Ryanindaswamp Man In Da Street

Flag Waving Idiots





If You’re a Democrat. You’re an Idiot. 

If you’re a Republican. You’re an Idiot. 

If you’re a Liberal. You’re an Idiot. I

If you’re a Conservative. You’re an Idiot. 

If you’re an American. 
You on the right  Damn Page. 
Welcome Aboard.

” Damn Ryan, Readers are bailing from The Swamp faster than Javelina from downtown streets”.


“Really Ryan, I see that just don’t give a shit look on your face”.

“Yeah. Pretty much Veronica. Listen, why don’t we head on down to the Orange Cutie Smoothie place and go all the way with The Ton O Whip Topping and just light it the hell up”?

“Ryan you’ve lost it for sure this time, the last time…”

“Have I Veronica, or have I stumbled onto the real something, something. Just like the last time I lost it”?

“That’s why I love you Ryan”.

“Roger that V.”

See Veronica this blog/site is and always will be about the Truth.
I just can’t help myself. 
It’ s all I know. 

Yeah Richard Paine you Fat, Disgusting, Racist, Deviant Pervert Cracker from Venice Florida. I am a literal person. Very.

For way too long this side or that has controlled America and the World with LIES. BIG, FAT, UGLY, MIS REPRESENTATIONS. Dividing people on every front. Since the beginning of time.

March 02, 2011 Pope Benedict Exonerated The Jews for the death of Jesus Christ. My Lord and Savior.

See I never believed this Fat Lie in the first place. 
The simple fact, 
Racist, Simpleton White Folk is that The Jews DID NOT CONTROL Rome. They WERE CONTROLLED by THE WHITE ROMANS. 
As well Jew’s back then were on the far side of White Skinned and Jew’s are not Murderer’s. 

White German Supremacy. 
6 million. Dead Jews. 
Cause Whitey Said So.

Make no mistake about it America, the only reason this country entered that war was Pearl Harbor and the fact that Hitler was Taking Over Europe quicker than a  Cat 7 Hurricane in the 305. 
Our entrance into WWII had not a damn, fuckin thing to do with the SLAUGHTERING of The Jews.

Yet, still today in way TOO MANY CHURCHES in this Racist World, Lily White Pastors, Priest’s, Minister’s and the like still preach their hate against The Jew’s from one side of their lying mouths, while on the other side they beg for the saving of the Jewish State. 

All this for the simple fact that these so-called Christians are scared to death of Muslims.

The real truth in The State of Israel is that Muslim and Jew live side by side. 
Like each other and even meal in each others homes. 

Yeah David Horowitz. I know. I been there.

As well The Jewish religion and the Muslim religion run directly parallel to each other. 

Absolutely No Swine Diet. 
No alcohol. 
No Drugs. 
No Sex outside of Marriage. 
On and On. 
But most importantly No False God’s. 
Just One GOD. G.O.D. himself.  
Not Hindu or Buddhist Idols. Just GOD.

I’m an Irish Jew. Thanks Mom’s Mom. 

I believe in Jesus Christ. 
It Revolt’s me to think for a Damn Nano Flash what you WHITE ROMANS did to That Jewish Man. 
Shame on you. 
All the Guilt. 
The Shame. 
The Cry for Obedience in your Reprehensible, Guilty, Racist mind’s will never change that. 

Ya All killed A Dark Skin Jew and laid the Rapp as it were on The Jew’s. 

No More. 

Now The Muslims are next. 

As of this time, This blog/site no longer supports David Horowitz or anyone that supports him or who he supports. 
You been unsubscribed Horowitz. 

The Swamp does not deal with the bought and sold. 
Nor Racism.
I feel readers ditching By the Aircraft Carrier Size. 


Because the Right Readers will always find their way to The Swamp and Stay.

“Oh My God Ryan”.

“I’m just getting started V”.

So years over years, racist religion over racist religion, cover ups, while they condemn what they do not like while taking The Different to Horrible, Painful, Excruciating Deaths.
See Religion is no more than DOGMA. 
A way to control the masses. 


Do not take my word. Ask Mariam Webster. 
Look up Religion. 
Look up God. 
Look up Spirituality. 

