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Da Fix Iz In


As I compose today’s blog a meeting is taking place at the U.N. This meeting is 100% backed by ‘Prez’ . The meeting is under the guise of  hammering out terms regarding The Arms Trade Treaty. (ATT).  190 countries are present.

I say under the guise of hammering out the ATT because what the people who are writing the documents are doing is a back door to imposing serious regulations on individual states to put as much pressure as possible on them in regard’s to trading and selling fire arms across state lines. In other words the beginning of the end of owning fire arms in America. I don’t know about ya all. Ryan ain’t wit dis. I’m rolling A & D since 18 years old.
The fact that ‘Prez’ promotes and backs this is of no surprise. 
‘Prez’ is a Commie, as well a dictator wanna be who hates America and Israel. 
I know. He Told me.

As well this treaty gives foreigners access to the records of American gun owners. Also Obama and Holders Botched Fast and Furious results will be used to facilitate this Commie plot. 
There I go again. Stretching the envelope of poetic license. Just calling it as I see it. ‘

Prez’ is a self proclaimed Commie. 
Holder is the enforcement arm of our Commie ‘Prez’.  
Kinda like back in the 19th century when the Democratic Party’ enforcement arm was the K.K.K. Just a modern-day version.

The point is that every thing that is American is being destroyed and eviscerated right before our eyes. The basis of the second amendment is to protect us, “We The People” from a tyrannical government. 
This take over by tyranny is taking place at mach speeds. To be successful in this evil/wicked agenda, again, All dictators know to get the guns out of the hands of the citizens at all costs. Shazam! 
We here America. 
George Soros said the shit gonna be in the streets. I’m putting my money with G. Sorros. Communist criminals are running this country. Straight up. 
What ya gonna do America? Cause ‘Prez’ getting back to the Russians after the election on that. Off mike of course.

Oh yeah, thighs growing fatter at break neck speed, Hillary blames Israel for all the Middle East problems. 
The article which portraits her with the head of “The Self Hating Jews Society” Chuck Schumer gives me clear understanding why B. Clinton has his zipper open for all strange.
Damn, Hillary sure hard to look at. I surely do digress.

Like every wanna be Commie dictator knows, that to successfully keep power over the dictated, the very first step is to confiscate  the Peep’s fire arms. 
In this particular scenario, especially the White folks firearms.
‘Prez’ said so. 
AG(Always Gangster) Eric Holder, said so. 
Of course I para phrase.

All he has to do to enforce this subversion of the second amendment is put his dirty, corrupt, Commie Ganster of an Attorney General, E.  Holder on it. 
The same AG that gave FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi the ‘green’ on killing Vicki Weaver, her 14-year-old son and the family dog. Yep, the same guy that is absolutely, 100%, no doubt responsible for the murder death of one of his own Border Patrol agents. But excuse the fuck out of me, our great Senate Under Sight committee found no wrong with  Eric the Killer. 
Great people running  the country. 
Feeling safe America

The Same FBI That Cleaned Up The Murder Scene Of  Border Patrol Agent 
Brian Terry before ANY OTHER Law Enforcement agency was allowed any where near the crime scene.

So, AG(Always Gangsta)Eric Holder.
Sent your condolences to the Family of Brian Terry.

Oh. Not Yet.

Didn’t Think So You Criminal Corrupt Piece Of Crap.


One can conclude that Eric Holder is the responsible person regarding Brian Terry’ death.For it was Eric Holders Fast and Furious Automatic Rifle that killed Brian Terry.
Brian Terry’ Killer, A Mexican Cartel Member Was The One To Nail The FBI By Telling How They Swept The Scene Clean.
Great Job Assholes. 

FBI/Forever Bloody Injustice



Yep. Gotta Love It. Our Next President

The point is that Hillary is part of the Jewish hating kabal that drives,powers and runs this administration. All I can say to all you American Jewish citizens is that just one of your votes for Obama seals the deal of Anti Semitism in a terror based American administration. In the words of an un-known person, “Kiss Your Ass Good Bye” those of Jewish faith in America. Hillary, Schumer, Wasserman and Holder will be leading the charge commanded by B. Hussein Obama. Don’t worry, those Amtrak boxcars are just transporting you to a very nice resort.
I state none of this with malice. This is right in front of your eyes America. This all is taking place right now. Open your eyes or… parish. Get real. Realize that very, very bad people are controlling America. This election is not about dogs on the roof of the Suburban. Not about what money or who’s money is off shore, on shore or buried in the sand. This election is about removing Anti Semitic, Violent, Commie Criminals from our White House, from our country, out the fuck of our lives. Forever. Straight up. Period. No malice or any intent of hate or violence here. Swamp don’t roll that way. Just stating what I see.
One Jewish vote for Barak Hussein Obama is complete disaster to every American Jew. For great reason the words; “NEVER AGAIN”  are stamped on Israels nuclear warheads and buildings. Well American Jewish population, what you think?

