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The Law Of  250   /   More Is Revealed

There are those times.

When my rant driven generalities fall from out the wild blue like Kat 7 driven hail storms falling from the dark skies at yet un calibrated velocity.

While I float in the mire filled waters of reflections pond I realize that my written verbal words expressed through the erratic pecks I drop across the whore’ expansive keyboard inevitably fall upon the innocent.

At the time of the written onslaught I am of course un aware that I have more or less insulted an entire  sect of human species.

Oh well.

My bad.

Ya All be awaight.

“Hey Ryan”

“Hey V.”

“Your here early”.

“Yeah. Some kinda clusterfuck regarding my morning gig. Boss didn’t show up”.

“Oh. O.K. I know that bothers you because you love to work”.

“Yep. I still have my other job later this afternoon to stay busy”.

“You love staying busy as much as you love to write”.

“Yep. I become bored very easily”.

 “I’m proud of you for the reason that you have not side stepped this bit of information regarding you”.


“You have revealed a tiny bit of information about yourself to your reading audience”.

“Oh here we go. V trippin”.

“I’m not trippin Ryan. In the last several days I went back over all of your blogs, WordPress included and what is so very clear is that you never talk about yourself for more than a line or two”.


“And Ryan. This is social media. People share their life experience’ with other people”.

“See Veronica. You are trippin. This is not MySpace, Facebook or that Likened thang. This is Blogger Dot Com”.

“That is where you are tripping Ryan. Blogger.com is a social media site. Google+”.

“Damn it. I knew it. That is what all the hub bub is with that Google+ thang”.

“Right Ryan”.

“See this is where I become lost. I have over 5000 comments. When I hit that comment thang all I am seeing is other peoples blog, or Google’ blog or whatever. That is why I tell the Peep’ to e-mail me their comments at my gmail account connected to this site.

Other people do. Like that nice man in, I believe Turkey. The one with a few circles and the one circle of his that has 3 people, one being The President, Barack O”.

“See Ryan people want to inner act with you”.


I respect that. 

I just do not get it. 

The stuff required to accomplish all this social mumbo jumbo is actual miles over my head.

That was the job that I gave to that woman in Flag. 

She told me that she was the one to take care of and handle the comments advertising placements and the like. 



Some kinda wasted education. 

Speaking of advertising. 

That $9.00 that you owe me Google. 



Hold my breath while waiting for a Suntran buss after midnight on a Sunday. 

Never gonna see it. 

Ain’t happening. 

Cheap Lying Corporate Bitches

You know that White Girl that flipped on me after arriving here in the desert”.

“That’s another thing Ryan. 

All your negativity towards White People. 

People need to know that you are white. 

Deep Dark Blue Eyes. 

Dark Brown/Blond hair, now showing a bit of grey. 

Grey beard. 

As white as white gets”.

“Oh My God. 

Here we go. 

Down to the old nit and grit”.

“Really Ryan. Explain to the readers your dis like towards the white race”.


Being white natural includes me in “The Club”. 

A place made up of incredible deep hate towards other people who are not “Club Qualified'”.

The racism. 

Even that complete hating asshole Dick Nixon. 

Look this dead prick up in Websters and his picture is mug splashed right there as the very definition of hate, right next to the swastika definitions.

Fuckin Quaker Asshole. 

The most malformed. 

Retro puke delineation of all white haters put together. 

For real. 

What Da Fuck A Quaker?

Even Corporate 250 America. 

Filled with White Boy Hate. 

Rollins Inc


“So are you saying all white people are hateful souls”?

“What I am saying is, well… No. 

This is where the Law Of 250 comes in. 

I’ll explain.

Take a shopping experience. 

This particular experience turned into a nightmare. 

Because of all the bad Ju Ju involved in this calamity. 

You yourself will in less than a years time will tell 250 or so people what raging assholes this business is.


If your experience is A.O.K.

You will tell no more than 7 people how great your experience was in that same less than a years time.

“Very interesting. 

So one persons bad attitude will reflect as wrong as it is an entire organizations reputation”.

“There you have it V. Right on da nail”.

“As well you just revealed more regarding yourself”.


“Ryan. Your so bad”.

“In Damn Incorrigible. 

