Ryanindaswamp Man In Da Street

Real Damn Stormy Monday

There are those that their word is for sure Jack Hammered in Granite. Till Death do they part.
Then there are those whose eye is always, only on the prize.
“Unbelievable, Oh My GOD. This is Incredible. The Benefits are awesome.” 
They can’t bear the wait until they get your Stacks($) in their Sweaty, Corrupt, Greedy Little Hands. 
Than Zam,Wham,Slammo. 
Corrupt, Schiester Self has filled their GlutTunus  Gut’t. 
The New Shine slowly dissipates at an alarming speed.  
They just can’t “Hep  it.

It is at the corner of BETRAYAL and FUCK YOU BOULEVARD where getting your money owed is no less similar than squeezing dried blood from a porcelain rock. 
The Thrill Is Gone. Gone, Gone Away.
Soon to follow is the utterance of, “This is the last time for this”. 
Their Schiester Tounge Spurts. But the fact remains they still owe and seemingly Mafia Leg Breakers are the only resolve. 
Yet their Greedy, Schiester Ass still Benefits all the way to the bank.

Yeah Trust. To the scant few a Creed as natural as breath. To others nothing less than a 5 letter word to be Urinated on, while Bowels Rot, inside to out. Their entrails dezeazed with such toxic matter, the medical community is in complete awe.

As they time and time again Defecate on Trust while their beloved are besieged  from disease that just can’t be explained and their children so wrapped up in Deviant Perversion fade off into sub-oblivion to such depths that any remnants of a Used To Be is all but dissipated.

While the Betrayed is Slammed so head first the fuck hard against it, Deep Cornea Napalm Injections would be an upgrade. Still showing up, but seemingly losing their shovel in the ever-widening ” Pit of Shit”. Yeah that Bad. Regardless.

Maintain. Just Maintain. 
At all costs. 
Whatever it takes. 
Breath In. Breath Out. 
Dissipate all thoughts of Technicolor Blood Dripping Entrails on parade in front of their still, live, beating, open eye selves. Yeah. Just Maintain.

Trust. Semper Fi.

Now. On To The World.

Talk about trust. Seems like only yesterday that Egypt spoke and ousted a corrupt leader in exchange for a…
As well for almost the same time span the Peep’s been in the street in Egypt. At the time of Mubarac’ over throw,  The Muslim BrotherHood seemingly the happiest souls on the planet. Their  jubilation as short-lived as Madagascar Roaches mating cycle.
Riots have thrown this country into complete upheaval. This situation does not see any peaceful daylight on the horizon. The feeling of  utopia as stated by an Alexandria resident has long since dissipated. The National Salvation Front being the promoters they are never miss an opportunity to take it to the streets. In this case the reasons are abundant.
A financial crisis, a controversial constitution and Morsi’s multitudinous decision-makings. Hmmm. Sounds just like the Good Old U.S.A. Can Ya All imagine this country taking to the streets in protest of Americas bought and sold government not doing their job?
The NSF has declared Tuesday as a day to ” demand Morsi’s fall and to commit the latter alongside Prime Minister Hisham Kandil and Interior Minister General  Mohammed Ibrahim to trial for the recent murder of protesters.”
On top of all of this, Black Bloc, a somewhat radical group is planning to storm the palace. Black Bloc has been declared by the Egyptian Court as a “Terrorist Group. Just when one thought it could not get any worse. All this falls under the category that absolutely nothing has changed since Mubarak was sent packing off to a life behind barz.
Residents who back all this In Da Street claim that The Muslim BrotherHood are amateurs and there is absolutely no room for any conjecture regard
ing that point.
This Author is curious if the same sentiments regarding The Muslim BrotherHood hold true in White House West Wing regarding the high-ranking staff member’s of The Muslim BrotherHood occupying our White House. Just sayin.
Things in Syria are not much better. Iran and Hezbollah are backing Assad with close to 50,000 militiamen fighting side by side Bashar Hafez-al-Assad’ troops. The close to 700,000 Suni are aligned with the rebels. Though the minority Christians are in on the side of Assad to keep out of slaughters way from the Muslim Sunni’s. If all this was not enough, add into the fracas and fray other ethnic and religious minorities, including Armenians, Christians, Druze, Palestinians, Kurds and Turkmens.
Turning the kettle flame higher, today Syrian Rebels captured the largest dam in Syria in the northern province of Raqa along the Euphrates river.
While in America Lean Cuisine recalls ravioli over glass fragments and Joey Bag of Donuts, a French Bulldog was eliminated from the Westminster Dog show.  The French and their overwhelming ability to fuck up a wet… What else is new?
The rain continues to blow thru the desert like the new CSR Corp Locomotive being constructed for China clocked at speeds over 300 mph. Yeah. Stormy Monday.

Ryan. Out.

Know Da Dress Code
Da C’s And B’s
In Case Ya All Wondered.
We Flyin Blue In Da Street

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