Ryan. Out.

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Ryanindaswamp / Man In Da Street



In the last two day’s, two of our embassies have been overrun. 
One dead Ambassador in Libya and Yemen protesters have stormed our embassy there. 
In case ya all are not aware, my Marines protect these embassies. So a big, fat shout out in the form of prayer for my Marine Brothers protecting the Embassy in Yemen. 
I,m screaming PSALM 91 at the top of my vocal cords to my Marine Brothers. 
I am not privy to any updates regarding this situation at the writing of this blog. 
I am gonna say I am pissed off. Trust me, I’m being kind.

When Marines are needlessly put in harm’s way because this countries foreign policy is led by The INSANE CLOWN POSSE, I’m livid. 

Sorry ICB. 

By this I mean ‘Thieghhillary Clinton’, ‘Stumbling, Bumbling, Stuttering and Spitting Leon Pinetta’ and The Commie Harvard  Professor, ‘Prez’ Husein’  himself more than likely taking advice from ‘THE SCARECROW WOMANIZER and SEXUAL PREDATOR’ himself, Bill Clinton.
Thumbnail of Insane Clown PosseThumbnail of Insane Clown PosseThumbnail of Insane Clown Posse

Thumbnail of Insane Clown Posse 

In the mean time Marines die for nothing while ‘Prez’ walks the thin line of PC as not to insult or hurt the feelings of the Nationality of people who brought 3000 Americans to their death on our shores and brought down two beautiful buildings that are still ruble. While all this is backed by the ‘SELF HATING JEW CLUB ‘ of Mayor Bloomberg and Chuck Schumer.

Let me weigh in on this. 

Being the kind, sensitive American that I am, I will attempt here to walk the fine line of PC while I sensitively express my feelings to the nationality of people who brought down two buildings and killed 3000 of my fellow Americans. 

Please stand by.

That kill in the name of some piece of crap god, go fuck yourself. 
Get the hell out of my country. 
Find a shower and some soap. 
Oh, and have a nice day. 

I hope I made ya all feel real comfortable. 

There ya have it. 
Swamp Diplomacy.

To all my fat and happy fellow Americans with your greasy grills stuck to your 73 inch flat screens. 
Pleeze wake the fuck up. 

Again, I reiterate. 

In 1977 traveling along the Israeli border I stated to my Non-Comm that this is where ignition point will be regarding the commencement of end game. 
We there folks.
 Straight up. 

As well the Eagle and The Bear have never been clearer to me. I am seeing it way to up close and personal.

If you think Daily Machine rank on the west side of Chicago, in that old Irish neighborhood, in that old Irish tavern, slamming back 20-year-old Irish whiskey are laughing their balls off. Please. 
It don’t even come close to Soviet, KGB, High ranking Operative and Leader of The Soviet Union, Valdemar Putin. Putin is laughing his balls off so hard the Russian Antonov An-124 Cargo Aircraft can’t keep up with the spare testicles made in China and delivered to the Kremlin daily. Oh, China along for the ride. Yeah that China, the one that holds our Black American Express card. Ya all feel me? Feel safe America?



 I’m Not Laughing Mr. President

This a joke and America is the only one not laughing. Unless of course you are a blithering dolt. Oh and to my fellow Americans that are up in arms saying we need to unleash a shit storm on the middle east. With who? With what? 
Troops on their 5th and 6th deployment. 
More borrowed money to the American Military Congress. 
Yeah you heard me. That is what President Dwight David Eisenhower called it in 1961 in his final speech. 


