Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street

Now You See It   Now You Never Will

Through all the Yakity Yak.

Don’t Damn Dare to Turn Back.

Only a brief reference to the real war.


Locked up in a vault.

Locked and sealed way back in the time.

Then when it seems a safe passege through.

Wham Da Bam Fuckin Slam.

There you are.

Wading Waiste Deep thru a worlds upon worlds away

Steaming Smelly Jungle Swamp.

16’s in the air.

Peeping up and down all here and there.

On the constant.

Ready to smoke all and any that ain’t you.

Tick to Tock.

Mission Forward.

Do not be seen.

For if the forward observer is an observed visual.

In quicker than a thin lickety.

Way on the Out of sight.

A vibe.


Thinner than the thinnest Molecular Strand.

Vibe in.

Death out.

Everybody gotta go.


One asks.

Is this the real?

The everyday?


Whad Da Fuck Do You Think?

On and On and On.

Through the thicker than thick non relevent click.

Blahsey. Blahsey.

Fat Bot Seemingly About Out His Bag.

Runnin Yak to Yak Yickety Yak.

Go For It Fat Bitch.

Yo Mamma a Hoe.

Just Like You Too Fat and Way To Slow.

A Cowards Heart and A Mouth Too Big.

Landing You Up In The Wrong Damn Gig.

Just Like I knew.

Just As I Called.

Your Fat Obscene Self Ain’t Nothin At All.

So be on your way.

Your Way Outta Your Leauge.

On Da No Good.

In Da Damn Fuckin Wrong Hood.

Way Too Fat.

Absolutely No Good. 

So Now Fat Boy Bitch.

You Surely Know. 

Fuckin Around On Da Wrong Side

Ain’t Da Way To Know.

And Into The Grocery Store I Go.

Just Another Day In The Life.

Now. On To The World.

Whad up World?

Hope your Monday is going well.

Here in this way far gone once great country.

It is Presidents Day.

Just another way to inconvenience the citizens.

At any rate.

I want to pass something very cool on to Ya All.

A new search engine.

That does not track your treks through cyber space.

Here Ya go.


As well this search engine is as detailed and search

Friendly as Google without all the Google Invasive Drama. 

Check it out.


I do not take the following lightly.

Reported on 2015 14 02.

ISIS on the march to take the Iraqi City of  al-Baghdadi.

As of this writing ISIS has successfully taken the City of al-Baghdadi.

Near the City of al-Bagdadi is the Iraqi Base, al-Asad.

On Base al-Asad 300 Marines are stationed there training Iraqi Army Troops.

As of this writing.

8 ISIS soldiers wearing dis-carded Iraqi Army uniforms

Managed to breach the base where all 8 ISIS soldiers met their Deaths.

The worry seemingly is directed at the 300 Marines stationed at al-Asad.

The description Devil Dog comes to mind.


Devil Dog the title given to the 100 Brave and Courageous Marines of the 1/6  Marine Battalion who stood tall against German forces both superior in troops and armament. 

These beyond Brave and Courageous Warriors without sleep nor proper food supplies hung tuff as nails fought with conviction never before seen.

At one point Marine Captain Lolyd W. Williams of The 2cd Battalion, 5th Marines uttered:

Retreat. Hell, we just got here“.

These Brave and Courageous Marines came to be known as ‘1/6 Hard a title given to these Incredible Warriors after the name of the Marine Commander at Bellue Woods;

Major John Arthur Hughes

Then known as ‘Johnny The Hard‘.

Another now famous Marine to walk victoriously out of The Battle of Bellue Forest was Gunnery Sergent Dan Daly.

Recipient of two Medal of Honors.

Gunnery Sergent Daly as well served in the Philippines Santa Domingo  Haiti   Peking  and Vero Cruz.

Gunnery Sergent Dan Daly courageously lead The 73rd Machine Gun Company forward with these words:

Come on, you Sons of Bitches, do you want to live forever“?


Leave It To ‘Gunney‘.

