With 42 Other Republican Senators.

Lindsey Graham 


John McCain Voted

To Pass Detain-able Law.


One Only Has To Ask Themselves. 

What In The World Were These Republican

Senators Thinking Of?

What Else.

Pandering To Their Constituents.

Sucking On The Phat Phishing Pipe

Of American Voters.

God Forbid.

Ya All Would Even Think

About Up-holding 

The Constitution

Of The 

United States Of America.

Dream On Mr. Swamp.

In Other Newz.



To Be Exact.

I Find The Following Article More Than Interesting.

In The Way 

That Americans.


Are Standing Up To The Slaughter Of

The Innocent.

ISIS Be-headings Completely Of Da Wire.

The Be-headings Of The Innocent. 



Defenseless Un-Armed Men.




ISIS Prisoners.

Slaughtered With Less Mercy

Than Farm Yard Swine.

Don’t Wanna Call These  Mad Muderers


Now Do We 

Mr. Communist Cocaine Smoking 

American President.


More Former Military American Personnel

Are Joining The Fight Against 

Blood Thirsty

Radical Extremist 

Murdering Muslims.

Just Calling It As I See It. 

A Murdering Swine

A Murdering Swine.

How Da Hell Dat For P.C.

Mr. President.

I Hope Ya All Find The Following 

Article As Interesting As I Have.

Dwekh Nawsha: ‘Crusaders’ Return to Middle East – Japan Times

“Hey Ryan”

“Damn Girl. Where You Been”?

“Here And There”?

“Oh. I See. 

The Ol’ Here And There”.

“That’s Right Ryan. 

What Cha Gotta Say?

Still Cribbin Down The Street”?



You Damn Sure Lookin Good Girl”.

“Ahhh Huh. 

Jus An Every Day Thang.


Where Ya Stayin These Days”?

“On The West Side. 

Flowing Wells 

And Wetmore”.

“How Bout You”?

“On The West Side.

Flowing Wells And Wetmore”.


“Thats It Ol Man. Hmmm.”

“Not Quite Girl. 

My Crystal Ball See’s 

The Same Bus In Both

Our Futures. Like.

Right Now”.

“Lets Hit Ol Man”.

“Copy Dat.”

Ryan. Out.

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