Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street

More Iz Revealed

Round and Round.

Up to Down.

Side to Side.

So swirls the Advertizing Dollarz Spinz and Lies.

Never The 100.

Just the Same Ol Same Ol

Poly Razz Ma Tazz.

On Your Phone.

In Your Home.

Through Your Bonze.

The Onslaught Iz Relentlezz.

The American Bought and Sold.


More Appropriate. 

Blood Thirzty Boko Haram American Media.

Raping You Day to Day Right On Down

To Your Cellulose Dripping Bonze.

But Hey.

No Worries.

Just Walk Da Fuck Away.

Now. On To The World.

The Other Evening I’m listening To The Radio 

On One of my Androids.

I Pick Up A Conservative Talk Radio Station

Out Of Jacksonville, Florida.

Talk Host Hoe Going On And On 

Regarding Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Accolades Thru The Keester Out Da Mouth.

Governor Rick Scott.

Buy Ya All Books.

Send You To School.

This Iz The Best You Conservative

Talk Hoe’ can come up with?


Where Da Fuck Da Shame.

Can Ya Tell Me Conservative Republican

Radio Talk Hoe’.

Governor Ricky Boy Scott.

Iz A Muthu Fuckin Criminal.

Thiz Criminal.

Governor Rick Scott Paid The

Highest Fine To The United States

Federal Government In, Well…

The History of The United States

Federal Government.

Not A Whole Lot Of Stacks($).

Just A Mere $1.7 Billion For Medicare fraud.


Ya All Heard Me.

$1.7 Billion Muthu Fuckin Dollars.

Thiz Money Mainly Extracted From

The State of Florida’ Senior Citizen Population.

Not bad work if one can procure it. 

Thiz Criminal Fraud Operation Took Place

While Ricky Was CEO Of Columbia/HCA

A Health Care Walk In Clinic.

All Of This Ricky Criminal Nefarious

Action Started In 1987 When Ricky Boy

Purchased 2 El Paso, Texas Hospitals.

Over The Next Decade Ricky Boy

Purchased Hundreds of Hospitals

Surgery Centers


Home Health Care Companies.

In 1997 The Fed’s Investigation Focused On

Whether In Fact Was Columbia/HCA Guilty

Of Medicare/Medicaid Fraud.

The answer that The Fed’s Arrived

At Was An Astounding On Target

Damn Right.

Ricky Was Sinfully Guilty.

If Not For Rickey Boyz Departure As CEO

Of Columbia/HCA The Entire Chain Would

Have Imploded.

If All That Was Not Enough.

During Ricky Boyz 2010 Run For 

Florida Governor The Miami Herald

Reported That Rickey Boy Stated.


And I Quote:

If only somebody told me something was wrong.” 

Nigga Pleeze.

Rickey Boy Wanted To Fight The Accusations.

2000 December The Justice Department Announced;

That Columbia/HCA Would Settle For $840 million In 

Criminal Fines, Civil Damages And Penalties.

Among The Findings That The Fed’s Arrived At

Regarding 2000 Settlement:

Columbia billed Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal programs for tests that were not necessary or had not been ordered by physicians;

The company attached false diagnosis codes to patient records to increase reimbursement to the hospitals;

The company illegally claimed non-reimbursable marketing and advertising costs as community education;

Columbia billed the government for home health care visits for patients who did not qualify to receive them.

The Government Settled A Second Series Of Similar Claims With Columbia/HCA In 2002 For An Additional $881 Million. The Total For The Two Fines Was $1.7 BILLION DOLLARS.

No Big Biggy.

Right Gov. Rickey. 

Columbia/HCA legacy follows Rick Scott to governor’s …


HCA whistleblower revives claim that Scott knew of fraud …


Columbia HCA whistleblower campaigning against Gov …


On Scott’s 2010 Campaign Web Sight.

Criminal Felon Ricky Boy Scott

Admitted To The $1.7 Billion Dollar Fine.

That Web Site Has Long Ago Disappeared.


Florida Conservative Radio Talk Hoe.

Just Throw Down Praise After Praise For

Criminal Felon Ricky Boy Scott.

While Your At It Northern Florida Conservative

Radio Talk Hoe.

Why Not As Well Praise Rickey Boy Scott.

Major Zipper Dipper.

Dat’s Right.

Rickey Boy A Confirmed Down and Dirty

Zipper Dipper Gay Boy.

I Know Just How Much Ya All In The Conservative

World of Politics Just Love Da Gay Boyz.



But Itz Rick Scott.

Republican Governor.

I Mean Shit.

Maybe Gay Ain’t All Dat Bad.

Then last night on Mr. Android I pick up

A Conservative Talk Host Clown Going

On and On and On Regarding Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker Proposing a Bill

To Drug Test All Welfare Recipients.

Like That Fiasco Hasn’t Already Been Deployed And Tried.

By Non Other Than Florida Governor Rickey Da Zipper

Dipper Scott. 