But I have been so good lately”.

“Yes you have Ryan. 

I’m very proud of you. 

So since we are walking out of this dark Forrest why don’t we reveal some more about you”?

“Damn it V. I knew this was a set up”.


I am not setting you up. 

I am just trying to open you up”


Some other time. 

Not today”.

“We are proceeding along so nice”.



First I need to get something off of my chest regarding the Ukraine.

I have lost all comprehension about this war. 

Ukraine blows up Da Swamp. Russia and the Ukraine were always neck and neck. 

Russia always 2 or 3 more reads over the Ukraine. 

Now Russia does not even check in”

“That is odd. 

So what about you Ryan”?



I’m still following the Ukraine Russia vapor trail. Especially regarding flight MH17. 

What I am reading is there is at this point, not one iota of evidence that Russia, including Russian backed Militias had anything at all to do with this sky high murder. 

Just as I have been saying from jump. 

I read an article yesterday in the WSJ that in fact the U.S has accused Russia of violating the nuclear test band treaty, but not at all in relation to MH17. 

Basically a big, nah nah nah nah nah. 

I’m sticking with C.I.A.’s murderous talons deeply em – bedded in this Crime of the century”.

“I would agree Ryan. 

Stake my F.B.I. inside scoop on it. 

The real matter at hand Ryan, is you. 

More about you”.

“Oh My God Veronica. 

Your killin me. 

Momz you came back reincarnated in Veronica’s live body. O.K. Veronica. 

Here’s resolve. 

A solution if you will to this self imposed closet you have me sealed in and for some only known to God reason you want to bring me out of today”.

“Alright Ryan. I’m listening”.


Take out your Glock. 

Shoot me in the face. 

Better yet. 

To make sure you smoke me. 

For sure kill shot, to the heart”.

“Really Ryan. This is for your own good”.

“Yeah. Right. 

Last time I heard that the Kidz Mom took me to court”.

“Regarding your living situation. 

Tell your readers the choices you make regarding your life. Actually very unique”.

“Really Veronica. 

Your are never ever hardly in the desert this time of year. Isn’t there something Doctor Blaisedale, as in your husband needs you to do up on your mountain in Sedona”?

“Actually Darral is in Orlando attending a Doctors convention. Then he is going to visit his sister for awhile in Sarasota”.

“Oh. Well Girl. Great seeing Ya. 

Got a blog to write. 

We will have to do this again. Real soon”.

“Oh no you don’t Ryan Sean Donovan. 

Your not squirming out of this one. 

I’m just gonna come out with it. 

You know that 2 bedroom guest house on my property? 

Darral and I want you to live there. 

It is furnished very nice. P

lus, Darral placed his two year old laptop in there when he purchased his new one. 

It is a very nice system. 



Absolutely free. 

How bout it Ryan”.

“You are trippin. Opposite hemisphere trippin. Ain’t happening. No way. No how. No. Hell No. Not another word”.

‘So this is the life you choose crazy man. 

Every 6 months make yourself homeless for some bizarre, known only to you reason”.

“The reason is not bizarre. 

It has merit. 

Good merit. 

Most of all. D

is My Life. 

I’ll do What I Want”.

“You sound like that song by The Animals. 

There is no logical, un bizarre reason that a grown man, a senior citizen makes himself homeless every 6 months. 

Makes himself a beautiful apartment. 

Then without thought, in less than a minute, wakes up. Decides to go to another geographical location or into the street here and gives away all his apartment furnishings and appliances. Toaster oven, micro wave, espresso maker. everything.

“Oh My God. 

Oh My God. 

Veronica, your fuckin killin me. Stop. J

ust stop. 

Shoot me in the face. Really”.

“Then tell me why you do this every 6, 7, months”.


Damn you Veronica. 

Fuck it. 

If this is what it is going to take to dis lodge you from my ass pipe. F


Good to go.

First start with the claustrophobia. 

Then throw in the sleeplessness. 

Add to this death mind soup, night terrors. 

Then all that adds up to 4,5 days no sleep. 

Then Psychosis sets her sharp jagged gnarly teeth into my balls. Off to the E.R. 

I go.

When I sleep outside. 

I sleep like a baby. 

Take last night. 


