Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street

Toss Up Tuezday

Up to Down.

Left to Right.

Right to Left.

Side to Side.

Round and Round.

The game of World Domination spinz at re-orbit speed.

The players are lined up in their full capacity.

Stay tuned while you still can.

Gunny this is ignition point regarding the beginning of end game“.

Lt. Ryan Donovan states to Gunnery Sargent Lyle Jones as Jones commands the Jeep up the Israeli border.

Time 00:300, 1977 5 April.

As usual Lt. Donovan hadn’t one clue as to why that statement left the confines of his mind in a verbal regurgitation of a passing vibe.

For sure what is transpiring in the Middle East, specifically between Israel and Hamas hasn’t one damn thing to do with religion.

Yet this is what I am witnessing in all the bought and sold newz media.


While on the briefest of moments regarding the bought and sold, if one feels the urge, Ryanindaswamp is now on Twitter.

That said.

Do Not hold your breath waiting to see on comments from Da Swamp on Twitter.

I’ll explain.

Bored out of my mind this past Sunday night, while going through e-mails on one of my phones, I noticed an invite from Twitter.

Out of boredom I went for the bait, hook line and sinker.

At a friend of mines office on Monday, along with checking my 8 e-mails and glancing stats regarding this blog I saw a Tweet. 

To me.

Now I ain’t gonna lie.

I am not one bit savvy, nor familiar with the in’s and out’s of Twitter.

Yeah, one might say I don’t know shit from shinola.

That said.

Keep in mind I had not even been up on Twitter 24 hours.

I certainly had not Tweeted a thang.

Plain as day.

Without a doubt.

Shiny as a prom date promise.

There I was.

“Yo. Ryan. Kiss My Ass”.

There Ya have it.

Like I said.

Don’t hold Ya All’s breath waiting for any Twitter quote’s from me.

Keepin It 100%.

I gotta tell Ya.

Straight the fuck forward and to the point.

Regarding Da Swamp Stat tracking over the weekend regarding the Swamp Hit Em Up Contest for bragging rights planet wide.

Gotta tell Ya.

Egypt blowin it da fuck up.

Almost caught up to the U.S.A.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Todayz Stats By Individual Countries.

United States





United Kingdom





Phat Welcome Extended to Japan Lebanon Netherlands Georgia.

As cool as I find the stats that outline my daily readers. The stats that I find really fuckin fascinating is how exactly Da Swamp is actually accessed.

Check it out.

Page-views by Browsers

Entry Page-views

Internet Explorer

61 (38%)

Mobile Safari

61 (38%)


26 (16%)


11 (6%)


1 (<1%)

Image displaying most popular browsers

  Page-views by Operating Systems

Entry Page-views


91 (56%)


63 (38%)


5 (3%)


2 (1%)


1 (<1%)

Image displaying most popular platforms

Absolutely fascinating.

Mobile Safari and Android account for 38%, each, respectively in accessibility.

Damn Right.

Da Swamp Mobile.

Can’t touch this.

Just thought those stats would make the race towards Global Swamp Domination and Bragging Rights relevant in the drop of the final ball.

Heart felt Congratulations to all Da Swamp readers Planet Wide.

The list of todayz countries is short by 13 other countries.

That will be a tomorrow stat as the stat end of this is now into the next day while here in The U.S.A. there is still 7 hours to go until tomorrow.


Don’t try and figure this out.

I still haven’t.

At any rate.

Back to the show. 



Who’s side. 

This and That.


What is going on does not have one damn thing to do with Jews or Muslims.

More bought and sold non fact hype.

What Is Going On.

Hammas Is A Terrorist Organization Who’s Only Purpose Is The Destruction of Israel.

Hammas Has To Go.

Just Like Any Other Terrorist Cells.


Military People Understand This.

There Is Absolutely Nothing To Debate.

Your home.

Where you live.

Your Neighborhood.

One night.

After dinner.

While hanging outside.


An armed projectile explodes.

Wiping out your family.

The neighborhood responds to the attack.

The attackers are set up, artillery wise in the neighboring hood.

Your neighborhood attacks the artillery location.

Coordinates locate artillery on the streets of the neighboring hood.

Coordinates locked.

Feel Me?

So Far?

If you are not military or former military.

Shut your fuckin Yak.

Cauze all your doing is throwing around less than speculation.

In these instances.

Your opinion does not amount to Jack Dick Squat.

Shut your fuckin Yak.

I’ll state this again.


Ya All Candy Ass Bitch Chicken Shit MutuFuckers.

Who Will Murder Your Own For The Political Purpose of Drawing International Sympathy.

Less Than Ghetto Pimps In Character.

Fuck You.

And Your Hide Behind Fat Ass MuthuFuckin Mammas.

Your Leader.


Is A Bitch.

Not Only A Bitch.

But A Pretend Leader Who Is Not Even Present While His So Called People Are Engaged In Battle.

Just Another Chicken Shit Fuck His Hoe Mamma Politician.

You Need To Be Smoked You Coward Bitch MuthuFucker.

Do Not Fuck His Death Up Next Time Maasad.