 Great American

Not the The American Military Industrial Complex. 
Ever wonder why just about all your congress and senate folks are millionaires and why only four as of this posting  have any children in the military, serving active duty? Wake the fuck up. America.
Mitt, you need to dig into your stacks ($) and buy some iron balls cause politics over. Time to get real and say what needs to be said, to get done what needs to get done.  The flush is almost complete.
Here is the Swamp plan.
Close all embassies in the shit hole towns all over the middle east. 

Bring home everyone and everything. 
Seal our borders. 
Drill for gas and oil every where in this country. Only social programs will be extended to the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill. 
Everyone else, pick up a shovel. Get back to work. 
The only country we defend is America. 
Any other power, country or maggot wanna be even utters a thought of a threat, they a parking lot. Swamps Foreign policy. 
You don’t fuck with  me and mine, I won’t fuck with you and yours. You fuck with me and mine, I’ll blow your Bitch Ass to hell. 
Anyone lays a damn negative word, or GOD FORBID a hand on Israeli, after the Israeli make turn you to glass, we will make you subterranean. 
Feel Me? So Far? 
Straight up. 
Yeah. Isolation. It’s long over due.
For sure time to send THE CLOWNS home on both sides of the isle and political spectrum. 

Time to get back to being AMERICA. 
Ya all don’t like it, see ya. Straight up. How’s that for diplomacy.

Ryan. Out.

Patriotic_america : A patriotic symbol of boots and flag Stock Photo               

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Some Dayz Just B Like Dat

The ‘World’ has a way of pulling every atom, every molecular strand of ones entire being to that moment of a nano when leaving this dimension is the only apparent option. 

The ‘World’ as in the giant grinder of all that is life, into the daily tonnage of Pirhjuana feed necessary to fill ALL the bloated airways.
Take your pick.
Then Slam, Damn Whammo. 

If all that wasn’t enough, now basic, daily requirements must cover enough wiggle room for the real catastrophe at the end of the day. 
I’ve been told by reliable’s to prepare for the ‘End of Day’.  
A Major Paradyme Twist hopefully is on the near horizon. 
For the only guarantee’s offered in ‘The World’ are constant change. 
Be ready. 
Be adaptable 
Get some. 
Keeps the whole machine flowing.

One of my all time favorite movies is ; ” Kill Bill” starring Uma Thurman
No intro needed for this very cool Lady. 
For her lead role in the movie struck me in Her demonstration of Discipline, the nature of all missions, the carry through at any and all. 
Just the training, preparation and dedication over the years. 
See the simple answer to all missions is training and preparation. 
For Sure 99.9% of all successful missions are the above two factors that make or break a great day.  

Yeah. For Sure My Kind Of Gal


The rest of that great day arrives in the drops of kindness one casts out into the Universe. 
See it is oh so easy to focus on the cesspool. 
But the Ultimate prize is finding just that small speck of Beauty, Alone In A Dark, Black, Shit Storm. 
Or that opportunity to perform one, Simple, In A Second, Done, type of gesture of kindness. Then somewhere between the thought and the act, all is forgotten except for all the times you keep reminding your self how very simple that one-act of kindness actually is and the effect on the Universe it has.
So Ssimple, So Done, so Gone. 
All in One Drop Kindness Caste Into A Void Less Universe.

See angry acts seem to come in stages and nothing good ever comes out of these angry, time-wasting, gut groaning moments of anger. 
Then there is the take back and not to mention all the guilt. 
An entire shit load of drama goes along, heaping up with anger.

Out into the ‘World’ eviscerating anger 10 to 0. 
Just that one drop. 
Bamm. Wham. Kazammo. 
Kindness spreads her Glamorous, Enchanting Love Through All and Every. 
Catch The Flow.

 Now. On To The World.

The ‘World’ Is Still A Cesspool.

The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam.”  
Thanks ‘Prez’. 

Yeah. That ‘Prez’. 
Our one and only ‘Prez’ Hussein standing in front of the U.N. giving a moment regarding the bombings of two of OUR embassies.  

All this in front of Iranian leaders and other notable’ Muslim BrotherHood’Members. 
Yeah, that ‘BrotherHood, ‘The Muslim BrotherHood

You know the same one taking over the ‘World’.

The same Muslim BrotherHood ‘Prez’ gave the good to go launching the Arab spring. 

Hmmm. Where were you then Fox News. Thankz. 
A Bunch Load Guyz.
The very same Muslim BrotherHood that holds high-ranking positions in the top echelon of the Obama administration.

