Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street

Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street



In the last two day’s, two of our embassies have been overrun. 
One dead Ambassador in Libya and Yemen protesters have stormed our embassy there. 
In case ya all are not aware, my Marines protect these embassies. So a big, fat shout out in the form of prayer for my Marine Brothers protecting the Embassy in Yemen. 
I,m screaming PSALM 91 at the top of my vocal cords to my Marine Brothers. 
I am not privy to any updates regarding this situation at the writing of this blog. 
I am gonna say I am pissed off. Trust me, I’m being kind.

When Marines are needlessly put in harm’s way because this countries foreign policy is led by The INSANE CLOWN POSSE, I’m livid. 

Sorry ICB. 

By this I mean ‘Thieghhillary Clinton’, ‘Stumbling, Bumbling, Stuttering and Spitting Leon Pinetta’ and The Commie Harvard  Professor, ‘Prez’ Husein’  himself more than likely taking advice from ‘THE SCARECROW WOMANIZER and SEXUAL PREDATOR’ himself, Bill Clinton.
Thumbnail of Insane Clown PosseThumbnail of Insane Clown PosseThumbnail of Insane Clown Posse

Thumbnail of Insane Clown Posse 

In the mean time Marines die for nothing while ‘Prez’ walks the thin line of PC as not to insult or hurt the feelings of the Nationality of people who brought 3000 Americans to their death on our shores and brought down two beautiful buildings that are still ruble. While all this is backed by the ‘SELF HATING JEW CLUB ‘ of Mayor Bloomberg and Chuck Schumer.

Let me weigh in on this. 

Being the kind, sensitive American that I am, I will attempt here to walk the fine line of PC while I sensitively express my feelings to the nationality of people who brought down two buildings and killed 3000 of my fellow Americans. 

Please stand by.

That kill in the name of some piece of crap god, go fuck yourself. 
Get the hell out of my country. 
Find a shower and some soap. 
Oh, and have a nice day. 

I hope I made ya all feel real comfortable. 

There ya have it. 
Swamp Diplomacy.

To all my fat and happy fellow Americans with your greasy grills stuck to your 73 inch flat screens. 
Pleeze wake the fuck up. 

Again, I reiterate. 

In 1977 traveling along the Israeli border I stated to my Non-Comm that this is where ignition point will be regarding the commencement of end game. 
We there folks.
 Straight up. 

As well the Eagle and The Bear have never been clearer to me. I am seeing it way to up close and personal.

If you think Daily Machine rank on the west side of Chicago, in that old Irish neighborhood, in that old Irish tavern, slamming back 20-year-old Irish whiskey are laughing their balls off. Please. 
It don’t even come close to Soviet, KGB, High ranking Operative and Leader of The Soviet Union, Valdemar Putin. Putin is laughing his balls off so hard the Russian Antonov An-124 Cargo Aircraft can’t keep up with the spare testicles made in China and delivered to the Kremlin daily. Oh, China along for the ride. Yeah that China, the one that holds our Black American Express card. Ya all feel me? Feel safe America?



 I’m Not Laughing Mr. President

This a joke and America is the only one not laughing. Unless of course you are a blithering dolt. Oh and to my fellow Americans that are up in arms saying we need to unleash a shit storm on the middle east. With who? With what? 
Troops on their 5th and 6th deployment. 
More borrowed money to the American Military Congress. 
Yeah you heard me. That is what President Dwight David Eisenhower called it in 1961 in his final speech. 


 Great American

Not the The American Military Industrial Complex. 
Ever wonder why just about all your congress and senate folks are millionaires and why only four as of this posting  have any children in the military, serving active duty? Wake the fuck up. America.
Mitt, you need to dig into your stacks ($) and buy some iron balls cause politics over. Time to get real and say what needs to be said, to get done what needs to get done.  The flush is almost complete.
Here is the Swamp plan.
Close all embassies in the shit hole towns all over the middle east. 

Bring home everyone and everything. 
Seal our borders. 
Drill for gas and oil every where in this country. Only social programs will be extended to the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill. 
Everyone else, pick up a shovel. Get back to work. 
The only country we defend is America. 
Any other power, country or maggot wanna be even utters a thought of a threat, they a parking lot. Swamps Foreign policy. 
You don’t fuck with  me and mine, I won’t fuck with you and yours. You fuck with me and mine, I’ll blow your Bitch Ass to hell. 
Anyone lays a damn negative word, or GOD FORBID a hand on Israeli, after the Israeli make turn you to glass, we will make you subterranean. 
Feel Me? So Far? 
Straight up. 
Yeah. Isolation. It’s long over due.
For sure time to send THE CLOWNS home on both sides of the isle and political spectrum. 

Time to get back to being AMERICA. 
Ya all don’t like it, see ya. Straight up. How’s that for diplomacy.

Ryan. Out.

Patriotic_america : A patriotic symbol of boots and flag Stock Photo               

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