Rick Scott’s Drug Law Isn’t Saving Florida Much Money …


Update: Rick Scott’s Drug Testing Poor People … – Daily Kos


% Rick Scott and 100% Unconstitutional | Fight For Florida

http://www.fightforflorida.com/ 2014/ 09/ 24/ 2-rick-scott-and-100-unconstitutional/ View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

This little Rickey Boy Fiasco.

Drug Testing Starving Poor Welfare Recipients

Only Cost The State of Florida Bukoo Dollars.

I Mean What Da Hell.

Poor Starving People Don’t

Have Enough To Deal With.

Let’s Throw In Just A Little More Stress


Drama Into Their Already Impovershed



I Am In No Way A Liberal.

I Am Also In No Way A Person

Who Condones Criminal Actions.

Even If Those Criminal Actions

Are Perpetrated By Someone Who

Holds Similar Political Beliefs As


Wrong iz Wrong.

Sin iz Sin.



Ya All Hold The Prize There.

But Conservatives.

On And On And On.

You Rant Rage Tirade.

Regarding The Bad Bad Liberals.

When In Fact Your Side Of The 

Street Iz Az Dirty Az It Gets.



Az Far As This Author Iz Concerned.

Ya All Nothin But Drip Lip Bitches.


Don’t Take My Word For It.

If You Are A Severely Disabled

United States Of America Military


Just Call A Conservative Radio Talk Show.

The Host Will Be More Than Happy To

Hang Up On Your Beat To Hell 


Ravaged Self.

After All.

Your Life Of Poverty 


Mind Bending PTSD 

Hard Luck Stories.

Is Just To Da Fuck Much For The Host

To Have To Listen To.


Mark Levin.

Elitist Prick.

All That Said.

I Support Some Radio Talk Hosts.

Two Come To Mind.

Alex Jones.

Alex Jones Radio – streema.com


Katherine Albrecht. 

Katherine Albrecht: Home


I Happened Onto Katherine Albrecht On

One Of My Androids Several Weeks Back.

I Was Hooked.

Not Only Iz Ms. Albrecht One Beautiful


Katherine Is Also A Retired Air Force Captain.


One Of G.O.D.’s Favorite Own Children.

Tuff Az Nailz Does Not Even Come Close

To Describing Thiz Beautiful Lady.

Not Only Has Her Service To This 

Country Caused Her Suffering That

I Cannot Even Imagine.

As A Result Of Captain Albrecht’

Service To This Country.

In The Role As A Military Nurse

Deployed To Iraq Ms. Albrecht Was

Subjected To 10 Vaccinations.

As A Result This Brave

Woman Has Been Subjected To

4th Stage Brain Cancer.

I Apologize At This Time For Not Be 

Totaling Up On Captain Katherine Albrecht’

Complete Condition Regarding 

The Who How And What.

Her Case and Symptons Are Well Beyond

All Norm.

What This Brave American Patriot

Has Experienced And Dealt With

In Regard To The Wicked Demon

Ailments Cast Upon Her Completely

Baffles This Authors Mind.


The Mother Of All Black Ops”: Access This Website From The …

9-11themotherofallblackoperations.blogspot.com/ 2013/ 10/ is-dr-katherine-albrecht-being-targeted_27.html – 

U.S. military developing spychips for soldiers


SOPA & ACTA: The Total End of Internet Freedom with Privacy …

http://www.electronzio.com/?q=node/340View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Hopefully The Above Links Will Not Only Enlighten Ya All

To The Very Real This Government Is Perpetrating On The 

Very Military That Serves Proud and With Honor To Their

Beloved Country.

But Will Shock You Into Realty.

It Certainly Has Me.

Welcome To Da Swamp Ms. Katerine Albrecht.

God Bless You Lady.

I Know He Certainly Does.

The US Military Wants To ‘Microchip’ Troops [Mark Of Beast update]http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/2881114/postsView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Branded: How RFID spychips are being used by government and …http://www.endthelie.com/ 2012/ 04/ 03/ branded-how-rfid-spychips-are-being-used-by-government-and-major-corp orations

Made-in-China home appliances contain spy chips http://www.dcclothesline.com/ 2013/ 11/ 09/ made-china-home-appliances-contain-spy-chips/


In Conclusion.

Back In Chi-Town.

David Axlerod Drops Da Bomb On His 

Boy Barry O.

Holy Moly Cow.

Axlerod Ain’t Playin.

Man Dun Busted Loose On Barry O Hussein. 

Print Story – Crain’s Chicago Business


 Obama: Axelrod ‘isn’t quite accurate’ on claims of dishonesty …


 Articles: Obama Thinks You’re Stupid, that’s Why


The Bottom Line Here.

All Things Considered.


To A One David Axlerod.

Are All Nothing But Grease Butt Monkeys.

Ya All Will Throw Each Other Under The Political GreyHound

Just For An Inch Of Political Advantage.





Drip Lip Bitches To A One

As For Myself and My Pit Named Binny

We Da Hell Outta Here.

C’Mon Binny

We Got A Sunset Waitin On Us

Ryan. Out.

Tail End

 If Ya All Support Our





Brothers And Sisters

Let Them Know 

Click Below

Petition@nrsc.org <info@nrsc.org>


If A Click Is Not Working For You

Simply Copy And Paist:

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