So before you go and start to slander anyone, whether they are blood thirsty killers trying to get with some kind of God for 32 virgins or your neighbors giant Rottweiler, Max for leaving this mornings humungous deposit on your front lawn. 

Before you run inside for the ‘Mossberg’ factory double short barrel, drop that small act of kindness onto the Universe. 
You’ll be happy you did.

Ryan. Out.

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Real Damn Stormy Monday

There are those that their word is for sure Jack Hammered in Granite. Till Death do they part.
Then there are those whose eye is always, only on the prize.
“Unbelievable, Oh My GOD. This is Incredible. The Benefits are awesome.” 
They can’t bear the wait until they get your Stacks($) in their Sweaty, Corrupt, Greedy Little Hands. 
Than Zam,Wham,Slammo. 
Corrupt, Schiester Self has filled their GlutTunus  Gut’t. 
The New Shine slowly dissipates at an alarming speed.  
They just can’t “Hep  it.

It is at the corner of BETRAYAL and FUCK YOU BOULEVARD where getting your money owed is no less similar than squeezing dried blood from a porcelain rock. 
The Thrill Is Gone. Gone, Gone Away.
Soon to follow is the utterance of, “This is the last time for this”. 
Their Schiester Tounge Spurts. But the fact remains they still owe and seemingly Mafia Leg Breakers are the only resolve. 
Yet their Greedy, Schiester Ass still Benefits all the way to the bank.

Yeah Trust. To the scant few a Creed as natural as breath. To others nothing less than a 5 letter word to be Urinated on, while Bowels Rot, inside to out. Their entrails dezeazed with such toxic matter, the medical community is in complete awe.

As they time and time again Defecate on Trust while their beloved are besieged  from disease that just can’t be explained and their children so wrapped up in Deviant Perversion fade off into sub-oblivion to such depths that any remnants of a Used To Be is all but dissipated.

While the Betrayed is Slammed so head first the fuck hard against it, Deep Cornea Napalm Injections would be an upgrade. Still showing up, but seemingly losing their shovel in the ever-widening ” Pit of Shit”. Yeah that Bad. Regardless.

Maintain. Just Maintain. 
At all costs. 
Whatever it takes. 
Breath In. Breath Out. 
Dissipate all thoughts of Technicolor Blood Dripping Entrails on parade in front of their still, live, beating, open eye selves. Yeah. Just Maintain.

Trust. Semper Fi.

Now. On To The World.

Talk about trust. Seems like only yesterday that Egypt spoke and ousted a corrupt leader in exchange for a…
As well for almost the same time span the Peep’s been in the street in Egypt. At the time of Mubarac’ over throw,  The Muslim BrotherHood seemingly the happiest souls on the planet. Their  jubilation as short-lived as Madagascar Roaches mating cycle.
Riots have thrown this country into complete upheaval. This situation does not see any peaceful daylight on the horizon. The feeling of  utopia as stated by an Alexandria resident has long since dissipated. The National Salvation Front being the promoters they are never miss an opportunity to take it to the streets. In this case the reasons are abundant.
A financial crisis, a controversial constitution and Morsi’s multitudinous decision-makings. Hmmm. Sounds just like the Good Old U.S.A. Can Ya All imagine this country taking to the streets in protest of Americas bought and sold government not doing their job?
The NSF has declared Tuesday as a day to ” demand Morsi’s fall and to commit the latter alongside Prime Minister Hisham Kandil and Interior Minister General  Mohammed Ibrahim to trial for the recent murder of protesters.”
On top of all of this, Black Bloc, a somewhat radical group is planning to storm the palace. Black Bloc has been declared by the Egyptian Court as a “Terrorist Group. Just when one thought it could not get any worse. All this falls under the category that absolutely nothing has changed since Mubarak was sent packing off to a life behind barz.
Residents who back all this In Da Street claim that The Muslim BrotherHood are amateurs and there is absolutely no room for any conjecture regard
ing that point.
This Author is curious if the same sentiments regarding The Muslim BrotherHood hold true in White House West Wing regarding the high-ranking staff member’s of The Muslim BrotherHood occupying our White House. Just sayin.
Things in Syria are not much better. Iran and Hezbollah are backing Assad with close to 50,000 militiamen fighting side by side Bashar Hafez-al-Assad’ troops. The close to 700,000 Suni are aligned with the rebels. Though the minority Christians are in on the side of Assad to keep out of slaughters way from the Muslim Sunni’s. If all this was not enough, add into the fracas and fray other ethnic and religious minorities, including Armenians, Christians, Druze, Palestinians, Kurds and Turkmens.
Turning the kettle flame higher, today Syrian Rebels captured the largest dam in Syria in the northern province of Raqa along the Euphrates river.
While in America Lean Cuisine recalls ravioli over glass fragments and Joey Bag of Donuts, a French Bulldog was eliminated from the Westminster Dog show.  The French and their overwhelming ability to fuck up a wet… What else is new?
The rain continues to blow thru the desert like the new CSR Corp Locomotive being constructed for China clocked at speeds over 300 mph. Yeah. Stormy Monday.

