Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street

Some Dayz Just B Like Dat

The ‘World’ has a way of pulling every atom, every molecular strand of ones entire being to that moment of a nano when leaving this dimension is the only apparent option. 

The ‘World’ as in the giant grinder of all that is life, into the daily tonnage of Pirhjuana feed necessary to fill ALL the bloated airways.
Take your pick.
Then Slam, Damn Whammo. 

If all that wasn’t enough, now basic, daily requirements must cover enough wiggle room for the real catastrophe at the end of the day. 
I’ve been told by reliable’s to prepare for the ‘End of Day’.  
A Major Paradyme Twist hopefully is on the near horizon. 
For the only guarantee’s offered in ‘The World’ are constant change. 
Be ready. 
Be adaptable 
Get some. 
Keeps the whole machine flowing.

One of my all time favorite movies is ; ” Kill Bill” starring Uma Thurman
No intro needed for this very cool Lady. 
For her lead role in the movie struck me in Her demonstration of Discipline, the nature of all missions, the carry through at any and all. 
Just the training, preparation and dedication over the years. 
See the simple answer to all missions is training and preparation. 
For Sure 99.9% of all successful missions are the above two factors that make or break a great day.  

Yeah. For Sure My Kind Of Gal


The rest of that great day arrives in the drops of kindness one casts out into the Universe. 
See it is oh so easy to focus on the cesspool. 
But the Ultimate prize is finding just that small speck of Beauty, Alone In A Dark, Black, Shit Storm. 
Or that opportunity to perform one, Simple, In A Second, Done, type of gesture of kindness. Then somewhere between the thought and the act, all is forgotten except for all the times you keep reminding your self how very simple that one-act of kindness actually is and the effect on the Universe it has.
So Ssimple, So Done, so Gone. 
All in One Drop Kindness Caste Into A Void Less Universe.

See angry acts seem to come in stages and nothing good ever comes out of these angry, time-wasting, gut groaning moments of anger. 
Then there is the take back and not to mention all the guilt. 
An entire shit load of drama goes along, heaping up with anger.

Out into the ‘World’ eviscerating anger 10 to 0. 
Just that one drop. 
Bamm. Wham. Kazammo. 
Kindness spreads her Glamorous, Enchanting Love Through All and Every. 
Catch The Flow.

 Now. On To The World.

The ‘World’ Is Still A Cesspool.

The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam.”  
Thanks ‘Prez’. 

Yeah. That ‘Prez’. 
Our one and only ‘Prez’ Hussein standing in front of the U.N. giving a moment regarding the bombings of two of OUR embassies.  

All this in front of Iranian leaders and other notable’ Muslim BrotherHood’Members. 
Yeah, that ‘BrotherHood, ‘The Muslim BrotherHood

You know the same one taking over the ‘World’.

The same Muslim BrotherHood ‘Prez’ gave the good to go launching the Arab spring. 

Hmmm. Where were you then Fox News. Thankz. 
A Bunch Load Guyz.
The very same Muslim BrotherHood that holds high-ranking positions in the top echelon of the Obama administration.

So before you go and start to slander anyone, whether they are blood thirsty killers trying to get with some kind of God for 32 virgins or your neighbors giant Rottweiler, Max for leaving this mornings humungous deposit on your front lawn. 

Before you run inside for the ‘Mossberg’ factory double short barrel, drop that small act of kindness onto the Universe. 
You’ll be happy you did.

Ryan. Out.

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