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Da Fix Iz In


As I compose today’s blog a meeting is taking place at the U.N. This meeting is 100% backed by ‘Prez’ . The meeting is under the guise of  hammering out terms regarding The Arms Trade Treaty. (ATT).  190 countries are present.

I say under the guise of hammering out the ATT because what the people who are writing the documents are doing is a back door to imposing serious regulations on individual states to put as much pressure as possible on them in regard’s to trading and selling fire arms across state lines. In other words the beginning of the end of owning fire arms in America. I don’t know about ya all. Ryan ain’t wit dis. I’m rolling A & D since 18 years old.
The fact that ‘Prez’ promotes and backs this is of no surprise. 
‘Prez’ is a Commie, as well a dictator wanna be who hates America and Israel. 
I know. He Told me.

As well this treaty gives foreigners access to the records of American gun owners. Also Obama and Holders Botched Fast and Furious results will be used to facilitate this Commie plot. 
There I go again. Stretching the envelope of poetic license. Just calling it as I see it. ‘

Prez’ is a self proclaimed Commie. 
Holder is the enforcement arm of our Commie ‘Prez’.  
Kinda like back in the 19th century when the Democratic Party’ enforcement arm was the K.K.K. Just a modern-day version.

The point is that every thing that is American is being destroyed and eviscerated right before our eyes. The basis of the second amendment is to protect us, “We The People” from a tyrannical government. 
This take over by tyranny is taking place at mach speeds. To be successful in this evil/wicked agenda, again, All dictators know to get the guns out of the hands of the citizens at all costs. Shazam! 
We here America. 
George Soros said the shit gonna be in the streets. I’m putting my money with G. Sorros. Communist criminals are running this country. Straight up. 
What ya gonna do America? Cause ‘Prez’ getting back to the Russians after the election on that. Off mike of course.

Oh yeah, thighs growing fatter at break neck speed, Hillary blames Israel for all the Middle East problems. 
The article which portraits her with the head of “The Self Hating Jews Society” Chuck Schumer gives me clear understanding why B. Clinton has his zipper open for all strange.
Damn, Hillary sure hard to look at. I surely do digress.

Like every wanna be Commie dictator knows, that to successfully keep power over the dictated, the very first step is to confiscate  the Peep’s fire arms. 
In this particular scenario, especially the White folks firearms.
‘Prez’ said so. 
AG(Always Gangster) Eric Holder, said so. 
Of course I para phrase.

All he has to do to enforce this subversion of the second amendment is put his dirty, corrupt, Commie Ganster of an Attorney General, E.  Holder on it. 
The same AG that gave FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi the ‘green’ on killing Vicki Weaver, her 14-year-old son and the family dog. Yep, the same guy that is absolutely, 100%, no doubt responsible for the murder death of one of his own Border Patrol agents. But excuse the fuck out of me, our great Senate Under Sight committee found no wrong with  Eric the Killer. 
Great people running  the country. 
Feeling safe America

The Same FBI That Cleaned Up The Murder Scene Of  Border Patrol Agent 
Brian Terry before ANY OTHER Law Enforcement agency was allowed any where near the crime scene.

So, AG(Always Gangsta)Eric Holder.
Sent your condolences to the Family of Brian Terry.

Oh. Not Yet.

Didn’t Think So You Criminal Corrupt Piece Of Crap.


One can conclude that Eric Holder is the responsible person regarding Brian Terry’ death.For it was Eric Holders Fast and Furious Automatic Rifle that killed Brian Terry.
Brian Terry’ Killer, A Mexican Cartel Member Was The One To Nail The FBI By Telling How They Swept The Scene Clean.
Great Job Assholes. 

FBI/Forever Bloody Injustice



Yep. Gotta Love It. Our Next President

The point is that Hillary is part of the Jewish hating kabal that drives,powers and runs this administration. All I can say to all you American Jewish citizens is that just one of your votes for Obama seals the deal of Anti Semitism in a terror based American administration. In the words of an un-known person, “Kiss Your Ass Good Bye” those of Jewish faith in America. Hillary, Schumer, Wasserman and Holder will be leading the charge commanded by B. Hussein Obama. Don’t worry, those Amtrak boxcars are just transporting you to a very nice resort.
I state none of this with malice. This is right in front of your eyes America. This all is taking place right now. Open your eyes or… parish. Get real. Realize that very, very bad people are controlling America. This election is not about dogs on the roof of the Suburban. Not about what money or who’s money is off shore, on shore or buried in the sand. This election is about removing Anti Semitic, Violent, Commie Criminals from our White House, from our country, out the fuck of our lives. Forever. Straight up. Period. No malice or any intent of hate or violence here. Swamp don’t roll that way. Just stating what I see.
One Jewish vote for Barak Hussein Obama is complete disaster to every American Jew. For great reason the words; “NEVER AGAIN”  are stamped on Israels nuclear warheads and buildings. Well American Jewish population, what you think?

Ryan. Out.


  1. America is basically being screwed by our leaders. If our gun rights are revoked that’s just basically them taking that full dictator role if that makes sense. Taking away our gun rights would leave us powerless against any force against us which is scary because although yes there are shootings which are awful and tragic we need our gun rights. We should be able to defend ourselves. I don’t know what will work to stop shootings from happening, I don’t have a plan for that but what I do know is taking away our right to bear arms is not the way to go. Even if they take away our right to bear arms the ones who want to use guns against each other for murder and shootings will find access to them. Drug cartels will find a way to get them so taking away our right to bear arms will leave us vulnerable because criminals will still have guns, it’ll be us who don’t and us who can’t defend themselves. I fear for America.

    • Thank You for your comment.
      Very much appreciated.
      I absolutely agree with every word you said.
      America is most defiantly in dire straights.
      At this particular point there is no turning back.
      What is American and right.
      Is now wrong.
      The real very sad part is that the very people we elect
      to make sure these type of things do not take place.
      That would be the Go Along To Get Along Bought and Sold
      Are severely derelict of duty.
      It is no longer about:
      These folk are just Bought and Sold
      Grease Butt Monkeys.
      We The People mean absolutely nothing to these
      Thieving Charlatans.
      Consider this.
      The Revolution against the British Empire
      For exactly the same type of Totalitarian
      Control actually involved 1/3 of that population.
      Today, these same numbers are pretty much on target.
      It is at this time down to our American Militia.
      During the Bundy Ranch fiasco.
      The Hiway Patrol and The National Guard were brought
      In To quell that situation.
      Then completely out of the blue.
      Riding up ON Horses.
      The Texas Militia appeared on the scene
      Toting Automatic Rifles, RPG’s and other serious weapons.
      The Governments snipers in the hills.
      Were actually out sniped by Militia Snipers.
      Snipe me. Snipe you.
      The Fed’s backed the hell down.
      I know for a fact that this shit is about to come loose.
      I also know for a fact that Military Personnel and
      Local Law Enforcement will be siding with us Americans.
      Here on the Arizona Border.
      Arizona Militia On Da Job.
      Returning Illegals in a skinny minute.
      Us Military know the Real Cheeze.
      The main thing here is that it is More Than
      Wonderful Jade to hear from you.
      Starting this week I am transferring all my current
      Blogger posts to WordPress Dot Com.
      Blogger is a Government Controlled Outlet.
      As well Ms. Jade.
      I am looking Very Forward To seeing
      Some more of Your Great Writing.
      Let It Fly Girl.
      Thanks for the read.
      Ryan Donovan. Out.

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