Ryan. Out.

Know Da Dress Code
Da C’s And B’s
In Case Ya All Wondered.
We Flyin Blue In Da Street

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Man in the Street

Phone ringing off the hook. Due to heavy call volume charger permanently engaged.

Five Republican males are blowing up my VM.

Please, Governor Jan Brewer give these five men back their ball’s. Yours are already so big. Do you really need those extra five. A lesson to the rest of the male Republican’.

Strap on a set gentlemen, step up to the plate, put your skirts down,  discard panties. Ya all need to take a lesson in manhood from Governor Brewer. For real, she one T.A.B. ( Tuff Ass Bitch ) That’s my kind of  girl.

Looking close at the photo, seems to me ‘Prez’ is a little turned on by this woman, right hand appear’s to be touching the Governor’s left side. Why wouldn’t ‘Prez’ be all turned on by the fire of this AZ. avalanche. This tarmac scene to me is straight out of ‘Black on Blondes’. I’m just saying. Hope it all works out.

ArizonGov. Jan Brewer points President Barack Obamafter he arrived Phoenix-MesGateway Airport Wednesday Jan. 25 2012 MesAriz. Brewer greeted Obamwhshe got

Speaking of Governor’s. 

Here in the great state of Florida our Governor ‘ Rick ” Scott, a real stand up guy. 

This is the same man who legislated to drug test all welfare recipients, and why wouldn’t he. 

His wife became a major stock holder in the company Solantic when ‘Gov’ signed over all of his stock of Solantic.

Solantic manufactures drug testing kit’s. 

Seems the governor transferred his Solantic stocks to his wife’s name to hide any conflict of interest. 

No, say it aint so. Sadly enough Slappy. It’s so.

Not so surprising of an action from a man who admitted to fourteen felonies and agreed to pay the federal government over $600 million in September 1993, the largest fraud settlement in US history. 

Just another politician walking the ‘ Hoe ‘ strut.  

That’s the walk politician’s execute, you know, lip’s pushed out all paughty,  butt perked out in that ‘give me’ wiggle. 

For sure our Governor Rick wouldn’t have any problem doing time. Being that he is all ready to please for a dollar, in this case a few cigarettes.  

Hey look, here in Florida, you throw eighty-one million of your own money to be the Governor, have at it.

When it come’s to politics I’m an observer. 

I have never been politically party affiliated in my life. The corruption alone is enough to make me toss this week’s entire lunch. 

That said, these day’s I’m holding down very little food. 

Along that premise, to be considered a player in this game of deceit one has to be a Sub-Creaton maggot to begin with just to stay in the game. 

So I just start from there and work my way down, way down.

This is not to say that all people in government are shithead’s, just the politicians.  

So it makes sense to me to have the very best politician in my Whitehouse, right?  

Trust me folk’s, we have the absolute, very best Communist politician this world has ever seen leading this country. 

Bare none. 

Don’t get me wrong. Just cause I didn’t vote for ‘ Prez “, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t sit down and throw back a 40 and share a Blunt with him. 

Just don’t want him ruining, I mean running my country.

Bottom line realty, when we all take off to our offices every day none of our offices holds a plaque on the door spelling out ‘ Oval Office’. 

Not so for ‘ Prez “. Look, ya all say what ya will. ‘ Prez ‘ riding the monkey, and his goofy ass, irrelevant wife is changing rug’s in the Oval Office with Andy Warhol throw a ways and telling us what the hell to eat.