When Hammas Is finally Destroyed, Like All TERRORISTS and SOLDIERS of DOOM DEATH and DESTRUCTION.

Israel needs to step up to the plate and open up Palestinians borders for modern, free trade.

Insuring Palestinians a Free and Prosperous Life that they deserve.

The entire skinny regarding all this mess.

Bed Bugs.

Need To Be Exterminated.





World Domination.

On every level not a game for the mis informed nor the week.

On every level, a dangerous treacherous game.

The Players.

President Obama.

Vladimir Putin.

Each with an arsenal and specific game plan.

Each played to different drummers.


Lt. Colonel.

Russian KGB.

Barack Obama.

Community Organizer.

And Commander In Chief of The Absolute Most Powerful Military On God’s Green Earth.

As Well, The Most Advanced Spy Network On This Planet.

As Well, In My Opinion The Absolute Best Military and Spy Agency Advisers In The Hemisphere.

The C.I.A.

There is a specific reason these folks are referred to as ‘Spooks‘.

Very Scarey Individuals.

Russia ain’t playing with incompetent losers.

The fact is that Russia has been at this game as long as us.

Just yesterday an American Air Force Spy Plane was tracked by a Russian Fighter Jet.

Close to a year ago.

A Russian Mig Fighter Jet Strafed an American battle Ship In Open Ocean.

Not At All Un Common.

Two Fly Overs.

Been Going On For A Long Damn While.

So Ryan.

Why was this incident so relevant?

The Russian Mig Fighter Jet Conducted 19 Fly Overs.

That Spanky.

Is Straight Up Provocation.

In this authors opinion, this game of tag is heating up.

Way da Fuck Up.


Not a game for the Meek.


Into this equation.

Add Ego.

For the simple fact that as the leader of a nation one possess very large testicles.

There is only number one.

Number two ain’t even at the starting gate.

The rules are willy nilly.

There are none.

If smoking 200 plus people in the skies means making the other leader look like a bad bad Hombre.

So Fuckin Be It.

As I already stated.

Regarding The Malaysian Flight Shot Out Of The Sky By A Missile.

Spook Prints All Over Dis Bitch.

I’m Not Debating This.

I’m Keeping It 100%.

Like My Popz Alwayz Said;

“Son. Ya Know What Ya Know”.

Straight Up.

Blowing a commercial airline out of the sky is Boris and Natasha Shit.

Not V. Putin’s Move.

That said.

Forget all the bought and sold experts.




Not even the fuck at 30,000 feet.

Look at the global spin.

Bought and Sold.

Who is On Board.

Clueless Americans.

Regarding my Russian and Armenian friends up in Flagstaff.

The way they explained the Eastern Block Thang as it were to me is that the majority of the populous back, 100%, The Russians.

This has been the case for many many generations.

Just what it is.

Now thrown into the ring of World Domination.


Sanctions against Russia.

Russia hasn’t any debt.

Especially debt owed to China.

The same China that has a SURPLUS of 4 TRILLION Dollars.



Russia is rich in both oil and gas and the production of said commodities.

Cash Rich Is A Monumental Understatement.

As well, Russia controls the majority of said commodities that is more than vital to the survival of all of Europe.

All the sanctions have proved is that pushing Putin is for sure going to provoke more pressure from, Putin.

More Troops and Armament on the Ukrainian Border.

More pressure in Syria on the al-Quada Rebels.

Who without a doubt will slaughter the 700,000 Christians that Young Gun Assad and Putin are protecting.

By the way.

The United States is supplying and arming The AL-Quaida Rebels.


Nothing Fishy here.



Throughout the Middle East.

Muslim living next door to Jews.

Children are friends.

In fact.

Both Religions run exactly parallel regarding the does and don’t s.

This deadly situation is solely and only about Terrorists who are destroying innocent civilians and spinning it through the lies and deception produced by the second from our slant face friends at the bought and sold.

Americans, as usual, outside of former and current military haven’t a fuckin clue except for what they pay the bought and sold newz media month in and month out in their satellite and cable bills.

For me.

The world as it were at this point and time is a strategically, highly calculated dangerous ass muthufucker.

World War.

Marshall Law.

I would not rule out either.

Regarding President Obama.

Thanx for the read Sir.

I know you have been a fan for quite awhile.

A Cyclopean MuthuFuckin Honor Sir.

Thank You.

See America.

I am a Marine.

One of The Presidents Men.

Just Like My Marine Brothers Who Surround The President.

Anyone Tries To Bring Harm Down On This Man.

You Straight Da Fuck Up Smoke Bitch.

Semper Fi Sir.

Here in the Desert.

Temps Popping At 107 Degreez.

Humidity Steamin At A Steady 68.

SunTran Drivers Mechanics Office Folk

Go On strike Tomorrow.

Some of The Lowest Paid In Their Proffesion.

God Bless Ya All.

But Hey.

What The Fuck.

We Have A $196 Million Dollar Trolly Car To Now Where.

Total Trolley Run.

A Whopping 4 Miles.

Some Folks Got Real Phat On This Political Extravaganza.

Ryan. Out.


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