I fall into deep sleep. 

Sometime later, hours past midnight, I open my eyes. Lit up, seemingly every one of the billions upon billions upon billions of stars were there. 

Then directly over me. 

I mean directly. 

Were the 7 stars talked about in Revelations. 

I look directly out at the most beautiful sunsets on the mountains. 

Wake up to the most beautiful sunrises over the mountains.

Then last Sunday just chillin. 

Having a smoke, taking a leak out in the desert. 

I hear a snort snort. 

Right there directly to my right is this big ol’ Havalina. 

He snorts again, as if to say;

Yo. Dude. I’m eatin. We good. Piss away“. 

He goes back to eating his desert grass. 

How da fuck cool iz dat”?

“Yeah. I have to admit that all is very cool. But Ryan. Really. Is this behavior on your part ever gonna change”?

“I dunno. Never thought about it”.

“Because you and I both know that you have the money to live any where you wish”.

“Yeah. But I do not like spending it on rent. I have a set price in mind to pay. That’s it. Not a penny more. For sure no fuckin deposit”.

“What is this magic number”?

“It’s a lot of money V. I’m more than willing to go this high. $300.00 a month. Everything included”.

“Ryan. That is so so un realistic”.

“Not in Mexico. Patadas cuna. da playa. vivir como un rey. maldita derecha”. In fact, for $188.00 a month I cribbin in a brand new, completely modern furnished, all utilities included, beech side residence. Con damn seguro. suerte me fuckin.

“That’s it. Mexico”?

“That’s it. Mexico”.

“Just like that”?

“Just like that. Now. Can I write my blog young lady”?


“Have at it Maestro”.


No Big Biggy. 

I was just thinking about my Russian and Armenian friends up in Flag and one of the many conversations we have had.

One specific conversation with both men at separate times.

They both explained to me the exact geological and life style mind set in the areas that they come from and how the majority of the people are Russian supporters.

Kinda like in America. 

Most of the population here in America supports their country. Of course freedom of the people is not a question here as it is in Eastern Europe, close to Russia.

They, my friends feel that Putin is the protector of Christianity, Direct Functioning Life Styles in the way as it were of God.

But as they both explain, the people of the Ukraine who do not support Russia have basically the same pursuits in mind. They just do not want to be part of Russia any more. They want to be an independent state.

Putin of course will not allow this type of Separatist Independence so very close to his border. This war is not going to end any time soon.

As well Putin is going to do what ever the hell he wants to do. After all. 

He has the cash money and the resource’s to pull this off. Russia is dependent on no one.

In this regard, I agree with Putin.

Just one freeway exit down Digression Blvd.

At one point my Russian friend began to recruit me.


Ryan. Russia is beautiful. The Kremlin has so so much money now. We need people like you. You will fit in great“.


They will continue to yell and scream like they always do, hoping to grab Americas ear once again.

Truth be told.

Europe, by this I mean France Britain Germany, Sweden and Switzerland, actually not as bad, will do most of the crying, for the simple fact they are bitches.

They will also continue to buy, at what ever price, Putin’s Natural Gas and Oil.

Straight up.

Regarding any American or European Sanctions.


What Sanctions?

Russia is phat in cash, oil, natural gas.

So all the idiots screaming sanctions forget without Russia, for the most part Europe does not run.

As well if Putin wants to be a real prick. All he has to do on a compensation type basis is simply raise prices.

Not rocket science.

So yet again.

America claws and scrapes to escape the confines of it’s rectal cavity.

And here in the desert, Suntran, the public transportation company is once again in deadlock with the union to up the drivers and other employees pay so that they too can experience a decent life.

I ain’t gonna lie.

I detest unions.

But in this case these drivers and in the trench workers surely do deserve much better wages. 

Just like Tucson Police, these public transportation workers are the lowest paid in America.

If all that was not enough. 

Suntran just finished building a street car to no where.

Actually 4 miles in total. Connecting 4 different neighborhoods. 

Final cost to weigh in somewhere in the stratus fare of $196 Million dollars.

But oh the fuck no.

Not one more lousy, worn thin dime to those damn drivers and other workers.

Hell the fuck no. 

And people wanna know why revolutions take place.

Ryan. Out.

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