What I really don’t understand is all the shock, the hostility and hate towards this man. 

He told ya all what he was going to do if elected. He told you that he was going to “Fundamentally Transform America. Was it the word, ‘ Transform ‘, or possibly ‘ Fundamentally’ or both that you numnuts were not clear on. 

Now ya all call talk shows crying like Da Bitch.

I thought it was great that a Black man was running for President. 

Like any other candidate aspiring for that office I read everything I could about Barak and Michelle. 

I walked away, said not for me. 

Communism is not my thing. 

Like my Mom’s always told us kids, ” you are judged by the company you keep .” 

Bill Ayer’s, rich, Chicago suburban kid growing up. Mr. Ayer’s and his scary wife tour the world teaching communism. 

Not to leave out cop killing. 

A crime Mr. Ayer’s was being brought to justice for right when his buddy Barak was elected president. 

Guess Billy good to go now and the cop he killed is really alive.

I digress.

The rest of the Barak Kabul, 

Jan Shawkowsky, Commie. 

Mr. Craemer, her husband, Commie, as well the author of Obama care. 

Mr. Craemer wrote, 

” How to transform one sixth of the American economy ” from prison. 

This 1600 plus page document is the framework for Obama Care. 

Reverend Wright, misguided Commie and Jew hating anti-Semite. 

Jesse Jackson, just an idiot.  

Oh, hey Jesse, Pay All That Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In child support yet?  


Lying Cheating Piece Of Cesspool Scum

My Names Jesse Jackson   /   I Don’ts Need To Pay No Fuckin Child Support   

The list goes on and on and on. 

These are the depraved 60’s hippies, S.D.S., Weathermen and the like. Guess what Slappy, they running America. 

Huh, say ya just woke up from a bad dream.

Now don’t get me wrong. 

All this is not to say that I do not like these folk’s. 

I respect the hell out of them cause they there, I’m not. 

In fact either are any of you. A

And if the Repub’s don’t get their collective act together there is no doubt going to be another four year’s of Barak and Da Chi Town Boyz. P & S.  (Plain and simple).

What should not be denied is the fact that Barak is a front man, a very good one at that.

The man Barak is fronting for is Mr. George Soro’s, who couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with two fists of C’ notes.

Fact remain’s, he’s one powerful, mad rich, motherfucker. 

As well Barak is backed by the Daily machine. 

An old political machine going back to the late 40’s in Chicago. 

Today this machine is honed, polished and equipped with 21st horsepower led by Mr. Axlerod, ” The King of Sling “.

For sure Barak stay’s on message while ‘ The Chi Town Boyz’ take care of their biz. 

Everyone involved has their bit covered as it were. 

No matter what, there is NO IN FIGHTING. REPUBS!

These peep’s are good, real good. 

That’s what it is all about. 


Yeah, they lie, big time. So what?  

In fact they do what ever the hell they want to do, in your face. 

Yeah, so. 

My point. 

That’s it. 

Repub’s need to take serious notes as they self implode. They are ion’s behind the eightball.

Look, I did not vote for Barak. 

Not my kind of political guy. Again, a Blount, a 40, I’m there. 

Make no mistake about it, this man aint playing. 

Trust me he aint walking away from AF1 without a major throw down. 

Man love’ that plane. 

So my advice Repub’s is that ya all need to hear the ‘POP’. 

That distinct sound is the noise you will hear when your head exits your ass.

Look America, if you have not figured it all out yet. 

Shhhhh. ( look’s side to side ) 

The fix is in. 

Swamp advice. 

Live below your mean’s. 

Save your money. 

Stock up on firearms, ammo and gold .  

Glen Beck, stop before you blow a gasket and start boozing again. 

Talk about piling mad stacks. 

You’ll be alright America. 

Or as they say back in the 305. 

U B Awight. 

Ryan. Out.


Swamp Love To Ya All 


Good Morning Gay Hacking White Boyz.

Just when I thought it was safe….

Ya All Gotta be working for WordPress Dot Com. Lucky Fuckin Me. 


Maybe Ya All Work For  Ali Khamenei  ‘HOE’ , Valery Jarret

Ali Khamenei,.jpg ولی فقیه ایران‎,  v vali-e faghih-e iran   


Ali Khamenei  ‘HOE‘ , Valery Jarret


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