Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street

The Obvious Defined



That which is right there.

Can’t miss it if you try.

Standing out like a beautiful woman’s erect hard nipples through a brief gust of cold wind. 

So very well outlined and defined in every way of shape color and sound.

Not a moment to question.

Everything in it’s correct right place.

Back and forth.

Pace to pace.

Thang is.

Ya just can’t fuckin see it.

And there you are.

Obviously the who to Ms. Bizzy Biz making her rounds.

Inspecting the troops.

After all.

She just had to be lookin.

Cauze I gotta tell Ya.

Woman high and tight in Her well defined choice of body wrap attire.

But than She just had to go and dun did it.

Who would notice.

“Nice toe nail polish Mamm. 


Especially that shade of green most defiantly looks good on you”.

“Well thank you. 

Do you Reaallyyy  like it”?

“Absolutely Mamm. 


I couldn’t like it any more than I already do”.



I’ve decided to break loose.

You know. 

Doin all those thangs I’ve never done

But always wanted to”.

“Copy that Mamm. 

That Thang. 

Jus a natural progression”.

Tick to Tock the seconds into hours in quick jump licketies, advance to the conclusion of yet another work day.

He passes.

So very casually through the not so crowded late in the day business office.

Half way through the front door.

Ms. Bizzy Biz.

Turns ever so slightly.

Profile tightly wrapped up in it all. 

The attire.

She catches Mr. Right Thang.

At the right time

With A

“Dis Somthang Somthang Ain’t Even Close To The Finish Line Mr. Big Boy. 

I’m Gonna Make Sure. 


Gonna Know It Look.

With that not even visible.

So evasive. 

So Male Man. 

Just slight of a glance thrown in less than a quarter nano

“Waitin On You Girl”

The look sayz it all.

Ms. Ever So Luscious Bizzy Biz and Her Grand Exit. 

Slink Dat Thang On Out Da Door. 

For sure not even on the way close side of anything final.

Somewhere way on up into the wee.


Mr. Ever So Smooth. 

Silk Ain’t Got Nothin On Him.

He Glances. 

Then Smiles. 

Seeing All Too Very Clearly.

Those Green Painted Bizzy Biz Toes.

Now. On To The World.

Judges 1:16

18 Also Ju’dah took Ga’za with the coast thereof, and Aske-lon with the coast thereof.

19 And the Lord was with Ju’dah and he drave out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could nod not drave out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.

36 And the coast of the Am’orites, was from the going up to A-krab – him from the rock and upward.

And an Angel of the Lord came up from Gilgal to Bo’chim, and said, I made you to go out of E’gypt and have brought you onto your the land which I sware unto your Fathers; and I said, I Will Never Break My Covenant With You.


Ryan’ not gettin all up in the Biblical Bible Study Thang. 

I do prefer Kings James Version.

My Bible life is certainly for sure not a by any means strict regiment.

Fact of the matter is I like the Bible like I like the ‘Art of War’. In fact these out of the literal thousands of books that I have read are my number one favorites.

As well my Bible interest is a curiosity thing. 

Also something Well…

I do to kill time.

Especially when I am waiting.

The Bible first appeared in my life 1968, January.

I was in preparation of disembarking a Huey Helicopter mid hill Hue City, Central South Vietnam.

Hue being the first of seemingly many deployments in this far fetched far flung war 3 and 1/2 worlds away.

From all and everything with a tint of normality and realty.



Good to go. 

Brand Spankin new.

Just commissioned 2cd Lieutenant. 

Just around the corner,19 years old.

Captain looked over at me. His exact words;

“2cd Lieutenant. Your life expectancy on the field of battle is approximately 18 minutes. You gonna need this”.

With that Captain handed me a pocket size addition of King James Bible. 

Never actually holding one of these I opened it up.

Pocket addition drew the page with Psalm 91.

To this very day I carry Psalm 91 in my wallet.

Damn ass fuckin tears on the fuckin keyboard. 


Hold on a sec.  


Ever since

On a pretty regular weekly basis I just open the Bible to where ever.

Today was no different.

Just happened to be Judah.

I find this very significant in the way that to me, this defines Gaza, what is transpiring and what I feel the final outcome.

That said.

I do firmly believe that Israel is not even on the way far side of anything relative to the Biblical sense of it all.

Israel is just protecting herself from Militant Terrorist Attack.

From my seat In Da Street.

Hamas some Chicken Shit, Fuck Their Mamma, Candy Ass Bitches for the simple fact that Ya All wanna fight.

Do battle as it were. 

Stop hiding behind your Mammas Fat Ass. 


Putting every day Citizens at death harm risk for their only crime of living in a neighborhood that your Bitchy Bitch Bullying ways has taken from them to carry on with your senseless killing of mainly your own.

I’ll be clear.


Real Men. 

Not Hide Behind Cowards Such As You.

Bring their rocket launchers out of the neighborhood and onto the field of battle.

Not locating their weapons and arsenals on the neighbors lawn and hope for Bitch mercy.

People In Da Hood just trying to live. 

Not die while up into their daily routines.

But because of your Candy Ass Chicken Shit Bitch Addendum and Dictum.




Hence Force Bitches.

Fuck You and Your MuThu Fuckin Mammas.

Just being real.

100 %.

And the BOUGHT and SOLD WORLD MEDIA Twists It and Turns It and Walks Home With Phat Cash In Their Fat Ass Pockets.

The Real Truth Buried So Very Fuckin Deep In A Crevice They Will Never Ever Find.

Even If They Should Trip Their Fat Ass’s Over It.

The parade of the death march continues on footstep to footstep.

Ladder to grave.

Never Ever Enough Fuckin Blood Shed To Satisfy Your Advertisers and Your Cyclopean Over Over Paid Fat Ass Selves.

Gunny. This Is Ignition Point To End Game“.

Fuck Dis All and Your Clickety Clan.

Ryan. Out.


Not a complete Total My Bad.

Regarding Comments.

I see them daily on different blogs.

I hit them.

Nothing, except the post that I clicked the comment button on asking me to reply.


Dis all too much for me.

I just don’t get it, as far as just responding to comments.

Take WordPress Dot Com.

People comment on the blog.

Comment right there. I hit response. Good to Go.

As well I feel Extremely bad that I seemingly, regarding Ya All because of my apparent lack of comment response do not even attempt to read them. The comments.

Not at all the case.

So all that said.

Here is the best resolve I can come up with.

Send your comments to;


This is e-mail that is directly connected to this blog.

For real.

I want to communicate with Ya All.

To the nice man in the middle east that I have stopped communicating with. Here’s the reason.

One day I hit your Google+ by total accident.

It went to the people in your circles.

There were exactly three people listed that day.

The very first Peep was Barack The President.

For sure not trying to be up in all dat.

Here in town several people that actually on a somewhat regular and friend based relationship.

Three exactly, have wanted me to start communicating with The President.

Of course.

Without say.

An Incredible Honor on every conceivable level. 

After all He is The President.

As well.


I believe it would be a cool time for the both of us.

If He didn’t have me smoked. LOL.

And No.

I am not afraid to Yak With Barack because of what ever I have stated regarding Him.

I’m from Da Hood.

Land Of Da Free.

Home of Da Yak

Just don’t do politicians.

This sight is and always has been about ‘We The People‘.

It will remain as such.

Straight up.

Those in the daily lime light parade.

They all get enough yak time.

There Ya Have It.

Ryan. Out.

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