What Else Is New.

Bellue Forest.

Against all odds’s.

Became the battle cry for the entire rest of

World War One.

The battle was such a huge success General Pershing


The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his Rifle“.


Regarding Marine Base al-Asad.

Shout Out My Brothers.

I know Ya All got this one.

For Sure.

No One Comin Into Your House.

Leaving Alive.

Especially Some Rag Head Pukes.

Semper Fi Marines.

Carry On My Brothers.

As Always.

Psalm 91.

Lord Got Cha All.

And of course.

Golfing Communist Coke Smokin American Prez.

Wanna be Commander in Chief.

Barry O Barrack.

Not on Da Job.  

As of this writing.

Searching over 33 pages of newz online.

Not one single report regarding any action what 

So ever that The American Selfy Picture Taking

President has even whispered regarding my Marines.


Great Job Mr. President.

An article that jumped out at me today while reading the newz On 



Got me to thinking that some things never change.

That would of course be the direct distinct Hate Towards My People.

The Jews.



Jews are again on the run.

Hate towards them has grown to new all time highs throughout Europe.

In the country of Britain a survey was conducted.

47% of the British population expressed deep hate towards the Jews.

The rest of Europe is not any better except for France who is actually pleading with their population of Jews to stay put.

All to no avail.

Jews are streaming over into Israel and The United States.

Both countries having the largest Jewish populations.

The rate of Jews fleeing Europe and elsewhere into The U.S. And Israel is at greater rates than back in the 1950’s.

As well Jewish birthrate is way down all over the world.

Jews are quickly becoming the least populated of all religious Sects.

Yeah Mom.

Guess you were right.

No one likes the Black Man.


Everyone Hates the Jews.

So here we go again.

The Jewish Diaspora Contracts – Joel Kotkin, Orange County Register

 France Urges Jews to Stay – The Local

Another article I found somewhat interesting reported how John Stewert is

Stepping down as host of the Daily Show.

The road leading up to Stewert’ departure was based on very Low ratings over the last two years.

What stood out for me was the actual numbers. All under a Million viewers per show.

The article went on to state that Liberals account for actually Less than 18% of the American population.


Stupid Fuckin Me.

So how is it possible that this mere tiny slice of Americana is running this sinking by the day country?

If all that was not bad enough.

The very people who should be speaking out.


Have let a far far leftist contingency not only to take over

but to have their say in every fuckin thing.

Simply amazing. 

Here in the desert.

Temps are again on the rise.

This winter has for sure been the coldest in the last four winters.

I surely ain’t gonna complain.

The North East Coast is getting pounded with snow storm

after snow storm.

Damn that Global Warming Climate Change Thang.

Rising Temps by the Day Cause Make Believe Massive Global Warming.

We’re certainly doomed now.

What does past climate change tell us about global warming?


‘Global warming the greatest scam in history’ claims founder of …

http://www.express.co.uk/ news/ nature/ 526191/ Climate-change-is-a-lie-global-warming-not-real-claims-weather-channe l-founder – 

Global Warming Lies facts and myths and truths


New Report: There is No Global Warming – Newsmax.com

http://www.newsmax.com/ MKTNews/ global-warming-hoax-facts/ 2014/ 10/ 17/ id/ 601458/

The above are just 3 articles I pulled randomly from no less than 19 pages regarding one


The Global Warming Lie‘. 

Trust me.

I’m just playin today.

Nothin But Killin Time.

Happy Presidents Day World.


 George Washington, First President of the United States - Credit: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division LC-USZ62-7585 DLC 

  John Adams, Second President of the United States - Independence National Historical Park


Image of Thomas Jefferson by Charles Wilson Peale, 1791. - Credit: Library of Congress

Can Ya All Guess The Names Of The Above

United States Presidents?

To My Main Homey.



Where You At Girl?

Come On V.

Give A Shout Out To Da Old Man.

Damn Girl.

Left Me In The Dust.

Ryan. Out.

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