You will find that God and Spirituality are just about similar. 
While Religion is not even on the fringe of the very far side in definition of God and Spirituality.

The point is that Hate is at an all time high dividing this world like never before due to Racist Religions that KILL.

Religion is the absolute number one cause of war.
World Wide.
From the beginning of time.

Religious leaders need to know that if an individual is in fact interested in a particular religion that individual will contact you.

Stay the fuck out of countries that you and your religions are not wanted.

Causing war and upheaval. 
Dragging this country into yet another conflict because your ass is being slaughtered.

Then Complete Idiot’s like David Horowitz and Daniel Greenfield preach War while neither one of these Ignoramus’s have ever Killed anyone. 
They leave that dirty work up to the Military they piss on.

While I’m on the subject of those That PISS on The American Military. 

During the Bought and Sold previous Super Bowl, Chrysler/Jeep, you Sad, Pathetic, Sub-Creaton Assholes. 

You produce a television commercial ON THE BLOOD OF MY MILITARY BROTHERS AND SISTERS. 
You Deplorable, Reprehensible, Money Grubbing Assholes. 
Shame on You. 
Fuck You.

As well your car’s suck. 
I owned two of your pieces of crap. 
Worst automobiles I ever owned. 
I’ve owned hundreds of cars. Talk about lying cheating Dealerships as well. I digress.

If you do not believe what I am saying. Talk to my Military friends. 
They will tell you the same damn thing. 
See The American Military is roughly 10% of this countries population. 
Day in and Day out putting their LIVES on the line for 90% of you Pathetic Assholes. 
Cause that is what we think of Ya All.
Just Being Real.

See on The Field of Battle, 
Shoulder to Shoulder.
Boot to Boot. 
It makes absolutely no difference what so ever the color of ones skin, 
how one’s eye’s are set in their head, 
or where their particular accent originates from. 
We have a job to do. 
The enemy is at the gate. 
We are Americans. 
And this country is turning and burning us at such a rate of speed for the all mighty dollar it transcends sickening. 

While Convicted Felons receive benefits from this government in BUKOO Volumes. 

Commit crimes. 

Rot in prison. 

Receive SSI. 

Food Stamps. 

Free Housing For One Year

Then Life Time Housing at 30% Of The Cost,  

While a Veteran is treated worse than a Dog. 

Yet when some Corporation wants to make a buck billions more, 
It is us.
Veterans that are put on parade. 

Fuck You. 
Put Convicts on Parade you Deviant Fucks.

Talk about Racist White Pastors. 
 Terry Jones. 
Here is a real Religious Gem. 
Thing is, in private, many upon many in the Religious Business Back this Sub-Creaton piece of Crap. 
Yeah. I know. They told me.

Hey what the fuck.
Glenn Beck and a large number of his sick follower’s, they all  say it is alright to burn Qurans.
Just not in the name of any Iranian Pastors. 
You Racist Pricks.

While Beck and the other American Bought and Sold Talk Hosts Pile Stacks so fuckin high they need steam shovels just to move the piles. 

While they deal in lies and half-truths. 

Yeah Sean Hannity. 
So very fuckin GUILTY. 
Always, as many times as you can on your Bought and Sold show tellin folk how your just a regular guy. 
Middle class. 
Job’s waiting tables and shoveling shit.
Hows That Mansion On Port Royal In Naples, Florida Doing?
You even embarrass yourself. 
Fuck you too.

“Damn Ryan, I don’t think you can say that, even on WordPress Dot Com”.

“I can’t say it”? Its Bad?

The wheel just keep’s going round and round. 
And Fat and Happy America. 
Their Greasy, Fat Grills Glued to the 73″ Flat Screens clap their Fat Hands like the trained seals they are.

I love My Country. 
I just can’t stand 90% of the inhabitants.

“Feeling better Ryan”.


“I see an Orange Cutie Smoothie, Ton O Whip with your name on it and a day with me on the couch”.


My Favorite Political Party
Irish Republican Party

Like Grace Slick Said;
Gotta Revolution

“Ryan. They Gonna Lock You Up Baby”.

“Yeah. Fuck Em”.

Ryan. Out.



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